What you didn't know about Google.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Which company shall I dig into next? For more in this series: irglo.info/from/pdiSqJp0ZKbJeac/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • God

      Flo networks please

    • ColdSalt

      Microsoft or nokia

    • Desiree Paul Plummer
      Desiree Paul Plummer

      I wish I had applied to work for Google sound like a fun place to work😁

    • Dragon King
      Dragon King

      You made this video 2 years ago why are people making videos that haven't done anything for 5 years getting all these subscribers that's nuts that's like petrabytes of subs

    • Dragon King
      Dragon King

      I'm a content creator

  • Daniel Gutierrez
    Daniel Gutierrez

    Me: *gets fired from Google* Also me: *slides sadly my way out of there*

    • Oofy On Outdated
      Oofy On Outdated


    • Sultana Rajia
      Sultana Rajia

      Steal all of their bikeeeeeeeeees

    • Desiree Paul Plummer
      Desiree Paul Plummer

      What did you do to get fired from google?

    • Amogus

      @Avi K Shome lol

    • Blue Fox
      Blue Fox

      perfect imagery

  • Tzankotz

    Google: knows everything about me Also google: proceeds to show me completely unrelated ads

    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      @Jo's Gaming Arena Actually sharing your account is a great way to fight it! Someone needs to make an account randomized browser plug-in! Just like there are plug-ins which conduct random searches at the background! Injecting so much junk there it makes it way harder for Google to interpret the data.

    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      @Nick 727 Yeah, like a politician who lies 24/7 will inject a bit of truth somewhere only so you wouldn't be able to tell it so easily when they're lying.

    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      They're testing your interests, or at the moment that's all ads they had available, or then the advertised made a mistake with their targeting.

  • Mike Barton
    Mike Barton

    In the early days of Google I really liked them and backed them whole heartedly. Their motto then was similar to a doctors of "first do no harm" but sadly that is no longer true and I trust them about as far as I could kick them. Sadly like so many companies they are only nice until they grow too big for their own boots.

  • Jesse Theodore
    Jesse Theodore

    Another fun fact about the Google logo is an optical illusion used in design to make circles look "more round" by making them less round. Things line up strangely and asymmetrical. Very forward and timeless design approach that I respect.

  • The very confused cat.
    The very confused cat.

    This is an amazing channel. I wouldn’t be surprised if he took a break!

  • Sounhour Nim
    Sounhour Nim

    Petition for Arun to be a Google voice assistance (sorry guy for the mistake)

    • Da Exposer #road to 100
      Da Exposer #road to 100

      I prefer Rick astley I’m sure Arun would like that to


      Sorry to the singular guy who commented

    • RohanJ

      Ric Flair

    • InsertUsernameHere

      YES hes gonna be an amazing voice assistant

  • Darryl Learie
    Darryl Learie

    Google still suffers one major flaw - they are absolutely not user friendly. Maybe the concept of user friendly is a challenging concept for techs in general?

  • OccasionallyHappy

    Apple: You're late for work. I understand your car broke down, but please try to be more careful in the future. Google: You're late for work- Was it the goats? They seem upset today. Oh- the free bike you had broke and you dropped your wallet on the ground after walking up the stairs so you had to slide back down to get them? Bro you gotta be more careful

    • Jean Richard Varré
      Jean Richard Varré

      @Texas Mama So, you like Ram ?

    • Jean Richard Varré
      Jean Richard Varré

      @OccasionallyHappy I'm the reverse ! But I'm going to get a Linux phone next



    • Finland Journey
      Finland Journey

      Sounds more like NSA. Their total information awareness and control network.

  • Venator

    I didn't even know that no internet message was a game 😂 thanks for the info Arun 👌

  • anna

    It’s true, google headquarters are actually REALLY interesting. I did a field trip there in 3rd grade. Favorite 1 day field trip i’ve ever had. It wasn’t the California one, it was in Switzerland, but YES they do have a slide, YES we did get to go down it. They also have a fire pole, but that was only for the employees. They’ve got tons of different rooms themed with different things, like a sports room, and then we got free bananas lmao They also have a zip line between two of the buildings, an ocean themed room which is really dark, so people can do their work/sleep in peace (I have really bad night vision so i couldn’t really see anything, everybody else said it was cool so i’m just gonna take their word for it.) We also did some lego robotics. No idea what that had to do with google, but it was fun.... Summary: google headquarters are great

  • Rob Wilson
    Rob Wilson

    What’s funny is that he probably googled these facts.

