24 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.

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    Apologies for the late upload (And slightly wonky audio in this - I'm working on it!) But do let me know if you're enjoying this Inventions series! 🔥 The NEXT Inventions episode is OUT NOW: irglo.info/from/pNiFb2Vzl7zMhYU/fy-lm-h-y.html To check out the previous Inventions Episode: irglo.info/from/dMtliYpka6afcmg/fy-lm-h-y.html

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      Clash Mini

      Third thumd is fake 😡😡

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      er du dansk????

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      Jude O'Reilly

      where do you get CLICBOT

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      Naeel Asher

      What model phone are you holding on the end of the video

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      raul munguia

      U should apologize for recommending the facet lights u goober

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    When android directly sponsors you, you know you are very special and loved

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      @donkey kong no

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      @NIPR (Bmw_210)y not apple

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      @Shaik Fahad who says that In 2022?

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    Lilly Alves

    You know you’ve made it when a brand as big as ANDROID sponsors you. Congrats Arun!!!!

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  • Archer

    Love love love the phantom chess, definitely going to have to look into that one! The ghost pacer sounds pretty awesome as well especially for those days your not feeling 100% but still want to train.

    • EMiN3M

      You can also check out square off board

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    logan bursick

    This man made everything seem so simpler when it really ain’t id want him as my teacher in a class for sure , kept me focused thru the whole thing as well😂💯

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    i can feel technology starting to become pretty crazy in recent years. we're living in the future

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    Next week: "This video is sponsored by: _The Internet,_ it's got all kinds of stuff, hang around to learn more."

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      @SSJ58 PS no.

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      Next month:this video is sponsored by:every social network.Find out more with any social network you have

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      @Witcher Gaming Lol ok since he did not want to subscribe can you?

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  • OnsWesleyy

    I've been using Airup for more then a year, and its pretty amazing, love it!

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    hansi's corner

    Thank you sir for keeping you class high on your videos. I love the soft voice and great scripting. You must spend a ton of time making this... Respect from Norway

  • Sjaak Schulteis
    Sjaak Schulteis

    This VR app blync looks interesting, but I think the one from Holofit (you can connect any fitness machine) is more interesting. The Reevo e-bike is very interesting.... a friend of mine have been talking about it.... it costs between 2000 and 3000 USD.... it is a beauty!

  • Derek Deaton
    Derek Deaton

    That Ghost pacer is genius. I remember how good I got on the older Mario kart games from racing my ghost. Epic to see someone bring that to life

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    If Arun ever has to write a resume he could simply start with "sponsored by Android" and get instantly hired everywhere.

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      Breenseaturtle Gaming

      @Channing Plays he used the inspect function to change the limit (the glitch is patched)

    • Breenseaturtle Gaming
      Breenseaturtle Gaming

      @Junypop he used the inspect function and changed the limit the trick is patched now

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      Kenechukwu John

      Hi just wanna be your friend, if you don’t mind

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      Dishant Seth

      @Destiny Awaken You're just some random conspiracy theorist, dude. AI is nowhere even remotely close to have any chance whatsoever of even taking over a regular smart house, much less the entire world. What's your source on Elon Musk's quotes anyways?

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    Johnathan Thomas

    That automatic touch screen is a 10/10 you’re insane

  • PaddyBruh

    I used to have one of those glowing faucets and it was 👌

  • Jem Leighton-Scholes
    Jem Leighton-Scholes

    i love that we are trying to make mounted bikes that adjust difficulty to make it like you are actually riding and then also bikes that adjust power so there is no change in difficulty despite slope haha

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    Aabhash Sao

    Can the artificial human thing reproduce I'd love to buy one for myself

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    Dr Phiney

    Arun is the kind of teacher to say : nice essay, then gives a 3/10

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      FR LMAOOO I loved those LEDs on the tap but they got a 3 :(

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      Glider Trio

      “Hey this essay is really good and you did a good job but because everyone else did way better you get a D”

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    You will be rick rolled by Arun in every single video he has made 😂

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    I could binge-watch your videos all day.👌👌👌

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    Thanks 🙏 I appreciate.the time you put into your videos

  • The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer
    The Blue Phoenix: Captain Gamer

    That bio gas tent is a fire hazard. Probably more dangerous because it's explosive as well.

