Dear Apple.
Dear Apple, here is what everyone wants on future iPhones! (iPhone 13, iPhone 14 etc) 👌
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

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    • Achyut Kumar
      Achyut Kumar

      2:13 SIRIUSLY?

    • PS

      Im against all of your points Arun, as I can debate why those things are good 📈📈

    • medokn


    • Doc Brown
      Doc Brown

      Dear Apple, I'm waiting on Tesla's phone

    • Casual Potato
      Casual Potato

      I would get a rhinosheild case but they dont have the s6/s7 with an actual case and just a screen protector

  • techFAUX

    Disclaimer - Apple was also rickrolled by Arun

    • Double 1-80
      Double 1-80

      This got more likes than Aruns comment

    • MinecraftGuy


    • 𝒮𝒽𝒶𝒷𝒾𝓃𝒶 𝒩𝒶𝒶𝓏 ☆
      𝒮𝒽𝒶𝒷𝒾𝓃𝒶 𝒩𝒶𝒶𝓏 ☆

      @Jericho Sotardodo same

    • RC car mania
      RC car mania

      I know

    • GamerSpy16

      I have seriously never been rickrolled ever

  • Mark Linsenmann
    Mark Linsenmann

    Apple already put a fingerprint sensor into the iPad air last year. It was great! Why not give the users the option of both? This would definitely be an appreciated feature by myself and I'm sure many others. Especially during the pandemic as you said Arun.

    • ScarletGhost

      Because it's Apple. They provide useful features in an inverse proportion to sales of that particular product..

    • VavrMar

      Because it is an Apple? And they don't care about your opinion? And always act like they're the one which will tell you what is your opinion? :D

  • •MC  SSG  999•
    •MC SSG 999•

    Apple actually can get as the same level as all the other Android phones or even better if they listen to their user ideas. I highly agree on Arun's opinion

  • Kyle Le Dot Net
    Kyle Le Dot Net

    I wish I saw this video before I bought the 13... the swiping up after face ID is really really annoying.

    • Muhammad Haris Bin Munir
      Muhammad Haris Bin Munir

      @FunnyPlayz how ?

    • FunnyPlayz

      iOS 15.4 solves this problem

    • MorningstarTV

      Oh yeah- and the battery sucks after turning on FaceID

    • I'm getting Old
      I'm getting Old

      @joe you can set the always on display to whatever is best for you.... for example time, notifications etc or let the time (or whatever you care about) come up when you tap anywhere on the screen without unlocking the phone. Of have it completely off. The choice is all yours

    • Muhammad Haris Bin Munir
      Muhammad Haris Bin Munir

      @joe well android gives you a liberty to switch it off, besides my phone had the option of swiping up or not after face unlock. Android gives you all the options. Iphone you are bound to what company sets for you.

  • Moritz Friebe
    Moritz Friebe

    I personally love that my phone doesnt unlock until i swipe up, becuase I use the hidden notifications. Without the swipe there wouldnt be a difference between checking your notifications and fully unlocking your phone. But I see how having it as an option would be nice for people who dont hide their notifications

  • Shri Sadurshan Kathiresan
    Shri Sadurshan Kathiresan

    Apple: interesting... Let's not add any of the points he said

    • MagicalMeli


    • Julian Mostowski
      Julian Mostowski

      Is no one gonna talk about how apple Assad Face ID with a mask?

    • dastickman

      they did add the face id thing, in ios 15 when you use face id on the lockscreen it automatically opens

    • Fluffy cow
      Fluffy cow

      Except the face id with mask

    • Smartydude727


  • whatsarish

    I love how this video is packed full of improvements & also a few adjustments or tweaks THAT Apple could've done better at. Not forgetting including chargers, earphones used AS "saving the planet", when purchasing an Apple phone. I also loved how he used Samsung which he featured 😄

  • Henry Butz
    Henry Butz

    Awesome channel which has become my go-to source for sincere reviews. I love Apple's phones, but the lack of a USBC port, LED message notification, and headphone jack kept me from buying the iPhone mini to replace the greatest phone ever designed, my aging Samsung Galaxy S8. The fact that existing lightning cable users will have to ditch their accessories to buy USBC ones, if Apple changes it, is not a strong argument. Cables and accessories become lost and broken over time, especially the Apple branded ones i.e. they have a limited lifespan anyway. Apple is clinging onto its licensing fees for cables which would be lost if they adopted USBC. This is consistent with Apple only doing things which makes more profit for Apple. While the ports on their mini's and laptops change annually, we will never see a USBC connector on iPhones unless they are compelled to change it.

