I tested 15 Gadgets from the FUTURE.

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  • pplon

    I love Arun's character development. Man went from 'The Tech IRglor with a hat" to "The Rick Rolling tech IRglor" 😂

    • Smoothie is gonna eat you
      Smoothie is gonna eat you

      @Mrwhosetheboss Kris Jenner

    • JAB the Tab
      JAB the Tab

      @Mrwhosetheboss become rick astley himself

    • trollage

      bro fr

    • SubZero Creeper
      SubZero Creeper

      Rick roller

    • Nandini Nandini
      Nandini Nandini

      @Mrwhosetheboss Hlo I request you to Do something to the fraudsters in your video comment section.

  • Trine Daely
    Trine Daely

    The earphones look interesting (I can't do in-ear stuff, bothers me too much), but I do like my JLab Rewind bluetooth headphones which are nicely lightweight with good battery time.

  • Auzzy Does It
    Auzzy Does It

    This dude makes me feel like I'm just at a rich friend's house and he's just showing me his coolest stuff lol

    • The Quantum-plator
      The Quantum-plator

      @Star Lord Lmao*

    • Star Lord
      Star Lord

      Lmao I do that every time whenever my friend visits my home.

    • Kxlamarq

      Yes me too

  • edwin hoveka
    edwin hoveka

    great stuff buddy your hard work and precision attention to detail in your subject matter and topic contents is harshly i the realms of reality......, unrivaled and you make it look so easy at the same time Kudos buddy!!!!!

  • noemi

    Unarguably the best tech IRglor out there in my opinion, not only informative but insanely entertaining and funny! Your quality leaves me mind-blown each time! 🤯🤯🤯

  • Abdus Saboor Ansari
    Abdus Saboor Ansari

    During my childhood, I used to get a magazine on Saturdays, which had a page about latest innovative techs. I used to be so excited every weekend, waiting to see what new products it had. Arun brought back those memories. He is so pleasing to hear to, feature so unique products, that I even somehow feel I need to get. Thanks Arun! May God bless you ❤️

    • krew sceames
      krew sceames

      @Mrwhosetheboss the expanscape on does not allow me to go on the website

    • Nemesis 1982
      Nemesis 1982

      @Official DCG I think you meant "I don't care". Or do you pretend to speak for everyone watching?

    • Official DCG
      Official DCG

      @Nemesis 1982 we dont care

    • Nemesis 1982
      Nemesis 1982

      Non of this is actually new though...

    • YTTartanMango

      Awwwww this makes me happy

  • Mick Smit
    Mick Smit

    Amazing tech & toys. must an amazing time to be a child, number 10 would have been my favorite toy as a child. Number 3 was going to be my favorite, but 2 surpassed 3 & number 1 took the prize, completely!! I can think of a million work tasks flowing so much better with extra laptop screen space; This channel influences my thinking for the better, so much every day! Well done! So entertaining!

  • MeykTaruka

    The mouse with the fan inside reminded me of a third party playstation controller that had fans inside. You had 2 options for the intensity. One was really barly noticable, the other was so powerful, that it was a little bit to cold for hour long gameplay sessions. Also, the fan was loud in that mode.

  • S Galaxy Alfa
    S Galaxy Alfa

    I love the tri screen gadget, definitely gonna buy a one, thanks mate!

  • Langeni Earl Zulu
    Langeni Earl Zulu

    Aaron you are crazy you are actual a great presenter i have been watching your channel for almost three years very entertaining and informative

  •  ShortHax

    Decent graphics on the Mario Kart track. The cat looks pretty fake though

    • GamerAnimeYT

      U mean milo.

    • SplatDemon

      It’s a real switch game, what do you mean?

    • Steaming Lotus78
      Steaming Lotus78


    • Switch video
      Switch video


  • thecocopopscroc

    couldn't imagine replacing my monitor audio setup with anything 5.1 beats any virtual surround i've ever heard demoed even atmos virtual surround fails in comparison to standard 5.1 or 7.1 but the projector its elf doesn't look too shabby

  • Oliver Collard
    Oliver Collard

    Cool vid, but as someone who knows something about physics, some of your explanations hurt me inside, but keep up the great vids, very interesting and entertaining, interesting to see innovations from smaller companies that don’t usually have as much media attention, keep it up 👍

    • OneMan’sVoice

      🤩🤬😲 hi I just finished my class

  • Mr Bot AI life.
    Mr Bot AI life.