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    Arun: Does a sponsored segment for Android Also Arun less than a second after: "Check out this other video praising another OS that rivals android"

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      @3VIL IS GOOD&GOOD IS 3VIL i don't actually think so, if youre sponsored live in the uk you have to put it all over your video, here the only sponsored thing is Android at the end

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      Tashfin Shakeer Rhythm

      @shortranga You are trying to mean what? I am having difficulties, so explain if u don't mind :3

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      @Tashfin Shakeer Rhythm and? It still means Android doesn't make anything off it

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      @3VIL IS GOOD&GOOD IS 3VIL he’s only sponsored by android. He’s making good videos so the videos do well and he makes money

  • Kirk Bond
    Kirk Bond

    Ahhh, too bad most of these are either still in the Kickstarter stage, or just experimental technology. There are many ideas here I'd absolutely love to add to my life. Still, thank you for sharing these new ideas with 6.5+ million people!

  • Jordana Basham
    Jordana Basham

    I’m legally blind so I definitely appreciate all the tech advances to help!

  • MrCat (Sub to Vadym1421)
    MrCat (Sub to Vadym1421)

    This video really makes me want to buy these products!

  • Aaron Mcroodle
    Aaron Mcroodle

    The faucet idea would be very useful for somebody that has no feeling in their hands or don't feel pain or something it's rare but could be useful for those people

  • Geek Abhishek
    Geek Abhishek

    This video blew my mind amazing content as always 🔥

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      Serbiagaming IsCool

      @Lopez Lopez some of them do exist, ofc not all

    • trinity372

      @dixib which are the garbage ideas? I think it’s a matter of perspective. That water container is awesome and I will buy it at the first opportunity.

    • dixib

      @Dhruv Hegde It's entertaining, I'm not arguing that, but it's bad ideas. There's a couple of good ones but most of them are garbage.

    • Dhruv Hegde
      Dhruv Hegde

      @dixib You don't know good content if it hit you in your face

  • Lcoq19

    He's like an excited little kid and it's adorable! 😆😂 some pretty cool inventions, I must say, but if you really want to train to be good at doing a whole lot of things that generally require 2 hands with just one, might I recommend a clingy baby or toddler, particularly whilst sick or teething! I'm rather... let's call it "top heavy"...yet I can get down my icy steps and across the equally slick and icy driveway with a 40lb toddler (clinging to whatever toys I didn't feel like fighting with him to leave at home) on one hip, a backpack diaper bag, and purse and have car keys accessible in the other hand with my only "cheat" being hitting the fob's "unlock" button before picking him up to walk out! 😂 Okay, I do have one other "cheat", I suppose, and it's come in quite handy: since coming to live with me at 14 months old, I noticed, like many kids, when distracted, he had a tendency to lean to the front, back, or side. Early on, I started him with the "sit up, please!" request, the first few times using my hand to gently straighten his posture. It's really a good key to our success because keeping as much weight close to my trunk/center as possible affords us the most stability! But if you come across a back-/shoulder-saving gadget to carry heavy toddlers, reduce the strain on the adult doing the carrying, keep the "load" close to the carrying person's center for balance, and in a relatively compact package, I'm totally sold!! 😳😂 it'll be my luck I'll find such a solution when he's too big for it! 🤦🏻‍♀️😂

  • Leonardo Sciolis
    Leonardo Sciolis

    As a chess enthusiast, this video really spoke to me. Well done!

  • Rondo Cat
    Rondo Cat

    Much better then other "new gadgets" videos I have seen :) But getting my screen full of finger prints on my retina display on my MBP from using it as a touch screen is not my idea of fun...

  • Vincent Hartzell
    Vincent Hartzell

    I'd rather have a whole extra arm but that might be heavy unless it was extremely light and had a fourth "arm" for support. Wonder how that'd work.

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    When you're such a good IRglor that android sponsors you, absolute legend

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      @Kim Jong-un it is indeed KJU (Kim Jong Un)

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      Kim Jong-un

      Hey mejda, is that me in your profile pic???

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      Conner Wine

      @That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin that's i.possibme

    • That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin
      That One Guy From Teen Titans Who is Really Robin

      The funniest part is he made a video a little before this one explaining why he switched to iPhone haha I'm surprised they still sponsored him

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      Kyle Milford

      @xbox 123 what 😳😳 haha they both are more than good enough tbh

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    Mohamed Sami

    Watching your channel makes me realize that black mirror writers were right all along... 10 outta 10!

