21 Inventions that will Save the World.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Who loved the Heavenly theme? Which theme should we use next? 😁 For more inventions videos like this one: irglo.info/from/pNiFb2Vzl7zMhYU/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Farzana Chowdhury
      Farzana Chowdhury

      do you know why mashables doesn't have the tree planting product you showed?

    • appetite frog sushi
      appetite frog sushi


    • appetite frog sushi
      appetite frog sushi

      hi guys

    • Barack Obama
      Barack Obama

      Hellish, annoying technology.

  • TayZonday

    He picks a wardrobe first and asks “What tech video would fit this costume?” 😁

    • Pakistani bacha party vlog
      Pakistani bacha party vlog

      Sir this dress was worn in ancient Greece

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      Choclate rain

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      Chocolate Raiiiiinnnn

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      Gamer Penang

      @FallenAngel ikr

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  • Mortifer713

    The ecocapsule would easily be 10/10 if it was designed with a habitat system built in for the growth of plants and animals which would be very easy to do.

  • Mo

    This is absolutely amazing, but now the real question is if these amazing inventions will actually be put into action, and be used all around the world, not only by a couple of rich people who can actually afford it.

    • Prince Ali
      Prince Ali


    • Robo

      Capitalism is preventing it

    • Phantom Gato
      Phantom Gato

      @Laura Lack daaammmmnnn I can 3d print that for like 80 i bet

    • Laura Lack
      Laura Lack

      @Phantom Gato 400 for the shower head. 400!!! The shower head we have currently was about 60. Crazy, isnt it?

    • Phantom Gato
      Phantom Gato

      Indeed, not all of them are practical, but they do seem cheap

  • iloveplayingpr

    Would love to see more videos like this, they're amazing and at the same time gives them publicity to further progress!

  • Guram Etsadashvili
    Guram Etsadashvili

    *This is a great video,I learn alots watching your videos and it’s helpful to me* *investing money is quite difficult to me but all thanks to Mia Frank she helped me alots*

    • Oracle


    • Guram Etsadashvili
      Guram Etsadashvili

      You can Reach her on *Te-Ie-gr-am.* with the name below. Mia_Frank

    • Trisha White
      Trisha White

      I heard her strategies are really good 👍

    • Anthony Greg
      Anthony Greg

      Since I started trading I keep loosing I almost decided never to trade anymore what should I do now?

  • Katherine

    I'm starting a petition to have Arun do ALL his videos in this beautiful ancient Greek tunic 😁

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      Daddy’s Little Girl

      @Hater Of Gays I like him he so cute

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      Hater Of Gays

      that is Jesus's clothing

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      Daily Dose Of Piano

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  • Migaloo

    I love watching these videos, they make me feel so good. I just keep on hearing negative news all the time, so to finally see some uplifting content for once is really great.

  • jnub

    the problem with a lot of this technology is that the companies who create it generally treat it as a premium product and therefore make the price more expensive. because of this, the average consumer will generally select the already-existing variant over the new, perhaps more ecologically-friendly variant, simply based on the cost.

  • Pondum

    I love this theme bruh, hearing about people trying to save the planet in extremely interesting ways puts a huge smile on my face.

  • Michael Timmerman
    Michael Timmerman

    For the water situation, someone needs to build a shower and tub that have a built in water heating and filtration system so when you take a shower you run a bit of water and the system then takes over and recycles that water multiple times instead of just running fresh water down the drain... I figure we have all the technology it just has to be built and refined into a functional system.

  • Matt

    What I like about this guy is that he is really good at just getting to the point. He doesn’t over explain, there’s no unnecessary suspense, he doesn’t try to milk one topic or joke; he just says what he needs to say and moves on. It’s informative without being exhausting. That’s quite a talent in my opinion.

    • dead channel
      dead channel

      @Tyler N theres only one checkbox for that which just put the ads in the middle of the video, you have no real control of where the ads can be

    • Tyler N
      Tyler N

      @dead channel but yt still lets you cram about a million ads into a 15 minute video

    • dead channel
      dead channel

      @Tyler N you cant even choose where exactly your ad is gonna be

    • tukezdi

      @UltraGaymer135 majority of global population doesnt use imperial units

    • UltraGaymer135

      @tukezdi so?

  • Kanraphee Ratchakij
    Kanraphee Ratchakij

    Imagine making a screen protector out of transparent solar that also doubles as a solar cell charger for a mobile device

  • Lol lol lol
    Lol lol lol

    Honestly we need to promote more of these technology that can probably save the world

  • Connie

    This honestly made me so ecstatically happy. I can’t believe these few people are fixing our problems. For me, I would’ve put the mealworms first

  • branden tan
    branden tan

    Great tech reviews with a hint of comedy leads to a great video to watch.