    • I cannot think of anything….
      I cannot think of anything….

      @Josh.Cwhat is a bing

    • Heidi Courtney
      Heidi Courtney

      lol the android logo is frm a toilet

    • Gaming with fluffy_macaron79
      Gaming with fluffy_macaron79


    • Kiaan Sharma
      Kiaan Sharma

      Nah he binged it

    • Amin Aburub
      Amin Aburub

      No he used bing

  • Atticus Samora
    Atticus Samora

    Just started watching this video but it makes me happy to hear google does some nice things! love your content by the way

  • Sharan Shetty
    Sharan Shetty

    The problem with Gmail easter egg is that when Sundar Pichai (Current CEO) of google applied for a job on 1st April at Google. He was asked about it...Even laughed at it and thought it was an April Fool's prank the interviewers were playing on him. Only to realise about it and he later apologised for it in his later round of interviews

  • Art Addiction Studio
    Art Addiction Studio

    Great video with only one problem i saw. On number 8 you talked about the logo of Google and how they used primary colors "red, green and blue with the addition of yellow." I beg to argue that the primary colors are red, yellow and blue." Maybe you were talking about the primary colors of light which would be a bit odd but then you'd be right i guess.

  • SethWave

    "Google has caused an invasion" Welp good thing I've seen every terminator movie.

  • ith

    My father used to work there, and I went there a couple times. The food court is amazing

    • cloaddisons


    • こく月X

      @username who cares

    • Gamy Guy
      Gamy Guy


    • Motorized MTB
      Motorized MTB

      @Anthony Donker yeah it's really good money £500 an hour lmfao

    • Anthony Donker
      Anthony Donker

      All the haters and naysayers daddies probably steal copper for a living.

  • aeiou aeiou
    aeiou aeiou

    10:36 "I do like the concept of having mostly primary colours, red GREEN and blue, with the addition of YELLOW to show that Google doesn't just follow the rules" Me listening to that bit: *confused confusing confusion*

  • Digi

    As an IT professional of 26 years and creator & owner of a technology firm since 2007, I commonly get asked by my clients about how secure their information is with Google. I always used to tell them that they are safe because Google's future depends on how their personal information is used, morally. Needless to say we have now taken Google out of our processes wherever possible.

  • Sushi L.
    Sushi L.

    Is it just me, or does google sound a little bit like a sandbox from start-up in real life- (Not what it does as a company, but the benefits and the features they provide to the workers)

  • burnutec3

    Lots of good stuff at Google, i love the bike approach and the clean energy part.

  • Cylentic

    "Google was almost sold to Yahoo" Me: oh hell no "For only 1 million dollars" Me: *wtf* "Yahoo turned them down" Me: ?

    • R H
      R H

      @fREAK That's why these companies typically buy out the little guys whenever possible and just shut it down or if it has something of importance use the tech that away they don't have competition to worry about. They also buy out larger companies and keep them running but im talking about the smaller ones that have potential to become a rival. It's sad too because it hurts growth and advancement plus job opportunities ect.

    • vatan kumar attri
      vatan kumar attri

      Yahoo does not steal data like google so yes i will choose yahoo and trust yahoo more than google if it got any better

    • Fume

      RawSalad Only 1 million now theyre billionaires

    • Cloud Walker
      Cloud Walker

      @Daniel Zamani it's One million not billion

    • Acidifications

      imagine if they did wed all be using yahoo now plz no

  • mjouwbuis

    Google might be good on reducing their environmental impact, but there's at least two things they're doing that work counterproductive. 1) advertising and 2) pushing for encryption regardless of the content and situation.

  • Kushagra Pandey
    Kushagra Pandey

    Man! You have evolved so much, this video was recommended after the Tesla video and the production of that video is like 100 times better than this. Great going Arun!!