    Yo man well put together content, the editing is absolutely incredible, I highly suggest you give your editor a raise because He or She is flawless!. Audio perfect visuals are crisp, and a guy that actually knows how to script a video and stay on topic.... my dude people need to take notes off you good stuff!

  • tuttifruti8

    I love the showcases cause it might inspire myself to buy some of the products.

  • Vasco

    The fact that we are close to 10 million subs is incredible; Never seen a channel where you feel like a part of a family, not a community Thank you Arun for making so many evenings better not only for me but for so many people for such a long time

    • AKrazzy

      @justin du sagst es

    • justin

      moin moin meine aktiven freunde 🥸

    • Lucas Gawor
      Lucas Gawor

      Close would be 9.8 million

    • SpadeX

      @Ceju Online you know something? Every day a human can have a stroke, it’s just that he/she doesn’t, and on very rare occasions, he/she does

    • ZA:AZ

      @Ceju Online 2-3 lol

  • Acevertch

    I love your videos and I had been watching them for a long time in one of your recent videos you thanked everyone for making your dream come true and i think that's amazing I love watching your videos you've definitely earned my sub :)

  • Arsalan Mukarram
    Arsalan Mukarram

    Idk why arun is so interested in little things :p. Jokes apart tho.. one of the best tech influencers who genuinly puts so much effort and thought in every video.

  • Dante Pilon
    Dante Pilon

    Me encanta cómo mi papá es electricista y usa tubos termorretráctiles para sus cables Apple desde hace como 10 años y Arun los comercializa como el futuro.

  • Eliza Rose Coaching
    Eliza Rose Coaching

    OMG, two extra screens on my laptop. Dreams can come true. Did you say that those in-ear headphones are noise cancelling -- Awesome. I wish I could put the heat shrink thing on my Bose noise cancelling earphones. The cable completely disintegrated. It was a sad day. Thanks for your great videos, they are easy and fun to watch 😀

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  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    That Tipsy-tray looks extremely useful and it's unbelievable how it's that difficult to spill your drinks

    • Gadget Hoopers
      Gadget Hoopers

      Every thing slips when it's not your day😄

    • Phoenix Edits
      Phoenix Edits

      @zimm couldn’t have said it better myself

    • Phoenix Edits
      Phoenix Edits

      @Pineapple Playz same

    • pokinine

      Isn’t that just physics? Honestly that’s the one “gadget” that seems like a scam.

    • Wes Gregg
      Wes Gregg

      @Trewq Qwerty Well, no, but I don't carry drinks on some overpriced piece of Chinese twaddle that's marketed to the easily impressed who slept through every science class from third grade onward, either. But if I did feel the need to safely transport drinks through a giant centrifuge ( :rolleyes: ), I would use a five-gallon bucket. You can fit three or four *stacked layers* of them into one of those.

  • the_height_ of_life
    the_height_ of_life

    Awesome watch as always 👌🏻 just watching some of your backlog vids. Think its cool when you catch things while looking at the camera, like the earphones. Would love to see a little bloopers video of some of the takes when those sorts of things dont go to plan hahaha. Keep up the good work Sir 👍🏻😊✌🏼💯 ATB.... Chris

  • Cuphead528

    The multi screen 2 has to be one of the best tech inventions I've ever seen. 69/21

  • musicalimarc

    Great video. However, I just clicked the link for the tri screen thing and got an error 404 on Amazon. Might not be a bad idea to periodically check your links to make sure they remain valid.

  • Mac 3 Ent.
    Mac 3 Ent.

    Bought a pair of the Oladance and I love them! They are my daily headphones for everything. No more ear issues!

  • Basic Tutorials for everyone
    Basic Tutorials for everyone

    the no spilling tray is actually used in almost every teashop in turkey for about 200 years

    • Türk Bitig
      Türk Bitig

      Perfect whiskey glass all over again.

    • Single Handed
      Single Handed

      @Bruh Moment

    • Bruh Moment
      Bruh Moment

      @Single Handed just like Raycon redesigned the earbuds I see

    • Single Handed
      Single Handed

      @Ron Miller Go for it mate, show us the results

    • Ron Miller
      Ron Miller

      Pretty easy to make your own wouldn’t look quite as spiffy.

  • Foxfire Gaming
    Foxfire Gaming

    I love the robot speaker and the real life Mario Cart!!! And that Aurora Laptop looks fire too

  • Flo M
    Flo M

    The Tipsi Tray was on Dragon's Den a few years ago and I believe some of the "dragons" said it's pretty much useless

  • -BROZ-Maj1k85

    While watching your video i notice that i had bought one of those smart rings about a year ago from wish works really good for sending files from one phone to another they run with nfc

  • Mang Kres! Acoustic Sessions
    Mang Kres! Acoustic Sessions

    I've been using that heat shrinking tube back when I was still in college until now. about 10-12yrs already.


