I bought every Galaxy Note ever.
With Samsung Galaxy note 20 and Note 20 Ultra upon us, and Samsung Galaxy S21 coming next year, welcome to the ultimate Samsung Galaxy Note comparison, including camera, battery, performance tests.

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  • The Vaulted
    The Vaulted

    This man is never gonna need to buy a Phone Charger Anymore

  • Skul

    I got a Note 9 when it came out (I won't lie, I just wanted the Fortnite skin), and it's become such an important phone for me. I've had it for three years now, and I've decided it was better to 1) replace the battery and 2) replace the S-pen, instead of just upgrading the phone to a newer model. I honesty have no interest in upgrading for a while, and even when I do, I'll probably get a Flip or Fold rather than a Note.

  • Jackie Johnson
    Jackie Johnson

    I'm surprised you didn't talk about the fingerprint sensor more, and how it can measure your heart rate, oxygen levels, and even how sweaty your finger is. I really liked using that feature to keep track of my stress and anxiety, and I was sad that they removed it. I wish there were more features like that on phones, specifically a temperature sensor so you can use your phone to take your temperature (like those infrared forehead thermometers).

  • Huma Khan
    Huma Khan

    Brilliant and to-the-point. I didn’t want to miss a beat, considering I’ve been a Note fan and connoisseur since 2010. The visual comparison makes the Note journey so much sweeter. Thank you!

  • Humpy Da Whale
    Humpy Da Whale

    Man this guy throws more information in my face than an entire school text book but still never allows me to skip not even 5 seconds. The most engaging youtuber that demands the attention of his audience. So much respect for this man.

  • stringslider

    Note 3 was my favorite phone ever. Had everything I wanted. Removable battery, IR Blaster, modular build. I had it for 5 years. I was able to replace the battery, usb port and even a broken screen. Flashed the rom later on to LineageOS and got more life out of it. Note 4 would have been the pinnacle if it wasn't for the screen burn-in. Wish someone would make a Flagship with all of these features again.

  • Kunal Aggarwal
    Kunal Aggarwal

    Even Samsung couldn't have done this comparison better than this guy.

  • CMUK

    I'm a critical bugger at times, but I have nothing but praise for this channel. This dude has a voice from a hypnotherapy app, no pushy BS, no ad roll to destroy the videos at every talking point. Informative, and helpful, but above all really clever guy. Sub well earned. Morenlike this guy please.

  • Sandy Brown
    Sandy Brown

    I don't know of anyone else that has done a video like this!! I have been a Note loyalist since they came out.. And I LOVED watching you go back through each one, it was like a walk down memory lane for me!! So I appreciate that you spent the time, money and energy gathering them all up!! Thanks for that!! You've made a subscriber out of me 👍

  • V-CREST - BV
    V-CREST - BV

    Great presentation! I've had a Note 1,2,3,9 and my wife now has a 20 ultra. We've been pleased with the progress made by Samsung. I ran a small business from a note 3 for over 2 years. I'm retired with my 9 now, but waiting for the note 22 or 30 depending on the number system.

  • Brian E
    Brian E

    man that's an amazing collection -- all new in the box!? That must have taken some time and effort, nice work!

  • 표승현


  • Neel B
    Neel B

    "Samsung didn't take this Ultra name lightly, like some other companies who just slap pro at the end"

  • m h
    m h

    Can we just appreciate that he has a countdown timer for the comparison 🙌

  • Atul Chhabra
    Atul Chhabra

    Well I appreciate the amount of effort that went into making this video. Also, quite an exhaustive study on the note lineup to highlight the key points across the series. Enjoyed the analysis. Cheers!

  • K B
    K B

    I love this video. It gives me so much nostalgia! I've had every note from the 1st to the note 9. I haven't upgraded in a couple years, but I've got my eye on the z fold now!

  • Omegasys

    Everybody out here praising this man for his quality reviews and I'm here wondering how the hell he got all these phones brand new in box

  • Warren Rawlings
    Warren Rawlings

    Love note 2! The Note 5 upset me (for the price - they made me mad when they got rid of the external battery and was that the year they got rid of the SD card? They also got rid of the IR Blaster to act as a remote control to everything in your house!). My note 8 broke - but it was better than any phone my contemporaries had and I WISH I paid for the screen replacement- instead, I got a new phone...

  • Patrik Momirov
    Patrik Momirov

    God, this is my favorite video ever. Like no joke, this video is showing so much about you and your channel, it shows how much energy, thinking, time and love you put in your videos, the quality of content of this video is enormous and not just in this detailed little "reviews" of the phones themselves, but in explaining the Samsung economy thinking and Note brand making. I love watching your videos because every video is on point and your voice is awesome to listen. Keep working and doing great videos dude! Much support❤

  • Michael Daquino
    Michael Daquino

    I still use my Note 8 and I will continue to do so. Over 3 years and it's still amazing.