  • kulturfreund66

    Thanks for all the interesting facts. P.S.: 10:35 - Green isn’t a primary color, whereas yellow is.

  • Frozerter ™
    Frozerter ™

    Google is so good when I watched this video I really now know that Google is the smartest technology

  • SK

    Google: We have slides instead of stairs to get down Stairs: Have fun climbing up

    • Joshua Lovelace
      Joshua Lovelace

      Chutes and Ladders?

    • Jaya Lakshmi
      Jaya Lakshmi

      @ronaldrmcl u don't know how to use it do you, the person stated a wrong fact so he corrected it, how is it in anyway not understanding a joke?

    • I milk cows for breakfast
      I milk cows for breakfast

      @Anurag Rai why!?

    • I milk cows for breakfast
      I milk cows for breakfast


    • siloPIRATE

      Slides to get back up would be more interesting

  • Tymbus

    Gosh! Google sounds so amazing I can't understand why Wikipedia has 21 pages of criticisms about the company?!

    • Soyretos🇮🇶

      @Chaziz good

    • Chaziz

      @Soyretos🇮🇶 Exposed...

    • Soyretos🇮🇶

      @Chaziz man wtf

    • Chaziz

      @Soyretos🇮🇶 Holy shite! Google employees!

    • Soyretos🇮🇶

      Wikipedia is bad tbh

  • CyberMasterMark8258

    I actually think that Google making their work campus fun friendly in the work environment!!I would do the same with my workplace!!

  • Aniruddh XIE 2K21
    Aniruddh XIE 2K21

    The CEO of Google has studied from the same college IIT Kharagpur where my Elder Brother has studied He met him They were in the same wing He told me that he had a lot of trouble speaking Hindi and so his friend circle was of people from his own community and state but he was super amazing and well mannered

    • 1UpNeutral

      yo fr?

  • Kr Project
    Kr Project

    Love the stuff you do videos on. Just a slight correction Aaron. Green is not a primary colour. Yellow is.

  • Mitesh Kumar
    Mitesh Kumar

    Honestly, this makes Google seem way nicer than they actually are.

    • Jeremiah Bailey
      Jeremiah Bailey

      The phrase "only the strong survive" don't just apply to the individual level it applies to corporations as well and the only ones to survive r the ones that are aggressive enough and do what it takes to get that dollar and in reality unfortunately the ones that put worrying about whether they come off "evil" or not 99%of the time won't survive long its just the way it is.

    • RayD2Kill

      @Benji don't worship corporations.

    • Miss Merry Berry
      Miss Merry Berry

      @Garrett : Well said - Thank you for the perspective 💫

    • Your comment got a 💔 from Candice
      Your comment got a 💔 from Candice

      @Avery Kucan you sound like someone who have a grudge on companies

    • ares 1999
      ares 1999

      @D. Gerstmann it is also misleading people while also stifling any competition

  • murad khurshid
    murad khurshid

    Hi huge fan ! Specially the way you explain tech is genius ! I would love to hear some crypto currency phenomenon explained by you and what is your personal preference

  • cooler Boy
    cooler Boy

    I worked as an external at google for a few weeks. And yes, the restaurant thing is very nice. You can even have your child or dog at the office. The problem, why I stopped working there was the political stuff there. The restaurant menu was called diversity board and on every table where a stand-off with a time line when where homosexuals got rights. I mean, nice for them, but I don't want to get political at work. That's a big no no for me. And they have cameras EVERYWHERE.

  • Night_Kumo

    I already visited the Google HQ in 2018 and it was very cool!

  • Coycat1985

    Very informing. I thought the video was very educational. Dont stop what your doing love the videos. keep up the awesome work.

  • xaminate

    I love the way he pronounces the word “patent”.

  • Shravan

    This video just explains why i love google

  • david sikilai
    david sikilai

    Google was to be sold to Yahoo! Yahoo refused and now it's gone. That made my day!

  • Votlxッ

    Imagine what would have happened to google if they sold it to Yahoo!

