17 WILDEST Inventions you won't believe are REAL.
17 of the Wildest Tech Inventions and Gadgets in 2022!
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      Frozen theme or something close

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    M S K OO7

    I'm always impressed when you pick a theme for a video and just completely double down and make it so mesmerizing. Huge respect to you and your team 🙌

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      Personally I think he used to be a good PC and mobile device reviewer and now he's turned into some thing from the Muppet show. He's trying to transform himself because he's bored of reviewing laptops and he wants to get his political and ideological opinions out there. He's trying to transform his profile and his avatar. But he's just making a fool out of himself because he should've decided that when he first made his channel

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      To make windows to workshop they're is all

  • iter8

    Unique content, as always! Thank you for this video Arun. The last one did really blew off my mind for the things that we could do with the neuro link app. + The night vision things. Absolutely crazy.

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      @FemonicRBLX ok

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    Pushpendra Marathe

    The only tech channel who always brings some new tech to look out for. Very big fan of Arun. Superb work. You are 👌🏼 awesomeee

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    The satisfaction watching your videos is ..... unmeasurable !! Always impressed by the quality of your videos that shows how much effort you and your team put into it.🤗

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    Tony Alex SIbi

    TIMESTAMPS #17 0:18 Bubble Hotels #16 1:11 Kisha Umbrella #15 1:59 Energy Gathering Garments #14 2:45 The Trekker #13 3:57 Jungle Lidar #12 5:10 Amazon Astro #11 6:21 Anti-Poaching Drones #10 7:18 Acoustic Firefighting #09 8:21 Night Vision Glasses #08 9:23 Telescopic Contract Lenses #07 10:00 Milk Clothing #06 10:44 3D Printing Homes #05 11:53 Lab Grown Wood #04 12:34 Lab Grown Meat #03 13:32 Invisibility Coat #02 14:28 Mosquito Implosions #01 16:12 Neuralink Monkey

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    Love your videos! One of the best of the best on IRglo! You're one of a very few left allowed on the platform that keep me coming back. Witchjizzguzler or whatever her name is has ruined this place but creators like yourself are carrying what's left of it. Hope they are paying you your worth!

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    Klare Coma

    You did research very well Arun!! thank you for educating us! I am always amazed with science inventions and this video makes me amazed even more! Keep it up!

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    Bryant P

    I’m loving the new background re-design!! Makes your videos feel more immersive

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  • julie mignard
    julie mignard

    I first wished for a room size bubble in 1972. I am so pleased to see someone has finally gotten around to developing it. Thanks

  • Daniel Graf
    Daniel Graf

    Imagine working your whole life discovering ancient Mayan civilisations just for a British guy in an Indiana jones costume to rate your discovery 4/10 😂😂

    • Sic Mundus
      Sic Mundus

      its all about relativity. Innovation has no constraints when it comes to Arun's videos like these... so in that scale.. its about right.. 4/10 Is like winning an emmy or an oscar nomination..

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      thicc penguin

      @Mohammad Zaki r/woooooosh

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      @Daniel Graf :)

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      @Alexander Mikhailov 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣oh my laaawd, I'm dying.

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      Daniel Graf

      @Mohammad Zaki mate it's a joke it's not that deep

  • nut of wisdom
    nut of wisdom

    the neuralink monkey is absolutely insane, when i first tried out those brain controlled device attachments that you put into your forehead i just thought it would pick up a signal and if it crossed a certain number it would activate just like a 0 and 1, but that is something on next level

  • Pleppify

    When Arun said of course Elon musk invented the brain chop,I laughed so hard 🤣

  • สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า
    สุวิทย์ แซ่หว้า

    How can someone be so professional, smart and funny at the same time. Your videos are really far advanced than others. Huge respect

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    I found your account by accident, but from that day on I can't stop watching you, keep the content up

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    Lost Child

    Arun: Talks about humans ending the most dangerous disease to exist Also Arun: "You know what else is completely wild? *the durability of this phone case* "

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      @Vitalijs Ļebedevs thank you is the ty All good man still what a determined team to take the hit like that late ad