    2 minutes in and I can feel the hard work at Arun did.

    • theNimboo

      Hard work? What are you talking about lol. It isn't hard to shop online, you know they deliver right your your house, right? Lmao. The sponsors pay for the products, so I see no hard work anywhere.

    • JAB the Tab
      JAB the Tab

      and his editors helped him!!

    • Nandini Nandini
      Nandini Nandini

      @Mrwhosetheboss Giveaway

    • The three gamers of Minecraft
      The three gamers of Minecraft

      @Mrwhosetheboss ok

  • Felik Kusuma Wardana
    Felik Kusuma Wardana

    That number one got to be really useful for a budget video editor, left for the media library, main for the timeline, right for the preview 🙌

  • Hopeful

    I used a blow torch for the charger one and it still worked well

  • The other John Smith
    The other John Smith

    I have never seen anyone be so amazed by a piece of heatshrink 😅

  • niallisaurus

    The mario kart would be way cooler if it included actual holograms of the boxes that when "hit" you collect an item

  • Lancelot du Lac
    Lancelot du Lac

    Arun is so creative and hard-working, such high quality content and so often! respect to you man

  • Sus Guy
    Sus Guy

    The heat shrinking tube is well, pretty normal for me. Myt dad's an electrician and he uses it all the time to secure rips in wires

  • PDNinja333

    The levitating lamp wouldn’t really be a good idea because a power outage equals a broken bulb, which I’m assuming is custom made for the lamp.

  • TheBigM62

    thanks for sharing, please do more of these!

  • griver007able

    That paper plane at 3:45 is going to be a hit for 90s kids. They had forgotten to add a steerer on that one.

  • Samuel Acerbi
    Samuel Acerbi

    I really like the levitating lamp, i love the idea of using magnetic fields to keep it in the air. But what if the power goes out while it's plugged in? Wouldn't the bulb just fall and break?

    • That one girl who talks about food bcz why not
      That one girl who talks about food bcz why not

      @Nirmalya Chatterjee what did they say? It’s deleted for me

    • Nirmalya Chatterjee
      Nirmalya Chatterjee

      @Alice Higgs are you ok?

    • Hunter Perrin
      Hunter Perrin

      LED bulb, so I can guarantee you the shell is clear plastic.

    • Kizarto

      @Fractal what did they say lol

    • Lucas Gawor
      Lucas Gawor

      @Alice Higgs I'm literally crying with laughter

  • Epicdude

    Milo and the Mario Cart is definitely the highlight Milo's visible (and quite adorable) confusion

  • Jacqueau Lanterne
    Jacqueau Lanterne

    I am using the Oura ring for years now, and would not want to go without it. The single best thing I have ever done for my health is to monitor and improve the quality of my sleep! But I have to agree about the subscription. Having had the prevoius version I got the subscription for free for life when I upgraded to the latest model. If I would not have been an Oura customer already, the 6€ monthly sub would have prevented me from even trying, just because I have a deep aversion towards business models that make you shell out ****loads of money for a device and then still charge you for a subscription service that only works with that device, and without which the device is useless. Oura needs to fix that!

  • Foxgamer020

    With the lightbulb, Im kinda afraid of a power outage and having that lightbulb fall and break.

  • Малиот

    The A4tech x766-fs mouse had an actual fan over 10 years ago. I miss that thing.

  • tyaty

    That class 4 laster sounds really dangerous for home use.

  • PestyOne

    Damn, between $450-$700 for the Lazerpecker machine. 😳😲

  • NickMMM

    That heat shrink wire cover has been used in automotive electronics for like, decades at least

  • Eski UwU
    Eski UwU

    Man, the tri screen 2 are the most expensive two screens i've ever seen

  • C6N66N

    the editing on the left side of the screen showing a timer for how long you’ll be showcasing the item absolutely speaks to my ADD and is so satisfying. i ended up staying and watching all them be shown and not skipping just because the comfort of knowing.

    • أشراف

      Thats why i love this dude

    • Thabreez456

      I agree man. It’s a fantastic addition to These videos that are pretty genius. Props to Arun or his editor or whoever came up with this.

