14 MEGA Smartphone Fails we’ll never forget.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Hope you enjoyed this episode! I've made three others in this series too, which are here 😈: Episode 1: irglo.info/from/edeba62Roaa1eWA/fy-lm-h-y.html Episode 2: irglo.info/from/kNeia4OUY7SoinU/fy-lm-h-y.html Episode 3: irglo.info/from/n8dzfGeWddKtg2g/fy-lm-h-y.html

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      Zack & Zachary PlayzXD

      Hi 👋

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      no 269

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      I’m a YouTuber

      I’m a fan

    • CouchPotato64

      @Azooz Gaming don’t beg for hearts because he doesn’t have time to scroll through the 200+ replies hearting every comment

  • Nolan Joseph
    Nolan Joseph

    I could NEVER deal with ads built-in with the software. Ads suck.

    • Matteo EROE Elementale
      Matteo EROE Elementale

      @ImagineDying assume pfp

    • DeadChannel

      Well for me i have never faced ads on built in apps with ads on samsung

    • jan GameCuber
      jan GameCuber

      You can go into the settings and disable ads


      thats why i have ublock origin on all my web browsers and adblocking dns on all my devices

    • Flash'Royal

      @Wright's Right Note 3 doesnt have adds built in software, wtf are u talking about ?

  • tim white
    tim white

    My second cell phone had a 4.3" screen. I remember being a bit self conscious about how big the phone was. Now that's considered tiny.

    • bomb the place
      bomb the place

      Ok and?

    • Nathan McClintock
      Nathan McClintock

      @Inteox lol

    • Inteox

      @The IT Furry man when i saw your comment i knew the other comment was gonna say that what she said

    • Hils

      @The IT Furry thats what she said

    • The IT Furry
      The IT Furry

      Size doesn't matter, its what you do with it

  • tim white
    tim white

    To be fair regarding Motorola not being able to repeat the success of the RAZR: no one has been able to replicate it, even Apple.

  • Matt Rohaly
    Matt Rohaly

    There was also a huge security concern with Huawei… Code was discovered in many of their telco chips/devices that allowed for recording…. A HUGE Security issue

    • Paul Guy
      Paul Guy

      Yeah, forgot to point that bit out.

  • taylor22222222

    The Palm phone or at least something of that design might actually be a good idea. I do like it. It keeps you from wearing down your battery capacity on your main phone and it seems like it would serve to kinda deter distractions from things like social media (which nearly everyone could take a back seat to). Kind of a small market I think, but the concept seems pretty interesting still.

    • King Waffle
      King Waffle

      Unihertz does something like with their Atom line. Just don't expect software or security patches in a timely manner. Their stuff isn't bad for what they are but keep your expectations at an appropriate level.

  • [insert user]
    [insert user]

    i love how he starts directly instead of doing a whole monologue

    • R3shad

      Dude chill

    • 로블하는 바나나킥
      로블하는 바나나킥

      u have more likes than his comment xD

    • Riley X
      Riley X

      I know right I even fast forwarded 20 second and he was already on number 2 lol

    • Material_Equivalent1

      I still skipped to the ending, whomp whomp

    • Jolly Thouna
      Jolly Thouna

      Well am I wrong to think this whole video is a monologue because Arun is the only one speaking?

  • Falcor32

    As a Xiaomi MIUI user once I got used to the ads (about a month) I just ignored them. Not a big deal for me, I was able to get a great phone very cheap

  • Hobbyist Anonymous
    Hobbyist Anonymous

    I love phones like the wrap around screen. It’s those types of ideas that eventually comes up with something real cool.

  • JR's Pocket
    JR's Pocket

    I used the Dell Streak 5 for 39 months, the first phone I used beyond 24 months. Worked Great, I loved it, hated giving it up

  • Eve Sheen
    Eve Sheen

    One of the first phones I ever desperately wanted was the HTC Hero 😍 I thought they'd do big things in the future

  • Randall Ulrich
    Randall Ulrich

    “Dell Steak 5” It's rare to find a medium phone that is well done.

