12 Smartphone Gadgets you might not believe Existed.

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  • Siddharth Bhatia
    Siddharth Bhatia

    I love how he doesn't beat around the bush. No intro, no exit, just content. Perfection.

    • Art, Fashion & Food
      Art, Fashion & Food

      “Perfection at its finest”

    • Emotional Damage
      Emotional Damage

      You wouldn’t be saying that in 2021

    • Amv bros
      Amv bros

      Yes reallly

    • RHExtra

      I agree

    • Ilan Yusuf
      Ilan Yusuf


  • Chrisy D
    Chrisy D

    You’re one of the (very) few that actually introduces us to useful gadgets, and you do it so well.

  • Michael Fedorsha
    Michael Fedorsha

    I love these videos he does! We get to see firsthand so many neat little gadgets we would normally not get a chance to see. Thanks brotato!

  • Devil ka pappa
    Devil ka pappa

    I love how he throws all the expensive things on the floor

    • Maruk Chozt
      Maruk Chozt

      You.. love it?

    • Erlur

      @Mohamed Al Ridzwan Momentum*

    • Light Sylver
      Light Sylver

      That is a green screen-

    • Kishibe Rohan
      Kishibe Rohan

      @Mohamed Al Ridzwan the moment came up just as I saw this

    • Obi-Wan Kenobi
      Obi-Wan Kenobi

      MLGamingYo thanks

  • Peggy Cleary
    Peggy Cleary

    Super useful as always. Would've liked to know whether the multi lens would work on non-iphones (camera position-dependent) and how dependent it is on the thickness of the case.


    Don't usually comment but this was actually such a good video, straight to the point with each product. And may I add, 12 awesome products too! You're a genius Arun😊 Keep it up!

  • Sunny Goswami
    Sunny Goswami

    I love your videos. Your presentation style is great, concise, to the point and informative. I don't like it when I click a link in the description and find that the product is still going through crowdfunding and not something I can buy.

  • Ashot Amyan
    Ashot Amyan

    Satisfying unpacking videos due to nice voice, clear language pronunciation/diction and, of course, crisp image and correct lighting. Thank You very much and good luck!

  • Soupcan13

    Awesome reviews man. That crack light would be invaluable for a photographer. Thanks for another great video

  • david moore
    david moore

    Can't believe how much your videos have improved in 2 years its amazing keep up the good work please 🙏

  • TheGoldenKeyboard

    Seriously man, i have actually gained some info watching dis, i like how u get to the point and good presentation

  • The Security Guard
    The Security Guard

    My coworker accidentally ordered that external speaker, thinking it was something bigger, but we were surprised by how loud and CLEAR the sound was for it's size. The carrying case is pretty slick, too, with its magnetic clasp. Don't dismiss it so easily, guys.

  • KiraQueen

    No nonsense or background / history of the product. Straight to the point. Love it.

  • John Maynard
    John Maynard

    Love your professionalism in all your videos. I look forward to the next. You do an awesome job.

  • Christopher Otten
    Christopher Otten

    I really love how you get straight to the content. It is kind of rare these days.

  • Inaam Bilal
    Inaam Bilal

    I loved the concept of Camera lens backcover! It looks dope Works dope aswell I guess Might buy it someday :D

  • Gabriel Rosario
    Gabriel Rosario

    That joystick is genius! I always thought the other ones out there are gimmicky.

  • Felix Cat
    Felix Cat

    I particularly liked the personable and professional presentation and narration, together with the good videography, lighting and editing. The devices were given sufficient time to interest and inform the viewer on their own merit. I would normally never watch these types of videos, however the crisp presentation and narration held my interest and was very informative. On the basis of this one video I was happy to subscribe to the channel.

  • Danny K.
    Danny K.

    3:19 I have that same exact speaker, it’s loud , and it has very good base for its size! I recommend this speaker

  • Lemon Lime
    Lemon Lime

    Oh my God how refreshing it is that you get straight to business! I was shocked at first, taken aback. I love you for this.

  • Tony McAllister
    Tony McAllister

    Hi Arun, I'm one of your recent subscribers and I love your videos. Understand that you are from the UK, but please don't ignore us, convicts, living down under :D. Would you able to post the buying links of Amazon Australia, please? Cheers mate.