  • Addison Richards
    Addison Richards

    Im amazed that you didn't know about heat shrink tubing ! it was invented in the 50s

  • OrrinPants

    #10 is actually one I have on my wishlist. I found it from the Mario 35 anniversary.

  • David Austin
    David Austin

    Are the gadgets from the future if you have them now 😉 love the laser on the phone case though

  • Karmai9

    9:17 now that an anti-gravity lamp exists, we can say that the TR-3B exists too since it's an anti-gravity craft.

  • Tanmay Mahesh
    Tanmay Mahesh

    I just love the fact that just because he wasn't able to get the copyrights for never gonna give you up he comes up with such creative ways to rickroll us

    • Jack Magnium
      Jack Magnium

      @Crispy Pillow6 dude its a good song for me. i was born in 2001

    • Troller at basement
      Troller at basement

      @Crispy Pillow6 Most*

    • Karmai9


    • Kitkat

      @Lemonic for what?

    • RedditPlus+

      lol fr

  • Kj16V

    "Wow! Look at this futuristic thing called heatshrink tubing!" Every electronics technician/engineer ever: 😑

  • Draygoes Goes Flying
    Draygoes Goes Flying

    I came for the Airplane, I stayed for the tech. Great job.

  • Andre Templer
    Andre Templer

    I don't know if I would be comfortable shooting a hot stream of photons on a case with a li-ion battery under it...

  • Cédric Giraud
    Cédric Giraud

    10:22 It works like that for anything. Any plate, any bucket, whatever, it's just physics (centrifugal force).

  • Mo_C

    Arun's editing style and his character development is supreme. Always a joy to watch. I reckons mans gone from sitting on his ass making funny videos, to weaving his career aspirations in a way which he and everyone else enjoys. Props to u!

  • Tino Mukumbareza
    Tino Mukumbareza

    Someone should make a compilation of Arun catching things. He looks like he was born to catch stuff haha

  • test Ednogo
    test Ednogo

    8:30 This one existed for decades for engineers

  • Labeszi23

    I love when you Rick Roll us when you showing future gadgets XD

  • Shallot DBL
    Shallot DBL

    He's always finding ways to rickroll us

  • Chregi G
    Chregi G

    I can't wait to re-watch this video in 50 years. I've got a feeling like it's gonna age reeally well! ;)

    • AbasisC


    • Mono x Mellow
      Mono x Mellow

      @Human Being more like a a paper plate with a sponge

    • Human Being
      Human Being

      like milk

  • Asmr Queen
    Asmr Queen

    I predicted how big the smallest gaming console!

  • Jack Day
    Jack Day

    Could you imagine the power goes out with the floating lamp

  • atticus da gamer
    atticus da gamer

    Man your videos are always great

  • Kholi

    That Lamp! I would love to buy it . That is, if I can afford it 🥹🥹🥹🥹

  • Sonia’s Way
    Sonia’s Way

    Arun’s editing style and presentation is beyond IRglo’s quality. I feel inspired as a creator

    • Allah Maadarchod
      Allah Maadarchod

      You create shorts only Ms. Mannotra. But i guess you can do better.

    • Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman
      Text me on telegram@officialSambeckman

      Winner's Contact admin *Whatapp only

  • Firecell Key
    Firecell Key

    Hi, your videos are very helpful. If you can tell the price of the gadgets will be very helpful

  • Peppy45

    Everything's from the future depending on what time the person your talking to is from. If you say to someone in the 60s that we will have phones, for the 60s person, it is from the future. Cool

  • MrMango

    i swear ive seen the tri screen 2 in my dreams and i thought no one has ever made it

  • Sandwich lol
    Sandwich lol

    For the tipsy tray, how do the glasses stay there?

  • SIGMAxV8

    I like how aruns managed to silently incorporate these rick rolls into his videos😂

    • Muscleman8562

      I just ate crayons in a video 💪🔥

  • meks39

    the ring and battery systems gotta be some of the best. Should we make a petition for the ring ppl to remove the monthly sub? edit: damn those ear stereo things look cool as hell. Also that robot speaker thing damn.

  • InCrIpTiOn

    7:20 this is actually illegal, because it's required by law to give users a copy of all their personal data that is collected on them

  • Pryme

    I would just imagine the power going out and you hear a Shatter from the other room because the lamps magnetic field turned off lol

  • Ihtesham Emon
    Ihtesham Emon

    The levitating light bulb 💡 is awesome! 🥸

  • Raghav Inani
    Raghav Inani

    No.5 could get even more cooler if you spin the maglev bulb & it would go on for a very longg time. Try it !