I bought every Galaxy Note ever.

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    The Vaulted

    This man is never gonna need to buy a Phone Charger Anymore

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      @BRIJENDRA KUMAR ishtu snzm

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      세 천사 ♥️


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      Sandhiya Kannan

      Yes billions of phones

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      suitcase gaming

      Your statement is wrong.heres why, He would need latest fast charger for latest phone 😂technology

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      its roko8250

      this man is never gonna give you up never gonna let you down

  • stringslider

    Note 3 was my favorite phone ever. Had everything I wanted. Removable battery, IR Blaster, modular build. I had it for 5 years. I was able to replace the battery, usb port and even a broken screen. Flashed the rom later on to LineageOS and got more life out of it. Note 4 would have been the pinnacle if it wasn't for the screen burn-in. Wish someone would make a Flagship with all of these features again.

    • Thomas Jensen
      Thomas Jensen

      the worst part is that most TVs still need IR remotes... so many still need that feature.

    • A N
      A N

      @Samuel Ojeda Well it worked with TVs, ait conditioners, stereos etc, like a bunch of things around the house where you have to keep multiple remotes for each one

    • Samuel Ojeda
      Samuel Ojeda

      Lol I just to remember using the ir blaster to change channels when I was at the bars or restaurants.

    • A N
      A N

      I really miss the IR Blaster. It was so useful.

  • Ville Wintermaul
    Ville Wintermaul

    Still using Note9 now... every year I look at replacing but it still never seems worthwhile. Coming on 4 years now the performance is better than when it was new. Going to wait another year now and see if the 23 ultra will be worth upgrading to eventually 😅 Note9 is truly peak Samsung... not sure if they will ever quite get back to this level.

  • D1V15OR

    Damn this hits a bit different knowing that these will forever be every note

  • Acknologia

    the iris scanning on older samsung phones was amazing, worked flawlessly

  • Kunal Aggarwal
    Kunal Aggarwal

    Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

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      Ramy Works

      @Nathan Tlanglienthang iiiii mool jjjj

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      Andrew Miller

      I swear

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      Gabriel Collett

      hes awesome, arun delivers always. powerful guy.

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  • Varun Menon
    Varun Menon

    I loved the Note edge because if I was texting or working on something and a call came in it would automatically display on the edge and not disturb the main screen where I was working. So well thought out. I could decide whether to ignore the call or answer it.

  • Chris Collins
    Chris Collins

    Note 3 was my first Note and I was hooked. All primary phones I used since then have been Note phones. Note 3, Note 5, Note 9, then went to the Google Pixel 4XL, then back to the Note 20 5G Ultra, and now I have Pixel Pro ordered. An occasional iPhone tossed in there to keep up with that ecosystem as well.

  • Matt Quintana
    Matt Quintana

    Note 2 was my first smart phone. I remember it being a damn good phone. I've never used anything but a Samsung phone since and now I'm rocking the S22 Ultra. 😎

  • OmniCloud

    So glad this was made. I started with Note 5 and loved it but shortly before Note 8 came along, it started chugging on men pretty bad with slowdown and freezing as I needed more power than it could give and, the batter wasn't good enough. I wanted to wait until the Note 9 to upgrade but, the phone performance of the Note 5 at that point drove me crazy so, I moved to Note 8. I enjoyed the Note 8 a lot and it felt like a huge jump forward but, it needed a few refinements to truly get it right. I felt that the Note 9 was what it should have been all along but ultimately was too similar so waited for the Note 10. Sadly, the Note 10+ was disappointing to me with what it lost and some of the other changes it made so, I got the Note 9 to replace my Note 8 instead. As of now, I'm 100% competent with Note 9 and feel NO need to upgrade and the peformance is still top tier. The only thing I am envious of modern phones is 120hz screens. Seeing as the Note line is on ice and they have merged its features into the main S line and also seem to be placing the Fold and Flip as its successor, I may look into those options since it's inevitable that with how I use my phones I will need the upgrade at least RAM wise (I have a 6GB Note 9 however, there is a 8GB variant), as well as have a phone with 5G support.

