iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE - Battery Life DRAIN TEST
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Did these results surprise you? 😈 Final reminder to enter this giveaway! bit.ly/3EF6Pj2 Clarifying note - the BRIGHTNESS of the screens has been set to an EQUIVALENT level, not maximum on all. Because the newer phones can go much brighter this means that they are set closer to 80% whereas the older phones are more like 100% - I think this is the fairest way to test them!

    • Fujio Uzaki
      Fujio Uzaki


    • Peter Griffin
      Peter Griffin

      Try it with the new se

    • AdamM

      I have an SE, damn the battery lasts so long, about half an hour

    • TypicalSamッ

      Hella surprised and I am SHOCKED at what the heck just happened! Good job Apple 🍏

    • deno watt
      deno watt

      13pro max is definitely a beast💥 but unfortunately I would have to break a bank or sell my kidney lol Unless when I just win it or something. New subscriber for that excellent video

  • iHPanda

    My iphone7 with a full battery- "30 minutes. Take it or leave it."

    • Gettsie Leader
      Gettsie Leader

      @BlorpXD I don't lmao

    • BlorpXD

      @SomeUserName1234 SE

    • BlorpXD

      @Gettsie Leader excuse me how do you have an iPhone 4 in 2021

    • plabo_cool

      i use the iphone 6 plus

    • BlorpXD


  • Witch Changkyun
    Witch Changkyun

    I finally upgraded from an iPhone 6s to an iPhone 13 mini (I prefer smaller size phones) and I’m very happy with it so far. My battery was absolutely dead with the 6s and I’d have to constantly have it in low-power mode and charging wherever I went so I could use it all day. So nice to not have to constantly worry about that now. I was at work 8+ hours the other day with no charger and it lasted all day no problem.

    • Witch Changkyun
      Witch Changkyun

      @Tanzil Fatima Nice!

    • Terrah Wonneh
      Terrah Wonneh

      @Tanzil Fatima lmaoooo omg

    • Tanzil Fatima
      Tanzil Fatima

      I feel like I wrote this comment because absolutely same-- word for word! I took my 6s to a semester abroad in Korea and when I tell you it was a nightmare operating it there. Changed to a 13 mini as soon as i returned to the US.

  • Cassy K.
    Cassy K.

    This is the first battery review video I've watched start to finish and it actually woke me up from my delusion that as someone who uses their phone heavily during the week, I can't be expecting it to be still at 50% after 12 hours of being on it.

    • Terrah Wonneh
      Terrah Wonneh

      @Nathan Rhee time to remove some apps

    • Nathan Rhee
      Nathan Rhee

      bro i feel the EXACT same way… i just got a 13 pro max and thought my battery life was defectively bad until i realized how much intensive games i do

  • Frank O'Connor
    Frank O'Connor

    I’ve had a 13 Pro Max for about 9 months now. I use it fairly heavily for projects (average 9-10 hours of screen time per day). Battery health is like 97. Still comfortably get a whole day and then some, with video and camera usage. It’s super impressive and hugely better than my prior 7 and XR.

    • Tunavi

      I'm also using the 13 Max and I also bought the Magsafe Battery 🙊 I'm ending LONG days of use with 40-60% battery left lmao

  • MrVidification

    I would say a precise test requires every phone on the same OS or at least all using batteries of the exact same age and size. Newer OS's are usually far more bloated and tend to drain cpu and battery life more. Downgrading an old phone usually gives you a lot of battery life back, at the expense of security and risking bricking your phone.

  • Hani's Experiments
    Hani's Experiments

    Now that's an extreme difference, good job apple 🍎

    • Wex

      Too bad for huawei

    • ItzVihh #Road To 500!! #on Break /4 days left\
      ItzVihh #Road To 500!! #on Break /4 days left\

      Me whose eating an apple rn-

    • Hani's Experiments
      Hani's Experiments

      @Razacaunts i mean you can't some to the comment section and expect people not talk about the video... Anyway sry bout that ✨

    • Razacaunts

      This comment leaked me the entire video

  • Claire

    Fascinating video, I have the 13mini and I have thought the battery was terrible, it actually held up better than I expected!