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    JCM EvolvE

    this dude is the Gordon Ramsay of tech💯

  • Shalin Clements
    Shalin Clements

    For the tooth brush thing the blue light was actually advertised to clean your mouth along with the tooth paste :)

  • Squishy The Vampire
    Squishy The Vampire

    Imagine how useful number 2 would be for people who have lost a digit. You'd no longer have to lose a toe. 😃

  • Dhruv Hegde
    Dhruv Hegde

    At this rate, in 5 years, Arun will be featuring Rick Astley in his videos.

    • Last seen
      Last seen

      @Dhruv Hegde but but why- 😅

    • Dhruv Hegde
      Dhruv Hegde

      @Last seen Yea

    • Last seen
      Last seen

      Isn't your pfp the python symbol?

    • Shivam Sharma
      Shivam Sharma

      @Valery don't disrespect it

  • Bartolomeo

    Arun: for the longest time laptops and computers haven’t had a touchscreen Lenovo: *allow me to introduce myself*

  • Rogerdog 13
    Rogerdog 13

    If we can just minimize the biogas tent we could straight up have back to the future

  • iluminattipa

    4:26 At least here in spain, we have those bins since a lot of time ago, they are exactly like this but they have a 90° lid so you cannot fall inside, they have a capacity of probably more than my living room and they are in most cities here. Idk

  • Colorful skys
    Colorful skys

    You know your an insane youtuber when you get sponsored by android

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    Arun : Why I moved to iPhone . Android: okay we’ll sponsor him anyway.

    • MSPmateja

      @Guy Sandler not true,almost every android gets updates for 2 years and very few get for 3 years

    • Indigo

      @Mr.Mercury I wont say that apple sucks, but as someone not from a first world country, its difficult to me to compare xiaomi/huawei/samsung to apple, when my user experience has been better in those other companies' devices. many commodities that apple offer werent avaliable at the time and as such, as a former apple user it was a quite terrible experience to see your 6+'s camera stop working just cause, which was a factory defect and i wasnt able to change the model since i didnt live in the us. or battery issues on the macbook and ipod nano, or loosing support on ipads, those things.

    • Hampter

      @Maciek2846 yeah but the iphone 11 and the older excluding X, Xs Xs max have a trash screen

    • Hampter

      @BedoTFD not bad battery life bad battery health battery life is good at first but after a few months they are trash

    • Hampter

      @Mr.Mercury yeah that is a huge misconception but iphones do loose battery health quite quickly because most have a tiny battery capacity.

  • John Doe
    John Doe

    8:24 I'm ex military, and I can promise you that there is no piece of tech that can make you think you are in an actual warzone. Virtual reality isn't comparable......

  • Trix Stix
    Trix Stix

    I wonder if that self sealing bin has a feature to detect the difference between a hand vs a dog head, because if not my dogs would have a field day with it 🥲

  • ecastag

    A robot pet... what I always dreamed of...

  • Viola Dean
    Viola Dean

    The bio gas thing is pretty silly considering most landfills, at least here in the US near any major city are already doing some sort of methane extraction from the waste.

  • techFAUX

    Arun : Sponsored by Android Also arun : 20:25 Checkout android’s biggest threat video 😂

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      @xbox 123 🧢

    • Samin

      @zylSON no u😘

    • zylSON

      @Samin no u😘

    • Samin

      @zylSON no u

    • zylSON

      @Samin no u

  • Alex TheAmethyst
    Alex TheAmethyst

    That moment when you realize all your life savings will soon be home on a smart trash bag and a literal rocket skate

  • Rehan Imran
    Rehan Imran

    "AI is far more dangerous then nuclear war" - Elon musk

  • Simple Guitar Lessons With Alex!
    Simple Guitar Lessons With Alex!

    Even if you forget the gadgets and just watch you and your wonderful personality made my day! And my day was bad today. Thank you for making me smile with your wonderful productions! Definitely Hollywood material, I don’t have to tell you to keep it up because I know you will, you’re amazing!

  • Drama Queen Naba
    Drama Queen Naba

    I don’t even watch anything about technology I saw this guy one time pop up on Snapchat and I’ve been hooked ever since

  • Animalkaiserina

    Everything has their match Yin - Yang Sword - Shield Gun - Bullet Arun - Rick Astley

    • Guy With an Opinion
      Guy With an Opinion

      @YELOH and why not just parry and block with the sword already in your hand

    • Guy With an Opinion
      Guy With an Opinion

      @YELOH my English brain is off rn cause it’s 3 in the morning, tf did you just say?

