The most PRO phone money can buy.
The Sony Xperia Pro-I is maybe the most Technically impressive smartphone ever...but should you pay $1800 for it? Limited time offer Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 4 months free! ( I mention 3 in the video, for this November and December it's 4)
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Should I shoot more videos on Phones? 😂 For a limited time Surfshark is giving 4 months for free instead of 3 - check here to find out more: Also to see why the Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra is so exciting:


      It is fantastic but give for me only is this one


      hey umm did you buy 2 phones?

    • Spake Face
      Spake Face

      Earth isn't a planet bub

    • Josephs gaming and stuff chanell
      Josephs gaming and stuff chanell

      Arun u r the best yt I've ever watched and I love how u rick roll everyone

    • cumrag290

      @All About Tech Facebook 💀


    If there's any mobile company I want to see succeeding, its Sony.

    • Jimmy McGill
      Jimmy McGill

      @Doom it's been 9 months on a IRglo comment Think again

    • Doom

      @Jimmy McGill what he say

    • Doom

      Right? i'm really excited to see where they are going!

    • Hades

      I want Asus and Xiaomi

    • Ashleyt Tulshanaa
      Ashleyt Tulshanaa

      @Alex Armani love my LG units too,it never hung out like Samsung does!sadly they have not produced updated version to compete in the market but our LGs, indeed superior to my Xperia as to my experience

  • davidleizer69

    I'm a photographer and carry my equipment pretty much everywhere I go. That being said, some things are just better captured on a phone, the little fleeting moments: dinners with friends, messy nights out. I'd definitely buy a phone that can provide better quality for those random shots. Maybe not at this price point but overall I think most professionals would indeed buy it despite owning full on cameras

  • Slayers TheName
    Slayers TheName

    I've given up on iPhone. Starting to lose hope on samsung. Starting to look at sony. The fact that this phone still has a sd card slot, and a great display is a win for me. I have the note 20 ultra. The last high end phone made by samsung with a micro sd slot. Thinking about getting this one.

    • Slayers TheName
      Slayers TheName

      The real reason that the charger bricks aren't included is to save them money. The sd card slot isn't included to have people by the cloud service, and other features like removable battery and aux ports aren't included to save them man power into making it. It's not about saving the planet or all that other malarkey that they can't. If it has been on older phone that cost less. They could easily included it in the "top of the line" phones.

    • Slayers TheName
      Slayers TheName

      @AFTERSHOCK 7582 I'd pay over 2k instead of an iPhone. iPhone has to many restrictions, and only true compatible with other Apple productions. If you have other apple products, sure. Even then Sony has that, a headphone jack, a lanyard slot, and if you're talking about the 128gb iPhone. Yes, but the Sony comes with a 512gb. Comparing that to the 1.4k of the 512gd iPhone. It's only a 200 dollar difference for more features. You can't do as much as a samsung phone that has good lock. You can still use instructing launchers to make your phone more unique to you though. You're paying more for less with an iPhone, but paying extra with sony for things current smart phones lack. Plus you get the charger in the case already saving you 100+. Phones might be better on paper than what a personal preference for each person. I use ps5 and PC for a lot of things and having a phone that is compatible with both is always helpful. If I had apple products like iPad, and MacBook. Then yeah. I'd argue that it's better for those family of items. In my opinion apple feel off a long time ago. Adding features that has been on Android for years, and leading the way in features been taking away for profit while the consumer is left paying extra.

    • AFTERSHOCK 7582
      AFTERSHOCK 7582

      Umm $1800 so you can get a better display and SD card slot? Yeah okay guy. The iPhone is better in some scenarios and cost $800 less.

    • AFTERSHOCK 7582
      AFTERSHOCK 7582

      Umm $1800 so you can get a better display and SD card slot? Yeah okay guy. The iPhone is better in some scenarios and cost $800 less.

    • rolls _879
      rolls _879

      @Alex sd card is much less expensive and with Google drive you have to download the files before you can use them, so if you need ready access to a bunch of them there is really no point. Also, subscription services suck and you are at the mercy of a big corp with different agendas to your own - friend had hundreds of movies and they were all deleted

  • Pradeep kumar Yadav
    Pradeep kumar Yadav

    Always had a special place for Sony in my heart, my first phone was Sony, I always liked the look & design on these phones. Same goes for HTC. Would like to see these two brands succeed in smartphone market

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      Text_me on telegram @teaserplay

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  • Carlos Medina
    Carlos Medina

    The best phone I had in the last decade was the XZ Premium. Had many of the features this one has incl the 4k screen (not oled though). Updates were timely, software was close to stock android, it was fast and great quality. Looked great too. I miss it very much.

    • Hollander113

      Agree, I'm still using it, though its starting to fall apart, can't get trough a full night charge anymore without it bricking, though thank god that even when its bricked the alarm will still buzz so it wakes me up. Feels like the last high end phone I'll be buy any time soon. 2100 is just a bit too ridiculous to spend on a phone. Looking for an alternative to de XZ Premium is a little heartbreaking though because for the first time since I bought a smartphone I will be downgrading not upgrading.

    • Juan Lucas
      Juan Lucas

      Great phone. Watching the comments on one right now... 4 and a half years and works like a charm although I'm planning to acquire a 1iii or a Pro-I

    • LazerMaster

      Same, It was a bit bulky but still a great experience, had to replace it with a Samsung 3 years ago because the screen was damaged by water and I couldnt find anyone to repair it... Would definetly buy Sony again when my current phone breaks...

    • #DRW

      @PissShiversss agreed, Pixel Density can be increased via ADB drivers , clarity and performance of that device second to none I still remember 2 fellows whoem came to buy Galaxy S8 Edge those days.. straight came to see what I got on my hand and praised it for what it is

    • PissShiversss

      @#DRW They're hard to get in the US as well. I buy them from overseas.

