24 HOTTEST Inventions that will change your Life.
24 of the HOTTEST inventions of all time, with each one hotter than the last 🔥
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Apologies for the late upload (And slightly wonky audio in this - I'm working on it!) But do let me know if you're enjoying this Inventions series! 🔥

  • PowerTrain

    When android directly sponsors you, you know you are very special and loved

  • Pet russian man
    Pet russian man

    When you're such a good IRglor that android sponsors you, absolute legend

  • merajuddin sabir
    merajuddin sabir

    You're my fav tech reviewer Arun, really like your non traditional variety videos, usually packed with heaps of info. Appreciate the research and effort you put in.. kudos !!

  • Michael O
    Michael O

    The bio gas thing is pretty silly considering most landfills, at least here in the US near any major city are already doing some sort of methane extraction from the waste. On that scale its much cheaper and efficient. Between the energy this thing uses for the compressor and the materials needed to build it, you are very likely not going to break even hydrocarbon wise for decades and I doubt the rubber will even last that long in the sun year over year. More concerning is you are also essentially making a bomb if any amount of oxygen is allowed in to mix with the methane.

  • Chocolate king
    Chocolate king

    “Why would a blind person have glasses?” had me dead 💀🤣

  • M B
    M B

    There's alot of content like this out there, but I find you to be both engaging and entertaining. 10/10 for you sir.

  • North of the Border
    North of the Border

    Next week: "This video is sponsored by:

  • Terrance Ragland
    Terrance Ragland

    This guy's voice and presentation are 💯

  • ur mum
    ur mum

    I love the way he just throws some extremely expensive stuff.

  • Nithin

    the bike one is actually amazing because once you do physically demanding exercise the reality kind of blurs and it becomes really immersive

  • Caroline Kcenich
    Caroline Kcenich


  • Abhishek Sondal
    Abhishek Sondal

    Really this guy is damn good at what he does. I don't care about any tech related stuff but I don't know why I keep watching this channel.

  • techFAUX

    Arun : Sponsored by Android

  • Nick Dim
    Nick Dim

    Dude, i really expect the day where Aerogel will be cheap for everyone!

  • Davies Bosire
    Davies Bosire

    I like how he has shown the cats growth progress between the current Next-level Inventions episode and the previous

  • Element : Rainbow
    Element : Rainbow


  • Munch Moo
    Munch Moo

    "I'm so passionate about fruit" had me laughing and it wasn't even 30 seconds in lol

  • Trunkuza Greywords
    Trunkuza Greywords

    For number 13 (I think it was): should we be assuming that you mean "traditional laptops and computers that don't already include touchscreen capability", and not something more like "overall, laptops and desktops aren't able to use touchscreen technology," which a listener could infer? I'm asking because both my college and my university has had touchscreen desktop monitors in their art labs for nearly a decade, and the last two laptops I've gotten in the past half-decade have had touchscreen capability already built into the cover panel -- much better and easier to use than the older USB drawing tablet technology were for artists, as one would actually using the screen to draw instead of guessing where the pointer is or relying on the cursor movement to see where they are on the screen.

  • Monterey

    Arun : Why I moved to iPhone .