    • YELOH

      @Guy With an Opinion A Object that Reflects The Damage of a object hit of the acceleration of Speed the object Sharp Edges collides with the object and Breaks the connection of the atoms (Ahh yes the correct way)

    • Guy With an Opinion
      Guy With an Opinion

      Totally being picky but I don’t think a shield is necessarily a swords match

  • Smirnova Maria
    Smirnova Maria

    I have dumbbells like those! I've had them for more then 20 years, actually. I had no idea that they were new cool tech though! Little stamp on them doesn't state the factory that made them, but tells me that they were "made in USSR"


    The art of turning commercials to content well done sir profitable and fun big up

  • GhostLad

    Your videos are amazing 👏 great work

  • The demon under your bed
    The demon under your bed

    This man can rick roll us ANY VIDEO -

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    The way Arum presenting his videos is so entertaining that you'll not skip a sec.

    • DextanTrund

      @cheezykrainer damn that's harsh

    • cheezykrainer

      @CozmicPlayz Games sponsor part, I exit.

    • DextanTrund

      @CozmicPlayz Games u can't do that, that's also interesting 🥺

    • CozmicPlayz Games
      CozmicPlayz Games

      me skipping the sponsor part: 🗿

    • cheezykrainer


  • Friday Californiaa
    Friday Californiaa

    Damn, this NEON thingy is amazing


    Where can I buy the phantom chest? Is amazing 👏

  • Shannon biancardi
    Shannon biancardi

    “There the only company to do this with weights” different ones that are better and cheaper in my house😢

  • roach raider
    roach raider

    That last one makes me want to ask one question. How do we really know that there aren't people out there that look just like these characters? Just like how there are random people out there that look like videogame characters when those characters are either loosely based on a real person or just made up entirely by some people in an office or studio.

  • Dhanush Munasinghe
    Dhanush Munasinghe

    Arun is growing insanely fast even Android can't miss him.

  • Aiden Bagshaw
    Aiden Bagshaw

    “It can brush your teeth in ten seconds.” Bold of you to assume that I already don’t.

  • Thomas Mccown
    Thomas Mccown

    Thanks brother for all your amazing work 🙏!!!! Your videos are informative and enjoyable to!!!!!!!""" And I hope that you will continue to make videos for the unforeseeable future!!!!!" God bless you my friend!!" And God bless you all today 🙏 Shalom

  • portalguy

    Is it just me or the bestest tech invention was probably the extra thumb.

  • Hart Planet
    Hart Planet

    Phantom Chess would look awesome encased in a glass table.

  • FavoriteTechX

    If Arun had his own Netflix series, it would be insane

    • Shamiha Hossain Zara
      Shamiha Hossain Zara

      @Virgin forever 🅥 yep I saw it on Mr beast channel

    • AzPenacilla TT
      AzPenacilla TT

      @Mahir Shahriar true

  • Dan & Mat 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘭
    Dan & Mat 𝘊𝘩𝘢𝘯𝘯𝘦𝘭

    13:00 ...and no one will be able to put a spoke in the wheel anymore 😂

  • Didthathurtjr

    The hello x2 looks cool but the internet isnt really helping does anyone know if its public yet or its release date?

  • Anchorman: Egypt Ian Wallace
    Anchorman: Egypt Ian Wallace

    Did anyone notice that Arun's toes have smart nails ? 💅

  • Kanishk Jaiswal
    Kanishk Jaiswal

    The only thing that fascinated me is arun's presentation style, and phantom board yea phantom board, its awesome o_o

  • The sweaty noob
    The sweaty noob

    I need to know who could afford that 6k electric bike it’s awesome but damn that price

  • Null Shock
    Null Shock

    The third thumb looks like a real begining of the future of fully functional prosthetic limbs.

  • Hugo Lundström
    Hugo Lundström

    Imagine having an AI lawyer 💀

  • Sami

    I love how number 23 is just a normal led light and I have one in my bathroom

  • Rahan Talukder
    Rahan Talukder

    I love how his sponsorships went from vpns to meals you can make in minutes to literal *ANDROID*

    • Bandana Saikia
      Bandana Saikia


  • spookilyookily

    OMG LOL we used to have a glowing shower head, what a silly feature. Yes, it let us know if the water was hot but it would take forever to changed, by which time your skin is already peeling 😂

  • Ozzy

    "thermo plastic sealing technology" 😂 these companies need to chill

  • Lindsey Wallis
    Lindsey Wallis

    Those air-up bottles are really popular in my school. Pretty much everyone in my class has one except me :,)

  • Lily Ghost
    Lily Ghost

    That lite thing for the tap we actually have that is quite cool