  • Tom

    Now this gave "This camera has a phone", a whole new *Dimension*

    • Alternative

      @Alex Armani if nobody uses a camera then what's the point of social media?? 😶

    • jjsrt8

      @Alex Armani wtf did you say?

    • KrYpT

      @Awesome Facts ?

    • Rohit Surve
      Rohit Surve


    • Alex Armani
      Alex Armani

      No body uses camera anymore Periodt

  • Joleen Montague
    Joleen Montague

    I had a Sony phone around 8 years ago and I thought it was amazing. The only problem with the model was the batteries went and couldn't be replaced.

    • mikeyp

      Most phones you can't replace the battery,not easily anyway unless you know how to do it

    • Over 25 gaming
      Over 25 gaming

      Same issue I've always had with them. 😅 Also why it overheats when shooting videos

  • QuantumVoid

    I'm surprised you called changing the aperture a fringe scenario. Any long-distance scenery (like mountains or something) would massively benefit from a smaller aperture. That isn't 'fringe' at all. Almost all my pictures are far-off scenery, like skyscapes and nature. It'd be insulting to photographers if this feature wasn't available on the phone. Just because it can handle shallow DOF and mood lighting very well doesn't mean you should limit yourself to it. I would definitely not scoff at the feature though, that is a selling point IMO.

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      Text me on Telegram👉@YouTube_Nico_Rosberg

      Plus. I Open bracket VII V VII Close bracket V II O VII VI IV VII........!**

  • el patron
    el patron

    I used sony since they came out with the xperia z. I sometime switched the brand, got badly disappointed by Samsung, found my love for huawei with their p30 pro, got an iPhone 11 pro max and I have to say that I miss something. The 11 pro max is a alpha phone of course but it's kinda stiff and serious like it's made for business people. I'm playing with the thought of buying either the pro I or the xperia 1 mark 3. The pro I is not made for normal people who wants to shoot quick shoots, it's made for people who know what their doing. U gotta know how to use that camera man. If u don't know how to use it, ull get pretty disappointed for that 1800 euros.

    • Rialda Osmanovic
      Rialda Osmanovic

      @el patron I really hope you read this, since you just described my journey, switched from Xperia to Huawei the made a huge mistake of trying out Samsung! I phone won't work for me, my ADHD brain just can't seem to cope with lack of simplicity when it comes to most used features like texting. So, my question is, in 2022 do I go back to Sony, Huawei or jump on Google Pixel 6. For me simplicity and symmetry in design (hardware and software) is key, so no round egde no bubbly floating widgets, but with all basically the symmetry geometric designed from 10-15 years ago, but with all the other improvements. I'm also autistic so my needs are due to the way my brain processes and visualizes digital data. Hope you can help. I didn't even feel a difference between Xperia and Huawei, so I'd like to keep it at that, only with a newer model. I need those features to be on the phone as I'm not tech savvy enough to costumize it. Also my brain work well with familiarity, which is why Samsung has been hell the last two years.

  • World Building Fanatic
    World Building Fanatic

    For a large part of my phone using life, I used only SONY mobiles, first Erricson and then Xperia. I like the fact that Sony mobiles look different and are just slightly more exciting to use compared to other phones.

  • SeraphicNephilim

    The GSMArena dream phone. I remember so many comments from the community about what the perfect smartphone would be like and this is it. 4K 120hz, headphone jack and a camera that is a real successor to the Nokia 808 Pure View.

    • Hazza

      @ph am I wouldn't call it simple

    • Risky Rant
      Risky Rant

      @-_- ao does iphone

    • Bill Kong
      Bill Kong

      @AnimeFreak-san you need better vision yes you can

    • Carter White
      Carter White

      Sd card slot, ip68, android os for emulation and modded apks bruhhh

    • Shahyan008

      DONT forget the SD CARD SLOT nowadays all the android phones are sd-Less like iPhone I still got the Nokia pureview haha

  • Milan Toth
    Milan Toth

    as an iPhone user, I couldn't be happier that sonny is (hopefully) making a comeback. Even at a time when most people I watched said dont buy a Sony phone, that would've been one of my first choices when it came to android. If I had to switch, and Sony kept this momentum up, they would definitely be my choice. Good luck Sony team!

  • Mauroplcr

    Great reviews as always !!! I'm a photography enthusiast and I've had almost all the brands up to Leica (SL,Q,etc). Now I'm a little tired of taking devices with me. And I would like to find a phone that will allow me to be able to replace my devices I can't find one for the moment. I thought the perfect phone was coming with this Xperia 1 pro, well it looks like not yet...I have an iPhone 13 Pro at the moment, but hey... it lacks personality.

  • maxmumbai1234

    Watching this review, makes me feel we are pushing the limits of camera technology in mobile phones!!!

  • Jon Wall
    Jon Wall

    I remember when the old droid phones had a designated shutter button. It was actually really nice!

  • Harsh Sud
    Harsh Sud

    I’m so happy Sony is still in the smartphone game and finally getting the coverage.

    • Seigfred Ancay
      Seigfred Ancay

      same here

    • serversC13nc3

      Integration of sony xperia pro-i to sony's product like TV Bravia, Camera, Audio, etc is pretty much close if there is a perfect software for their ecosystem.


      @Arnox 😒😏😏😒😏😒😏😒😒

    • Arnox

      @sco77yg It's not just the jack though. The S21 Ultra doesn't have the camera of the Sony Xperia line or the expandable memory or the video editing tools or the professional camera software or the external monitor functionality or creative color mode or sound enhancement (both from the jack and external speakers) or the game recording and enhancements software or the 4k screen.