  • Shawn Pritchard
    Shawn Pritchard

    The Pro series while having great battery life, also weighs like a brick. I'll take the 13 mini for the win. Better battery life than last years 12. With its low weight and minimal footprint. What's not to love?

    • Ashan Noweria
      Ashan Noweria

      U can throw that Brick to anyone

    • Terrah Wonneh
      Terrah Wonneh

      true i feel like the mini i overshadowed bc of its name and size only ppl that invest in it are smart its truly a smart purchase

  • Eye-Ay-En

    Watching this on my iPhone 13 pro max, currently on 9hrs 19min screen time with 46% battery remaining. Took off charge yesterday evening around 10pm, didn’t charge overnight. Insane battery optimisation. To think apple was the laughing stock only a few years ago in terms of battery life! Now they are flexing super hard.

    • Elite Biscuit
      Elite Biscuit

      10pm is evening for you?

  • Manusia Biasa
    Manusia Biasa

    Looking at 13 Pro max battery kinda remind me to my Macbook M1 battery which still have around 60% remaining after using about 7-8 hours of working. Not really an intense usage but still amazing, even my windows laptop never able to reach that

  • legitbread

    I'm always surprised by how much effort goes into these videos!

    • burnandturn

      Do you still make nerf gun vids

    • Pratyaksh

      @cfcreative no

    • cfcreative

      thousands of species of birds are declining due to cell phone frequencies fyi also butterflies and bees

    • Cristian Andres
      Cristian Andres

      How much effort ? He literally just records videos until the battery dies lol doesn’t take a rocket science to do that.

    • Ronny Westad
      Ronny Westad

      effort.... well no1 does anything without getting paid.....! pounder that....

  • Michael Burrell
    Michael Burrell

    I went from an SE to a 13 Pro Max. The battery life is absolutely insane. I play CODM on max frame rates and high graphic quality and it lasts for hours.

  • my cat is better than yours
    my cat is better than yours

    Went from Xr to the 13 and it can last me up to three days if I’m smart about it, so worth it, not to mention the jaw dropping quality

  • Cam Nor
    Cam Nor

    This is my first time as an iPhone user who moved from a samsung phone to an iPhone 12 and I was actually quite surprised with the battery life of an iPhone 😅 my old phone would last me a day and a half but my current one would only be up and running for about 7 hours or so

  • Zacharie Chiron
    Zacharie Chiron

    Love your battery comparison tests!! Funny cat interruption haha - and sorry about the time for these videos getting longer as the batteries get longer🫂 Keep up the great work☺

  • SM

    My 12 pro max lasts about 6-7 hours with heavy use and I feel like that’s a lot. Nearly 10 hours for the 13 pro max is insane. Not enough for me to upgrade but a great one for people with the 11 or X

    • Terrah Wonneh
      Terrah Wonneh

      @Ruben Emblem omg same but 7plus 64 gb

    • Terrah Wonneh
      Terrah Wonneh

      @jonathan oxlade ikr im waiting until the battery life gets to like 12-14 hrs that way you go 2-3 day without charge not just on pro

    • Terrah Wonneh
      Terrah Wonneh

      @rock lol fr

    • Ben G
      Ben G

      @Levon Young so 13 pro would be better?

    • MaxRobLoX

      @Ethan Daller That's exactly what he just said

  • Joao Rodriguez Solis
    Joao Rodriguez Solis

    The hardest choice for me this year was moving from android to iOS, so far I don’t regret it, the battery is superb

    • anis syakira
      anis syakira

      Which android phone were you using if I may ask? I am thinking of changing into iphone too from my current oppo but I'm worried of the battery life.Would iphone 13 battery last as long as oppo would?

  • Emiray Gamer
    Emiray Gamer

    I have an Iphone SE 2020 and I LOVE it! The battery life is perfect for me because I am mainly a laptop user so I'm sticking with it. It also has a great camera.

  • K A
    K A

    Iphone 13 pro owner here. I'm at 10.5 hours of screen on time plus 4 hours of stand by time for today. My battery is at 9%. This battery life is incredible. Best I've ever had in a phone.