  • Joshua Louis
    Joshua Louis

    "when a google worker dies. there partner gets half their wage for 10 years". Me: * looks at partner * Me: *breathing heavily*

    • Teresa McPherson
      Teresa McPherson


    • Winter Star
      Winter Star

      @K A 🤣🤣 …are your ideas of grownup life, somehow tangled up in having a Google worker as a sugar-daddy? Cuz, 2 people haven’t been able to live as cheaply as one, probably since Jimmy Stewart featured in “It’s a Wonderful Life”….& that was with a no-frills budget, & making one chicken divided into ingredients in at least 5 dinners for a family of 4. Of course, Gaagle pays big $$$$. But, to work there, cost-of-living there, is high…so rent or mortgage alone, will eat most of that. Then there’s the other costs of living in high COLA areas. Then, there’s saving like a fiend for retirement…don’t screw that up, or you’re wrecked for retirement. Seriously…if those working 6-figure jobs right now, aren’t socking-it-away big-time for retirement, they’re screwed, at the worst possible physical age to be poor. So…have you quizzed grandparents, or other senior citizens, about if 2 can live as cheap as one? Or, what it’s like to depend on SSI/SSDI? Or, what happens if the main income to a household disappears? Cuz, stuff happens.

    • Enluring

      If you're married shouldn't you be sharing anyway?

    • I am a mirr0r
      I am a mirr0r

      Goggle I’m sorry, but I like your meme

  • Bea Builds
    Bea Builds

    What an honor to have Lego featured in Google 😂😂 Actually shocked by that fact…

  • Masi Karimi
    Masi Karimi

    Great information! Really appreciate it!

  • N E S S
    N E S S

    Slanted e's like the ones in Google's logo, were found in focus groups to evoke happiness and remind people of a smile. They are really popular in company logos. Another advantage, when slanted e's were first invented was during the era of the printing press it helped make the letters look like they are lined up even if they aren't. Letters with rounded bottoms also helped that but they aren't as common anymore. The slanted e stuck because of the positive emotions and visual interest it creates.

  • Faz Fireburns
    Faz Fireburns

    I love that he is either messing with us saying yellow is not a primary color but green is or he is just confused

  • Arjen Robben
    Arjen Robben

    google: *breathes* arun: " *thats impressive* "

    • Froggo


    • MortCodesWeb

      @Guy With an Opinion yep

    • Guy With an Opinion
      Guy With an Opinion

      Why wouldn’t it be? When a website starts breathing that’s definitely new

    • MortCodesWeb

      @Strict on budget LOL

    • Strict on budget
      Strict on budget

      yes that is, afterall google is not an animal

  • R H
    R H

    That does seem like an amazing work place... But man id be even heavier than I already am lol id be the guy from the internship taking everything. Imagine how much happier people would be if more jobs were laid back and didn't treat employees like robots that have no conscious. I understand you need your employees to work to be able to make money but a lot of employers go way beyond that and squeeze everything they can out of their employees without any proper benefits. I absolutely applaud them for paying the deceased's spouse half the former employees wage for 10 years. That is amazing and more companies should do something like that even if its not for 10 years. I understand smaller businesses just couldn't afford it but even a month's wages would be a huge help so they don't have to work while they are grieving at their worst. These larger companies though well they could pay deceased employees spouses a percentage of their wage for x amount of years and be just fine especially since they benefit so much from the poor while benefiting from the cheap labor they can get away with paying to the poor who are desperate enough for any job. Not to mention these companies like Walmart also get money directly from our taxes thanks to food cards etc which conveniently a lot of their employees have because of the crappy pay and low hours. Its pathetic they take so many cookies out of the cookie jar its ridiculous they minds well be getting paid to hire employees. Meanwhile they cant be bothered to offer benefits and work people part time just to avoid paying said benefits. Sad... Especially with how much money the head people get paid when all they do is pay their layers very very very good money to find ways to get their hands on tax payer money and to avoid paying taxes via loopholes. They drain our society and take advantage of us plus they love to move into small towns and cause all the mom and pops places to go out of business then when they decide its not paying out well enough they just leave and the city dies. Companies like these are parasites and they do not care about their employees or customers.

  • TheSkewview

    Many thanks, Boss ... just signed up for the SurfShark deal! Cheers!