    • sco77yg

      @Arnox Including a headphone jack but charging £800 more than an S21 Ultra, that £800 gets you four pairs of very nice wireless headphones including Sony's own. That said, I agree with the courage comment, ridiculous these devices got rid of the jack, it clearly wasn't because "we can fit more battery in " etc as Apple etc claimed at the time, it was to try and drive sales of Airpods, Galaxy Buds etc

  • Claudio Sakae Shigemi
    Claudio Sakae Shigemi

    A analises desse rapaz é sensacional . vale a pena ver de novo .

  • David Morehead
    David Morehead

    You make this look way too easy. Well done! Thanks for the helpful info. It is great to sit back and enjoy the pro production quality. You put a lot of effort into your videos and it doesn't go unnoticed. I am very glad you have over 9 million subscribers. You deserve it. Your channel is one of the best on IRglo.

    • Text Me On Telegram @Asmongold_TV
      Text Me On Telegram @Asmongold_TV

      *Plus I Open bracket VI I II Close bracket II V V VII Vll Zero VII....****

  • Walcron

    Kudos for the review, the best deserved review for this Sony phone. You really did a good research and every point are spot on. Much of the other reviews I watch only talk about comparison which obviously is not the company's target. What I loved most is the way you explained the portrait mode. If anyone knows real photography they it really twitches to hear AI merged portraits are excellent(honestly AI generated portrait are just pleasing).

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore

    Sony makes awesome phones. Had a Z1 Compact then a Z2.. that Z2 was the first phone I ever had that did 4K and it was like.. 2014 or 15 it was nuts. It was funny cause when you were in 4k there was permanent text in the viewfinder that said "Phone will shut camera down to reduce overheating if necessary" and it would after about 30 seconds but still.. also first phones I saw with AR modes.. could plot a room then have dinosaurs walk around and it worked surprisingly well for that era. I hope enough people buy these to make money cause I can't afford them but admire them from afar lol.

  • Andy

    Hope you reach your 10 million goal, you deserve it. I can honestly say there's no tech review platform out there that's more fun and informative to watch. Also, the editing of your video's is just perfect.

    • Dinkar Fowkar
      Dinkar Fowkar

      @Sofela Sowemimo true like how MKBHD makes his videos a little bit boring. Even MrMobile makes amazing videos just like Arun and is underrated AF

    • The Official Channel
      The Official Channel

      @Kassim Lifestyle some old show with Tony Danza

    • Kassim Lifestyle
      Kassim Lifestyle

      Yeah, and finally get to tell us where the youtube name came from 😊

    • The Official Channel
      The Official Channel

      I used to think he came off as too arrogant or cocky, so I'd usually watch other channels but after watching his videos he earned that swagger, seems knowledgable about the products and unbiased so I'll continue to watch his content

    • MrTHICCNut

      Nice 2nd account Arun

  • Mr Grim
    Mr Grim

    havent bought a new phone since 2018..i think its time for an upgrade of the line flagship specs, one of a kind camera setup, 4k 120hz display, a headphone jack and a standard 512 gig of storage with a removable expandable storage up to 1 tb...this phone literally has everything i want in a phone 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Jeremiah Mckenna
    Jeremiah Mckenna

    3 separate apps for speed and ease of use. I think it would be easier/faster to simply click on the icon from the home screen rather than opening one icon, then fumbling around inside that app to find which setting you want to use. By that time, the shot you wanted may already be gone.

  • Hilary Albutt
    Hilary Albutt

    Definitely my next phone. Now if Sony can make a add on screen like LG had. Samsung keeps trying to take my data just to use the basic features of the phone.

  • SimplyElly00

    Owned an Xperia for a few years... the phone was absolutely amazing !

  • Tech Aisle
    Tech Aisle

    funny how every time Sony releases a phone in the last 2 years, we have always called it the "true pro". Even funnier how it is becoming more true

    • Mohamad Juhari
      Mohamad Juhari

      @Fa14bi - i am talking about PRO words that others keep mentioning when another brand use to it, is that mean just iphone can use that word and nobody talk about it. Seems like isn't fair.

    • Fa14bi -
      Fa14bi -

      @Mohamad Juhari That phone doesn't come with professional controls. Might sound a little mean, but it has only the noob controls. Still, the results are fine, but you can compare it to a car on autopilot. Yes, it's easier to use, you tell the destination, car drives you there, it also doesn't have a driving wheel then. The Sony is more of a phone that leaves all the work to you. Goal is the same, differently executed for different people.

    • Mohamad Juhari
      Mohamad Juhari

      and what about iPhone PRO MAX? 😇

    • Ravish Joshi
      Ravish Joshi

      @Augusto Galindo And Sony are perfectly fine with that. People seem to think that their marketing division is so incompetent that they can't come up with simple conclusions that any random IRglo stan can. That's not the case. They understand very well that their devices don't appeal to the masses. And evidently their strat is finally starting to work. They have shown great improvement in sales numbers over the years. The fact of the matter is that, if Sony manages to fix a few of their sore issues with the 1 III namely, atrocious brightness, average battery life and low light imaging, they will quickly take up a large share of the market with what they already have. Right now, it's a phone that is full of compromises that the average person just doesn't want to make 😔

    • Alexander Rahl
      Alexander Rahl

      @Augusto Galindo So what you are saying is. You enjoy the companies using buzzwords like pro. So you can feel like one, tell your friends. But just be a standard redditor? Say no more.

  • z g
    z g

    Seeing how the camera is the biggest selling feature for me on a phone i really like the idea of this phone. Now if the can get the price down 1600 bucks i can afford it lol.

  • MonkeyShaman

    Personally really liked their anticurve phase.


    I once had a Sony Windows phone, and was so bummed to see that combo disappear from the marketplace.

  • Cordux

    I think you forgot that the phone is also a concept, just think about all the hardware inside of it. Sony is showing us what is possible as well

  • C R
    C R

    I think the reason Sony makes these kind of phones is to sell more of their mobile camera sensors/lenses to other manufacturers, without being directly in competition with its customers (e.g. Apple, Samsung etc) to show what is possible with their sensors - thus pushing the boundaries and pitting its customers to compete against each other.