  • Røse!-

    Well accordingly to my calculations if your screen is alot lower, your phone can last 30-40 mins more. If your phone lasts not long, I recommend this tip, it really helps me.

  • Neitric Lewis
    Neitric Lewis

    The way he said “He just came in, created chaos, and left. I’m not impressed” so calmly has me dead XD

    • Rotimi Eki
      Rotimi Eki

      Keep up the good work milo 🤣🤣🤣

    • Anynonymous

      He came with one chaotic goal: iPhone dominos.

    • Timur Köktas
      Timur Köktas


    • cfcreative

      thousands of species of birds are declining due to cell phone frequencies fyi also butterflies and bees

    • weird looking aug
      weird looking aug

      Wtf is this reply section

  • MatzesTour

    The iOS version does also influence battery life. I was quite happy with my iPhone SE until I upgraded to iOS 15. Battery life dropped to half.

    • Dani Devito
      Dani Devito

      I can relate so hard to this, people always say the iPhone SE has terrible battery life, but in reality it used to last me a whole day (if I wasn’t using it way too much) and then when I switched to iOS 15 the most I can get is 5 hours if I use it sparingly.

    • Elizabeth Bailey-Flitter
      Elizabeth Bailey-Flitter

      my SE dies a lot quicker then when i first updated it to IOS 15. i’m saving up to get the 13 now so i can have a good battery again

  • Omar Mejia
    Omar Mejia

    I always find your videos very informative GREAT JOB , KEEP IT UP

  • Twanxz

    I am happy with my iPhone 12 lasting for 5 hours. That's really decent for me. Thank you for this video!

  • BenBoozled

    Can we appreciate that the phone with the timer outlasted all of them😂( I know the timer doesn’t take to much battery)

  • ryanftw

    Yo that's honestly very impressive for the mini considering the battery size. So glad I skipped the 12 mini and waited for the 13 mini. Can't wait to pick mine up later!

    • Caca :))
      Caca :))

      Getting mine in june🐈💨

    • William Newland
      William Newland

      @PostprandialTorpor 12 mini battery was terrible but the 13 mini battery is so much better they fixed it by making the phone a little thicker the 13 mini has better battery then the normal 12 that’s very impressive

    • PostprandialTorpor

      @William Newland shockingly high /low? It’s all relative. I went from a 6s to a 13 mini. I get your point I’d your moving to it from an 11

    • William Newland
      William Newland

      @PostprandialTorpor the 12 mini battery was shocking that’s why I didn’t sell well

  • Nilutpol Borah
    Nilutpol Borah

    Love to see that the iPhone 13 Mini outperformed the iPhone 12.

  • Ellsworth Davis
    Ellsworth Davis

    That was really helpful. Thank you very much!

  • Pinto the trex 🥔🦖
    Pinto the trex 🥔🦖

    “This is the longest lasting battery I’ve ever tested” Energizer phone, which last 50 days: “am I a joke to you”

  • GuyKnightley

    I went from an OG SE to an XR that I still use today and was like holy shit to the battery life. I bet I'll be like that whenever I upgrade again.

  • vizfizzle

    I recently upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the 13 Pro Max and I’ve been super impressed with the battery life of the 13 Pro Max. I’ve been able to use this phone (moderate usage) without charging this phone for over a day and a half, which is a HUGEEE upgrade compared to the 7 which would go from 100% to 5% in less than an hour 😅 Overall, pretty impressed :)

    • 𝐉𝐎𝐑𝐃𝐈

      @ransi indeed buddy

    • Sheenah Calma
      Sheenah Calma

      Same experience ❤️

    • Haze

      @Dante202 I am

    • Dante202

      @Haze Have fun with your new phone 🙃

    • Deezekii :3
      Deezekii :3

      Ofc itll be amazing lmao, iphone 7 is shit

  • Nim Luikham
    Nim Luikham

    Just got an iphone 13 and I'm really happy with everything! Screen, speed, camera, battery, and of course, the looks! 🥶🔥

  • Rajeeb Barma
    Rajeeb Barma

    Switched from Oneplus 3T to 13 mini. Almost same screen size and cant be happier

  • Demon X
    Demon X

    For those who are wondering which one to buy between 13 and 13 pro , If you’re into high end photography or competitive movie gaming, the you must get 13 pro. Otherwise , 13 is more than enough for you

  • park Jimin
    park Jimin

    I got the iphone 13 as my first iphone and i love it! its so weird bc my old samsung could last me the whole day and now its a little weird to not have that battery life but i still love it!