  • Humpy Da Whale
    Humpy Da Whale

    Man this guy throws more information in my face than an entire school text book but still never allows me to skip not even 5 seconds. The most engaging youtuber that demands the attention of his audience. So much respect for this man.

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      Choi Inha

      @TheGoldNShadow toxic people bro

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      @Ptolemy Glenn what?

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      Bezy Chris

      for real!

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      @Beam Boy qqq

  • Joel Crow
    Joel Crow

    Ill always remember the Note 4 as the first time mobile pay was functional...like 2 whole years before iPhone had it! Every cashier was blown away by it working at first.

  • DvX7

    The note series is my favorite series ever. It's in fact what made samsung so special than the other companies... Especially with their early models ,which had bigger screens than any other phone at that time.

  • MichaelEC1

    Wow! Great recap of the Note series. I started with the Note 9. I love my Notes since then. But, no mention of the headphone jack that disappeared on the Note 10 and Note 20.

  • Ayan Misra
    Ayan Misra

    I remember having the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 as my first smartphone and I still have it though it hangs many times when I try to use it but the memories of taking it out of my pocket are evergreen.

  • Skul

    I got a Note 9 when it came out (I won't lie, I just wanted the Fortnite skin), and it's become such an important phone for me. I've had it for three years now, and I've decided it was better to 1) replace the battery and 2) replace the S-pen, instead of just upgrading the phone to a newer model. I honesty have no interest in upgrading for a while, and even when I do, I'll probably get a Flip or Fold rather than a Note.

    • tareas

      The note 9 is the best phone ever maked

    • 21 Dreams
      21 Dreams

      @Foud Rabochi when?

    • Ted James
      Ted James

      @꧁*King*꧂ They ditched the earphone jack . . . I think that's why a lot of people (like me) still hang onto their note 9's. Still an amazing phone.

    • Baby Girl
      Baby Girl

      Lol, is anyone still using S8 to this day? Going strong with it for 5 years straight 😌

    • MasterMCGS

      @Nugget. #roadto500 so

  • Heera Dhillon
    Heera Dhillon

    Such a nice video, I used note 2 as my first note too and used note 3 but after that I lost count but always wondered how line up is going with when note8 launch always wondered was there even note 5,6,7 which is note edge and what’s new over older in each model, and this video answered it all.

  • Nkateko Siweya
    Nkateko Siweya

    Great review. Will you please review the added features that are in all the Notes/Note Phones such as the lift to call, swipe to dial, eye scanner while you are looking at the phone so that it does not switch off, etc. I find that the note 2 had the most additional features than any other even though most of the people probably did not even really use them, hence they started trimming down on all those tools for nerds. Most people just want these phones for social cred and basic functions (calls, WA, surfing the net, emails and social media) NB: I know I am generlising here but that's my experience.

  • GamingWithoutSanity

    I once had a Galaxy Note II, and If I'm being honest, it might be the best phone I ever had. The design, the performance, the camera, they all came down together and were well crafted to make this masterpiece of a phone.

  • Captain Marvelous
    Captain Marvelous

    The Note edge(4) was my favorite phone of all time. I loved the edge features it felt so cool and I loved the sloped side

  • Patrik Momirov
    Patrik Momirov

    God, this is my favorite video ever. Like no joke, this video is showing so much about you and your channel, it shows how much energy, thinking, time and love you put in your videos, the quality of content of this video is enormous and not just in this detailed little "reviews" of the phones themselves, but in explaining the Samsung economy thinking and Note brand making. I love watching your videos because every video is on point and your voice is awesome to listen. Keep working and doing great videos dude! Much support❤

    • Support Iranian Freedom
      Support Iranian Freedom

      You mean "much LOVE BABY"....SHEEEEEEEEEEEESH!