  • Muthuraju M
    Muthuraju M

    Its refreshing to see Arun showing so much enthusiasm towards bio-friendly clean energy. He genuinely loves the inventions and enjoys ranting about them.

    • TheCompleteMental

      @Hit Me nuclear is the best green energy

    • Muthuraju M
      Muthuraju M

      @ThanoSalt Couldn't agree more

    • hotwheelsguy69

      that self sustaining home would be a great camper trailer! especially if it is being hauled by an electric vehicle as the solar panels and windmill would also help charge the truck and the truck would have its own solar panels to both charge the truck and power the camper. or it could have a basic gas/diesel truck (for example a 2018 dodge ram 3500 dually which has a 6.7l turbo diesel which can haul it no problem with a staggering 31,210 lbs as thats what the 3500 is ment for, hauling large objects) where it wont be as enviromentaly friendly but the truck could still have solar panels and wont lose any power charging the camper and its a more modern truck so its less hard on gas. edit: the wind from driving the self sustaining home around would spool up the wind turbine so it can charge as you drive

    • SM

      Damn, your comment got reposted by a bot, that's a shame

    • zenixlo

      @Sathyaki 70 million people isnt small

  • ItzCandle

    ever since 2019 when i discovered this channel ive thought "arun seems like a cool guy to have as a friend"

  • Shinobi X
    Shinobi X

    The idea that we may be able to completely solve the plastic crisis in just a few months by using a naturally occuring enzyme is one of the most beautiful things I've ever heard in my life

  • Angel Bernal
    Angel Bernal

    Amazing! One of the best videos on this channel. Keep up the great work, Arun!!! 👏👏👏


    He always finds a way to rick roll us 😂

  • Chitrakshi Dubey
    Chitrakshi Dubey

    Very informative and detailed video as usual! I love how the backgrounds change according to the theme and I admire the amount of effort put into each video. You are seriously educating so many people about new kinds of technologies by making it interesting.:)

    • B1chAs

      @Groot m

    • TigarriYT

      he made a video on how he made the lights cough cough its hard cough

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      Ash Kun


    • Sathya

      I am not gonna say this much Just love your videos bro

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      Rakesh Swami


  • *random_penguin*

    I (for some reason) have a big fear of mushrooms and mold, so the mushroom packaging idea sounds like a good idea, but also a scary one…

  • wuuut

    the ecocapsule is litterally amazing. i would totally live there

  • SCP173PeanutzGaming

    i am very happy to see that the world is starting to become self sufficient

  • 8D rw
    8D rw

    Hey Aaron, i've been watching you since i was 15, now i'm twenty. I always fall in love with your content. Thank you so much for the content and the effort ,wwell done. my quick question: the name of the song of the ending cut please, that's the one that makes me want more of your content. much love from Rwanda💜

    • Aman Kumar Mishra
      Aman Kumar Mishra

      Bro, He is Arun nor Aaron. Arun is a Hindu Name and Aaron is a Christian name.

  • Jeff Peters
    Jeff Peters

    Just want you to know, that yours is the ONLY channel on IRglo where I watch every video once it's released. Never miss it. As a person who does video and multimedia work for a living, I just want you to know your content is top tier.

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      Timed Clutch

      @Limitless Entertainment™️ He

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      Limitless Entertainment™️

      @Timed Clutch how did you know about the 3 adults 4 kids in my basement

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      @Limitless Entertainment™️ I do it every night (context)

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      I hatelimabeans

      Exactly the same way man, as an intj i can agree strongly

    • Corus

      I couldn't agree with you more.

  • Mundo Da Criança
    Mundo Da Criança

    Those people are saving the world from potential doom. Respect to them *cheering* 👏👏👏

  • Carlos Delgado
    Carlos Delgado

    So many great inventions, makes me wonder how many other inventions were out there that didn’t come to light, like the water fueled car 🚗

  • cxttxndaffxdils

    One of the straws I got yesterday was cool. I got boba and I'm used to the paper straws but I got a bamboo one instead. I was pleasantly surprised.

  • Smuggler boy
    Smuggler boy

    That shot when Arun said "more washing power" that water in those microdroplets looks more pleasing than a normal shower whilst being more efficient

  • Shakshath Raj
    Shakshath Raj

    I like how Arun is making more and more environmentally conscious videos and trying influence people in a techy way

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      i love kendrick i love kendrick i love kendrick

      @Average Alien ok average alien

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      @Average Alien bruh

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      Chobi Spider

      @Grunf lol

  • Gurpreetkaur Saini
    Gurpreetkaur Saini

    i wish all people knew how important saving the envoirment is keep up the good work 👍👍👌

  • Maximilian Maier
    Maximilian Maier

    Just wondering, wouldn't plastic roads lead to a lot of micro plastic through abrasion?