    • Chris Ducat
      Chris Ducat

      Honestly...it's a hilarious name and a company should definitely use it 😂

    • Spade

      I was looking for this comment

    • NotGoldArc Gameplay
      NotGoldArc Gameplay

      Lol steak pun 😋

    • Hey Henry!
      Hey Henry!

      Scrolls down to type that exactly... OH NO SOMEONE BEAT ME.

  • Bisken

    Man, that wrap around display is one of the coolest sci-fiest things i've seen

  • Joseph Kepner
    Joseph Kepner

    I love how you started with the exact phone I have. Purchase new off eBay for like a hundred bucks. It's pretty fun to own a phone this small that can do all the things that your big phone can do. It doesn't have to be linked to your phone. In fact if you just take your SIM card out of your main phone and put it into the palm it can be your only phone. However, it does have terrible battery life and you aren't going to use it to surf the web and watch IRglo on all day. And you're definitely not going to game with it cuz it gets very hot even when you're not charging it while using it. But it's still a good backup phone if your big phone breaks lol.

  • Violet Ryugamine
    Violet Ryugamine

    I've been using Motorola for 4 years now, I'm genuinely impressed this phone still working without any problems. I'm not sure if they're making comeback or not but I'll say they're gaining loyal customers like me. Btw I'm using Motorola C plus.

    • Sarah N
      Sarah N

      I use a Motorola phone and love it. Sure it is more budget but I prefer it to the lower cost Samsung phones

  • Matthew L'Herault
    Matthew L'Herault

    I had the Optimus 3d it was my first smartphone. Never really used the 3D features that much

  • KingAcastus

    Can we appreciate how Oneplus ACCIDENTALLY gave their phones x-ray vision without changing the hardware? I just find that crazy!

    • Sultana Rajia
      Sultana Rajia

      Everyone using that xray filter and pointed it at their girlfriend:Ooo La La

    • Proshion

      Thats awfull, where?

    • aviza12

      This filter is an near IR camera. If you'd google IR Photography you'd see similar images like that.

    • Bernhard Sonn
      Bernhard Sonn

      Yeah xd

  • GrayWolf

    i would buy that wrap around display phone, funny thing about the "xray" phone is you can mod any camera to do that with IR filters.

  • XxaexxeaxX

    Can you imagine trying to find a case for that miMix Alfa, that would be near impossible lol

  • Ujwal Thakur
    Ujwal Thakur

    How were Huawei's processors compared to SD and MT? Were they keeping up with the processing power that others were putting out?

  • Akram Safirul
    Akram Safirul

    I've been using Redmi as my last 2 phones. But yeah the ad thing makes me want to stay far away from MIUI in the future

  • Vecialesca

    *entire company collapses* Arun: "thats only a 6/10 fail, I've seen better"

    • Yunfei Chen
      Yunfei Chen

      They were not a big company to start with so it wasnt really that suprising....

    • Casual Disaster
      Casual Disaster


    • FireNerf21✅


    • Falkon Nightsdale
      Falkon Nightsdale

      @Boon/Slang It's not that much about sales, rather than about components. If they are unable to source components for their phones, they are gone...

    • Dxshawn

      @Shadow Wolfe Company size and influence

  • Hayden Martin
    Hayden Martin

    My dad still has his Dell Streak. I used it for a patch in 2017 when I had issues with my Nexus 6P. Way ahead of its time. It was a brilliant phone!

  • Jason Hill
    Jason Hill

    I will happily pay $1000+ for a flagship device every few years if it means keeping ads out of the UI.

  • LadyTopHat

    I just love this. I've watched this so many times, but still haven't got tired of rewatching.

  • フェルナンドさとる


  • MCFC

    Who could forget the Note 7. It's actually a great phone for survival: compass, light and fire for food. In addition, if your prepararing for a war this will be very convenient as a hand grenade.