    • Ugo Mpamugo
      Ugo Mpamugo


    • Michael DeRosso
      Michael DeRosso

      Absolutely. I knew he had passion when I clicked on his 6G video. Just how he describes everything. To the point and understandable to casual people. Made me an instant subscriber. I will turn to his phone reviews anytime I'm weighing phone options. He has an unbelievable knowledge about not just a few companies that make cell phones but from what I have watched over the last 3 hours pretty much all cell phones. Shows he is very passionate about what he is making his video, especially seeing that he can pretty much pull up any cell phone he wants at the time and remember everything about it. His videos do not seem like they are heavily scripted.

    • Patrik Momirov
      Patrik Momirov

      @David akaolisa word is positive comment, I have agreed with his comment and said "word" meaning "well said" or "true"

    • David akaolisa
      David akaolisa

      @Patrik Momirov ??? word?

  • Reachland2

    Been using my note 9 since 2018 til now. Unfortunately the fingerprint doesn’t work anymore but the overall performance is still smooth. Sometimes it can get laggy but that doesn’t usually happen. I have no plan in upgrading it until 2025.

  • Dill Blas
    Dill Blas

    My first smartphone was a note 4. Still one of my favorite phones that I had

  • Tackyinbention

    I've been using an A8 star for like at almost 5 years and only just upgraded to a note 20, I switched to the note series for some academic stuff as well as a growing interest in drawing and design. The s pen's additional functionality is amazing and I love it

  • Aidan Hamilton
    Aidan Hamilton

    My note 4 was my favorite phone. Out of all of the phones ive ever had. That was the one that got me legitimately excited to get a new phone. Unfortunately i broke the display. Went to get it fixed and the place that fixed it messed it up and basically told me to kick rocks. So i got the s7 after that.

    • MrStrutter87

      Note 4 îs a legend!!

  • COO-CTO BioTech
    COO-CTO BioTech

    A year in the making of this historical review - this is a 10/10 for relevant information of each Galaxy and their brand's evolution in design, specification and market response. True journalistic integrity, true hard work and a lot of personal investment to make this happen. This is excellence, period. Thank you for putting this together. 1 question, now that you have all these models of Samsung: compare the phone signal reception trend. After all, while these devices are heavily resourced for entertainment and photos, they are still phones. How's the radio tech these days vs. earlier Galaxy models? How about testing phone radio reception of Samsung's models vs. close Apple approximations in different but commonly experienced reception-situations. I would like that very much - thank you!

    • ChuksK

      @tmer lmao he's ascending into a phone god

  • Soobash Daiboo
    Soobash Daiboo

    I parted company with the note series when the prices got crazy. Great work, going down memory lane.

  • ivy wee
    ivy wee

    Thank you for making this video. It feels nostalgic to see the Samsung old note series. I am a huge fan of note series and i love your videos reviews on them.

  • Sajjad Ali
    Sajjad Ali

    I'm 22 now and I've owned every single one of the series. My favorite ones were Note2, Note5 and Note20U. Currently have Note20U, and although the Camera sucks and GearVR was removed, I still love it.

  • Thomas Jensen
    Thomas Jensen

    Note 4 remains the best Samsung Galaxy Note ever made. From Note 5 and beyond the phones began loosing what I consider to be essential features

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson

    I'm surprised you didn't talk about the fingerprint sensor more, and how it can measure your heart rate, oxygen levels, and even how sweaty your finger is. I really liked using that feature to keep track of my stress and anxiety, and I was sad that they removed it. I wish there were more features like that on phones, specifically a temperature sensor so you can use your phone to take your temperature (like those infrared forehead thermometers).

    • Solara Mazin
      Solara Mazin

      I didn't know that such features existed but i\m guessing it got removed right after anouncing the S watches as a health gear

    • Yamialex224

      @BIKER WITH FORMALS that and it moved features to it's watches

    • Martin Schirmmann
      Martin Schirmmann

      FINGERPRINT SENSOR. I can't unterstand how people prefered position underneath th camera over the position next to the camera. One could get used to the position next to the camera after a week, without touching the camara. With a case that was even way easier to do. But with the position underneath the camera, there was no natural way of unlocking the phone without touching the camara! I feel like Samsung is in need of steaffastness when introducing clever solutions, just like Apple does when introducing problems and their solutions.