  • Saul Goodman
    Saul Goodman

    Got the 13 mini and I love it. I was afraid I wouldn’t be used to the small size (coming from the XS Max) but honestly it feels refreshing to not have a brick in my pocket, and to be able to text with one hand and hold the phone comfortably on one hand. Love it! Also it’s actually not as small as I thought. The overall size is about the same size as the iPhone 6S (screen is way bigger though)

    • Shalev Itzhak
      Shalev Itzhak

      @GalluiX prob bad battrey life

    • GalluiX

      Why did u change xs are still good

    • StarFishy yes
      StarFishy yes

      Same! I’ve had The iPhone XS Max and upgraded to the iPhone 13

    • Shalev Itzhak
      Shalev Itzhak

      Is the Battrey good?

    • Le Hoang Trung
      Le Hoang Trung

      How's the camera compared to your XS Max

  • Kris Smith
    Kris Smith

    Thank you for doing this I wanted to do something like this with my old phone and my new one but I gave mine to a friend who desperately needed a new one and could not afford a new one at the moment

  • Hey ItzQuell
    Hey ItzQuell

    13 pro max is great! It has never died gotten below 30 for me. I mostly charge it before it does but then it lasts me FOREVER. I love this phone

  • Thatonedog

    I feel like expecting the next generation of phones to beat the last as far as battery life goes is a bare minimum.

  • Moehacks On Instagram🔻
    Moehacks On Instagram🔻

    Thank You❤️ Amazing working tools you’ve got mr Moe, fast and efficiently you unlocked my iPhone 13mini with iCloud lock without losing any file’’

  • rcktman0127

    Finally upgrading from my 7 to the 13 later this week, I’m so excited to have good battery life again!

    • NotShy

      @Falsehood _ congrats

    • schəre


    • Sync


  • sh9683

    We shall see how many iOS upgrades the batteries survive. It’s my experience the phone lasts a day pretty easy until the next upgrade then it drains faster

  • M1G

    Got the 13 pro max in green recently and I don’t think I have managed to get anywhere below 40%…. It’s nuts

  • Biscotto

    I have the SE Gen 2, and while It’s a great phone in a ton of ways from speed to camera quality to price, the consistent issue I have with it is the battery. I’ll have to constantly keep it at super low brightness if I’m going out for the day and won’t have a charger on hand. Great phone in a lot of ways, though.

    • Biscotto

      @Nuzul Ramadhani Athoilah if you have it on high brightness and use it continuously, then yes. But if you keep it at moderate to low brightness and don’t continually use it, it usually lasts for a day

    • Nuzul Ramadhani Athoilah
      Nuzul Ramadhani Athoilah

      Is that true the battery only hold for under 4hours?

  • Kağan Yapraklı
    Kağan Yapraklı

    I got the 13 Pro Max and it has the best battery performance I've ever seen in an iphone also even the best I've seen in recent years on a flagship phone regardless of brand

  • Anuj Kumar
    Anuj Kumar

    I really appreciate the time and effort that went into this video, honestly, tests like these make a hell lot of a difference when it comes to the actual buying decisions.

  • SM

    Even with my 13 pro max at 98% capacity, the battery is LEGENDARY

  • Pyrosong

    I'll be getting an iphone 13 pro max in a few days, my first iphone and an upgrade from a lower end cheaper android phone (I got a better paying job and decided to treat myself with it). My current phone tends to clock out at less than 4 hours of use and constantly corrupts photos after taking it so I feel like this is a bit of an upgrade from that.

