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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    2 videos in 2 days! What do you think to the more on-the-fly outdoor filming style? 🤞 Also, please do consider checking out Brilliant, would really help to support the channel!

    • AIM NICE 2.O
      AIM NICE 2.O

      Was this sponsored

    • Landon Wright
      Landon Wright

      Nokia: You dare oppose me. Pathetic

    • AARAV14

      there is i challange for you do a 30 days 30 videos challange

    • SIZZL Retreat
      SIZZL Retreat


  • Kynetic

    A wise man Once said, *“Glass is Glass and Glass breaks”*

    • TinyTwon

      @Mattwiistand super safe.

    • redhunter212

      He also said that bullet proof glass is overrated

    • Roberto Knorre
      Roberto Knorre

      Jerry rig everything

    • TrentynPlayzYT

      I'd like to meet Once.

    • E Cole
      E Cole

      And he said it about the first foldable I got and mine broke in a month. He was right 😂😂🙃.

  • Sakura

    I love how he always manages to Rick roll us in some way

    • Bruhyan

      @DashingClasher XD

    • DashingClasher

      @Erick Phoenix *PROCESSING KILL COMMAND*

    • CelestePlaysACNH

      @Erick Phoenix e

    • Erick Phoenix
      Erick Phoenix

      It's kinda cringe ngl

    • 2Tri

      @꧁・𝓵𝓲𝓵𝔂・꧂ never gonna tell a lie and hurt you

  • Kiru S
    Kiru S

    As someone who has owned a rugged phone once, I relate to this video very much. It was a Cubot King Kong and I got it in 2017 when rugged phones were seen as cool. Only this year I've realized how terrible it is. List of problems: - camera was trash - battery was trash - chip set was trash - g board immensely lagged - it ran on Android 7 (one of the worst Android OS's ever) - the speakers suddenly stopped working - the clock at the top-right corner sometimes froze and when I set an alarm it wouldn't sound and it didn't give me a notification to say that my alarm is going off Yeah, rugged phones are completely trash. If you want a durable phone, get a case or something. Save your money.

    • TheGoldNShadow

      Even my broken iPhone 3G is better and that’s, well, broken.

    • User

      Agreed just get a competitive midrange phone and put it in a proper rugged case. It would survive better - since in this test rugged phone durability = normal phone in CHEAP phone case durability, so normal phone in GOOD phone case should be better.

    • Man on the Range
      Man on the Range

      i have BV9500 for 3 years now... yes its big and heavy but you can get use to it... camera, not interested i have other gear for that battery, it last for 5-6 or even 7 days at first and now after 3 years it last for 3-4 days with some spare % chipset, i dont play games speakers, maybe they are too loud really water ressistant so i can clean it in a stream when its all muddy antena is perfect, phone get signal on places where other phones hove none GPS/GLONASS/BEIDOU accuracy is perfect very cheap (at least here in EU) and surprisingly not even single software bug in those 3 years

    • MINH Lee
      MINH Lee

      only good one was armor 13 with atleast helio g95 for gaming

    • Animal Battle
      Animal Battle

      Thats why these types of channels are good to teach you that not everything is as they say

  • Brad Brandon
    Brad Brandon

    I love how you actually keep the bloopers in. That just gives us more entertainment and helps keep our focus as viewers. I also like that you have a signal that shows that was a blooper so you still sound professional.

  • A random guy in the Internet
    A random guy in the Internet

    “These are the best rugged phones” Nokia 3310: Look how they mimic a fraction of my power!

  • Logan

    Seeing him hit phones with a golf club is simultaneously the most painful and the most satisfying thing I’ve seen all day.

    • Nandita Dileepan
      Nandita Dileepan


    • Kevin Howells
      Kevin Howells

      YOU GOT A HEART!!!!!!

    • Key of B
      Key of B

      I have a nord… nice to know golfing isn’t for me.

    • Marcus Borderlands
      Marcus Borderlands

      @Eric Quinton so? It's still shit value for money

    • Eric Quinton
      Eric Quinton

      When he was hitting the phones with a hammer he hit the rugged phones way harder

  • ☆Sxvariie☆

    i love watching your videos when i get bored they are amazing! and taught me a lot to be more responsible and watch out for scammers who sell devices

  • pyro226

    Around the era of the Samsung S7, Samsung had released an industrial rugged phone that was a plastic screen. It had a screen protector on top. While significantly more prone to scratching, the phone was extremely resistant to shatter. There were phones from China that were doing similar (to the point that one was used to hammer nails).