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis

      @Roman Shocker If I'm wrong, please provide info that says so.

    • Fadel Abdurrahman
      Fadel Abdurrahman

      @Karthik exactly the same question i had in my head this whole time. Sony does have all the capabilities that is required to built the best and the most magnificent smartphone in the market....but they never did. . All the phones they made for last couple years seemed like half-baked idea, where they put a mindblowing feature in one place but lack of additional feature in order to get the mindblowing-feature to be actually mindblowing. . The biggest example is the camera. Since Xperia 1ii, they have put so many effort into the camera hardware in their smartphone that they had literally the best camera hardware compared to any brands by the time they released the phone, yet they never managed to build a proper software processing to finish the already god-tier camera hardware. . This gets me thinking that probably Sony actually just wants to show how powerful their hardware are without hurting any other brands that had already been their hardware customers.

    • Roman Shocker
      Roman Shocker

      @Leon Francis Samsung fanboyism lol

    • Karthik

      @erriezzans Lounge Not saying that, just an assumption. Because sometimes I really wonder that even though sony has every tool and technology to make the best smartphone why they don't make it or market it that way. With all that thoughts it really makes me feel, maybe they don't want to.

    • eryck123

      Well Sony makes Apples sensors too so they benefit from Apple selling phones. Their main competitor is Samsung.

  • Phoenix Ikki
    Phoenix Ikki

    The half-press for autofocus reminds me of Sony Ericsson K800i CyberShot. That was the best camera phone back then, even Nokia N series can’t compete with that thing.

  • Halim Abdul
    Halim Abdul

    I remember my Sony Ericsson k800 when it came out. The cybershot camera was leagues above other phones

  • Aria Mohaghegh
    Aria Mohaghegh

    Sony should also focus on the budget phones because it makes many of the phone components itself which makes it cheaper

  • Douglas Dever
    Douglas Dever

    Best review of a phone I have ever seen. Almost makes me want to pay 1800 for a phone (I won't). I only have Sony Bravia TVs (three), Sony soundbars under two, Sony ZA receiver for theater sound and only sony Blu ray players; however, my cameras are Nikon 850s, and a Sony IMX209AQJ sensor is used on those cameras. However, for glass, it's Nikon. But as much as I like the looks of that Sony phone, I would have no use for it since my phone is a phone with a camera for quick shots of the dogs. This phone is a camera with a phone to occasionally use for calls. Still waiting for a DSLR (Sony or Nikon) to place a phone inside so I can talk into the camera and listen to the lens.

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      Text Me On Telegram @KinelRyan

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  • i got a plan
    i got a plan

    Sony: "Doing good in the audio market" "Doing good in the camera market" "Doing good in the tv market" Console market: "Am I a joke to you?"

    • bro

      @noah hattab-نوح حطاب Dude I love shopping too, it's not just women.

    • Arnav Gupta
      Arnav Gupta

      @noah hattab-نوح حطاب I mean ig that's what taught in islam

    • Dim T
      Dim T

      @Oghenetega Idogun are you not aware of all the snes and nes games, and the bevy of older games on the ehsop, as well as 3rd party emulated offerings like the arcade collections or the castlevania and mega man collections Like dude. Think before you speak

    • Dim T
      Dim T

      @Thinking Life this is like a line they give a cartoon bully Not only are you sexist, you are CARTOONISHLY sexist. The sexism equivalent of a captain planet villain

  • Don Raggo
    Don Raggo

    Congrats on the 10.2 Million subs, well deserved, your videos are exactly what I'm looking for when I'm regretting crying on my Xiaomi Mi 5 :D

  • Jakob

    I really love your videos. They are so well edited, produced, interesting and funny. I can watch a 40 minute video of you while with other youtubers I would stop bc i‘m too bored. Much appreciation of your work!

  • Tim Van Laere
    Tim Van Laere

    Pre smartphone Sony seemed to dominate the market. With each new phone being a full experience. (i'm talking about 2003 which with in 2007 and 2008 Sony phones I still am nostalgic about.. they were beautiful and fuctional above anything else. And merged the then MP3-player concept into the phones. While the phones were even more compact as the MP3 players) Then HTC Hero lured me away. THe first "Android phone" and "full touch screen". The "tinker phone" - I was already using my Sony phone with an aux cable in the car but.. THIS HAD WifI AND BLUETOOTH! Sony phones made the best pictures, but there was something magical about HTC at that time. And being "able to program it yourself", compared to the mess that was Windows mobile, blackberry and java applets. HTC Hero, HTC Desire HD.. Iphone emerged. Sony seemed to have been dethroned and missed the boat, as Nokia at the time. (they brought out some awesome Windows phones, but the new windows eco-system was too late and never caught on enough) I got an LG after HTC went downhill. "the google Android phone", but the glass was so fragile, it would break by looking at it. Sony came back on the radar, when phones got every year larger with the Xperia Z3 compact (flagship phones in acompact form) - never any issue with the glass back panel. The same feeling of quality HTC once had. Glass back panel (that never broke!) The same image quality as from their compact cameras. I only replaced it after 4 years of use, because the battery became worn... But was deeply dissapointed with the XA2 I picked up for the "retro look". Then a period came where their phones seemed to suck. The competition boasted the "quad pixels" and other plastic looking imagery and gimmicks.. ultimately I came back for the XZ2 but after rooting it lost the camera and DRM, so picked up a XZ3 after trying a few Chinese brads with "quad plastic pixels" that ended up in the drawer very soon. It looks like the latest few phones of Sony are back to this Z3 era. While it's slightly expensive, i'll hold on a little longer until the price comes down or the 5 IV is released. But I'm excited again for smartphone! And not dragging my feet not really feeling that the choices ar really "an upgrade".