  • Paige

    I love this guys reviews and insight. I usually hate tech videos, but he helped me decide if I wanted to try android or stick with iPhone etc

  • Rose Voodo
    Rose Voodo

    The only issue with having a fingerprint scanner in the power button would be cases that cover it and not having the cover of the power button would look unappealing.

    • Ben

      Under screen ?

  • mrwhotheheck

    So basically for Apple to crush Android, It has to become ANDROID.

    • mrwhotheheck

      @Kavvay Verma but knowing isn't "being"

    • Kavvay Verma
      Kavvay Verma

      To defeat your enemy, you must know your enemy

    • mrwhotheheck

      @totallyrad ikr😂

    • totallyrad

      @Ang woah lol

    • totallyrad

      I think it's hilarious that for the LONGEST time, people were hating on android users (people, meaning apple users), and now look, a 1k phone isn't good enough so the apple users who say apple is bOriNg switch to og android

  • Tijan Kusačić
    Tijan Kusačić

    Also one really important feature Apple needs to add is specific custom app locks, like photos, or Messenger, Whatsapp with a digit pattern.

  • Eugene

    The customization options could probably be included in some way similar to the Android developer options or easter eggs. Such that just the more tech savvy people would think it's worth accessing them.

  • Ojas Sabherwal
    Ojas Sabherwal

    For the 3rd problem, they could add 2 ports, 1 lightning and 1 usb-c, Both can be used simultaneously and they can make their charging speeds increase

  • Alex Moores
    Alex Moores

    The battery notification thing really gets me when driving. I almost always have google maps up in a road-legal holder, and the thing covers half the screen and won't go away on its own. I just end up relying on audio instructions until I get to a red light or something so I can close it. Seems like a massive oversight

  • red jake
    red jake

    This guy is a national treasure to technology, keep him safe.

    • Night Owl
      Night Owl

      @Faraaseq You shouldn't apologise, there's nothing offensive about your comment, some people look for racism when it's not there.

    • Faraaseq

      @kryptoniteee oh ok sorry bro never realize the comment section in these.videos get toxic

    • kryptoniteee

      @Faraaseq I hope you do not see the comments I have seen. Many people saying many hurtful things. I do not want to repeat such things.

    • Faraaseq

      @kryptoniteee What..???? Is racist about this comment section 😐

  • ZiNG

    Apple makes people buy new phones by designing their battery-life to be borderline "ok". It literally is a carefully balanced design decision, to shorten the lifespan of each product so you have to buy their new ones.

  • Flo N.
    Flo N.

    I absolutely love all the different options on my android (Huawei P10 lite). I can kinda loose myself in different options, because I love it!

  • SJ Bulseco
    SJ Bulseco

    I was really looking forward to Samsung's(exynos/amd) SoC but when it came out I was really disappointed. So I got rid of my S20 and bought a 13 thinking it would be perfect since I own a macbook. Returned it after 2 days and got a Poco F3 😂 iOS is just too limiting. And those small things mentioned by Arun really annoyed the hell out of me.

  • Ollie Williams
    Ollie Williams

    • 0:00 - Intro • 0:27 - Smooth Design • 0:58 - Apple Arcade • 2:12 - Siri-ous • 3:14 - Live Wallpapers • 4:17 - Lockscreen • 6:28 - Icon Packs • 8:21 - Fingerprint Scanner • 9:02 - USB-C • 10:31 - Fun Camera • 12:10 - Battery

  • Samuel Okunomo
    Samuel Okunomo

    I actually love his general analysis of specific problems while still giving respect to apple and reverence to the good features. Nice work man.

    • Zach J
      Zach J

      I think his story is pretty common though, a lot of people are lured over to Apple by the promise their product shows. Unfortunately, and I do hear this frequently, Apple consistently fails to live up to their own potential. Apple's features are there to lock customers into their ecosystem, not to improve the customer's experience. Most of the time these goals are indistinguishable from one another. But it's clear that when they're not in alignment Apple is choosing to make their customer's experience worse to maximize their profits. I personally don't have a problem with their business model, ethically speaking anyway, but I'd never willingly submit myself to that experience. Why pay premium price for only an above average experience? A product artificially being held back from it's potential?