  • Alex de Sousa
    Alex de Sousa

    Wow 👏👏👏 very good, Arun. Every phone testing should be like this to "truly" test if these phones are actually what they claim they are.

  • Alejandro Vallencci
    Alejandro Vallencci

    I had a Doogee back in 2014, tried to show off how ‘indestructible’ it was by dropping it from waist height… and the screen was smashed to pieces, completely unusable. Borderline scam

    • mad max
      mad max

      Bro's phone got stage fright😆

  • Tech TH
    Tech TH

    We want Arun's voice in Google assistant

    • Arif  Arif
      Arif Arif

      Yes please google

    • MinecraftGuy

      And Siri too. His voice is too good.

    • Maj2231

      You have my vote

    • The JoMan
      The JoMan


    • Mr Dylan the boss
      Mr Dylan the boss

      @Rainify yesssssssssssssssssss

  • Precious Chuks
    Precious Chuks

    With this I would rather get a protective case than a rugged phone.💯😅

  • Mridula Radhakrishnan
    Mridula Radhakrishnan

    Arun: gets emotional when destroying phones using software bugs. Also Arun: happy like hell when destroying phones with power tools.

  • Valeriano Costa
    Valeriano Costa

    I own a rugged phone and in some case I can relate on this video, but I work in a harsh enviroment, with lots of water, humidity, metal dust, glass dust and fall hazard, and I have to say, my AGM A9 is still perfectly fine after a couple of year in that enviroment and hazards, where a xaomi keep it up to just a couple of mounth after getting full of metal dust and filing and basically having his speaker and mic ruined, and the glass changed after a 40cm fall when the rugged survived a 3 meter fall getting just a little scratch, so, just buy the phone for your needs?

  • Stuckinaloopoflovemeloveme

    This made me remember about how I once dropped my OnePlus Nord N100 phone off the third floor and the only thing that happened was the screen got absolutely smashed but the phone was working and then later I got it repaired and it works like nothing ever happened

  • joanneneedstostudy

    Arun's neighbours be like: lockdown is taking its toll on this guy. He's using phones as golf balls

    • Enough human nonsense.
      Enough human nonsense.


    • Hrishi Deokar
      Hrishi Deokar


    • Frost Cate
      Frost Cate


    • فارس محمد
      فارس محمد

      he’s using phones as cheese

    • KPN

      Hahahaha. Does he have Neighbors anymore?

  • It’s me
    It’s me

    Personally, I would have tested this with an iron rather than a wood or a driver. Only golfers would understand

  • Andrew Derksen
    Andrew Derksen

    I had a Samsung rugby LTE and it was super durable 🙌 I was a roofer and I had dropped it off many roofs on to concrete +👍 I finally had to retire it die to performance issues 🤷👍

  • Simon Grushka
    Simon Grushka

    I did enjoy my s9 active very much, thank you. Bigger battery and the same specs as the normal version

  • Cookie_Dough171

    Nobody: Arun when he hits his phone with a hammer and it cracks: hm, intesting

  • Dasher

    I love how Arun is puzzled by the fact that the phone broke because he smacked it with a golf club.

    • Chris Paul
      Chris Paul

      ulefone has just upgraded a rugged phone with a large battery, ulefone Power Armor 13 13200 mAh, Helio G95 processor, 6.81FHD+ screen, 33W wireless charging, RAM 8GB+ROM 256GB memory, laser tape measure.

    • Motaz Fawzi
      Motaz Fawzi

      He -smacked- "Whacked" it

    • emaexp

      Omg you didn’t get the point of it, didn’t you?

  • Super Pandas 🐳⭐️
    Super Pandas 🐳⭐️

    Titanic: the unsinkable ship Rugged smartphones: the untreatable phones Hmmm 🤔

  • Firefall

    Completely crazy. I have a Motorola 5g stylus, which only cost around $150, plus a $20 case, which is actually almost indestructible.

  • Morgan Edgy
    Morgan Edgy

    I have been using the Umidigi Bison (rugged phone which is surprisingly cheap) for almost a year now and it has suffered a lot of falls, hits and splashes. And it has held up immaculately to every one of them. So that one is an exception.