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    Google's naming of the employees is so funny 😅

  • Betta Named Crimson
    Betta Named Crimson

    Fun fact.I think The original Google logo was made with a open source software called Gimp

  • no named boi
    no named boi

    Mr.whosetheboss: "they're less older than netflix" Me: oh, u mean younger than netflix"

    • no named boi
      no named boi

      Katsuki Bakugo thank u

    • WeirdCore

      @Charlie lol

    • WeirdCore

      @kokonuts American-English is a language they say things differently You have American English than English

    • WeirdCore

      @Skoo_Dah no its English There is English and American

    • WeirdCore

      Lol Btw love your pfp

  • Andrea Mitchell
    Andrea Mitchell

    4:36 yes speaking of PAY TENTS , FUN FACT: that is the form of housing that most Google employees live in, a lot of other ones just live out in the Google parking lot in their cars or RV's

  • Marius Nicolae Munteanu
    Marius Nicolae Munteanu

    The thing about email addresses having a dot or not having a dot is a tricky problem to this day for some. In the beginning of Gmail, two different people could create different accounts one with the dot, the other without it. Even today there are errors that allow one's email to go to other person's inbox. Because this dot feature can be an issue in some circumstances.

  • Mike Craft Bro
    Mike Craft Bro

    This video taught me so much awesome information thank for making this

  • Emily Christine Lowe, LPCA
    Emily Christine Lowe, LPCA

    Dang, if google needs an in house therapist I could go for a work environment like that campus lol

  • ak-47

    I love how google really cares about employees

    • Another Comment
      Another Comment

      ....but NOT the privacy Rights of their clients.

    • BW Acuff
      BW Acuff

      They don't care about employees. They care about results. The employees are manipulated to facilitate better results. For instance, I worked at company where the company fed the staff and feeding the staff lead to a lot more 10 minute lunches over 2 hour lunches. It was very cost effective. You're in work mode but hungry: grap a plate of food and take it back to your office and you keep working. Otherwise, I'd stop, grab one or two of my employees....saunter off property....eat....shoot the shit....saunter on back.... It's money well spent......in the right environment. It's a carrot and the carrots you hold in front of your staff have to fit the culture or else you're creating problems and wasting money. And this list really ignores how often Google has lied to it's customers or the times it's mistreated people or some of their hypocrisy.....This list was mostly just a Rose garden view of the company and completely ignored or whitewashed the piles of shit they have laying around. I mean he mentions the scanning.......that was outrageous on Google's part. They were illegally trying to undermine the ability of writers to make a living....writing. Doing what Goggle was doing could have easily destroyed the fine art of writing. Look at it in the context of your job: your boss walks in one days and says "Hey...good morning. I have an announcement: keep working....we're definitely not firing you but - we're not paying you anymore. Oh....and you're doing a great job." How long is that going to work for you? Not long....you gotta go get another job or literally starve to death. So you go get another job that pays.....do you keep doing the one that doesn't? Are you going to work 80 hours a week with only 40 paid? Of course not.....and only an asshole would expect you to..... Like Google expected writers to work for free....... This list is basically propaganda by omission.

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person

      this is nothing compared to how much ACTIVISION cares abt their employees LAMO

  • Jaber1

    Google motto: “Do the right thing”... how’s that going with all the censorship in America. A real company firm on their beliefs, you can tell

  • Hamza Ilarzeg
    Hamza Ilarzeg

    Google's colors in logo doesn"t signify change, they actually represent the most used colors in lego. Also they built an Ai called alphazero, who could literally devour stockfish 100-1 the chess engine that the world champion use for reference

  • Mark Schwartz
    Mark Schwartz

    one small correction you should make to your video: blue yellow and red are primary colors, green is not a primary color (blue + yellow = green)

  • The Blue Werewolf
    The Blue Werewolf

    "That statue was bought by Google, to make sure that Google doesn't go extinct" 1000000000 Years later and Google is still running

  • oscwav's old account
    oscwav's old account

    Mrwhosetheboss: Google is creating a computer that can program it self. Me: Well I think my career is over.

    • sir comment the commenter
      sir comment the commenter

      @GentleMan Helicopters would be closer

    • Max Khovanski
      Max Khovanski

      @DragoFX_ More like having a job would be upper class and everyone else would live a luxury life - just slightly less luxury than that of the upper class.