  • 3ricull Gaming
    3ricull Gaming

    I’ll say, Ive had iPhones for the past 10 years, loved everything that ran an apple os, but recently visited Best Buy and was playing around with the newer and higher end androids. It made it tough to decide between continuing to use iPhone or switch over. They’re changing the game for sure.

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      Text Me On Telegram@SymmondsNick

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      Text Me On Telegram@SymmondsNick

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  • Jeth Mercer
    Jeth Mercer

    For a "not a review" video, this is quite too detailed. Finally Sony is receiving the love it deserves. Arun gave an unbiased opinion, of course every phone has it's own flaws, even the iPhone or Samsung would have one despite being one of the great phones out there. Great Job 😊

    • Jeth Mercer
      Jeth Mercer

      @A Harry Potter Fan Just get to the point, what's your problem?

    • A Harry Potter Fan
      A Harry Potter Fan

      @Jeth Mercer you can’t “stick” with something that’s literally just factually incorrect LMFAO, youre just wrong xx

    • Jeth Mercer
      Jeth Mercer

      @A Harry Potter Fan still can't follow what you're saying..anyways, if you believe the opinion is biased (or their just the same for you) well, no matter what i say won't change what you think. I'll stick with mine though, 😅

    • A Harry Potter Fan
      A Harry Potter Fan

      @Jeth Mercer so him saying he likes it is biased… an unbiased opinion in just a fact

    • Jeth Mercer
      Jeth Mercer

      @TheGreatGatsby Gatsby Z ?

  • TheAvenger 12
    TheAvenger 12

    I might not love it to bits but my 1k OnePlus 9 pro also shoots at 120 in 4k, has that 3rd mic by the cameras and sports a pretty big sensor, plus now, with the Android 12 update I feel like the software has been refining some rough edges it had up until now

  • Jesse Garrett
    Jesse Garrett

    I've always loved sony's aspect ratio. It's much easier to hold

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      Text me on telegram@MarkEllisReviews

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  • Robert Mac
    Robert Mac

    Its a great phone, If it came on a good enough UK contract deal i might grab it, as I dont like ios and cant find an android phone that really pulls me in.


    I've had Sony Xperia phones since they announced. There were a few that failed but Sony made up for it with the following. The last one I had was the Xperia 10 plus right before they announced this one and when they announced the Zeiss lens I absolutely lost my shit because the cameras On the previous ones were pretty good. My coworker used to try to compare Samsung and how they make washing machines and refrigerators and what does Sony make? My answer was cameras, sound systems, tvs, game consoles and oh yeah they have Sony pictures. Which made the last one I had pretty fun as at the time the first and only to record and display the 21:9 aspect ratio. There are a lot of mixed reviews but what I have to say is people like different phones for different reasons and seeing as I have worked with phone carriers over the course of 10 years, I discovered that pretty quickly. One of the downsides of this phone is that people like to point and shoot and be done with it but I enjoyed the manual camera layout since I do a lot of photography. It's unfortunate that their prices jumped up so much but if I was in a better position I would have absolutely bought this phone for the Carl Zeiss lens. It almost made it easier to not only have a good camera but also the editing software on the phone to snap and brush up or edit anywhere I was. But again, everyone has their own taste so I don't bash them for it, mine just happens to be Sony. 😁

  • Aadithyan Anand
    Aadithyan Anand

    While many companies go straight up and prevent reviewers from reviewing their product even days before and sometimes even after launch, Sony's got the guts to let mrwhosetheboss review their product freely, that's not even fully completed. Hats off Sony.

    • Exil Desert
      Exil Desert

      @Leon Francis maybe if they changed the name to something like the "Sony phone pro" akin to the Playstation naming scheme, lowered the price a little more, and gave it more spotlight it would sell much much better. But what do I know, I'm not apart of a marketing team...

    • Leon Francis
      Leon Francis

      Sony needs the exposure. Their phones are forgotten and ignored frequently. This isn't a "good guy Sony" thing, it's a survival thing.

    •  Basic Tutorials
      Basic Tutorials

      @Punit Daga ye

    • Punit Daga
      Punit Daga

      It's not a review tho... Just a first look although I do get your point: he's allowed to say so much on just a first look video.

    • Punit Daga
      Punit Daga

      @X that's not how this works. He just got the device.

  • Laurent Renaud
    Laurent Renaud

    It's probably a great value in the sense that Sony won't ever get their development and manufacturing costs out of it. I really want one.


    The sides of this phone reminds me of the classic C902 by Sony Ericsson

  • Tamás Losó
    Tamás Losó

    Throughout my life i only had xperia smartphones. I had a "Go" back in 2014, a Z3, and now my XZ2 is 3 years old. I always really liked them because they always felt unique to own but i always felt like i wanted them to do a little better compared to other phones, like "give me a little more" something like that. What i really liked is the good hardware with performance lasting for years and the nearly stock android, but i'm not sure if my next phone is still gonna be a sony. I feel like they still lack something that makes you go "yeah thats what i need from a phone" especially with the Xperia 1 series. Who knows? I'm sure the XZ2 can satisfy my phone needs for another 1-2 years (my dad is still rocking a Z1 wich he bought in 2014. The thing is falling apart but still makes phone calls and does gps i guess :D ) so maybe in the next 1 or 2 years sony will come up with something i will want. Or should i just get a galaxy? They seem to be nice too.

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  • Teacher Nickoy
    Teacher Nickoy

    It would be nice if sony will make lenses for smartphone too. Just imagine that a phone with a detachable lenses. Like it has 24-70. It would be the end of dslr.

  • Rousseau

    So glad to see Sony take steps in the right direction. I own and love their TV and audio products, and have heard great things about their camera products. Makes sense to take all that expertise to make a great phone

    • Gamecore

      @Gigi not even in comparison. PS5 has literally no games.