  • DroneLord

    I accidentally dropped my iPhone screen down right on top of a piece of gravel when getting out of my car. Thank goodness for the Otterbox tempered glass screen protector I had on it! Worth every penny of the free price I got it for. 🤓

  • Anonymous [26490]
    Anonymous [26490]

    Imagine going outside and seeing your neighbor watering their phones

    • Dystopian Overture
      Dystopian Overture

      Waiting for the phone to bloom XD

    • velvetdead

      @Seangle rich person golfing

    • sogga_real

      "hey um actually what the fuck are you doing mate you doin' okay?"

    • Holly Langley
      Holly Langley


  • oP fussel
    oP fussel

    I bought an armor x10 precisely because i wanted them to be cheaper than Apple phones for example. The armor x10 costs 145 euros and is better than I expected. The armor 10 that Arun bought is pure rubbish and a wrong decision for Ulefone

  • Lithy DaCat
    Lithy DaCat

    my first smartphone was a Samsung Xcover 2 which i really liked bc it survived being kicked by horses and me taking random swims in the river it only got a bit of screen damage when it run it over with a five ton excavator. the thing is back then getting rugged cases wasn't such a common thing and I was an idiot that didn't care for her phone. Nowadays i wouldn't get one either way simply because you get less for your value. My sister and mom both swear on only getting rugged phones but they pay as much as I did (or even a bit more) and they constantly run into problems. Yes they can basically play baseball ( not really but you get the point)with their CAT phones right out of the box but the software side is just jikes

  • shaun croft
    shaun croft

    I've been rocking the "Cat S42" for almost 3 years, it cost me $450 Canadian and it puts strength ahead of hardware and software, I've had the original plastic screen protector for 1 year before I switched to glass, it has a metal frame, metal buttons, metal corners with rubber cushions, it's been dropped and 30-40 times and about 8 of these drops have been rough, worst was a ten foot drop out of my chest pocket off a trailer face down onto pavement, my phone is still flawless, I have literally watched about 15 other phones break in the workplace and most of these people don't even carry Thier phones with them at all times, mine is always in my pocket taking a beating, gets covered in sand and dust so I wash it under the tap. This phone doesn't have proper phone cases avalible for it, you can buy a 3rd party bumper for it which I did after the first year but it's not really needed, the screen has a rubber bumper around it already and this rubber covers the back of the phone too. I highly doubt any phone can withstand the beating I've put this phone through, the only downside is it runs a bit slower than some phones and lacks pretty much any feature that isn't necessary, but I don't care, at this rate I'll have this phone for another 5 years

    • Enough human nonsense.
      Enough human nonsense.

      Sometimes cheap phones aren’t what people make them out to be. I had an iPhone 6s which I heard were kind of infamous for bending in half but you don’t know how many times I dropped it over the year. It was my first iPhone. Never broke even with the screen protector off.

  • François Caron
    François Caron

    I do like the uleFones, owning now two of them (Armor 6E and 12 5G) with a third one on the way (Power Armor 14). It's nice to have a phone that won't go berserk as soon as it gets wet or cold, but you ONLY buy them when they're about to be released. It's the only time you can get them at a reasonable price for what they offer in terms of specifications.

    • Nyhxius

      Im confused. Most phones are waterproof now so thats not a an issue. Cold? Not sure where it is you live but i've never had a phone act up cus its cold.

    • François Caron
      François Caron

      @Douglas Antunes I doubt it. Rugged phones are definitely stronger than normal phones, but glass has its limits.

    • Douglas Antunes
      Douglas Antunes

      I have Armor X5 and it falls 4 times or so a month. (I am clumsy) And the only thing that happened in a year, is that my rear camera glass broke a little bit, but it's still pretty usable. I don't know if I should buy that Poco X3, will it resist my clumsyness

  • Radio_active 121
    Radio_active 121

    Companies: UNBREAKABLE! Someone: Tests it Companies: No, that's not how you're supposed to play the game

    • Tyler mg 🇺🇦
      Tyler mg 🇺🇦

      Is that my sub count? It breaks a lot. (Not a bot ngl why am I a bot)

    • domaxltv

      I mean... These are some of the worst "rugged" design features one could think of, they just are made to look durable... Looks over functionality, just like every other "premium" phone is designed

  • GameOn

    What I learned from this video is that Arun would be a great Golf player 👌

  • Tupaici NDJEKE
    Tupaici NDJEKE

    I buy that phone knowing that that I can take reasonably good photos for a report. Phone won't crack if it falls onto concrete or sharp edges when on an industrial site or into a caustic/ acidic solution. Phones also have thermal cameras which come in handy when inspecting machinery.