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  • At this point I’m having second thoughts
    At this point I’m having second thoughts

    8:30 has got to be one of the coolest things I’ll ever see in my life it’s so indescribable

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    Wow, when I look a few years back, everyone tought that technology will destroy earth, but now there is just soo much new inventions that are made to help the earth

  • Will Handy
    Will Handy

    OK. I've seen a couple of your posts, and I've subscribed. That's partly because you present really interesting stuff. But mostly, it's because you're adorable. You're engaging; you have great facial expressions; and you speak in an exaggerated style that's enough to enhance interest, yet doesn't (to me, anyway) become annoying. A fine balance to maintain. May you have every success!

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    Manchester Tech Guy

    This has now become one of my favourite tech channels, nicely done Arun and the team.

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      Manchester Tech Guy

      @MysticalKO Thank you, glad I could help

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      @Manchester Tech Guy I like your vids, you helped me decide whether or not to buy a laptop, thanks!

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      Jm Mateo 933

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    Jagatjyoti Deb

    Arun has some of the best dad jokes 🤣🤣🤣 Prime mate 🤣🤣🤣

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    Si Frost

    Wow, some of these are just out the pages of sci fi and makes me wonder what will be next? Great vid mate as always

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    dedpixl Roy

    this is truly the best tech channel out there...covering all scopes of tech.

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    kappu kaushik

    i wish arun posted a video daily . his voice just cheers me up and cures my boredom. such a good creater my man

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    Taha Ahmed

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      @eucVibes I still think they're good, especially the editing

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  • Dalton Brennan
    Dalton Brennan

    There's also a fire extinguisher that uses sound waves and I'm pretty sure that attached to a drone would be much better considering date pumping out sound waves would be a lot easier long-term

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    *This is a great video,I learn alots watching your videos and it’s helpful to me* *investing money is quite difficult to me but all thanks to Mia Frank she helped me alots*

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    David Sinclair Jones

    I just can't believe how Arun keeps improving the quality of his content every video. Like, the content here was already amazing, but it just seems to keeps on getting better and better! Well done!

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      David Sinclair Jones

      Not a bot actually

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    KJ_DiamondMiner K

    This is one of the best youtube channels i have ever seen. The quality and delivery are unreal

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    This invention is absolutely incredible and has the potential to end all human suffering! 4 out of 10 ✨

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    Daniyal Pervaiz

    Huge respect for the amount of effort you put in these videos man! Always excited for the uploads.

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    I'd love to buy the 8th product 😁 it's insane ! 🤯

  • Wes Allen
    Wes Allen

    I think neuralink is a great idea... Just as long as the chip is only designed to TRANSMIT wirelessly and not RECIEVE wirelessly, otherwise the chips might be seceptable to being hacked and used for nefarious purposes, also REALLY looking forward to 3D printed earth houses and lab grown wood to minimize ecological impact.

  • LimeyTeuton

    Thanks you for a very interesting video. I enjoy following your very captivating and informative videos. I would like to point out though that it was somewhat frustrating and hard to follow, when the background music reached such a high distracting level after the 12 minute mark like it was competing with your voice .....edit: I stand corrected; interestingly this seems to be an artifact of the Samsung s10e as its fine on Chromecast

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    Very interesting, but sometimes I wonder how much it costs, can you maybe write it in the corner while presenting it? Keep going love your videos

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    Winston Tj

    That zoomable contact lense is insane. As someone with low vision with my lense that cannot contract to zoom in far away object, this might be a game changer.

    • Limit Break
      Limit Break

      Same , also do you know where we can get those night vision glasses? Im obsessed with IR light and need glasses Anyways so I wanna get them and wear them 24/7

    • Amahle Mdineka
      Amahle Mdineka

      Yes same

  • Shubz 108
    Shubz 108

    Love the part from 12 minutes 57 seconds "...The fact that these are living animals with the ability to feel pain and so being able to save their lives while eating meat is a monumental win" Go Vegan 🖤🧘🏿‍♂️

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    Zaoad Ahmed

    I dont know why bro...bt your videos are kind of a satisfaction to me.❤️

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    I'm not entirely sure you know how heat transfer works for the bubble hotels, unless they're using massive amounts of energy for climate control...

