The Thinnest Smartphone in the World.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Which was your favourite on the list (you're not allowed to say #5 😂)? Had SO many requests for my Mi 11 Ultra Review (really appreciate you asking) - still working on it, but just had a bit of a logistics issue so I want to make sure I've still tested it thoroughly before giving conclusions! Also to watch my brutally honest Smartphone commercials video:

    • Boba 🧋
      Boba 🧋

      The way that box fell at the beginning of the video 😂😂😂

    • cute girl makeup❤️
      cute girl makeup❤️


    • cute girl makeup❤️
      cute girl makeup❤️


    • cute girl makeup❤️
      cute girl makeup❤️


    • Tortilla Wrap
      Tortilla Wrap

      you got sponsored by huel babinaux

  • Elysian Citizen
    Elysian Citizen

    The Nophpone Air is probably the only “air” product where the “air” part is legit.

    • Achintya Pandey
      Achintya Pandey


    • Beatknight Gaming
      Beatknight Gaming

      The amount of times "air" is probably said in this comment thread

    • shush

      @Star Blast they are because theyre light

    • Glitch Boi
      Glitch Boi

      Airbus, airforce

    • BadKarma

      Imm deaddd... immmm deeaaadddd - Me and KSI

  • Sorvøy

    Feels like 7.5 - 8mm is the sweet spot range for phone thickness. Really comfortable without a case and still thin enough with a case.

    • Samsung S10
      Samsung S10

      @G Chatz Those battery tests include 4k video and video games which are more intensive tasks, you must be working insane hours.

    • G Chatz
      G Chatz

      @Samsung S10 nah, try working delivery with your phone constantly switching radio towers, searching for gps, screen being on for many hours on maps, calling your colleagues/customers, etc. Trust me but it is so so easy to run out of juice doing the most basic tasks on a phone (maps,calls and idle)

    • Varun Narain
      Varun Narain

      @Samsung S10 I do pretty much everything on there, from taking classes and writing up small assignments to watching movies, TV, IRglo, some games and a whole lot of texting, calls and video calling, all in a day usually. I’m pretty much constantly on my phone and yeah, sometimes it doesn’t last a whole day.

    • Samsung S10
      Samsung S10

      @Varun Narain You must be a crazy power user if you can't get through a day on 100% on a flagship

    • Varun Narain
      Varun Narain

      @Tom Andre Gunnersen and I’m sorry for my rude and insulting comment. I should’ve just explained myself better in the first place.

  • Epicdude

    The fact that a company like vivo went out their way to try and find arun that phone shows how good of a company they are

  • Decreasing_entropy

    Hat's off to Vivo for sending a six year old phone to Arun. Also, the headphone jack troll of Apple was fun.

  • Pengun

    The dedication. Waiting for the battery to reach 69% before showing it on the impulse earphones, legend

    • Matt


    • Ezio Auditore
      Ezio Auditore

      Expected a comment on that

  • Phone Repair Guru
    Phone Repair Guru

    I'm interested to see whats inside the no phone air

    • Mr Alam
      Mr Alam

      "air" ever heard of it?

    • ARoyGamer

      Hey i watch you

    • WhaUpSup Gaming
      WhaUpSup Gaming

      Hiii I’m subscribed

    • cartoon tamilzha
      cartoon tamilzha

      It never gets damage any one with good sight also will be serching this no phone air

  • smib

    That phone with the special keys looked so cool. Its a shame it was a flop. I'd love to see someone make a smartphone using a similar physical key unlock system and give it a whole dystopian scifi feel

    • Ah Dollar
      Ah Dollar

      yeah but you know what would happen, people would lose the keys and get locked out of their phone until they either find it again or "click out of one, two is binding" their way into the phone

  • James Broderick
    James Broderick

    Arun: "Can you ever imagine like any legitimate company doing this?" Me: Yes, Tesla

  • bjk12385

    The "No Phone" is the "pet rock" of this digital age. Good for him/her for coming up with the idea. I hope they are rich because of it

  • Abelardo Andolong
    Abelardo Andolong

    I loved your content Aaron, and you just gave me the idea I will look for the thinnest Vivo that you just presented. Thanks, dude!