  • maria wegner
    maria wegner

    Hi! I'm new to the tech community and was wondering if you could go into more depth about the phone cameras? I am especially curious since the newest iphones have 12 megapixels and they are considered amazing, so I expected 48 and 64 megapixel to be astonishing, but it doesn't seem to be the case. Can anyone explain?

  • Mastur Ch33f
    Mastur Ch33f

    I work in a warehouse and I had my OnePlus 5 on the dashboard of my forklift and it fell in front of the forklift and I didn't break in time so it did run over it. However it still works, the screen is cracked an somewhat unresponsive in certain parts but overall still works. For context on it's a smaller forklift weighing 350 kg but still impressive

  • Haziq Fawwad
    Haziq Fawwad

    *Ah, there goes my weekend plans for playing golf with phones*

    • NinjaCat Animations
      NinjaCat Animations

      *I was looking forward to that*

    • BadPiggies 9
      BadPiggies 9

      Not if you play it with a nokia… but then again that’d probably make the club spark and shatter

    • Splash

      you can still play just make sure the phonecase is BUILT BY YOURSELF OUT OF LEGO

    • Precious Chuks
      Precious Chuks


    • gtgamer


  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan

    He always somehow manages to rickroll us in every fricking video

  • Chauncy Baker
    Chauncy Baker

    I'm a cable technician, and my phone goes thru hell with me on a regular basis. Our team used to carry around the Samsung Galaxy note 5, and had them in OtterBox cases with a belt clip. It was a running joke that we'd regularly do things like throw our phone down a driveway or drop it from a utility pole when frustrated with a work order we'd gotten, but they survived perfectly unscathed. A good case is definitely worth a thousand times what any rugged phone can supply.

  • Fred Seeking Bible Truth
    Fred Seeking Bible Truth

    Ulefone is still my favorite brand. It is not just the ruggedness but the awesome battery life. I had a Ulefone Armor 3 until I did break it. I was in the hospital recently and I dropped the phone and it hit the leg of the IV machine and broke. So I recently purchased the Ulefone armor 14 which thankfully was on sale at Amazon. Anyway I like these types of phone for the battery as I like the phone lasting days on a single charge. I had a temp phone while my Ulefone 3 was dead and it only had a little less then 3000MAh battery and it felt like I had to have it plugged in all the time. You could not even go the whole day with out needing to plug it in. So it is the battery that is the reason these are my favorite phones.

  • The commenter 🗸
    The commenter 🗸

    Arun: Don't buy rugged phones Nokia 3310: Am I a JOKE to you?

  • Aayush Layane
    Aayush Layane

    Archaeologists after 1000 years : We found Arun's battery

    • Some one
      Some one

      Fossil of smartphone

    • Neeraj Dwivedi
      Neeraj Dwivedi

      @Nostalgic memories The guy who is Techrax no.2

    • Anuj Shukla
      Anuj Shukla

      @Nostalgic memories yup

    • Nostalgic memories
      Nostalgic memories

      @Chandran S his name is arun?

    • Nostalgic memories
      Nostalgic memories

      who is arun?

  • Jasmeet Malhi
    Jasmeet Malhi

    The one thing that will worry me for the rest of my life will be when Arun runs out of words. "A sub to the channel would be DIVINE"

  • Scrapyard media Madness
    Scrapyard media Madness

    First of all I want to say I love your channel you have very interesting content but sometimes I really don't understand the things you try to do or what is your hopes and getting out of these products for example this video the test that you put on these phones are super extreme like I don't care what kind of phone they are they could be the most expensive phone in the world or the best phone in the world none of them were past those tests like what you expect from these phones not breaking after hitting them with a probably what three to four pound golf club LOL scratching the surface with a cheese grinder I don't know where you live or where you come from but am I normal world nobody's phones go through those types of tests in the daily basis the most is slipping off your hand or the table and falling on the floor maybe dropping it by mistake or like you said getting scratched up by everything things from leaving it between your car seat your pocket with chains and keys minor or rather say normal stuff dropping it if anything in water but hitting it with a hammer scratching it with cheese grinders playing golf with them only in person with problems in their head with put their phones in that type of test so yes the results of these phones was meant to fail cuz I haven't seen no phone yet they can pass any of these type of tests and next time please let me have one of them there's people out here that really need a phone or wish they could get their hands any good phone no matter how cheap they are cuz it's just really hurts seeing how all these good gadgets go to waste just to prove a point if that's the case I'll give you my old phone you can put that one in the test think about it even iPhones are supposed to be the one of the best phones and I feel that there's not one person that I know that don't have a screen broken it's about every person I've known with an iPhone has broken their glass and it's the easiest thing that breaks off on a such expensive phone. Lmao 🤣