    • K A R T I K
      K A R T I K

      Not if u make that computer first.

    • DragoFX_

      @Virtuoso Tech Eventually people will get sick of robots that will try to... Oh no..

    • OG C
      OG C

      The Player yeah except we have to go through this transition where every loses their jobs to automation and live in poverty while business owners and other become far richer...

  • Hugo Cox
    Hugo Cox

    Considering how first Google was cased in Lego, I can totally see where the logo gets it's color scheme from.

  • Anandilal Katpitiya
    Anandilal Katpitiya

    I sometimes think humans are getting too ahead of themselves. And one day, that might spell doom for humanity.

  • SuperGirl1970 Carver
    SuperGirl1970 Carver

    finally something I like about google.

  • nasstasjiap

    Love your videos! Primary colours though are blue red and yellow. Green is the secondary made from blue and yellow mixed together. Keep up the good work!

    • SuperAlt

      It's primary colors of PIGMENTS RGB is the primary colors of lights

  • Chi chan
    Chi chan

    *Looks at Thumbnail* Google is a Snake?

    • João Victor Trindade dos Santos
      João Victor Trindade dos Santos


    • vimal tirkey
      vimal tirkey

      Google is snake 🐍 but you're an anime fan

  • JellyGamer

    Its not a mistake, ✨ITS A MASTERPIECE✨

  • Lord Baden
    Lord Baden

    Damn, Google figured out how to get me to watch a Google ad that I can't skip.

  • idk why i am doing here
    idk why i am doing here

    "What you didn't know about Google" Me: i tell to Google what we dont know to Google

  • Jeremy's Closet
    Jeremy's Closet

    That was pretty interesting. I guess that if I ever see a bike with multi primary colors then I will know that it's been stolen from Google.

  • Rahul Reddy
    Rahul Reddy

    I literally watch every videos till the end from the beginning .. because the way mrwhosetheboss reveals the information is admiring and excellent.. ❤️👍

  • Heather Riede
    Heather Riede

    12:15 So why doesnt Google just offer a service like Amazon Kindle does and compete with them and do deals with the writers so their books arent free still but can be digitally checked out for a period of time or something?

  • Sonicat YT
    Sonicat YT

    This is very interesting ngl!! I didn’t know that a petabyte was SO huge and that google uses so many petabytes PER DAY!!! That’s just ASTONISHING!!!! THANK YOU FOR THIS VIDEO!! I LOVE IT SO MUCH, I WILL SUBSCRIBE!! :D

  • Jean-Pierre De Vent
    Jean-Pierre De Vent

    What I don't like is that microsoft, google, facebook and other media companies can have a certain layout on apps which is intuitive and a pleasure to work with.. Nevertheless a few people inside the company are paid well "to always improve" things. They can't do that but they can change things for sure. So they start messing up things, breaking already perfect designs into frustration machines. The advice of the customer is never asked before implementation.

  • Sumith Kumar
    Sumith Kumar

    The most serious video ever. Times have changed 🙂

  • Nicolas Cacace
    Nicolas Cacace

    If Google HAD sold its company to Yahoo it would not have been the Company it became and therefore would never have been worth what it is today.

  • viruzman vman
    viruzman vman

    with the amout of energy google uses, i highly doubt that they are using all renewable energy. in order for that to happen, they would need a few solar farms. ever look on the specs of hard drives, and power supplies for servers. lol

  • Lord Phoenix
    Lord Phoenix

    Can we just appreciate how he did the ad at the end?

  • Mikki O
    Mikki O

    Wow. One of the best tech videos . I have watched. Cool

  • Saibal Sandhir
    Saibal Sandhir

    Google : A wild tiger is roaming in the Googleplex Employees : yeah you cannot fool us anymore Later : *_15 employees are missing from their workstations_*

    • Treetop Jones
      Treetop Jones

      Screams heard, blood evidence. Employees: "HAHA, very funny."

    • Classy Days
      Classy Days

      Tiger in office: Head of office: hey, tiger! I like what you're doing with those updates. I'll see you at lunch!