    • Zac Johnson
      Zac Johnson

      @Gigi it's obviously great in comparison to the switch and Xbox one, because those are last gen consoles (plus the switch is literally 720p 30fps). In comparison to the Xbox series X/S, it's a bit closer. Still though, the Sony is probably better.

    • Gigi

      @Classic Galactica ps5 is great compared to switch and xbox one

    • Classic Galactica
      Classic Galactica

      Overpriced and overrated, just like most of Sony's products. They are in my opinion marketing geniuses.


      Me too

  • Maysin Bell
    Maysin Bell

    The fact it has a Carl Zeiss stamp on it says alot. Sony 'is' the brand that pioneered alot of technologies that have well advanced since the days of Walkman, after all. Just wait until they master Xmore sensors on the scale of a 1" full frame. I worked for Sony. When we were putting up the 4K's when they launched, I was in awe. I turned to my manager and said "Just wait until we get 8K". He replied confidently "There will never be such thing as *8K*. lmao showed him. Believe me, Sony is the reason phones are as good as they are today. Not Samsung, not Apple. :)

  • T B
    T B

    15:50 - I am a "camera enthusiast" and have high end gear dedicated to photography / video - and you're spot on - I purchased a Google 6 Pro becuase as a walk-around photographic solution it's good enough, if I want to shoot dedicated photos / video then the Sony is nowhere near good enough and the miniscule difference between the G6P and Sony does not justify the cost difference.

  • ExtremeLoader

    Sony has finally found their place. Their selling point. Great Cameras.

  • Demonchld

    Sony has always made great phones there marketing department on the other hand is just terrible. Which is why no one really knows about this awesome device

  • Santhosh SR
    Santhosh SR

    imo, having 3 camera apps is actually beneficial! it'll be easy to access whichever mode we want i.e videography and photography! or they wouldve made seperate ones because the settings are really complex and it would've been confusing if they're merged! Nice video, arun!

    • Roman Shocker
      Roman Shocker

      @Angelo_Alex Paguntalan I never understand when people say other phones are for everyone else when they are missing important features like SD card, headphone, jack, gaming features, battery features that actually work. The only difference between this and pixel is the camera app, it has the same stock andry and can do everything it can do plus more. So basically this phone should be for more people unless they are obsessed with auto mode pictures. I don't care for a camera phone for any phone and I'll choose this phone over pixel and iphone...

    • erriezzans Lounge
      erriezzans Lounge

      It is more easy if u got one app and button to switch mode and one click preset that use the real camera power.

    • Masterlylalo Gamer
      Masterlylalo Gamer

      I thought it was xperia

    • Nischay

      @Ganesh he said the Photo app is for capturing both pictures and videos

    • Lorn Johnson
      Lorn Johnson

      @Xeyvan Djokarto it clearly sits somewhere around the RX100 and the ZV1 camera as a modular camera/phone. Basically Sony is giving more flexibility and it doubles as a monitor for the alpha cameras. It all doubles down on what you intend on using this device for. 1800 is justified

  • Sanditra Muda
    Sanditra Muda

    I'd say the whole point of the phone is to show that Sony's Xperia line up didn't just lose the "Japanese" touch of overachieving something and putting in overly extra work. They should've made a 1080p screen version with a 6000 mAh battery and cheaper price and BOOM; your everyday iPhone and Galaxy killer.

  • GamE FrEak
    GamE FrEak

    I love SONY. I truly want them to succeed

  • Kirk Bond
    Kirk Bond

    A headphone jack and a provision for a lanyard? Add in traditional Sony quality, and this is fantastic. The camera ability is just icing on the cake! I mean, an actual headphone jack 😁 Also, I loved seeing the Gameboy Color with Pokémon Red version on the table - nice touch lol

  • Habib jan
    Habib jan

    I think it makes sense to build a pro camera phone because for a photographer the best camera is always the one thats nearby. Ive had so many situation where I just forgot my pro camera at home and just could my phone for taking shots

  • Konnor Wolf
    Konnor Wolf

    Sony appears to be one of the few that DOESN'T wants to destroy their phone design by adding a notch or hole in the screen. Excellent!

    • random random
      random random

      if only the Mi 11 Ultra did an under screen camera I would own one by now. With its little screen on the back for top quality selfies there is no need for perfect front camera shots as it will just be for those zoom meetings anyway.


    Sony has always promised so much but when you actually use it its always underwhelming

  • CubedGan

    When they mean one inch sensor, that means the diameter of it, so it is actually 0.63 inches. At the bottom of their website they tell you what 1 inch sensor means

  • Sillfallstar

    I dont know with yall but Sony is definitely missing something in the mobile phones department. It just doesnt give you the feel to cling unto it and be excited on the next. The specs all sound great but once you use it.. It just doesnt have thayt umf factor. I dont know why but i am still patiently waiting for Sony to make it.

  • GoinManta

    Sony gets it.. they have a great phone with a great camera, AND a SD Card.

  • WARPd_

    Good to see Sonys stepping up their game, only took about 7 years to use a different model

    • Devil Kazumi
      Devil Kazumi

      @Pain hi Spiderman you making anymore cool movies?

    • Pain

      @Devil Kazumi He never said that a billion dollars makes you happy.

    • Pixels

      @Marco Esteban The rattle is just the Dynamic vibration motor (or Taptic Engine)

    • Adventures of a Gamer
      Adventures of a Gamer

      @goku go study English first

    • Vinnes RC
      Vinnes RC

      @Marco Esteban The "rattle" is the camera OIS, it's the same on my Xperia 5 ii, so nothing worrying. The symmetrical bezels look so much better than all the interrupted designs all other companies are using. Full respect for the content, nothing that can get in the way or interrupt the experience.👌 That's my take anyway. I genuinely do not notice the bezels on a daily basis.


