iPhone 13 Pro Max vs 13 Pro / 13 / 13 Mini / 12 / 11 / SE - Battery Life DRAIN TEST
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Did these results surprise you? 😈

  • Hani's Experiments
    Hani's Experiments

    Now that's an extreme difference, good job apple 🍎

  • ItsNF

    Imagine the 13 pro max just in the Home Screen, on low brightness, it would never die.

  • Mac Banks
    Mac Banks

    My 12 pro max lasts about 6-7 hours with heavy use and I feel like that’s a lot. Nearly 10 hours for the 13 pro max is insane. Not enough for me to upgrade but a great one for people with the 11 or X

  • Vishali M
    Vishali M

    I recently upgraded from the iPhone 7 to the 13 Pro Max and I’ve been super impressed with the battery life of the 13 Pro Max. I’ve been able to use this phone (moderate usage) without charging this phone for over a day and a half, which is a HUGEEE upgrade compared to the 7 which would go from 100% to 5% in less than an hour 😅 Overall, pretty impressed :)

  • Brad S
    Brad S

    Edit: I've had the phone for almost 3 months now and battery health is still showing 100%. I still get around 2 days to 2 1/2 days of normal usage before needing to charge.

  • Carson Lujan
    Carson Lujan

    Just got the 13 pro today. Very pleased with the battery. I would’ve purchased the max for even longer battery life but I don’t want a larger phone. Including, this battery test does have every phone on a higher brightness setting. So it’ll last longer for me since I never really keep it that high.

  • iHPanda

    My iphone7 with a full battery-

  • rcktman0127

    Finally upgrading from my 7 to the 13 later this week, I’m so excited to have good battery life again!

  • Jaidon Tate
    Jaidon Tate

    I switched from the iPhone XR to the regular 13 and I’m blown away with how good the battery is and how good the cameras are and how good the screen looks

  • Joe

    Thank you so much for this video! Based on the information here I purchased an iPhone 13 mini and I’m very happy. I use the phone moderately but my aim is to mainly use it as a phone first with the occasional smart phone tasks. It easily lasts me two days, I love it. No other video could point this out. I think your five hour mark of getting through the day is pretty accurate too. Great information!

  • Hattrickster 2.0
    Hattrickster 2.0

    Recently upgraded from the 11 to the 13. Very very happy about it. Just watched the whole video connected to my bt headphones and on full brightness without it connected to the charger and it’s still at 100%.

  • Tawenthiran Creation
    Tawenthiran Creation

    Very well explained and excellent presentation overall. Thanks man!

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Awesome was looking forward to seeing this!

  • DJ Moon
    DJ Moon

    I'm curious how the phone handles charging from empty, vs charging while still functioning. In the past, phone batteries would not live as long if you constantly kept it charged or let it die too often. Although that might be a test that takes months to perform, and by the time you could make a video of it, there will probably be a new IPhone already...

  • Eric Dee
    Eric Dee

    The “new” iPhone SE is literally the phone I upgraded my parents into from their old iPhone 6S’s for basically the reason you stated. (I did this about 6 months ago.) Basically, your comments for upgrading to the SE quite nicely paralleled my thinking.

  • Bluemush86

    I just upgraded from x to pro and fell by evening time with white heavy use I gave about 50% left which I feel should not be the case considering how much it costs. But after watching this video I realised camera and 4K video saps the battery life. Great video btw showing battery usage for all the models.

  • K L
    K L

    I ordered a 13 mini today and have been second-guessing my choice, I feel a lot better about it now though. My SE lasts me all day, if the mini lasts even longer than it then I'll be more than fine.

  • HB LTD
    HB LTD

    I upgraded from the 11 pro max to the 12 pro max to the 13 pro max, initially the 12 pro battery i thought was excellent . However when I upgraded to the 13 pro max I heavily use it with IRglo and a screen time around 9 hours. This phone would easily last 2 days if used on low battery mode and limited to a power source.

  • Neitric Lewis
    Neitric Lewis

    The way he said “He just came in, created chaos, and left. I’m not impressed” so calmly has me dead XD