  • SC

    ip 13 is deadass so amazing. on a single charge, i got nearly 10h usage (didn't let the phone die, it was in mid tens % range...so prob would hit 10h if i used up the remaining battery)

  • William Newland
    William Newland

    The 13 mini beating the 12 on battery is very very impressive

  • Joshua Harris
    Joshua Harris

    The 13 mini makes the mini a little beast now. Seriously debating getting one, the form factor was what drew me to it but now with that battery life I’m defo considering it 😁

    • cfcreative

      bird species are becoming extinct due to cell phone frequencies fyi also butterflies and bees which will affect pollination which will affect many plants as well

    • Jason Ray
      Jason Ray

      I just picked up an iPhone 13 pro from Apple store . I upgraded from my 11 pro max .

    • Marvelling Ninja
      Marvelling Ninja

      I have a 12 mini. Its awesome! Love the form factor, and battery life is good. I find the battery lasts me 3 days no problem, but then again I'm not a heavy user. The 13 mini looks even better!

    • NotAPenguin8

      @Anuj Shukla also u can’t buy 11 pro max anymore

  • LiterallyBlue

    Can we just appreciate how he sat there for about 10 hours just doing stuff on the phones

  • ozatwar

    So how old were the batteries in the earlier models. In other words what was their remaining battery capacity?

  • Terry hawkins
    Terry hawkins

    im so impressed with the 13 mini wow !!

  • Eyad Ekwas
    Eyad Ekwas

    Love ur videos keep up the good work

  • PC Rx
    PC Rx

    I’m really impressed by the Mini this year, passing the 12 full size is really great!

    • GMDrandom 628
      GMDrandom 628

      @MAGGOT VOMIT lol ok


      Giving i-phones away should be a hate crime. I don't know anyone that I hate enough to give them an i-Phone. 😆😂🤣


      he cottage-door 🎾🏉🏈🏐🏀⚾️⚽️

  • Nazirul Japri
    Nazirul Japri

    This video makes me feel comfortable buying the 13 mini, Thanks!

  • Zyjuila

    2:32 this video is awesome. Great review. I love how random that was too.

  • cooler! 氷
    cooler! 氷

    I just realized how conservatively I use my phone compared to others, considering how well my SE does for me

  • Fionn MacCuill
    Fionn MacCuill

    Yeah I got 10 hours 40 mins from my 13 pro max. It’s absolutely nuts. Throw anything at it and there is no issues

  • ninja frozr
    ninja frozr

    The 13 Pro Max beats the entire 12 line-up by a huge margin even with 120Hz enabled. Well played Apple, well played.

    • Wells Zhou
      Wells Zhou

      @Sebastian No, only third party apps and have you check the link I sent you, and if it was a bug then it only affects a very small percentage of people as this video clearly demonstrated it was 120 hertz on the iPhone

    • Sebastian

      @Wells Zhou Nope it was because of their apps and the 3rd party apps

    • Wells Zhou
      Wells Zhou

      @Sebastian Because third party apps are not optimized

    • Sebastian

      @Wells Zhou Tell me then why apple said it's a bug?

    • Wells Zhou
      Wells Zhou

      @Sebastian This is the link:irglo.info/from/drl-epqrdrC6ZYE/fy-lm-h-y.html Becuase 240 FPS is the most accurate representation

  • Dragon Slayer09
    Dragon Slayer09

    i got the iphone 13 pro max and the battery life is honestly amazing, im a heavy phone user at work and this is perfect

  • _Randomuseronyt_

    My iPhone 12 lasts about 10 hrs to 12 hrs so I’d say the iPhone 12 is great cus it has the best battery life and camera quality, I’d say the same for the 13

  • Cristina Dumitru U.K
    Cristina Dumitru U.K

    Best review ever! Thank you!

  • GTC CH
    GTC CH

    I had never ever seen like this kind of comparing. Good job.This comparing could be major factor to buy which Iphone for most of people who watched this video. Thanks!

  • C_x48_wtchr.exe

    Love to see these kinds of battery life improvements. Even if almost nobody will realistically need the 10hrs of battery life of the 13 Pro Max, it's still great news for people (like me) who want to keep their phones for 4-5 years. Even if your battery is down to only 60% of its original capacity after 3-4 years, you'll most likely still be able to get through the day without worrying about your phone dying.