  • あぜとろす

    this is the most entertaining channel ive ever watched for 2 years now keep it up!! ^^

  • Kalle

    I wonder how a small flagship like a iPhone 13 mini or S22, would have coped with the last test since they are small and light but built with expensive and strong materials

  • Σταύρος Κατριοπλάς
    Σταύρος Κατριοπλάς

    Just imagine living in his neighbourhood and seeing a crazy person destroy five phones every week.

    • Klaidi Kamberi
      Klaidi Kamberi

      Σταυρο, I'M FROM GREECE


      while wearing swimming glasses

    • Abhiz

      lol this reminds me of howtobasic😂😂😂

    • Dak Zibbon
      Dak Zibbon

      Yeah A usual stuff for JerryRigEverything neighbours

    • Midcentury Modern
      Midcentury Modern

      Phone golf! Wait! What? 😄

  • Jared Nelson
    Jared Nelson

    Yeah, the rugged phones have some decent features like being waterproof and a large battery. Downside’s are many though…they rarely update the OS or driver's, etc. They are slow and just don’t hold up very long. I’ve had a couple of Blackview’s.

  • Kinky

    The testing of the phones with the hammer and golf club was great.... but zooming the camera in right before collision really ruined the experience. It eliminates us being able to verify you are adhering to the test regulations you put in place. How do we know you didn't change how high and hard you were swinging the hammer from ? Otherwise good video. Just some constructive criticism

  • Minimum Effort Milk
    Minimum Effort Milk

    I love watching Arun destroying phones.

  • ali abbasmoghadam
    ali abbasmoghadam

    You have to do this test on the flagships . So satisfying 😅

  • Mole

    Jerry: heats up phones and carefully removes the battery Arun: Wacks them with a golf club and they come out clean

    • 309 Safiuddin
      309 Safiuddin


  • Helga M.
    Helga M.

    These guys: "our phones are super durable, able to survive most extreme conditions!" Nokia: *hold my Nokia 3310*

  • smoke2275

    You know what I’m most curious about? What is under the floor where you did the hammer test?! I was like, oh I found your apocalypse bunker… it def need more fortification lol!

  • Tomas Lipeika
    Tomas Lipeika

    you have to do the hammer test before scratch test. Scratched glass breaks easier

  • Cal Rodriguez
    Cal Rodriguez

    You should have included your own phone to see if it is strong enough.

  • Aci

    You rubbing the phones on a cheese grater actually physically hurt

    • Rushik Kundalia
      Rushik Kundalia

      @Soham 2077 r/youngpeopleyoutube

    • Rushik Kundalia
      Rushik Kundalia


    • Danny

      He has smartphones phones for lunch

    • Laenek

      it could have been a mac pro though so it didnt hurt that much

    • Σταύρος Φαχιρίδης
      Σταύρος Φαχιρίδης

      Poor poco x3 that was my favourite affordable one😟

  • Cerpunker

    Keep up the good work your content is great!

  • CrazyPlayer51251

    CAT S41 is good, Kyocera Duraforce Pro 2 is also a very very good phone but these are sadly outdated If there would be a newer version of them with better specs and even more hardware then it would be great!

  • black Artista
    black Artista

    I see Arus send a morse code to the makers of rugged phones on the golf test for they've disappointed him 😅

  • The Clueless One
    The Clueless One

    I own a Ulefone. Yes, the camera and also the sound aren't really great. Photos not underwater are disappointing and whenever I try to make a recording (sound diary, because writing often sucks) I am disappointed. Things it's great at: relatively long battery life. I can forget to charge it for two to three days with normal use (moderatively, one to two apps in the background). I can take it bathing and listen to music and read ebooks without worrying. I don't have to worry while climbing at the river. During activities like sailing, I use a ribbon to make sure I can't lose it in deep water, but it's great to stay connected during water sports. Also interesting for me, others most likely not so much, I can take videos of my fish in their aquariums.