    • Techyguy

      Definitely agree with that.

    • joshentertainment 2
      joshentertainment 2

      The sixth argument i don't really care about

    • Ville Niemi
      Ville Niemi

      Totally agree. It is not actually that easy to consistently be that constructive when giving a list of perceived shortcomings. Good work. Especially liked the USB-C part. Lots of people in the tech space seem to just assume that the proprietary connector must be some kind of money making scheme and not switching to USB-C must be due to greed. Just a brief mention that Apple does have a reason they give and it isn't nonsense is fairer than most and he does it when he is actually arguing Apple should do the opposite. Only real complaint I had was that he is undersestimating the difficulty of adding options and customizability while maintaining clean UX. But I think everyone who is into tech and hasn't specifically run to that problem does that. We could deal with more complex UX easily, so the issues are kind of invisible to us.

  • Kari Vi Britannia
    Kari Vi Britannia

    I agree wholeheartedly especially with the limited customization, not having T9 dialing, still using lightning connectors

  • Dylan White
    Dylan White

    I’ve never used T9, and genuinely never see it being useful for me. And apple definitely does allow keyboards to be bigger and add a number row.

  • david murray
    david murray

    I love the sharp edges. My favourite form factor was the 5s. The rounded edges just feel plasticy and cheap.

    • Samuel Jacobs
      Samuel Jacobs

      Thank you 😂

  • Signpost

    I hope that Apple sees this, you make tons of good points.

  • hafiz sehbaan abbasi
    hafiz sehbaan abbasi

    he's just roasting apple with respect

    • PopularVids

      @Bob Bob He's giving suggestions for the company. If you don't like it go back to your ugly 200€ phone.

    • Hi #freepalestine
      Hi #freepalestine

      @yvngxjay bruh Ur not funny you Americans think Ur funny

    • Pijush Sarkar
      Pijush Sarkar

      That's called constructive criticism.

    • Padux YT
      Padux YT

      @Hype Williams YEAH THATS So true!!!!!

  • RudiG

    In my opinion, the sharp edges are the best thing Apple has ever done. 😂

  • zoel

    screw that, i love their current design with the „sharp“ edges. it looks better and also gives a better grip on the phone. with their smooth edges i always felt like dropping the phone.

  • Keira

    For the mask one you can add a secondary face but you must wear the same mask each time or one that looks nearly identical. Like for example blue paper masks, if you wear those then go to settings > face id and passcode > set up an alternative appearance. Then do the Face ID set up just with the mask on. Hope this helps anybody :)

  • The Immortal Sun-kun
    The Immortal Sun-kun

    Hearing about how much iOS lacks makes me happy I chose Android.

    • Rahul Chebolu
      Rahul Chebolu

      @2Coop4U Part 2 True, I cant get a new device yet! Maybe in December or something when I can get a gaming laptop as I don't have a proper area to house a PC

    • Max Ilyin
      Max Ilyin


    • 2Coop4U Part 2
      2Coop4U Part 2

      @Axolotl both of you are broke asf

    • Rahul Chebolu
      Rahul Chebolu

      @Axolotl yes! I dunno why though, are iPads that bad that they go only 2 years for the price of a high end gaming laptop.

  • G Rated Golf
    G Rated Golf

    Can we just appreciate this man's editing.

    • mukundareddy garlapati
      mukundareddy garlapati

      He has 2 people in his crew

    • Aman

      @Aditya Rajawat the only way to know is to ask him to do a q and a

    • Tomislav B.
      Tomislav B.