  • Sahil S
    Sahil S

    The PassionFruit CEO is such a nice guy, always agrees for a cameo.

    • Mr_cat_idot


    • Bruh

      "i agree, courage" -PassionFruit

    • Novus

      @FoxGaming76 YT he does

    • feii


    • M Peter
      M Peter

      @Phantom Buy the You2. It has U2 songs in your library.

  • Shaayan Anwar
    Shaayan Anwar

    "With all due respect sir, that is your hand" Professionals have standards

  • 免费试用翻墙VPN机场注册登录xd135点xyz

    Air is probably the only “air” product where the “air” part is legit.

  • Reem Elsayed
    Reem Elsayed

    0:4 Galaxy S4 Zoom 1:46 NoPhone 3:16 NoPhone Air 3:56 OBI MV1 5:51 K1 Impulse 9:47 Turing Phone 12:56 Vivo X5 Max

    • °•DivineJoeVEVO•™

      @MattyRam13 yeah ur right

    • MattyRam13

      @DevPlayzz no he meant 0:14

    • DevPlayzz

      You mean 0:04?

    • HollandBest


  • tim white
    tim white

    I wish they'd put all the spec increases and improvements on the back burner for a half year and develop a phone enclosure and screen that is durable enough that they'll stand up to typical use without breaking or cracking. They make all these beautifully defined l designed phones that look great, but then need to be wrapped with thick plastic/rubber cases. Instead they're getting flimsier and flimsier. I had a Galaxy S2 years ago. During warm months I used to ride my bike into Boston instead of the commuter rail. I would drop that thing without a case, like twice everyday and it never broke. I had a phone slip out of my bag and fall into the river, they sent me the next level up for a replacement. On that one they moved the fingerprint scanner from the back to the screen. It literally worked once every 5-6 times I used it. They told me it was because you can't put a screen protector on it... Why do they do that? More to the point; why don't reviewers EVER point out when they're describing how elegant it is that the look is irrelevant because you'll need to put a case on it?

  • Nebula

    Let's appreciate for a moment that Arun ran the wireless buds all the way down to 69% just for one half a second shot what a madlad I bet most other youtubers would just put the charge as it was insane attention to detail great job! :D

    • Gradient


    • AarsH Gaming
      AarsH Gaming

      @Ladybug26girll my pleasure 🤝🏼

    • Ladybug26girll

      @AarsH Gaming ahhh oki,tanks!🤍💜

    • AarsH Gaming
      AarsH Gaming

      @Ladybug26girll its an feature but youtube has disabled it its like :awesome: for that amazed emoji

    • Ladybug26girll

      @AarsH Gaming how u do dat-

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    Can I just say, I really appreciate the little progress bar around the number in the corner. Really nice and useful touch!

  • C D
    C D

    Arun is the only tech reviewer that is actually interesting and I don not have the urge to skip through the video Who is with me!🤠

  • M1000

    After reviewing this many phones the second i would go to review a phone i'd be like : "whelp, its a phone and its pretty boring". I do like watching your channel, thank you for making your videos.

  • Lominerodlp

    It is insane how many phones came with Headphone jacks, headphones, even some wireless ones and you won't believe this last one, a charger. I feel like we really are moving backwards.

  • Mars Hartdegen
    Mars Hartdegen

    I had Galaxy Camera in 2013, used third party software to make 4K Time lapse that time, got dust inside the lens only few months later. But it was really good one in that time. Nophone, let me remember a phone without SD slot, no 3.5 jack, everything, finally it will be come nophone, no battery, no screen, no cpu... You know that one.

    • Sergeant Virus
      Sergeant Virus

      Damn... That. Hit me [yes]% hard.