    I really want to see SONY come with another camera application with an awesome AI for basic users to take pictures to destroy apple and samsung .

  • Juan Lucas
    Juan Lucas

    I'm currently watching this on my oldie but goodie XZ Premium... what I really am desperate to know is how the PRO-I manages the heat throttle with the Snaodragon 888... it's has been known in a teardown that it does not have the vapor chamber cooling the first PRO had nor an ammount of thermal paste or pads over/near the chipset so... I'm not asking if it will melt or boil if I shoot 15 min. of RAW 4K video, .h265 @120fps, creator mode in the screen at 120hz... but how does it cope with heavy usage, web browsing, gaming, media playback, still photography? Would anyone be so kind to give us an insight into that matter please?

  • Habs H
    Habs H

    Great phone with an insane price, in europe this thing costs as much as an iphone 13 pro max AND you have to pay additional 660€... thats like an additional s21.. there is absolutely no one who will ever buy it except a niche group of people. Sony really has a targetting problem, they can make great phones but they are absolutely oblivious about who it is for. Im sure if they would make this phone with hj,sd card slot,2k screen and newest snapdragon they would have a winner. Perhaps a pro/ultra/s model with the 4k screen. Done.

  • IamSehboy

    i am gonna be honest here it is nice they made 3 different apps for photo's and videos cuz then more clear where everything is and for starters its easier to find out what everything is my own phone has multiple modes in 1 camera and in the beginning i got confused cuz my last camera didnt have much luxery

  • Nonth Suriyan
    Nonth Suriyan

    I actually think having separate apps for how you want to use the camera is good. If you have that many options in one app, some of them will be buried and no one will know it’s there.

    • erriezzans Lounge
      erriezzans Lounge

      Dont worry its sony.

  • Jon Londrezos
    Jon Londrezos

    The best camera is the one you have with you at the moment when you find the right shot. My 13 pro max for all it’s processing goodness already left me many times wanting to fetch my DSLR when it just could not generate the results I wanted.I suspect that with the 1” sensor on this beast it will be a different story. Which is why I slightly disagree with you on the point and potential audience for this phone.

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  • Kaylene Bourne
    Kaylene Bourne

    My HTC EVO 4G LTE had a camera button. I loved my Evos and HTC ones. They did a lot that other phones didn’t and did it first. I’m still bummed that they died out. I don’t know what happened to my first evo, but the 4g lte I had in my nightstand drawer for a while and was actually able to give it to my son for use when his phone broke, and it still worked as it was brand new. This was less than 2 years ago. He’s the little guy in my profile pic, who isn’t so little anymore. He’ll be a teen this yr.

  • Bigelow

    1,400 seems fair enough for an advance Sony phone. It's crazy to see how expensive androids are becoming while Apple sits at 1,099.99 for its pro max. Samsung has lost me as a consumer.

  • Mad _
    Mad _

    Thank you so much for filming in that aspect ratio. It fills my entire screen. I needed this.

  • Firdaus Izam
    Firdaus Izam

    Everyone: Our phones are catching up to the full-size camera. Sony: My full-size camera is catching up to the modern smartphone.

    • Linas

      @DRIVEN Ltd Nope. Depends on your usage, canon, nikon can both be the same if not better. Also, sony cameras look bad and have way too many rough edges.

    • DRIVEN Ltd
      DRIVEN Ltd

      Sony full size cameras are the best money can buy

    • Linas

      Nah, dedicated cameras are never going to be worse

    • B.V. YOGESH123
      B.V. YOGESH123

      Best comment in this video and 900th like gently reminder

  • Alex Roki
    Alex Roki

    Excellent review, I appreciate your knowledge and clarity explaining technology

  • Zara

    Hey arun, thanks for a great video. You do,have the knack for bringing out the hidden features on anything tech. Could you make a video on the new S22 ultra, it’s pros and cons?

    • collins stanz
      collins stanz

      Congratulations you have been selected among my shortlist winners.

  • Rabin Limbu
    Rabin Limbu

    I have been using Sony Experia Ultra T2 since Last 8 years. Its amazing

  • Mrnooby

    The shots taken on the phone look so good without the thing in the top left I couldn’t tell they weren’t taken on their normal dslr

  • Brandon Nel
    Brandon Nel

    The fact that the majority of the footage was recorded on a mobile phone.. it's just... incredible. This might be the best video quality I've ever seen from a smartphone.

    • Chuan Cresi🌹1
      Chuan Cresi🌹1

      ❤-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------💋 HOT.SNAPGIRLS.TODAY/fela?💜LOVE-STORY #ライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#かならりやばかったですね!1#万人を超える人が見ていたもんね(笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした!#今後は気を付けないとね5). . !💖🖤❤#今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!#この日のライブ配信は、#1万人を超える人が見ていたも ん(#笑)#やっぱり人参最高!#まさかのカメラ切り忘れでやら1かしたのもドキドキでした #今後は気をライブ配信の再編ありがとうです!( #笑)#垃圾

  • Joy Miller
    Joy Miller

    I got their xm4s last year, they are amazing! I wonder if they'd sound even better on this?

    • Joy Miller
      Joy Miller

      Yup I love your videos, they are fun and honest!

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  • Alnakera

    So basically the only that's missing this phone is image processing.

  • Algo Quantix
    Algo Quantix

    isnt it time we started calling them - 'smart cameras' that make phone calls? my reasoning is these days it seems to be only the camera quality that separates one from another.

  • i disagree
    i disagree

    I remember the dynamic lens feature on the Galaxy S9... Wonder why Samsung didn't keep that.