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen

    I ended up buying the mini speaker, looked cool :)

  • JoeSpideyJoe

    I've used the "buckle" type joystick and let me warn you s little. It works great for the first month or so of intensive use. But after awhile the plastic that braces the buckle will start to warp. Hence, it losing it's "tightness". Just be wary of that before you purchase.

  • Steadfast Gamer
    Steadfast Gamer

    that buckled joystick looks awesome😍

  • Merwyn .Carrillos
    Merwyn .Carrillos

    Just noticed the title bar for each product, and the progress bar underneath it detailing how long the review is going to last, with a really cool animation closing it out. awesome stuff, and just the quickness I was looking for.

  • G Clowne
    G Clowne

    Great site. I wish there was a channel with such comprehensive and far ranging review for car products.

  • FaIconTech

    Great video. Fast contents, no unnecessary interludes.

  • Vinny

    Great video Arun keep it up! 😀 Congrats on 2M subscriber's. 🎉🎉

    • Daniel Chaitkin
      Daniel Chaitkin


    • LordTechPro

      @Garv Rawlot MrWhosetheboss' real name

    • Garv Rawlot
      Garv Rawlot

      Who is arun

    • Vinny

      @WEBKIH He sure does

  • AssassinNut

    I love how your reviews are short and there is no long animation between tech

  • Ky Fisher
    Ky Fisher

    Normally when I watch these videos I'm not interested in any of the gadgets but you had some quality things in this


    You are one of those who are very active and helpful and I have to check the description below to see what can I get from all of this gadgets Thanks man

  • Sharjeel Anwar
    Sharjeel Anwar

    You are One of the best tech IRglors out there...all your content are so unique and beautifully crafted that it compels me to watch more of your content....keep doing this miraculous job

  • Andrew Martinez
    Andrew Martinez

    I really love how you don’t bs around, just short and sweet. 👍🏼

    • titmusspaultpaul5

      Agreed. That also means you can fit more interesting stuff into a shorter video.

  • Simple Psychiatry MD
    Simple Psychiatry MD

    Anyone else find his channel exquisitely relaxing for some reason? This voice and classy vibes are definitely part of it. I love my job but it gets pretty effed up sometimes and i always feel refreshed after watching a video of his

    • Cam_Kamheh

      Same! When I feel stressed I’ll pop a video up and be pretty calm after.

  • Febryon Daniel
    Febryon Daniel

    I just love how he makes his video. Straight to the point! i love you mann

  • RÉGIS T.
    RÉGIS T.

    Interesting choice of gadgets, very good funny, professional presentation, congratulations.

  • Krishan Bathia
    Krishan Bathia

    Love your videos and have been subed for a while now, keep up the amazing work

  • Rafee

    I like how you get directly to the point no bs. Congrats on 2 million.

  • Eugine Tadeo
    Eugine Tadeo

    Very nice contents right here buddy. Keep it up!

  • david pha
    david pha

    Love new tech and how you described them .

  • Mas Ovi
    Mas Ovi

    i think speaker that good one

    • Vibing Muffin
      Vibing Muffin

      You english dont knew

    • Landon Aikin
      Landon Aikin

      @Bassing Basics “you’re” didn’t get the joke.

    • Bassing Basics
      Bassing Basics

      @Landon Aikin you’re*

    • Bassing Basics
      Bassing Basics


    • Jack Bassett
      Jack Bassett

      @Landon Aikin What? I guess so.

  • Dharmang

    i really want the that casper lamp, damn so cool :D

  • Dhanvin Vinod
    Dhanvin Vinod

    I LOVE HOW THE VIDEO starts from point one, instead of the stupid introduction and stuff. This is how videos should be made.


      They don’t have any uploads lol

    • J&J Burnt Pancake
      J&J Burnt Pancake

      @AutovideoGp dont self promote ur gonna get dislikes

  • Bellissima PR Agency
    Bellissima PR Agency

    I have the 2nd gadget, very nice for use. Very good video ;)

  • NeoOneness Subliminals
    NeoOneness Subliminals

    Great video! Thank you. I like the light gadgets!

  • Denz92

    Likes how he throws the package and gets in to detail

  • Humayun Azad
    Humayun Azad

    I've been following your videos for quite some time. I like the content. But I have a question, Wouldn’t the whole bone-conduction thingy make the cranial structure (and the body parts it houses) structurally weakened?