    • roland hazuki
      roland hazuki

      Soon iphone XX (20) pro max would be like nophone air. They just give you box & sticker only

    • Jeff

      Lumia 1020 was best camera phone in 2013

    • Musicalm Relaxation
      Musicalm Relaxation


    • Mars Hartdegen
      Mars Hartdegen

      @Rajneesh Yes, you got that!

  • Weed Wolf
    Weed Wolf

    We can’t fit a headphone jack on our phones. Vivo x5 max: Hold my beer

  • Gregory White
    Gregory White

    Very engaging video, the transitions were so smooth. Great job. Subscribed!


    It is so satisfying when Arun removes plastic from smartphones.

  • painboy66

    on 2013 I remembered one of my friends had the zoom, he was like a rockstar when he pulled this out, how time flies😂

  • TAMIL SELVAN - தமிழ் செல்வன்
    TAMIL SELVAN - தமிழ் செல்வன்

    3 was my fav - once again You nailed it Arun

    • Abrianna Russell
      Abrianna Russell

      Crist brown

    • Aswin Kumar
      Aswin Kumar


    • Techno தமிழன்
      Techno தமிழன்

      Military nee enga inga

    • kesavan karunakaran
      kesavan karunakaran

      #thiruttupassanga gang bro


      @Nour Elgabry Profile pic ah kooda copy adichurukan🙄

  • Kang Yue
    Kang Yue

    Imagine VIVO making a folding phone with each side of thickness of VIVO X5.

  • Wargasm54

    Thin phones never appealed too me. I’ve always preferred the thicker apple versions. They tend to have a better “in hand” feel. As a matter of fact, I’d be happy with an iPhone that was twice as thick if it had 3-4 times the battery life.

  • loveallhate0

    I just love this channel ❤ it's entertaining and the IRglor is so smart too.

  • RJ

    I really laughed so bad when he said "hold our thing next" XD... I love how he puts indirect jokes instead of telling them XD

  • Chance Williams
    Chance Williams

    “With all due respect sir, that is your hand” 😂

    • bob no name
      bob no name

      The no phone is the best phone ✌😎

    • 卢晓炜

      that looks so damn like gus……

    • Kwanele Mavuso
      Kwanele Mavuso


    • Ajaykumar Kushwaha
      Ajaykumar Kushwaha

      @Versus Battle

    • Angry Apple Entertainment
      Angry Apple Entertainment

      This comment is the best thing ever especially with that persona. Personally I would love to see more videos with that character

  • Jaime Almeida
    Jaime Almeida

    I'd rather have a phone with a battery I could use than a sheet of paper I can only draw on once. Bigger battery wins over how thin a smartphone can be, always.

  • Kaze Xo
    Kaze Xo

    Love how world's thinest phone has a headphone jack

  • Mark Boekraad
    Mark Boekraad

    immaculate entertainment for ten minutes before the thin record comes to table love it

  • r_ramendump

    The earphones that came with the crypto phone was an immediate red flag for me, it has the same led read out as most chinese tws earphones

  • Prabhjot Singh
    Prabhjot Singh

    *Arun has two moods Uploading back to back And not upload for a week straight*

    • Muadz channel
      Muadz channel

      Stop spamming happy face replies U KIDS

    • Kairyu

      @Mrwhosetheboss Face reveal when?

    • S M
      S M

      @Mrwhosetheboss ey arun I like your videos

    • Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan Shah
      Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan Shah


    • Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan Shah
      Dr. Syed Muhammad Manazer-Ul-Hassan Shah


  • Pestigirioso

    7:22, actually, a lot of big tech companies have some sort of "prize" for people that find and report bugs and/or exploits in their programs.

  • AiDon¡s Saiyanka
    AiDon¡s Saiyanka

    Samsung is the mother of smartphones 💥

  • dkjcb

    I'm gonna be honest... the No Phone Air is absolutely STUNNING.

  • MrBeastFan

    I phone 6 was very thin. That time, smartphones competed and thought the thinner the better, but then became thicker as they can be easily bended with hand.