  • 3rdPhocal

    Even as a professional photographer that has my equipment all the time they're still moments where I don't have my camera on me, to be able to capture. There are plenty times where I'm not carrying my camera with me my being able to pull out a really good camera phone is absolutely awesome

    • One punch Bud
      One punch Bud

      @Dzsombli Szorszita they were too dumb / lazy to adjust shot time and ISO. The Sony makes natural pictures and gives you every option to adjust to the direction you want. iPhone and Samsung produce nice, bright colors. I guess the Sony pictures were closer to reality.. There are reviews from actual photographers like Pierre L. and the results are insane. If this thing would have a nice zoom i could get rid of my big camera...

    • Henry

      @Dzsombli Szorszita you probably never did post processing before lol

    • Clorox Bleach
      Clorox Bleach

      @Red Bear we do be living in a society bruh

    • Dzsombli Szorszita
      Dzsombli Szorszita

      Where is that superior quality? I wouldn't buy an iPhone, but every photo in the review has problems; they are dark, almost dull with missing details, the white balance is strange, questionable, and sometimes the Sony even seems to have a smaller dynamic range instead of outdoing all the phones with smaller sensors. Ok, it is not with the final firmware/software, and these problems can probably be corrected manually, but it is not proven yet.

    • daniel

      @Lua nothing

  • Eduardo Hernandez
    Eduardo Hernandez

    I really appreciate it your videos and reviews this one was so informative and fun I really love your IQ the way you explain every single topic about the phone your opinion is very important to me I respect your understanding and the work you put into your videos!

  • Alexander G
    Alexander G

    This is honestly the best review of the Xperia PRO-I that I've seen. Really great work. Thank you.

  • alex548554

    I got one and absolutely love the camera on it, and that ridged body made me skip the usual case I'd end up getting just a vinyl skin for the rear.

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  • Cho

    Wow, impressive specs 👍🏽

  • Syed Abrar Afaque
    Syed Abrar Afaque

    @13:00 The reason they split the camera features into 3 different apps is the best feature of this phone! The RnD team at Sony is smart! They did this for a reason and I've had a Nokia 9 pureview for quite a while now so I know how sluggish a camera app can be on a mobile chipset. I'm just curious to see how Sony will handle the software updates on this model tho...

    • Roman Shocker
      Roman Shocker

      @helenHTID that's how LG failed big time, they introduced manual mode but mixed it with the auto mode and everything because confusing, nobody like the software even tho it had good features, people chose that garbage iphone and pixel settings

    • helenHTID

      Not really? Linking all 3 to a single interface will use the same processing power which ever section you choose to use! But this wasn't smart consumer thinking, This is professional hardware for those that used to tinkering lol They had no incentive to make it any more simple.

    • kapil busawah
      kapil busawah

      There are three demographics this accommodates. I personally will fill the Video Pro and Photography Pro but rarely touch the Cinema Pro . I'm happy not having useless UI in the way of what I need. Essentially when I'm using a function, I only want that function and no distractions. Having it all as one is bad. This phone is smart because it's designed with the philosophies of the professional camera industry i.e. purpose lead functions. In other words it's better to be a specialist in a few things than a generalist in everything. "Average consumers" (whatever that is) prefer generalists. Professionals prefer specialists.

    • Gilang Rahmat
      Gilang Rahmat

      @MurderOnTheMind best for profesional fotografer

  • Carlos Colon
    Carlos Colon

    Sony has put alot of work on this phone.

  • Lets DIY It
    Lets DIY It

    I am going to sell my S22 Ultra after awful experience with Samsung support (they literally lie to you, multiple times). I am thinking the Pro-I might be the replacement. Has anyone directly compared the cameras? Includng the selfie camera? I never really used the selfie camera but started to when holding my now 5 month old daughter. The front camera on the S22 Ultra produces better images than the rear, so interested in that in the Pro-I as well. Also interested in battery life as well.

  • CCP

    As a videographer, I find it fascinating. Realistically though, it's useless. When shooting with a phone, it has to be a point and click experience. Fiddling with controls requires actual physical buttons and dials. Cool gadget nevertheless.

  • JMsurYT

    I'm no camera nerd but as someone in the market for a smartphone offering a solid media consumption experience that includes a 3.5mm jack as well as an overall snappy experience and a good photo kit, Sony is making me happy. I have no intention of buying the Pro version, but it did put the X1 II on my radar. I'm glad that some brands are trying something new rather than just implementing shiny gimmicks.

    • @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①
      @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①

      Roman numeral's *Plus. I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI.

  • Govardhan Posina
    Govardhan Posina

    Flipping between modes almost always takes longer than switching to another app,not to mention this prevents confusion, especially for novice users who can just stick to photo pro at first and experiment with the other two

    • Govardhan Posina
      Govardhan Posina

      @Noobydooby there is no worry of swiping left or right and potentially resetting all of your carefully curated camera settings for that particular scene is what I meant

    • Noobydooby

      @Govardhan Posina what "confusion" are we talking about?

    • Govardhan Posina
      Govardhan Posina

      @Noobydooby no let's get back to it You said the device isn't targetted at novice users so the multiple apps were unnecessary I say they help prevent any confusion and allow for faster switching between modes

    • Noobydooby

      @Govardhan Posina you've gone too far from the original argument & sure we can talk about APPLE day long but that doesn't change the fact about this particular Sony device. whatever let's agree to disagree

    • Govardhan Posina
      Govardhan Posina

      @Kailash Anand yes but shouldn't a novice user still be able to use the device?also even "pro" users will want to grab a quick shot here and there

  • Pietrô Nguyễn
    Pietrô Nguyễn

    Sony xperia Pro I is the best camera-smartphone for now. Thanks Sony and thanks for your revieuw.

  • mishoboy mishoboy
    mishoboy mishoboy

    I would love to see Sony as one of the top phone companies

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  • David Pyzik
    David Pyzik

    Hopefully this is the future. This is the phone I've always wanted. Just can't justify