  • User1010

    Casper Glow light is awesome! But Xiaomi ones are way cheaper, well depending were you live I guess... cause £89 for a lamp that very expensive. Xiaomi got desk lamps and side lamps like this one, I don't think they have a battery inside but they do the job and the side ones are RGB. I found the Desk Lamp for $28 so against £89... and the desk lamp from xiaomi is super beautiful and more potent

  • Jigo Zaens
    Jigo Zaens

    That speaker is dope, I hope it shoots laser beams as well

  • K K
    K K

    Straight to the point. No unnecessary blabbering about the product. Awesome as always 👍.

  • SKS-Killer

    On this channel you always learn something new.

  • Gerard Patrick
    Gerard Patrick

    The crack light is certainly NOT $30. It is between €50 and €88. You can get a cheaper USB alternative for €3 which works just as well. But that aside, these videos are a real blast and quite addictive. Great presenter, no faffing about - class. Thanks very much.

  • stormthrush37

    That joystick for the screen thing is pretty cool!

  • Robert Milazzo
    Robert Milazzo

    Fantastic presenter...no b.s. or fluff! Kudos...👍

  • Gamen Boiii Sahil
    Gamen Boiii Sahil

    Hey man reae thanks You for including India in buying sites 😃 I liked you for this

  • UltraEnderBlaze

    I want that OPPO find x 😂

  • Violet Wullur
    Violet Wullur

    Loving this fast review 👏

  • gavin gracias
    gavin gracias

    Lol I got a heartattack when he let go of his phone. Some really cool products!! 👍

  • Monder Mokdad
    Monder Mokdad

    keep up good work 😀

  • braneburne

    As Always Boss, Great Video and Great Tech, thanks very much


    I like how you jumped into it. No intro at all. Love it!!

  • DJ AidonYG
    DJ AidonYG

    I want a slide down keyboard for my 3a xl, always liked those slide down keyboards

  • Marvin Macapagal
    Marvin Macapagal

    that external speaker looks awesome.

  • Yo Day
    Yo Day

    These are my favourite type of videos :) And the android apps too !!

    • Vanesa26 Horvatova
      Vanesa26 Horvatova


    • Vanesa26 Horvatova
      Vanesa26 Horvatova


    • epiccharroco Adada
      epiccharroco Adada

      Yo Day ,,-

    • Yo Day
      Yo Day

      @David Never wasting money on that piece of hell which has nothing

  • Chevy513

    You know what the crack light kinda reminds me of is those little fans you could plug into the bottom of your phone to run them and they actually worked pretty good too lol! 👍

  • zayn

    This series of gadgets is awesome 😎.

  • bfhcorp

    even i don't buy all the gadgets i see but i love watching them

  • Tech Tomson
    Tech Tomson

    I’ve seen you a lot on Facebook but I’ve finally checked your IRglo out. Keep up the the good work

  • 5Y Official
    5Y Official

    These videos have such good quality. Just saw your “draw my life” video recently and I couldn’t stop thinking how hard you worked for this video

  • Barry Allen
    Barry Allen

    Great video, great products, that joystick changes things lol

  • Jermaine Raymond Moses
    Jermaine Raymond Moses

    Love your content man

  • Ashutosh Yadav
    Ashutosh Yadav

    Pure classy content🙌

  • human being
    human being

    Waiting for best and strong screen proctors for note 8 and 9

  • Kushal Chauhan
    Kushal Chauhan

    Now providing a separate link for India is so benificial !!! Thanks arun!!

  • Ahmed Irtaza
    Ahmed Irtaza

    6:32 u just ma day by showing this. I have been looking for this a long time . Thanks man ❤❤


    Not only you make interesting videos but also your videos are entertaining.

  • fluffy

    That rear touchpad makes me think of the PS Vita, a game console that could have been so much better if only it had gotten better games and less-asinine pricing.

  • Bruno Maffei
    Bruno Maffei

    Might consider buying the sunglasses as my new earbuds, since my old ones broke. Can other people hear my music while I'm wearing them, are they practical for everyday usage

  • James Joshua Escandor
    James Joshua Escandor

    The king of New gadget discovery. Another dope video.

  • SH- -69
    SH- -69

    Excellent content for your channel, thanks