    • kuswaranovski

      Yes its cool

    • DREAD

      I average about 8-10 hours of screen on time according to my screen time 😂

    • Musa Days 808
      Musa Days 808

      @John Mcclane The 13 pro max's battery life wasn't bad at all as my ex had it. Although i'm more of a samsung guy i was so relieved apple stepped up their battery life game with that one 🙂

    • Musa Days 808
      Musa Days 808

      @professionally boring Imagine thinking "people" being compared to "sheep" is cool 🥴

    • professionally boring
      professionally boring

      imagine thinking being a "sheeple" is bad or anything in particular

  • Annaliese & Rory
    Annaliese & Rory

    From someone with a 12 mini , I was surmised because I can go a day and a half without charging my phone.

  • Text MOEHACKS Via Instagram
    Text MOEHACKS Via Instagram

    You're are truly a professional in your working space, I was amazed how fast your got my 13pro Max icloud unlocked Permanently!

  • Quinny

    I have a 13 Mini, i was pleasantly surprised by its battery jumped from my last time having an Iphone (iPhone 5 I think) which was constantly charging, my old androids all have better battery life but hey 🙌

  • YetiGx

    I would get the Pro Max if it was the size of the regular 13. 😂

  • Kesia Hyde
    Kesia Hyde

    Wow! About time apple stepped up their game, being a solid android user even I am tempted by these new 13s! Your videos are always so informative and really help me sell phones at work! 😁👍🏻

    • Wyatt O'Shea
      Wyatt O'Shea

      @It's a Cozmo Life Thanks. I was just curious.

    • It's a Cozmo Life
      It's a Cozmo Life

      @Wyatt O'Shea The galaxy M51 has a 7000mah battery. Only a budget phone so probably slower then any flagships.

    • Razaziel

      @Biggie Smalls Probably Chinese knock offs that cost 100$, have fake stickers and specs, maybe an lcd panel and 2000mah.

    • Biggie Smalls
      Biggie Smalls

      @Jay Pazare there is no samsung phone with a 7000mah battery, what are you talking about?

    • Wyatt O'Shea
      Wyatt O'Shea

      @Jay Pazare Which phones are they?.

  • Nikki Wilde
    Nikki Wilde

    it'd be cool to see you redo this with iOS 16 on the devices with the iphone 14 snd 2022 SE

  • Johnathon Slaven
    Johnathon Slaven

    I own a iPhone SE 2020 myself and the battery life on it is pretty good as you said it is a phone for light users and I kinda consider myself one.

  • Rokin Bokin Studios.
    Rokin Bokin Studios.

    Recently got an iPhone 13 pro, Battery life is incredible. It was great in this video, but that was doing everything STRAIGHT!!! I go to bed with 20-30% left over .

  • tweeleaf

    as a small phone enjoyer and 13 mini user, i thought it was going to die way before it actually did.

  • Julian Saliani
    Julian Saliani

    The 13 mini just beat the 12. That’s absolutely huge for that form factor.

    • Hideyo

      @EscapeVelocity true that's also a possibility

    • sweetiephnompenh

      @EscapeVelocity Yep, and the 13 Mini has a smaller display, probably drains less battery, so it makes sense.

    • EscapeVelocity

      @Hideyo Or the iPhone 13 Mini just has a more efficient SoC and a more efficient display. You could still replicate the original battery test from last year with the iPhone 12 if you have one with a new battery.

    • Hideyo

      @〈34you Ohh right. Yup then Apple clearly reduced the battery life in this case.

  • DeadbyPhoenix

    Imagine iphone 13 with no brightness no wifi no Bluetooth no volume just laying there on the home screen staying in battery saver mode 💀. It'd last longer than queen Elizabeth

  • Lilianna Kifflin
    Lilianna Kifflin

    When it comes to a low middle class budget, what will it be for me with my new phone, the 13 Pro Max, or the 13 mini?

  • Starter

    I'm upgrading from α se 2020 to α 13 mini and I think it's gonna be really worth it