  • TheDeathmail

    "They still managed to get a headphone jack on there" shots fired

    • ninja sparkzz
      ninja sparkzz

      @Jack Harrison why wait when i have no phone air earphones 😏

    • Nautious

      i saw that then my head immediately went "DDAAAAMMMNN"

    • sable

      @Jangsonpau Vaiphei lmao noo😭

    • Mr Moose the evil
      Mr Moose the evil

      DAMN 😭

    • shoo

      Oriemo i see, a friend

  • Destiny

    This would be perfect for a foldable

  • Puzzlers100

    7:32 - bug bounties and exploit bounties are a pretty common, but even massive companies usually cap them around 50K.

  • Ichiban

    Didn’t know Vivo would make such a impressive phone

  • DragoFireRex

    I feel like getting a no phone air just to see if it's really like that

  • Ronnie Connell
    Ronnie Connell

    I've watched countless videos from this guy. One of the most professional people on IRglo. Well spoken, I enjoy every video I've seen on this channel. You're a legend!

    • Semple Family
      Semple Family

      @Shrb ?

    • Samuel Lavoie
      Samuel Lavoie

      @Ashbir Wraich he almost has 10mil...

    • Ronnie Connell
      Ronnie Connell

      @John Jacob I think people can feel jealous because of what education Aaron has had. He speaks better English than I can, & I'm white British!

    • John Jacob
      John Jacob

      Which is why I don't understand the huge amount of thumbs down he gets.

    • Omnicit

      Do not spoil the 1000 likes

  • Austin Simard
    Austin Simard

    I knew a kid back in 6th grade that had a Vivo X3 and he showed it off to us, pretty dope

  • leo

    The no phone air looks so good! It’s definitely the phone with the best design

  • The American passion
    The American passion

    No smartphone's brand could handle the greatness of Samsung...

  • Faridoon T.S. Hussainzada
    Faridoon T.S. Hussainzada

    Watching your videos is so fun... Love them.

  • ABD

    Massive respect to Vivo for actually finding the phone and then letting Arun know about it

  • R Deh
    R Deh

    In regards the thin phone I think the moto z phone is just as thin and is extremely hard to break

  • sonicblitz81 81
    sonicblitz81 81

    I loved the thickness of the samsung galaxy alpha (6.7mm)

  • Dredd

    Watching this kind of unboxing videos takes my patience away

  • ThaKidOnThaCorna

    He went as far as to use the earbuds until they got to 69% just for that one shot.

  • Rakesh Pandey
    Rakesh Pandey

    The "NoPhone Air" is the smartest bamboozle I have ever seen and the even crazier thing is someone actually bought it

    • Mizufluffy

      It may have been the smartest bamboozle you've ever seen but I didn't even see it.

    • Petrica Constantin
      Petrica Constantin

      @Harry yeah you can if you have an awesome memory.. unlike me.. brain damage🤣

    • Harry

      @Petrica Constantin yeahhh, the megapixels are as clear as our eyes can see. The only downside is, you can't capture the moment

    • Petrica Constantin
      Petrica Constantin

      Great cameras tho..

    • Adrianwe44

      12 dollars😂😂👎🏻🤦🏻‍♂️

  • KenG Brissy
    KenG Brissy

    14:25 : if a company wants to put headphones jack on their phones, they'll put it

  • Microshark79

    The moto z was pretty comparable to the dimensions of this phone. It was very slim with unbreakable screen.

    • rberks5

      The moto z force had the unbreakable screen but it was a little thicker than the moto z because of the screen. The moto z was 5.19mm thick and the force was 6.99mm thick.

  • Darragh Donegan
    Darragh Donegan

    That phone is definitely failing the bend test

  • Les mots d'Oli
    Les mots d'Oli

    At 07:28 "Could you ever imagine any legitimate company doing this?". Actually Apple did, to demonstrate the security of Mac Web Server, back in 1997. The price was lower, but unclaimed, they eventually ran the contest again with additional third-party software to increase hackers' chances (and better match a real-life setup).