    • MCFC

      @Oootianlove the salt 🤣

    • Oootian

      Too bad it can’t destroy oil money

    • Discord Guy
      Discord Guy

      I imagine it sold really well in Ukraine.

    • EdyAlbertoMS

      But how do you blow it up on command?

    • Gamers

      Damn man you got the whole squad laughing

  • Coleman Callaway
    Coleman Callaway

    I like how he’s calmer in this video. It feels much more genuine

  • Kristian Whiskin
    Kristian Whiskin

    I had the LG Optimus 3D when it came out and it was pretty well specced for the time

  • Barshen Mikashev
    Barshen Mikashev

    I'm still using a Motorola g9 play, it's legitimately great, nice UI, good camera and amazing battery life.

  • Hasan Piker
    Hasan Piker

    I remember how awful 3d phones were but I do think that phones will eventually advance enough to actually display 3D images correctly.

  • Kiat Hao Lee
    Kiat Hao Lee

    I love how Arun is risking his life everytime he mentions Escobar in his smartphone fails

    • your average security sergeant
      your average security sergeant

      @Willie2024 Okay willie

    • Shift

      @The Unknown oh ok didn't know thanks

    • The Unknown
      The Unknown

      @Shift not that. Pablo Escobar was a notorious drug lord.

    • Willie2024

      We have you surrounded

    • Ult

      wrench 552 The Escobar company has a a chief of assassinations . The company is also of the brother of Pablo Escobar, the infamous drug lord.

  • Keegan Myers
    Keegan Myers

    I really liked the moto z my brother had a few years back. Never used it myself so I can't confirm whether the phone was actually any good, but it was super interesting. The idea of the moto mods is intriguing.

  • TK Ghost Fox
    TK Ghost Fox

    I would love to see some of these phone concepts tried again with the better possible specs for them today

  • Liam Williams
    Liam Williams

    i love how he has these “competitions” and then never announces the winner

  • AceofTunes

    The YotaPhone 2 is the best phone I have ever used/owned If it wasn't so outclassed in the CPU at this point, I would probably pay to repair the charge port. Even now

  • Finnegan Long
    Finnegan Long

    "they are now bankrupt. I'm giving this a 6 out of 10"

    • rzl

      @Double A Wakeel You do realize that I DO NOT CONVEY my OWN opinion on this issue but rather I am trying to look into Arun's logic as to why he ranked it the way as he did. Your opinion is from the perspective of each company. His opinion is from the perspective of people outside of the respected companies. You guys can rank it in any way that you want, I don't care.

    • Double A Wakeel
      Double A Wakeel

      @rzl you do realize that yota was a new company, they didn't really have a hit net worth like Huawei, even if Huawei lost more, percentage wise Yota had a much worse impact. Imagine having 700B abs losing 1B$, it's alot but isn't too devastating to your company, now imagine having 1B$ and losing 100M$, you lost less money, but you suffered alot more from that loss.

    • Raydodgers

      @Alshamsi _123 u have such a good imagination

    • Alshamsi _123
      Alshamsi _123

      I can just imagine the conversation they had "Hey we need to cancel the order" "No lol imma sue you now"

    • rzl

      @kat He could rank it according to the number $$$ of losses suffered by those companies. Yota lost everything but that losses was to the tune of $126M, but Huawei is currently loss a lot more $$$.

  • Tikky30

    5:25 Aight Im gonna be honest with u...this charging animation looks just sooo cool

  • Andre Amaral
    Andre Amaral

    I really wish that the Mi Mix Alpha became a thing cause I think it's really cool. As long as you're careful with your phone but then again who isn't?

  • George Dobinson
    George Dobinson

    I bought a Kindle fire years ago with ads baked in to get it cheaper, and had it been a better small tablet, I probably would have used it way way more than I ended up using it. The main issue with it wasn't having ads on it, but was the fact that you couldn't even play music with the screen off

  • DoctorLazertron Music
    DoctorLazertron Music

    The only thing on the 3D bandwagon that ever appealed to me, and succeeded, was the Nintendo 3DS. I didn't often use the 3D, but I did sometimes, and it mainly worked not because of the gimmick but because it had good games on it.

