I tested 15 Gadgets from the FUTURE.
15 of the most FUTURISTIC Gadgets and Gifts you've ever seen! XGIMI Links:
US: Official Website: bit.ly/3cnms1B Amazon: amzn.to/30GXFU7
UK: Official Website: bit.ly/2YYkkKF Amazon: amzn.to/30AJVJX

All product links:

0:00 - Intro
0:21 - Atomi Showerhead (don't buy this 😂)
0:44 - LaserPecker - US: amzn.to/30LqXQV UK: amzn.to/30OUrhd
1:34 - XGIMI (Links Above)
2:39 - Thumby - Worldwide: bit.ly/2Z7B6XQ
3:19 - Power V4 - US: amzn.to/3nEnInH
4:14 - Mario Kart Live circuit - US: amzn.to/2Z6dK4O UK: amzn.to/3cDsNpG
5:18 - Zephyr Pro - Global: bit.ly/30MxfzN
5:58 - Nolii Battery System - Worldwide: nolii.com
6:49 - Oura Ring (3rd Gen) - Worldwide: ouraring.com
7:43 Heat Shrinking Tubing - US: amzn.to/30Pl9Gs UK: amzn.to/3nyGZH0
8:44 - Levitating Light - US: amzn.to/3DSUU0t UK: amzn.to/3FxZ3qS
9:23 - Tipsi Tray - US: amzn.to/3Fx6IWs UK: amzn.to/3CCCqzL
10:28 - Oladance Wearable Stereo - Worldwide: bit.ly/3HH24XB
11:49 - Mars Pro - US: amzn.to/3DH9mIO UK: amzn.to/2Zbhtyc
12:42 - Tri Screen 2 - US: amzn.to/3x7bqap UK: amzn.to/30N4iUU
13:20 - Expanscape Aurora 7 - Worldwide: expanscape.com

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  •  ShortHax

    Decent graphics on the Mario Kart track. The cat looks pretty fake though

  • Nate Phillips
    Nate Phillips

    Working as an electrican for over 20 years and watching no. 6 was like, "this is a tech from the future?" It is a piece of heat shrink man! Haha

  • Tanmay Mahesh
    Tanmay Mahesh

    I just love the fact that just because he wasn't able to get the copyrights for never gonna give you up he comes up with such creative ways to rickroll us

  • BlackBirdTV

    I love how my dad is an electrician and uses heat shrinking tubes for his apple cables since like 10 years and Arun markets them as the future

  • Where Aretgepoank
    Where Aretgepoank

    I love your videos. I was surprised to find heat shrink tubing on there though since it’s been around since 1950. And I’ve been fixing my cables with it for no less than 30 years. The trick is to get some thing that just fits over the wide end. It’s the USB a side that’s usually the problem.

  • Ben Parisi
    Ben Parisi

    I have somehow just discovered your channel. I am extremely impressed at the production quality and presentation.

  • techFAUX


  • Shaurya kansal
    Shaurya kansal


  • Samuel Awachie
    Samuel Awachie

    The Multi-screen and the Live/Life Mario Kart were my two favs. Absolutely mind-blowing!

  • Paul Wilkins
    Paul Wilkins

    some interesting items but #6 has been around for literally decades! heat shrinks were commonly used in my job long before i got into the field over 20 years ago. and #4 they taught us in school with a five gallon bucket learning about centrifugal force.

  • J Marshal
    J Marshal

    That multi screen device is amazing. Graphic artists would have a field day!

  • Julia Ostowicz
    Julia Ostowicz

    Love the editor's job here! Little tidbits here and there to spice up everyone's day 🥰

  • MrUnknown

    It's like 15 Unbox Therapy videos in one lol

  • Guto Bernardo
    Guto Bernardo

    From all the tech IRglors, Arun is the only one I'd actually be friends! The sincerity on your videos are as great as the quality!


    I genuinely enjoy the way you present your videos. Short and sweet with the main points covered, and no need to waste time watching a 15min review of something we won't find interesting. If we find something interesting that you feature, now we can go search for a full review. Your content filters out the good from the bad of products. Thank you!

  • Dell Account
    Dell Account

    this guy's videos are on par with mkbhd, professional grade content and editing.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl

    I love how this dude always try to rickroll us in every video.

  • Bill Breaker
    Bill Breaker

    The multi-screen would be very helpful for multiple apps opened at the same time...

  • stfu

    I love Arun's character development. Man went from 'The Tech IRglor with a hat" to "The Rick Rolling tech IRglor" 😂

  • Tai Dee
    Tai Dee

    You have definitely created your own super quality blend of informative entertainment. A lot of IRglors would make a video for each of the gadgets that you put in just one, you really deserve as many followers as one can ever get for this high quality content. I like the levitating bulb.