    • Martin Schirmmann
      Martin Schirmmann

      They stopped implementing that feature, so people would need to buy their watches.

    • Sergei S
      Sergei S

      Don't forget about IR It had before. So you can use it as remote for everything Air con Tv in the pub)) And many more Missing that a lot I had 3 models of note (i think) Note 8 9 and some older one Now pre ordered my S22ultra £16 per month o2 1 month contract 120gb data(with virgin volt) And minutes unlimited Took S22ULTRA from Samsung over 36 months 0% apr Happy about it Waiting for 25 of February delivery)

  • Ryan Goeckel
    Ryan Goeckel

    Over a year later and this video I still love. Love watching you grow Arun, keep up the best work.

    • Ryan Goeckel
      Ryan Goeckel


    • Ryan Goeckel
      Ryan Goeckel


    • Ryan Goeckel
      Ryan Goeckel

      ill stop now

    • Ryan Goeckel
      Ryan Goeckel


    • Ryan Goeckel
      Ryan Goeckel


  • Elvin Lewis
    Elvin Lewis

    The S6 Edge was my favorite. Still in love with that one.

  • Nicole Sunderhaus
    Nicole Sunderhaus

    I had Samsung Fascinate, then the S3. After that I jumped to Notes. I had the Note4, Note5, Note9, and now Note20 Ultra. I agree about the blue and yellow of the 9. However, they also made the lilac color ... Where both the pen and phone matched. That is the color I chose. I loved it. I used that phone for 3 years, unlike everything else when I upgraded after 2 years when the phone was paid off. I snagged my 20 Ultra when Verizon was running a sale on it for $999! I didn't want that $1300 price tag. I have been committed to sticking with Notes. I love them. I use the pen semi-regularly for writing and use it a bit more for camera remote! I love it! I hope that putting the pen in the S Ultra series goes well so I can still access my favorite features even though the Note lineup is going away. 🤞

  • camp0017

    Coming from the Palm/Handspring experience, Galaxy Note was a revelation for me. I had Note 1 and later 3, which served me well for almost 5 years. Sadly, later models adopted new - more "cinematic" proportions and their prices soared, so I couldn't justify buying another one.

  • Snowy

    You hit 5 mill. Let’s give Arun a round of applause real quick for the hard work. 👏 👏👏👏

    • AstroFix

      I thought his name was Aaron 😂 all this time in ignorance.

    • Crazycat the boss
      Crazycat the boss

      Round of applause!

  • Brian Zimmerman
    Brian Zimmerman

    The Note 5 was my first Samsung and I loved it. Previously I had the original Droid, then a HTC 1 Max. I had my Note 5 for 4 years and would probably still be using had I not spilled coffee on it. Typing on it was perfect for my size hands. Unfortunately, Samsung went to a narrower format with the S9 which I tried. Good phone, bad typing. I now have an S10+ and it's great, but still not the same typing experience as the Note 5. I should have gone for the Note 10+ because I've never been a fan of the curved screens.

  • watchNcarry

    Fantastic video. Thanks for all the hard work and $$$ in putting it together

  • alex garcia
    alex garcia

    I liked the 9 best. That iris and thumb scanner was 🔥

  • Tora Touchstone
    Tora Touchstone

    The note 3 was amazing imo cause it survived me( I am exceptionally hard on phones) from the time I bought it brand new till I finally sucked it up and upgraded when the note 9 came out.

