I got hacked by an iPhone Cable.
How this simple iPhone Cable can hack your computer, and steal everything you own. The first 1000 people to sign up through my link will get a one month trial of Skillshare! skl.sh/mrwhosetheboss05221
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    What do you think to attack hardware like this? Impressive or terrifying?

  • NikTek

    Apple: Now we're going to remove the charging port lol

  • Xavier

    I feel like every time Arun raises awarness to problems like this, it just makes more people do it.

  • KeeganPlayz

    Now I'm scared to share cables with anyone. This is terrifying, but also really cool. Thanks for taking the time to show this, man!

  • Lars Madsen
    Lars Madsen

    Has been interesting to follow MG while he developed these products. Mind-boggling how small he can make the hardware nowadays

  • Orson Christian
    Orson Christian

    Law enforcement being able to use something like this to spy on someone without a warrant is absolutely not a positive.

  • aKaGD

    The work and time he puts into his videos is incredible.

  • Rj

    arun : gets something that can literally destroy companies

  • Naman Arusia
    Naman Arusia

    Arun : "this is a family friendly tech channel!"

  • Devil's Advocate
    Devil's Advocate

    Thank you for spreading awareness about these. When I try to tell many people about attacking hardware, very few take me seriously. They think I'm paranoid for carrying battery packs, not using public wifi, not using used USBs, or other memory devices, etc. I wasn't fun in school.

  • chalion

    Hardware like this is impressively terrifying. I'm truly impressed at how miniaturized remote access hardware can be, with the ranges you stated. I am curious at how much and at what rate the data transfer can be. The key logger adapter cable isn't as readily used as a charging/data cable for a phone is though. I wonder if the properties of the phone cables is enabled with a power brick and would allow remote access of the connected phone, or does it have to be a computer?(edited) I'm not going to browse for the company though.

  • JaiRestore

    I'm honestly impressed by the time and effort you put into these videos, Keep it up!💛


    This message is to recognize your contribution to the team’s success. Your commitment had been exemplary and your hard working is an inspiration to everyone around you. You’re a professional

  • Smarf

    The fact that they sell both the attack hardware and the hardware to prevent their own attack is such a great money-making scheme

  • lazyshinobi

    This video is a reminder to never check that " always signed in " or " remember me button " also use 2fa please. This video is absolutely terrifying and most like spawned as much hackers as people it saved. A true catch 22 but I'm still glad you put it out to remind us to stay humble and keep on our toes.

  • Nelly joe
    Nelly joe

    Thank you for all the extra hour and all the extra effort you had to put for getting this job done ✅ I really appreciate every bit of your work.

  • ⸍⸍ romy. ⸋
    ⸍⸍ romy. ⸋

    Thx a lot Arun. Now I know not to trust anyone who offers me a random charging cable 😂

  • Chigz Tech Reviews
    Chigz Tech Reviews

    Just watched. It's like an easy to use Trojan. Might grab the lightning USB cable. Love the self-destruct feature. Impressive stuff.

  • Megapangolin

    Your approach to your work, your subscribers and your outlook on doing the best is commendable. Additionally I could listen to your voice, humour and watch your jaunty, jerky, jumpy style all day, that approach encourages one to watch to the end, which I understand is a key measurable for you. I suggest 10ish mins maximum video run time to draw people in day to day, quickly to the latest stuff, and then every now and then a longer, in-depth review so that your fans will appreciate how intensively you research, plan, shoot, edit and script your work. Everyone loves a craftsman. Please keep up the good work.

  • Sol

    I would have never known charging cables could be so dangerous