  • evan

    9:57 “You didn’t have access to the FaceBook app...” Everyone: “Dell, maybe we judged you too harshly...”

    • Proton

      @Neon Playz tiktok isn't that bad

    • Neon Playz
      Neon Playz

      @Anrijs C facebook are boring but good, atleast its not like twitter or trashtok

    • Kas Adam
      Kas Adam

      @Anrijs C Exactly the groups are far more cleaner, easier to navigate around and simpler to manage on Facebook than on any other platform I've seen so far.

    • Anrijs C
      Anrijs C

      I honestly use Facebook a lot lol. Just because of how well the groups are done there.

  • Christian Moore
    Christian Moore

    As a person who happily pays money to have fewer ads. Any company selling something with built in adds needs to comunicate this clearly.

  • Jim Hewlett
    Jim Hewlett

    Ah yes. I had an HTC blue angel, a really clever multifunction device that only lacked a satnav function. When it eventually failed I went to Vodafone and got the next model, a Magic....since then I would never use HTC or Vodafone

  • Sean Anderson
    Sean Anderson

    Considering I pay for all "premium" services to try and avoid ads for the rest of my life, I don't mind paying extra to keep phones away from ads.

  • MiszS

    i would actually like to use the first phone even as my main, if it had normal hardware

  • AustinSlayer227

    This actually made one of those “Top 10” videos without talking slow, getting into excessive detail, or just being general boring. Not to mention that it’s edited very well.

    • Chantal Fernandez
      Chantal Fernandez

      AustinSlayer227 omg agreed

  • xxbeeman2008xx

    Aaaaaaaaw hell yeah! I love these tech fail videos! Keep up the good work!

  • Not pawz
    Not pawz

    I would love to see what dell had in store for their smartphone line

  • Kofi

    Mrwhosetheboss: gets straight to the point. Other IRglors: Ok so here is how phones were made and what they do!

  • DomIsEpikYT

    My first phone was a Motorola, it still works and it’s about 5 years old, it’s just a bit slow and buggy now

  • cryptic

    No intro, or sponser, or social media plug, or merch plug, literally 5 seconds in and he's on the first fail, wow

    • Cameron

      @Dorito Master very trueeeeee

    • Rushil

      Don't you see Huel T-shirt ?

    • cryptic

      @Abderrahmene Ghabri what I say wrong? I don’t skip ads on this channel .I am just surprised he started so quickly 😅

    • Abderrahmene Ghabri
      Abderrahmene Ghabri

      Sponsors and ads are how people pay their fucking bills. You're watching their content for free, least you can do is watch 5 seconds.

  • BuenVida Nadz
    BuenVida Nadz

    The Huawei ban was pretty sad. Would've honestly pick it over any android phones and iPhones

  • SwaPra

    I had the poco and had the miui ad problem, i simply blocked notifications from the apps giving ads and switching to Google apps and i eventually switched

  • Caniggula

    The yota phone was dope. Id love to see that concept explored again

  • InferKnow

    I’m extremely against ads being integrated into software. This would only further encourage tracking of devices to serve ads and also to profiling and other uses. Companies that manage ads like Facebook or Google shouldn’t be as extensive as they are about it with the collection and analysis of data as it removes the trust which is something the Metaverse will see will negatively affect their performance.