  • Arup Ratan Saha
    Arup Ratan Saha

    Just imagine how much thought, effort, time, money, editing skill needed to make an awesome content like this... Impressive. Great 👍

    • Deenerick

      @King Manthan Gaming Arun Maini

    • King Manthan Gaming
      King Manthan Gaming

      Bro your name is arup so similar to him (his name is arun if you dont know)

    • Battery High
      Battery High

      In a 18 minute video, every second matters

  • VictorplaysBSS(VPB)

    i have the note 9 and my only complaint from using it is that when i play games and my hands get sweaty the screen will sometimes become unresponsive or react weirdly but that can be fixed with a screen protector i think but besides that i think its a great phone

  • CommanderTaco

    The s8 and s9 were peak samsung imo, I miss those days, they honestly have a timeless design that is just so pleasant to look at

  • Solara Mazin
    Solara Mazin

    amazing video, shows how much you loved the note series and samsung with such dedication, subscribed 👍

  • Disaster Gaming
    Disaster Gaming

    The note 9 was beast note ever. Still holding up to the 20 ultra. I now have the z fold but I wish I never switched.

  • seeesha

    " its literally taken a year for me to collect these phone's " If MKBHD had best youtuber award. It has to be given to arun ! Love you man ❤ your work is amazing ! Pure passion and dedication ❤

    • Chihiro Ogino
      Chihiro Ogino

      Both are better than Unbox Therapy lol

    • Peizxcv

      Why? Arun is a better reviewer than MKBHD

    • Jason The Drone Guy
      Jason The Drone Guy

      Love you also! Great video ever!!! ♡♡♡♡♡ thank you so much for making it!!!!

  • Willy Wheats
    Willy Wheats

    I was an xperia person but wasted too much for what they were so two weeks ago i bought the note 9 at an extreme low price and lemme tell you...its beautiful and soo smooth compared to the xperias...hell even the xz premium could not do what the note 9 does and they both have similar specs...honestly looking forward to a 10+

  • Ran Rae
    Ran Rae

    8:04 honestly I can’t help but think that Apple would’ve never survived a scandal like this unscathed, Apple would probably face way more repercussion in any scenario, and I understand people are gonna say it’s cause their stuff is so expensive, but in 2016 the note 7 started at $850 and the iPhone 7 started at $650 and the 7 Plus at $769, they were pretty expensive phones

  • Alteirs

    I had a Galaxy Note Edge, and I loved everything about it. Except the battery drain that resetting the phone and software didn't even fix. By the time I got a new phone, I couldn't even take it off the charger. Other than that, it was a beautiful phone. Now I have the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. And I love it too. So far, no problems.

  • Davy McIntyre
    Davy McIntyre

    Just bought a re certified Note 10+, absolutely love it, but it will be my last Samsung if they don't bring back user added storage options - used to rock a Note 2 for 5 years till it finally died after a reboot (known issue) - the ones between were less impressive

  • Petar Rica
    Petar Rica

    I thought when Note 9 came out that it was the perfect phone, and I still think so. With Note 10, I didn't like the punch hole, no headphone jack etc, feels like they're removing features from a phone that should (and did) everything.

    • Jason Cooley
      Jason Cooley

      You said it right my friend!

    • Rusty Mixer
      Rusty Mixer

      @TimeTech but only 10 phones even have dex, main draw for ui2.5 wifi dex. My only point is note 8 could run it.

    • TimeTech

      @Rusty Mixer at that time, Samsung didn't say anything about 3 years of update. And mind you, as I said earlier, they have too many phones to care about, and scaling the skin and OS of the phones take too much time and money. So they will rather focus on other phones that are newer.

    • Rusty Mixer
      Rusty Mixer

      @TimeTech already got security update august for s9, but note 8 only would need like 5 updates it's nothing it's powerful enough to run ui2.5 if note 9 can

    • TimeTech

      @Rusty Mixer No, they have to push out security updates and put their skin on it

  • Chris Lickorish
    Chris Lickorish

    I owned the Note 3, bought the Note Edge the day it was released and still can't bear to part with it (although it's a bit unreliable these days!). Was happy to ditch the Note 8 for the 9 which was a great phone. I now have two Note 20 ultras! (Friend sold me his as his new car integrated with apple. He's since bought a second hand 20 ultra as that integrates with his Google Assistant at home!). Sincerely hope there's a S pen and micro sd card support on the the S22 come Feb 2022.

