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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Slight clarification:

  • Atomic Shrimp
    Atomic Shrimp

    I think the brick test was probably unsurvivable without additional cases, etc; Sapphire is tougher as well as harder, so it makes sense that it did a little better there, but... screen protectors are replaceable - get the cheapest one that's good and treat it as sacrificial

  • Sean Machado
    Sean Machado

    I think the glass protector is meant to avoid the worst damage from keys in pocket or a short drop, not a large brick dumped on it.

  • JAE X
    JAE X

    As a guy who spends most of my time dropping bricks on phones, I

  • Gene L
    Gene L

    Every time I buy a new phone, one of the first things I do (aside from ordering a case from the brand I'm super loyal to) is to order about a dozen tempered glass screen protectors. Like 5 for $10 or so. The purpose is basically to protect my screen from keys, sliding across a desktop, stuff like that. They work fine. Once every few months something will happen and it'll crack the protector or it'll start to lift somewhere. I just replace it with another $2 protector and keep it moving.

  • Super-Z

    The brick drop test is a faulty one. The phone weighs approx 200g and so, when you drop it, the impact force = 200g x acceleration. The brick weighs a lot more and there is a lot more momentum to it.

  • Sean B
    Sean B

    Multiple things to say:

  • sjn 72
    sjn 72

    The great thing about a $1 screen protector getting scratched is that you can just replace it with another $1 screen protector and still be $78 ahead.

  • SUSHl

    When Gorilla Glass 5 or 6 came in, I stopped putting protectors on my phones. Honestly never had a problem with scratches. It also largely depends on the owner of the phone. 😁

  • Brandon

    I would never spend that much on a protector, but having used a set of 4 that I got for like 5$ on ali express for like a year now, I can say that the adhesive is definitely worse (more likely to develop bubbles), but also I've only gone through 2 of them, and it's far better than having no protection

  • Daniel Stewart
    Daniel Stewart

    Personally I have always used the clear plastic ones going back as far as when I still had a Palm PDA. They just work for my needs. As for sapphire protectors that would be for scratches which as shown it worked very well. That is what high end watch crystals are made from.

  • Andrew Stambaugh
    Andrew Stambaugh

    Great down to earth testing and helpful.

  • Shawn

    Great review. A huge upgrade that can apply to all screen protectors: Use UV cured screen adhesive. Gets rid of bubbles if done right and adds an extra layer of padding between the glass protector and the glass screen.

  • Karl Rock
    Karl Rock

    I've been using ₹50 screen protectors. I just buy a 5 pack and change it when one gets scuffed up, or give them to friends/family.

  • Greggoose 808
    Greggoose 808

    I think the brick was over-doing it. It did more damage than dropping the phone normally would but the sapphire protected it a little better.

  • obfuscatid

    First thing I think about when I read/hear "hardness" is brittleness. Some things that are extremely hard have a corresponding degree of increased correlated brittleness, which you may not want on a screen protector. Better for the screen protector to take the damage (scratches/impact) and replace when necessary.

  • Orlando Cruz
    Orlando Cruz

    Loved this video, I have always been curious about the absurd differences in price for screen protectors. You should make a video with the UV liquid screen protectors. They're probably an over price false marketing ploy too,lol

  • Jon Hiller
    Jon Hiller

    I've been using the IQ Shield wet apply clear plastic ones. I'm pretty sure the impact resistance won't be as high as a nice tempered glass, but I've dropped my phone a few times and it has had zero screen damage. It's just weird applying a screen protector wet.

  • Adrian Mason
    Adrian Mason

    I really enjoyed this video 👍

  • Barry hehexd
    Barry hehexd

    Arun : "no scratches or grooves at level 7"