  • Carl Jhonson
    Carl Jhonson

    Arun in his 60's* His Grandson/granddaughter playing inthe backyard: grandpa I found these 2 black thingies in the backyard* Arun getting flashback of this video*

    • ObviouslyTriha


    • MinecraftGuy

      That would be good

    • Carl Jhonson
      Carl Jhonson

      @QHKarasu Even Better.

    • QHKarasu

      More like: Grandpa why are theres alot of phones and some weird machine in your storage place?



  • Eugeneman18

    Nokias:You dare do this! Rugged smartphones: I do dare do this!

  • Romadz Bingwaoel
    Romadz Bingwaoel

    The last test is a torture to me... At least now I know how durable they are

  • Ghost

    Rugged phones: we can take a lot of damage Nokia: **laughs with invisibility**

  • Dimitris Ntafalias
    Dimitris Ntafalias

    With a good flip cover, you're good to go, on any 2020+ phone

  • Pradyut Mallick
    Pradyut Mallick

    *Arun doing durability tests *JerryRigEverything: wait, that's illegal bro

    • The23kmaster

      Le Jerryrig:- main kya karun job chod doon

    • Cornelius Nowicki
      Cornelius Nowicki

      @meme • 1 Million years ago r/itswooooshwith4os

    • meme • 1 Million years ago
      meme • 1 Million years ago

      @OddBo1 r/woosh

    • OddBo1

      No its not illegal

    • Armin Five
      Armin Five

      Scratching at level six with diaper grooves at level seven?

  • Svetlana Voitushenko
    Svetlana Voitushenko

    I have Ulefone Armor X7 Pro, and it's really thick as well. However, I drop it frequently (IDK why, maybe because I'm clumsy) screen down, screen up, and it works as good as new. Every time.

  • sexyfishyphish

    I think you missed out on using a proper case. That would have shown a 70 dollar case would have demolished the rugged phones. I've skipped my note 8 across the street in an otterbox with 0 damage

  • TheCaptnHammer

    Please put the hammer on a swing arm (tape it to a board on a hinge) next time so the hammer drop is slightly more scientific. :). Fantastic video and channel.

  • T. Jason Kittell
    T. Jason Kittell

    When it showed the two rugged phones falling over in the snow, I jumped forward to catch them.. 😂

  • ‎

    When they said “unbreakable” I’m pretty sure they didn’t expect you to hit it with a golf club

    • Shlok Parab
      Shlok Parab

      I first thought that James (from The Action Lab) wast the only person doing crazy experiments outside I've subscribed on IRglo. Now I found that Arun the next person in my subscription list is Arun.

    • Namby Pamby
      Namby Pamby

      That's what "unbreakable" means... See what shitty advertisments have done to us?

    • ItzardGD

      @Neko Koshaichi ouhhh that's insane nice

    • Witty

      @ItzardGD karate joe (:

  • sina

    I really need a rugged Phone for my job so which smartphone do you suggest that is really rugged with strong battery?

  • Elijah Aziz
    Elijah Aziz

    I used to have a black view phone and I mean it wasnt that bad but I quickly switched over to a redmi 5a (which was like both 100x chepwer and better)

  • Shizu-san

    Imagine you claim your phone is strudy and arun goes "bring out the golf club".

  • Doomguy 1027
    Doomguy 1027

    When he was reviewing the charger we all secretly got Rick rolled

  • Orane Waldron
    Orane Waldron

    Other phone maker: Let's make a rugged phone Nokia 3310: what are those toys doing?

    • carlos delamora
      carlos delamora

      The Nokia breaks other phones.

    • BenDaNerd

      The only rugged phone we could trust

    • Josh DG Toston
      Josh DG Toston


    • John Calorino
      John Calorino


  • Laszlo Gyulai
    Laszlo Gyulai

    I have an Oukitel WP15 with 15.6 Ah battery. It last until the of the day, even with playing Ingress all day. Also about 65% left in it at the end of the day.

  • EdgyShooter

    "it takes ages to snap a shot" Shows almost immediate camera shot 😅

  • Ackwell

    Is Nokia XR20 a rugged phone or is it just made to last? I really like mine. 🤔