  • Lyle Rodericks
    Lyle Rodericks

    Completely agree with you on Xiaomis ads. It's not fair that we pay for a device and get constantly bombarded with ads anyway. It is possible to turn some of them off nowadays but it's still an opt out feature instead of opt-in which I feel is very violating 😤

  • The Disco Timelord
    The Disco Timelord

    I was 18 when I got my first Motorola Razor 3.📱❤ I'm nearly 40 now. Dang I'm old😂

  • aarif84

    Surely making a phone that makes you bankrupt is a 10/10 fail

  • Dodo Lord
    Dodo Lord

    with the palm phone i still think there is a very good use for it, if they made it slightly better and capable of doing more of the stuff modern phones can do it would have a decent audience, as a phone repairer we get a lot of people not just old coming into the store asking for iphone 5, 6, 7, and 8's and older samsung phones as well, still looking for repairs for the devices, and most of the time their reason for not upgrading is because they liked it when phones used to be smaller and the newer ones are too big. so i think there is a demographic for the palm phone or whatever the first one was called. if they just made more improvements and different versions targeted towards people looking for a smaller fully functioning modern phone, they might have a hit on their hands.

  • n0

    I had the HTC Evo 3D. Really insane phone at the time. I still have a bunch on 3d pics I took with it. The stereoscopic effect was super trippy to see in person. With VR becoming a thing and multiple camera phones becoming the standard it would be cool to see some ability to at least shoot 3d and be able to see it in VR. I'd almost like to see this one have another run once VR becomes more widely adopted.

    • MrRedstone

      Well, now with the Oculus Quest, VR is not only more easily available but also portable and affordable.

    • Anton Chua
      Anton Chua

      I had an Evo 3D too, and my best friend had the Optimus 3D. I don't understand why it wasn't more popular - 3D was rad, and it was still a great phone.

    • Awii

      @cuddlefish101 bruh moment

    • BluWarta92

      I have mine still... Not in use though. It was mental phone, my first smartphone. Blooming time of "What the fuck is HTC?!". Everybody was all up for either Samsung, Nokia or Apple. Nokia was just about to plunge. Evo 3D was super fun and innovative phone. HTC really stepped ahead of competition by 10 years. They lost it all because innovators don't make money. Innovators innovate and imitators roll the cash.

  • The Rust Kitty
    The Rust Kitty

    If you wanted something "distraction free" (as that palm phone bills itself) you'd just get a feature phone, preferably one that has email, but no browser or built-in games.

  • Footsoljier

    the wrap around phone would break so easily, also what kind of screen protector would you have?

  • tim white
    tim white

    I actually really liked the HTC phones back in 2012/2013. As for the phone that has x-ray vision they had to kill because it could see through clothes: judgement aside, isn't that the reason people want x-ray vision?

  • Draco Storm
    Draco Storm

    I think Motorola still have a lot to learn about smartphones. The last Motorola smartphone I got - in 2016 - had 1GB of RAM

  • RUNDMK13

    The “DELL STEAK” gets a 10/10 failure rating!!

    • FireNerf21✅


    • FireNerf21✅

      @RUNDMK13 same here!

    • FireNerf21✅


    • TheRandom

      Its medium rare

    • This commet was typed
      This commet was typed


  • scottgas1299

    The Razr V3 was the best selling phone in the U.S. for 4 or 5 years straight

  • SandGamer678 SZV
    SandGamer678 SZV

    I never had problems with ads in MIUI 🤔

  • XxX xXx
    XxX xXx

    Nokia should definitely be on this list. The biggest fail of the cell phone era :)

  • Noah Mariën
    Noah Mariën

    I'm using a Motorola g9 plus i'm actually very happy with it. Anyway, i really like your video's, normally i don't like the tech stuff but you make it interesting to watch and listen to!

  • 水上

    The concept of baking ads into a UI honestly makes me sick to my stomach at this point, knowing that literally every company would be hungry to do that if we let it slide even once. Ew.

    • Juan Huertas
      Juan Huertas

      And they´re still there if not at the same quantity. I have a Poco X3 gt and I see ads in the built in file manager. You can deactivate it in the options, but having this crap turned on out of the box is infuriating

    • MrRedstone

      @LilyoftheLake I think you can also pay to disable the ads, so you can afford to buy it for cheap and also pay the rest when you're able to.