  • Michael McChesney
    Michael McChesney

    My first flagship phone was the Galaxy S8. I traded it in and upgraded to the S10+ 2 years later. I am seriously looking at upgrading to the S22 Ultra (the spiritual successor to the Note) when it is released next month. Still, there are two features that Samsung has dropped, that I wish I could find on a flagship. They are the headphone jack and the rear fingerprint sensor. I really missed the rear fingerprint sensor when I upgraded to the S10+. My finger used to just naturally cover the sensor when I picked up my phone and it's a bit awkward to use the under screen sensor. I have wireless earbuds, but they have a habit of falling out of my ears. I sometimes just find it easier to use wired earphones. Maybe I should look into "upgrading" to a Note 9? But everyone else in my family uses iPhones. If I am going to be the lone holdout, I want a phone that is arguably better than their iPhones. Very mature of me, I know.

  • Lenzil Veeranna
    Lenzil Veeranna

    I had the note 2, 4, was going to get the 7 until it got pulled. So got the s7 edge and kept it until the note 9 came out. That note 9 has got to be one of the best phones. And I still have it today. And it still feels relevant after over 3 years. I still haven't changed the battery. And it's still as fast as the first day I got it. Don't think I will be upgrading it anytime soon, especially seeing as samsung removed the microsd card from the latest phones.

  • J P
    J P

    The note 9 was by far the best for me. I've owned them all also. Just not all at once for obvious reasons.

  • Jeremy Soo
    Jeremy Soo

    Arun probably loves that 10-arm smartphone holder more than the smartphone

    • Steve Thea
      Steve Thea

      Only thing was NO VIDEO RECORDING

    • Rudra Barot
      Rudra Barot

      I wasted my whole life thinking he is Aaron 😂

  • victoria garcia
    victoria garcia

    Aaron, You do such a great job even a non teckie like me enjoys and learns so much from your content! Thank you! Blessings and be well! Catholic Tradigal

  • John Anderson
    John Anderson

    I got my Note 9 when it just came out and have not had a need to upgrade since. It does everything I have ever wanted and never once given me even a minute's trouble.

  • Jafar Ahmed
    Jafar Ahmed

    Proudly watching on a Note8! Love your effort in your videos!

  • Mexodroid

    I used Note 3 from 2014 to 2021. Best phone ever, very customisable and robust. I now use A40 and it is so narrow it's very hard to type on it and notch feels strange.

  • Cheeseandchili

    I had the first note and the size was really huge in 2012. People asked me if I was using a wallet for phone calls and a lot of people thought the screen size was exaggerated. Unfortunately, my note died one day after the warranty expired, so that made me turn away from note phones since then.

  • Real Husi
    Real Husi

    I would call myself one of the Samsunglovers, but still didnt bought a ultra. I love the S+ series, all you need on a big phone but a bit cheaper :D The S20+ is one of the best phones on earth in my opinion

  • Vishnu Nellutla
    Vishnu Nellutla

    Now,watching this after the release of the S22 line and the end of the Note line,he really did review every Samsung Note to exist.

  • Creative La'Roi
    Creative La'Roi

    what I learn from this video is that Samsung has been inconsistent in direction, but consistent with price increase. they will add a Rush half baked feature & take it away the following year, replacing it with another rush feature for a bigger price tag than before.

  • Grant H L
    Grant H L

    This is the first tech review I'm genuinely impressed with the content and all the effort that went into it! Well done!

  • JP II
    JP II

    Not nearly enough credit given to the Note 9 in this video. It fixed all the issues of the 8, while retaining every Note feature (headphone jack, SD card, Iris scanner, oxygen reader, etc). The 9 was the last "true" Note, and regularly regarded by Note users as the peak of the class.

  • Sjaak Schulteis
    Sjaak Schulteis

    Aron, you make videos with ideas that nobody has. Brilliant. I bought a few years ago the Note 4. It was a black phone, refurbished and I loved it. But batterylife was not so good. Now after many years I was watching everything about the S22 Ultra and started comparing. Guess what.... a few days ago I bought the Note 20 5G ultra! Why? Because it's the last note and... because I can use a Micro SD card...