  • [insert witty name]
    [insert witty name]

    This genuinely restored my faith in humanity

  • BendeyWendy

    Great video. Gives me hope for the future

  • LaWicked

    Love how your channel is getting a lot more environment conscions and spreading awareness on products that are good for the earth❤ keep up the good work mate!

    • B D
      B D

      @Enluring you cant get enough of me it seems. get a grip and let it go

    • Enluring

      @B D you're thinking at the scope of a 5th grader. Don't be a fool.

    • Unknown

      Even if they’re very environmentally friendly, i wonder the profit rate on such items

  • jomalomal

    Love the concepts and it's awesome to see the progress, but mealworm enzymes aren't going to "solve the world's plastic problem in a few months" lol, gotta love the optimism though.

  • Gaming Girls Workout
    Gaming Girls Workout

    Found you searching for phone reviews but this is such a great video. Great videos all around but this is by far my favorite!

  • google user
    google user

    So many people doing so many amazing things. This gives me hope

  • NeoPolitan

    Can we just appreciate this man's dedication to rickrolling us?

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    Aakash Bhakta

    I love your approach to tech videos, They're literally having content people can't leave midway. Love mrwhosetheboss

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      @Dank Squidward no mkb is good guruji is crap

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      Dank Squidward

      @Akash Paul no mkbhd I think

  • Writer in Rwanda
    Writer in Rwanda

    These are really amazing inventions. The only downer with plastic roads seems to be that the friction of people using those roads causes the plastic to break down into micro plastic and pollute the surrounding environment. I also wonder with the air ink - it's removing pollution from the air, but is it neutralising it or just returning it to the environment in a different form? But some real game-changers in here for sure.

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      Giveaway package

  • Singularity

    *literal game changing invention that could possibly be one of the large stepping stones to save the earth from global warming, while also being affordable* Mrwhosetheboss: Nice invention, 6/10

  • Blacroshi

    Keep up the good work 👍

  • Streamy YT
    Streamy YT

    Good to see youtubers like you are popularizing the Philippines nowadays Philippines back then receives least attention on youtubers love your vids keep it up 👍

  • bssni touir
    bssni touir

    Its refreshing to see Arun showing so much enthusiasm towards bio-friendly clean energy. He genuinely loves the inventions and enjoys ranting about them.

    • Pumba33

      @Drizzling Sakuras ok

    • Drizzling Sakuras
      Drizzling Sakuras

      @Pumba33 ah, don't remember now ಥ‿ಥ

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      @Drizzling Sakuras Which comment? By which user?

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      Drizzling Sakuras

      @RokitGamez ohhhhh thanks

  • Melle Wisselo
    Melle Wisselo

    All your videos are so well put together keep it up

  • Aiden Dunn
    Aiden Dunn

    I wish I could see the next generations and see if they took better care of the earth then the past generations

  • doofus_

    just made me feel good about our future

  • Adam

    What a well put together video. Thank you! That tunic though!

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    derric kiunga

    I love the dedication that Arun is putting to these videos, every detail counts down to what he's wearing.

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      @Manthe based

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      It's all for the theme

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      jupiter universe

      Yea no shit sherlock. I can't believe i never saw these details..

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      @Manthe suit urself ig

    • Manthe

      Personally I dislike the dedication. I prefer half-assed videos.

  • AppLife

    These videos are so incredible.. What an example 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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    Orpheas VIPC

    You are so cool, you dressed up like god and talks about saving the world, if we still have time to save earth when I grow up, I will found a company that uses all the things in the video

  • Peaceful Sounds
    Peaceful Sounds

    Omg I love u so much Arun like I can’t emphasise how well u put all that info into 17 mins if u weren’t a IRglor the world would’ve lost a talent

  • Dragontuber M
    Dragontuber M

    I LOVED the presentation of the last invention that was soooo beautiful

  • Paolo Leone
    Paolo Leone

    Probably my favorite video by you, ever. Phenomenal job putting together 21 truly life-changing technologies, Arun.

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      Idiot Buster

      😂 whats life changing at all?

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      Soinas Doyi

      inventions. Great round-up!

  • Stephen Von Maclid
    Stephen Von Maclid

    I knew the leather alternative from pineapples were familiar, they were similar to how some clothing in the Philippines are made with fibers of different crops especially pineapples

  • Ettrix

    A Lot of these technologies are great , but not scalable at an "affordable" price

  • Levi Gabriel de Araújo Marques
    Levi Gabriel de Araújo Marques

    The poo paper has a problem tho, you have to feed the elefant with fiber. So it would be needed to do grand plantations to feed the elefant that are on the "elefant corral". BUT this is just one minor problem, because we can just reuse the tree paper plantation area to do so. This basically just solves the elefant hunt and probally decrease the massive plantation.