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    The quality, damn man. You really make some awesome video's!

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    Imagine the amount of research he had to do for us. Thanks for making us updated with such information, Arun! You're doing a great job!

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      Phil Wetherick

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  • Just Some Guy without a Dic-
    Just Some Guy without a Dic-

    The vibe of Arun's videos has changed significantly just through the past couple of years, i only noticed when i watched some older videos today. I like the new theme but i didn't dislike the more solemn atmosphere before either.

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    Anonymous Duh

    Great content dude! Loved it

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    Mark Davis

    This was a absolute stunner really love these new inventions ...... can't wait to c what the neurolink is capable of in humans

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    Gary Hughes

    Your videos (?) draw me in. No doubt about it. It has a lot to do with your vocal presentation I guess and the obvious educational background that you display. Whatever it is, I love you channel and will continue watching till you decide that you have had enough.

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    Alpha Centauri

    How can someone be so professional, smart and funny at the same time. Your videos are really far advanced than others. Huge respect

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      @trolled 69 nice


      @Cameron Fite I’m not sure, Bots can’t reply to people the way Centauri did. You can test if they’re a bot by replying to their reply, if they make a weird reply that doesn’t make sense to your comment, they’re a bot.

    • Cameron Fite
      Cameron Fite

      @QUBI-QUBED The point I was trying to make is that they are all bots. That’s how it appears, at least. It’s really weird to see a comment section where virtually every single comment is praising the creator. Especially since the majority of these comments aren’t actually referencing the video at all.


      @Cameron Fite sad that bots steal comments, luckily the OG got more popular than those like botting bots!

    • Alpha Centauri
      Alpha Centauri

      @QUBI-QUBED Exactly, that’s one the reason of his eye catching videography.

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    Shinobu hancock

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    im always impressed by how u take this world in a best way with a just 1 video hats off bro i want to collab with u in future if i will succeed in my future youtube channels

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    FinFan 83

    This zoom-in compacts are going around for about 3 years, seen them via some short announcement somewhere. Still don't see them in daily use :( Been dreaming of such thing since childhood. The threads made out of kazein are not that new. This was used as an early form of synthetic material - for buttons, pins, jewelery, and other small clothing items in the early XXth century. Quite literal re-inventing the wheel all over again. Lab grown meat is promised since William Gibson wrote Sprawl trilogy, and is still not here. And thinking about humankind draw to the maximised profit, I'd imagine they'll do whatever can do to make the lab-grown meat into the Cyberpunk's kibble, not into Wagyou beef. And solving the clear cases for phones turning yellow is also an achievement !

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    When you make a theme for the video you always get an awesome background your team is great 😊

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    David Higgins

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    David Bazania

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    Fernando Santiago

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    Aliah Williams

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    Sarah Playz

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      Sarah Playz

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    Him: a real invisibility cloak! Me: I feel like its a green screen, but at the same time I don't

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    Jonathan Mcdonagh

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    TheDark Dragon

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    Fletcher Burton

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    Sumbal Qadeer

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    Abhishek Tiwari

    That balloon rubbing part though, I rate that 11/10 2:10

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    I really liked your video - presentation (the green plant room (next level) ) how you present and speak is really good. - - - I myself have been looking into/playing around with / researching future tech regarding firefighting... I might have to look up Arse Sack was it? .... Regarding your 2nd to last --- That S#!T really concerns me... hmmm humans messing around with mosquito dna... Not to make them better - but yes, make them worse... To intentionally make them malformed... what could possibly go wrong? (Malaria is a serious disease and I hope that scientists and inventors of the world continue to try to think of solutions to stop people being harmed by it - but I draw the line well before genetic modification) The last one Neuralink - Oooft! 10/10 ? To understand my reservations about this (see my comment regarding number 2) - - - It is exciting - the dawn of a new era in human technology and advancement.... but come on.... This tech is most definitely going to F people Up - if not by the tech itself then the people in control of it. Great video, look forward to the next one ;)

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