  • Shadow

    The note 3 was my first phone, damn the memories

  • Support Iranian Freedom
    Support Iranian Freedom

    Great presentation! I've been a Samsung Loyalist since Galaxy S3. But the Bloatware has pretty much done its job. I have no room for my own apps, docs, and pics but stupid Bixby keeps installing more Bloatware and updating without needing any permissions from the person who ACTUALLY OWNS THE PHONE BY PAYING THEM OVER $1200. And guess what!!!! hackers have realized that we have no control over these apps so they've become their favorite backdoor to wreak havoc 🤬🤬🤬 So the Note 10+ is going to be my last Samsung product. Makes me very sad.... P.s. very cool useless invention!!!🤣🤣🤣

  • pedja doktor
    pedja doktor

    Wow, your dedication to make this video is just amazing, collecting all notes, and testing them is just🔥, respect sir👏

  • Viral TechX
    Viral TechX

    Note 3 was first and last note series phone I have every bought. Phone was extraordinary in late 2014s

  • sentient

    Always dreamt of owning a Samsung note phone and now I'm watching this video on my S22 Ultra.

  • Andr3i

    My very first long term use smartphone was the Note 2, then Note 4 and Note 9 which were standouts of their generation. In between I tried the galaxy s4 and s7 Edge (for over a year) but always kept going back to Note. I've recently bought the S21 Ultra but I think I'll change to the Note 20 Ultra. The SD card and capabilities make it the most complete phone in '21 still.

    • Andr3i

      @Hats1976 why more so than the Note 20? my personal favourites were the Note 4 and 9 :)

    • Hats1976

      I have the S21 Ultra, a Note 10+ 5g and a Note 20 Ultra. The Note 10+5g is my favorite and I've had them all since the Note 3.

  • Sevelos

    I have just moved from my Note 4 to a new Z-Fold 3. The Note 4 is an awesome phone which I used for 6 years, and it was the last one from Samsung to offer a replaceable battery. Every few years I would buy a new Battery from Ali-Express for $10. Now, with the irreplaceable battery of the Z-Fold, I have put it into "save battery" mode, turned off the 120hz, charge the phone only up to 85% and do the rest of the crap in order to save battery life as much as possible. A $1700 phone that I'll have to throw away in 2-3 years when the battery dies out! Greedy Basta**s.

  • PlayAndroidGames

    Im just wondering about the periodic table on your shirt

    • Nightytime

      @chinyere uche ARgon, and SaMarium

    • TPZd10

      It spells “Sarcasm”

    • NFK-ηαναɾατηα


    • HeartOfBedrock


  • Gomer

    I've had the best experience with Note3. Used it for 5 years. Then switched to apple a bit with IPhone6. Went back to samsung for a midrange A71. Now I have S22 Ultra. Samsung gives me the best experience in a smartphone. Will be hard to switch to another phone company again.

  • Andres Chavez
    Andres Chavez

    This video was so worthy and amazing. Thanks for doing it.

  • 75ur15

    @7:57 Technically, thermal expansion and catching fire, it wasn't actually an "explosion" Edit The fe was both a use of parts, but also proof of problem. The only problem was the battery, it was proof the rest of the design was solid....and the batteries were smaller.

  • Doc Holiday
    Doc Holiday

    Purchased my Note 5 back in 2015. Still going strong and am currently watching this video on it 😊

  • Dukales23

    Still use Note 9, 3 years passed and I can tell it's a best phone I ever had.

    • opslayerdrag

      same can't deny!

    • Aurora Azorea
      Aurora Azorea

      I work with Samsung phones every day, the Note series has always been one of my favorites. I will stand till my grave that the note 9 was the last great note. #makenotesgreatagain

    • colin mckenna
      colin mckenna

      When they started sticking holes in their screen I lost interest, spoils every screen with one in it

    • sai per
      sai per

      I agree with you! note 9 is the best phone ever.

    • Nick Jefferson
      Nick Jefferson

      @Texas Mama I just received the June 2021 security update on my Note 9.