      I hate the posts that start with that "CaN wE jUsT..." crap🤮

    • 35 Hamdaan Rawther 6D
      35 Hamdaan Rawther 6D

      @Rishi Sharma oof kk

    • Rishi Sharma
      Rishi Sharma

      No cuz it's not appreciable we would be lacking words to appreciate the editing 😂

  • Ganesh M
    Ganesh M

    Hi there I love your contents so informative I agree with most of the points out of the list but live wallpaper not a fan of it as far as my personal experience they are pretty much useless and that includes the icon change, it might gives you a personal touch to your phones but does nothing more I have been an android user for a longest period of time but I never liked android I was huge fan of Lumia phones sadly their business model faulty to begin with and ios kind of reminds me of lumia phones and I kinda like it but I do agree with you about the battery life issues with iPhones they could tweak a bit in the optimisation of the battery usage or just produce phones with bigger battery capacities … that reminds me how Nokia phone’s main selling point was the battery backup itself “just my opinion”

  • Charlotte Jenkins
    Charlotte Jenkins

    I love the current edge of my 13 mini because then you can stand it up for everything without it slipping over. With the 11 and whatever else with the curved edge, it’s constantly slipping down when I stand it up and it’s so annoying!!!

  • James Carson
    James Carson

    I remember on my old Samsung S3 way back in 2013 the camera had a B&W option where you could touch to add colour to certain things, i loved that

  • the original dixietown jazz band
    the original dixietown jazz band

    10:13 "its too late now"isn't really a valid excuse, now is it? i have an older ipad and it has a lightning cable, but the newer ones have usb-c. same with macbooks. if apple can switch those products, they can switch the iphone.

  • Sarath'S Neon Tech
    Sarath'S Neon Tech

    8:32 😂 I told this in one of my videos and Apply Fanboys started fighting back saying that I don’t know to use IOS and claimed that iOS 15 can do that( Little did they know they need to pay extra to get an Apple Watch for this to work)😂 Good Job Arun!

    • Alienware 21
      Alienware 21

      @Dishant Seth 200 bucks or 100 bucks ,why the fuck I should another product when I don’t need it.I am not paying another 200 bucks to a two trillion dollar company.

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth

      @Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls It's not an excuse though. What're you talking about?

    • Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls
      Kim Bop Balls Betta Ligma Balls

      @Dishant Seth ah yes the usual just pay more money excuse

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth

      @ArcaneGB Who defended any of that? I didn't meet anybody who defended stuff like that, because those are all valid criticisms and I agree with you.

    • ArcaneGB

      @Dishant Seth i forgot about the fact that sheep defended the removal of the charger (2020), faulty butterfly switches (2016-2019) removal of the headphone jack (2016), Bendgate (2014) and much more...

  • TheBeast3668

    8:50 there is one small issue with this concept. With the amount of people who use a phone case, this would be rendered completely useless.

  • Estefanía - Paris Carbo
    Estefanía - Paris Carbo

    I haven't had an Iphone, but I can see why I would not want it. Sometimes I have gotten bored and started touching what features my phone has, and it is interesting to discover what you can do to start using and having phone, even if your phone has no games, the phone itself is entertaining. I would also add the app store, but I have not enough info about it. Good video!

  • Valentin Iulian Andronache
    Valentin Iulian Andronache

    I know I'm in a minority here, but those sharp edges are one of the reasons that made me buy an iPhone 12 pro back in 2020. I've been mostly an Android user, except for 2 years with the iPhone 5s, which I loved very much. So when they brought back that design language for the 12 series, buying one was a no brainer for me. I was due for the upgrade, since my Galaxy Note9 turned 2 a month prior. Point is, I'm OS agnostic. Though I also have a MacBook Pro, I'm not that much invested in the ecosystem itself. I can do my job equally well with either Android or iOS. So if or when Apple goes back to the more rounded aesthetic, I might just switch back to Android. Especially with foldables kinda tickling my fancy, and Samsung's 4th gen devices soon to arrive later this year.

  • Cinderella

    Thank you who's the boss for pointing out apple hasn't done any thing for the people in 20 years except 120hz about time but their suck in a mind set

  • Alex Lawson, J.D., Ph.D.
    Alex Lawson, J.D., Ph.D.

    Arun: "Can you really use an iPhone 6s in 2021?" Me, watching his video on my iPhone 6s: Of course! I just need to charge 2-3 times a day... 🤣🤣🤣

    • MinecraftGuy

      @Yongbokki I probably could beat that because I practically charge my 6 Plus even if it is on 65 percent battery.

    • Yongbokki

      me who has XS and charges 5 times a day: *i am 4 parallel models behind you, you fool!*

    • Azzurrijjl

      lol me too

    • MinecraftGuy

      I'm literally using a 6 Plus.

