I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Starting from Next video, we're going to be filming using a completely new camera! Can't wait for you to experience it!

  • :: isabelle ::
    :: isabelle ::

    I can imagine delivering all these packages to Arun’s house like: here we go again lmao

  • jupiter

    For the past hour I’ve been binging your videos, not cause I’m a tech enthusiast but the quality, editing, storyline of your videos are so well thought of, that watching these feels like a premium experience.

  • Vishwas Badiger
    Vishwas Badiger

    Arun logs into wish.


    I like how he’s peacefully exposing the cheap company’s

  • Matthew Carey
    Matthew Carey

    Ahhhhh idk why but this dude is genuinely so trustworthy and wholesome. So new to this content and I think the internet has done this dude a disservice by not showing him before. Tbh I found this channel while researching pedestal fan reviews. Haven't seen him review a pedestal fan yet but I'm still very pleased.

  • Rob

    The orbit mouse brings back memories of when my dad broke his back - this was the only mouse he could use to work for months as only needed to move a finger, nothing that hurt his back. Super cool tech!

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Hope your bin has enough space for it afterwards 🙃

  • Xcess

    Man, I just love this guy's channel. He's the only IRglor whose tech videos won't ever be boring whether he's unboxing a bottle of water or a Tesla car. Always with smile, always with joy. Just keep it up dude!

  • puñulada

    Part of why I love your channel so much is because it genuinely seems like you're having a blast with these kinds of videos! Watching your videos make me smile a lot. :)

  • ✨tpwk✨

    arun, i’ve just discovered you yesterday and ive just- im not doing anything else then watching your videos and ive really never been interested to watch review videos, until now.

  • So how to play the piano?
    So how to play the piano?

    Arun: I bought the CHEAPEST Tech in the World 🌍

  • Jenbixx

    This stuff is so entertaining! Love the content man!

  • Zakaria Ali
    Zakaria Ali

    "I've got a stylus in my mouth"

  • Weston Ney
    Weston Ney

    I love how Arun has never seen a trackball mouse. Probably because they haven’t been popular for years. I’m pretty happy with my Logitech MX Vertical though so no trackball for me, gotta deal with that wonderful carpal tunnel…

  • Karan Singh
    Karan Singh

    I’m surprised he didn’t play Rick roll when he said “you can play anything you want” 😂😂

  • aless

    on the topic of microscopic earphones, I remember from when I was in college about 10 years ago, and a friend of mine bought this device made for, well, cheating on exams! it was a small round magnet, less than a cm wide, which you could insert into your ear using another piece of metal on the outside of your ear. Somehow it was connected to her phone, and when she would call me, I could tell her the right answers. Our ridiculous operation ultimately failed, as the exam room was too loud and she couldn't hear anything I was saying!

  • Lescoe Brandon
    Lescoe Brandon

    As someone living in his car, I'm definitely jealous of being able to throw away that much money.

  • New_Rome Music
    New_Rome Music

    I've been bingeing your videos, because I'm trying to go into the tech industry

  • Pranjal Pratim
    Pranjal Pratim

    His editor deserves a raise. 🤩 And also, massive respect for placing the sponsorship ad at the end, and I watched through it just for that. I usually skip the ad part when other youtubers place it in the middle of the video.