  • Timeworks

    Pretty cool how u were able to get one despite it being super rare to find!

    • Chris Pechkis
      Chris Pechkis

      @pineapple oof

    • enchanted sword
      enchanted sword


    • The Dog Absorbed the Channel
      The Dog Absorbed the Channel

      I was the 2500th one to like


      He could have just bought the oppo R5, they are literally the same exact phone made by the same company but rebranded as a different one, look up pictures and compare both of them, they are literally exactly the same in 99% of the way


      @pineapple IRglo deletes comments after 20 seconds randomly

  • Nikola Katanić
    Nikola Katanić

    I had a K Zoom. One of my favorite phones ever. ❤️

    • Jenniestolerosieposieavocadohehehehheheh


  • GreenTheUser

    The no-phone air is amazing! totally real and not air!

  • 鹤鹤

    Fun fact: In China vivo x5 max is still on the used market and sold less than $20.

  • adiru

    vivo phones are really thin, i have the vivo Y69 (which is so outdated ik) but its really really thin too

  • Aharshi Paul
    Aharshi Paul

    Arun saying: i got a message when I was doing something completely different Also Arun:*instead he was looking for more phones so hardly*

  • YA Rifat
    YA Rifat

    5:30 That's my legendary phone right there. Redmi 5 plus ❤️🐸


    A phone so thin would be a pain to hold

  • Niramay Mehta
    Niramay Mehta

    The entire video... everything about it... really just mind blowing

  • Ishan Pandey
    Ishan Pandey

    I love the fact that he is always critical of the fact that companies removed headphones jack. I feel the same every fucking time.

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @pvt.edgy yes you can do them phones are still thick placing a jack next to the charger won't hurt

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @Unnatural and then replace it with copper going straight to the battery to make wireless charging more efficient but it's still less powerful then plugging it in

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @Juno the six companies he listed who have 80% of the smartphone market share and then like 50 others

    • Unnatural

      @pvt.edgy I'll see you next year when they remove the charging port in favor of a gimmicky display or something and you come here to defend that decision.

  • noob-ish noob
    noob-ish noob

    The S4 Zoom isn't that bad of a concept really..! You get to use your main high quality camera for every shot! If I'm not wrong, OPPO has made a retractable camera and showed it at INNO 2021

  • The Phone Bin Diver
    The Phone Bin Diver

    Fun fact after some research the second thinnest phone in the world is the Blu vivo air LTE, I found one in an electronics recycling bin

  • Subscriptionz

    The only person I find myself flicking ten seconds back to watch something again instead of flicking forward to get to the point. Master editor also

  • vbddfy euuyt
    vbddfy euuyt

    The PassionFruit CEO is such a nice guy, always agrees for a cameo.

  • Victor Owolabi
    Victor Owolabi

    “if a company wants to put a headphone jack on a phone, they can put a headphone jack on a phone” Take that Apple

    • King’s Guest
      King’s Guest

      Air pods

    • Corthmic

      Razer too. I have no idea why there is no headphone jack on the Razer Phone 2, more than enough room for one on it.

    • benny dewit
      benny dewit

      and samsung.

    • Joshua Marcus Sanchez
      Joshua Marcus Sanchez

      It stuck in my head lol

    • Shafiq AL
      Shafiq AL

      14:25 😃

  • Im Bored
    Im Bored

    The no phone air looks kinda good though

  • Vane TheGoat
    Vane TheGoat

    The k1 impulse Bluetooth ear buds look amazing

  • Dead Flies (Ammar ALAMEH)
    Dead Flies (Ammar ALAMEH)

    This was the first video from you that I ever watched, My dad showed it to me and I kept restarting it because I thought I skipped the intro!

  • Savannah

    To be fair, Apple pays people out very handsomely if they can hack into their system or find zero day leaks. We learned about that in tech school.