    • LilyoftheLake

      Idk if this has already been mentioned or not but we have this at least in the USA. It's called the Amazon Fire tablet. However you do get a 8-10 inch, 1080p display, with 8-16 GB (room to expand,) it does have ads on the lock screen and at the top of each tab on the home screen like you'd see on a modern Xbox or PlayStation. Though, the starting cost for one is $50 USD so the ads offset the loss on the sale price. I mean, that does make a tablet affordable for people who otherwise couldn't buy one. Now, if there's a phone/tablet with the baked in ads and it's sold at full price... that's disgusting and predatory. The ads ate supposed to be there to make the product cheaper to buy, not to just make more money for the company.

    • MrRedstone

      *Facebook has entered the chat* Yeah, we're not letting this slide.

    • Verena Shadowy
      Verena Shadowy

      Agreed. I'm a Xiaomi user since 2015 and I was quite surprised when I bought my note 7 in 2019 and later on it got filled with ads. ESPECIALLY when I was listening to music. At first I thought I had some virus or something. I guess it's just the chinese way, they are obsessed with putting ads to anywhere. Luckily you are able to turn it all off, except for the app downloading part.

  • Yannick Ha'ra
    Yannick Ha'ra

    honestly, when I first got my Xiaomi I was a bit shocked about the amount of ads. but once they were turned off, there are barely any day-to-day. I see more ads browsing IRglo in one sitting than I do from miui in a month. for a $250 phone with pretty good specs, I'll watch a couple of ads

  • Landen

    The old Motorola Razr Commercial actually gave me chills😂

  • Cord Parker
    Cord Parker

    @12:45 I myself had an HTC phone, it was the HTC Desire 626 and with that I came up with the name High Tech Monkeys, as this was my first phone from this brand moving from ZTE due to an issue, however, HTC had left a bad taste in my mouth because it was plagued with bugs beyond my comprehension and worse than the ZTE N800 but looked better on paper due to the specs of what I needed at the time. The ZTE N800 was better as some of the bugs in that phone at the time could be mitigated with a root kit in which to gain admin permissions to tweak some of the settings of the kernel thus fixing it. I didnt want to waste my time with the HTC phone in the same manor in finding a root kit to do the same as there were none due to the method I would have had to go to do root it and when a root kit finally came out I was on a new phone.


    UPDATE ON THE HUAWEI BAN: It’s also been banned in all of Canada’s 5G networks last week. I think its the end for them

  • Lit Records
    Lit Records

    I think Motorola shifted its focus to the business end of things, like two way radios, modems, barcode scanners, etc. I think that their shortcomings with the consumer end were either intentional or they just didn't care enough.

    • Azking2012

      @Josh P ok

    • Josh P
      Josh P

      @Azking2012 You called me a nerd.. I agreed.

    • Azking2012

      @Josh P what

    • Josh P
      Josh P

      @Azking2012 Sorry.. Just helping my fellow citizens.. I am a nerd, yes haha.. I develop the software / hardware that does collision avoidance for vehicle camera systems.

    • Azking2012

      @Josh P alr nerd

  • Claudiu

    Apple started to feel threaten by Huawei and for that reason cut them off google suport. That was a low move from Apple. Apple is the most ruthless company ever created

  • GrimoireOfTheSage

    I think this one might be the saddest of the Smartphone Fails videos. Both the Beam and the Yotaphone are things I really found neat. Mi Mix Alpha is also interesting, though I am less sure what I would use it for other than to be able the change the look of my phone on the fly(that is still kinda cool though, wallpapers for the back of your phone). I also enjoy unique camera features like the Oneplus example. Not enough to tempt me to buy such a phone, but it brings a smile to my face never the less.

  • angie babie
    angie babie

    I have a Motorola smartphone and I absolutely love it, I have so many cool features at half the price.

  • JoaoTeco10YT

    i love how he starts directly instead of doing a whole monologue