  • Cynthetic

    12:19 Plastic roads seems incredibly unfeasible, for starters, plastic, especially recycled plastic, is softer than asphalt, it will break down incredibly quickly from scratches and vehicles, secondly, a road isn't just the surface, there's reinforcement and stuff underneath it, this is like plastic paving, third, when the road breaks down, it will spread microplastics into the air or carried into water by the rain.

  • Hekateros

    The main problem with the transparent solar panels is that their efficiency is under 1%. Which is pretty bad, but because you can use them on an entire skyscraper might actually be viable.

    • John Mark
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    • UnauthAC

      You never know they might find a better way to increase efficiency after the first wave of real world tests. I see this 1% as 1% better than what we have now.

    • matheus Santhiago
      matheus Santhiago

      @Para Came touché

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    Peabarter _

    Handsome, intelligent, sophisticated, funny, entertaining and useful videos by Mrwhosetheboss. Keep up the spectacular work! I love your videos.

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    So many awesome vegan options! Love this video!!

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    cricketo verse

    One of the best videos In MWTB. And the PAVEGEN technology is very interesting. The piezoelectric sensors in it converts the pressure to electricity.

  • OrangePotatoes

    Here is a bonus one that i found: Zipline is the name of a company that is changing the way that blood is carried with drones. Blood expires, there are different types of it, and it needs very specific keeping conditions. Zipline catapults drones with specific blood types, takes them to places all around Africa, and parachutes the blood down to hospitals that need it. 8/10.

  • TechManiac

    The effort that goes into these videos is just mind blowing! Hats off to you and your team 👏🏻

    • Echelon Rank
      Echelon Rank

      @SamOP ok no sweat

    • SamOP

      @Echelon Rank yeah ! But that would takes u hours and wouldn't be enternaing...I mean he puts so many people of these ideas into a summary in his own entertaining way that the audience likes😅

    • Echelon Rank
      Echelon Rank

      @SamOP they could be doing something really interesting and original instead of just putting products in my face. i mean i can watch full presentations for them on other channels.

    • SamOP

      @Echelon Rank what do u mean?

  • bong kem
    bong kem

    the transparent panel is really godly, some concerns about: price to produce, maintenance, recycle


    Once I start...I cant stop watching your videos❤️❤️❤️ u are way too addictive than any other videos I have watched cause of ur voice, expression, movement, comedy, acting and many more which is very VERY interesting and mesmerizing...love you bro... a simple poor guy from NAGALAND 😁May GOD BLESS YOU ABUNDANTLY

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    Tracy Takunjuh

    I feel like I've been living under a rock...wow our world is changing gladly to sth great

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    From the time i knew about mrwhosetheboss, it has always been my one youtube Channel and i enjoy watching till the end. Thanks for been my best channel ever.

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  • Your Timestamp Bro
    Your Timestamp Bro

    00:16 : Repreve 00:56 : Soapbottle 01:35 : Mushroom Packaging 02:08 : Wind Tree System 02:31 : Biohybrid Chandelier 03:05 : Biohybrid Buildings 03:37 : Zstraw 04:26 : Facon 05:04 : Vegan Leather 05:48 : Nebia Moen 06:50 : Poo Paper TOP 10 07:42 : Shine 08:26 : Gosun Fusion 09:12 : Ecocapsule 09:52 : Biotrem 10:59 : Air Ink 11:27 : Pavegen 12:14 : Plasticroad 12:57 : Mealworms 13:50 : Tree Planting Drones 14:47 : Transparent Solar

    • 🌧 aquam 🌧 · 6.9M views · 34 sec ago
      🌧 aquam 🌧 · 6.9M views · 34 sec ago

      Big respect because you didnt edit

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      Fuckin legend

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  • Kye JT-R
    Kye JT-R

    As a runner, Pavegen and plastic road are the best ideas I've heard

  • Trey Ziessler
    Trey Ziessler

    3:05 #16 is by far my favorite and I agree its the future and honestly we do need an alternative power source

  • Raúl

    Thank you for this video I was having a pretty shitty day and this video not only restored my mood and not did only gave me fate in humanity but it gave me some pretty awesome futuristic dreams where the world was free of pollution but was bright y sunny and I was sitting in a park and this small girl gave me a flower she smiled and ran to her mom, I went inside my car and the world was forest straights where hanged by trees and bridges where made of bamboo it was magmatic and the air was so clean it had this smoothy soupy smell

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    John Garland

    I want an Ecocapsule now.

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    The quality of the videos is improving with every upload. I cannot imagine how much time he spends on each and every minute detail to keep the video interactive, cool looking and informative. There's so much going on the screen. Simply awesome! Edit: 273 likes! Thank you so much. The only thing that'll make this even crazier is a like from Arun himself 😍😍

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      really tho, its incredible

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      He has people that edit his videos. They are awesome

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    vivek gangwar

    we still have hope for our planet

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