The most PRO phone money can buy.
The Sony Xperia Pro-I is maybe the most Technically impressive smartphone ever...but should you pay $1800 for it? Limited time offer Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 4 months free! ( I mention 3 in the video, for this November and December it's 4)

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Should I shoot more videos on Phones? 😂

  • pragya saripalli
    pragya saripalli

    Sony: "Doing good in the audio market"

  • Firdaus Izam
    Firdaus Izam

    Everyone: Our phones are catching up to the full-size camera.

  • sofibot

    every tech youtuber talking about a sony phone: "this is amazing. i wouldn't recommend it to anyone."

  • Leonie K
    Leonie K

    A phone with an SD slot, a jack and usability-over-design?

  • Kula

    As a Xperia 1 owner, even I'm surprised that Sony has managed to increase exposure and hype for each new Xperia release since. I never thought the enthusiast first mindset would work for them but I'm glad it is because it encourages them to keep going down that path

  • Carlos Medina
    Carlos Medina

    The best phone I had in the last decade was the XZ Premium. Had many of the features this one has incl the 4k screen (not oled though). Updates were timely, software was close to stock android, it was fast and great quality. Looked great too. I miss it very much.

  • Cambo Space and Science Edu
    Cambo Space and Science Edu

    Finally, he used dictionary... 🤣

  • Risage

    I've had 5 phones and they're sony phones, Sony is underrated, so I can't wait to see more success

  • Mark Moore
    Mark Moore

    Sony taking awesome parts from their uber successful camera line is genius. That sensor and those mic’s are world class for a camera phone. If you know manual settings in pics/vid you can get some absolutely amazing shots. And with 1tb expandable storage this is a perfect beginners all-in-one studio.. hell could even edit and export from the phone if need be.

  • Rajneesh Attri
    Rajneesh Attri

    I love the design of this phone. All the special keys on the side and simple to use. This should have been done many years ago.

  • Tejus Markelis
    Tejus Markelis

    i like how he builds hype up thru out the vid, and then just kills it all in the last min. really lets you deside to buy or not

  • Joleen Montague
    Joleen Montague

    I had a Sony phone around 8 years ago and I thought it was amazing. The only problem with the model was the batteries went and couldn't be replaced.


    If there's any mobile company I want to see succeeding, its Sony.

  • Jeff Edwards
    Jeff Edwards

    I work in the audio business and Sony is a big name within my particular sphere already (their MDR-7506 headphones are considered the industry standard) I loved how you framed this review. Good job (as usual).

  • Lying piece of Sheet
    Lying piece of Sheet

    It's a great camera, it has all the features of a phone !! Nice work SONY !!!!

  • Esther White { esteecodes }
    Esther White { esteecodes }

    1" sensor on a phone is really great 👍aperture control, all the other features - they all sound very good and I am glad that phones are going in this direction.... However - for that price I can get a MUCH MUCH better camera and it will be a full frame one with interchangeable lenses ! So the price is not good in my opinion. But everything else - big 👍. Oh now about the apps - I am sure that was a development reason as to why they had to be separated into 3 different apps.


    This is the best edited tech review I've ever watched. Amazing quality!

  • QuantumVoid

    I'm surprised you called changing the aperture a fringe scenario. Any long-distance scenery (like mountains or something) would massively benefit from a smaller aperture. That isn't 'fringe' at all. Almost all my pictures are far-off scenery, like skyscapes and nature. It'd be insulting to photographers if this feature wasn't available on the phone. Just because it can handle shallow DOF and mood lighting very well doesn't mean you should limit yourself to it. I would definitely not scoff at the feature though, that is a selling point IMO.

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Bro we all need a Pro Phone 🙃