    • Ello

      @Gemma Greene bro you are all having a convocation

  • 30Nilay sasturkarXG
    30Nilay sasturkarXG

    Apple needs to hire and listen to this guy right away !!

  • Dionisis

    I wanted only one thing from apple. The ability to collapse and expand folders in Mail (or any mail app) and they did it. For me now it is the perfect phone!

  • Himanshu Garg
    Himanshu Garg

    Marvellous and innovative video editing ideas and execution! Kudos!

  • Mr. Sniffles
    Mr. Sniffles

    My biggest frustration with apple is that they made it an industry standard to not have have expandable storage. I'm okay with ditching the headphone jack, sd card slots don't take up that much room...

  • sd

    Let's be honest, the thing we love the most about him is his voice and accent

    • kierov 2019
      kierov 2019

      His presentations is very pleasant and organised

    • Pritish Appadoo
      Pritish Appadoo

      There is something George Michael-esque about his beard as well as the tone and musicality of his voice.

    • الملك عبدالعزيز1997 القرني A7
      الملك عبدالعزيز1997 القرني A7

      I love the phone that falls in his hand

    • Bryce Parascand
      Bryce Parascand

      @J B Agreed. I feel like he actually knows his stuff and is super honest and neutral compared to unbox therapy.

  • Yagurt Melon
    Yagurt Melon

    this video is super helpful to apple and actually has so many good ideas for apple

  • Farly Blitzkrieg
    Farly Blitzkrieg

    As an android user, the only thing I envy from apple devices is their performances and face ID, anything else is crap. But also google with it's android are getting not very innovative lately, that I just hoped there will be a really good alternative(s) to these two, that don't invade our privacy or be so exclusive.

  • Chcken is food Food
    Chcken is food Food

    For the finger print scanner I thought that they could add a finger print scanner behind the apple logo at the back of the phone but it might be hard to access since you could be using a case over it

  • Selwyn Andrews
    Selwyn Andrews

    After replacing the screen on a friend's iPhone X, I charged the battery. I wanted to see the battery percentage and realised the only way to see it is to turn on the "display battery percentage" setting in, er, settings. But I still couldn't see it. Only when I swiped down from the upper right to display the Control Center (TM) could I see the battery percentage. Instantly furious I was, thinking this just seemed like pointless fiddling on the part of Apple. And I think you made good points. Keep up the good work!

  • Vittorio Vietti
    Vittorio Vietti

    I've recently switched to iOS after 8 years on Android and I've gotta say that despite many pros of having an iPhone is unbelievable the amount of simple stuff that Apple doesn't allow you to have or to do on your phone. Not saying that iPhone are bad phones because I still don't regret my choice but in some cases I really really miss Android and the freedom it gives you.

    • Sarem Rashid
      Sarem Rashid

      ​@Regret AOS It is hella funny to see someone put comments right after another not putting their comments on a single line.

    • Treetop Jones
      Treetop Jones

      @Vittorio Vietti Android: get Fast Typing Keyboard, it is fast, also lets you customize the keyboard. I forget now, but you might need a launcher like Nova Launcher.

    • Treetop Jones
      Treetop Jones

      @NCH Music The video pointed out how iphone doesn't do live wallpapers like android.

    • Regret AOS
      Regret AOS

      @Wednesday it's actually from 2019 but we don't talk about that xd


    It’s like Apple saw your video. They have taken care of Battery in iPhones 13 and Face ID works with Mask now and widgets are more dynamic. And i am sure they will incorporate more features in next updates.

  • Natalie Hopkins
    Natalie Hopkins

    The UBS-C charger idea, I think it could be solved by making it a buying option. Offer a choice, Lightning port or USB-C

  • Pir8will

    I think the battery life is somewhat reasonable, considering that every 3 years Apple will (usually) make a large update to the hardware and the new phone will be more relevant at the time. (This is just my opinion btw)

  • Rob Fowler
    Rob Fowler

    I think the reason why apple would avoid allowing or encouraging custom icons is due to the heavy emphasys apple places on applecare support. Allowing custom icons is a great way to make an experienced support advisor looks stupid. The more consistent they are, the easier it is to guide a customer.

  • Jason R
    Jason R

    To those who say that "It is too late now for USB-C" just remember this quote. "The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The second best time is now."

    • [GD] hpsk
      [GD] hpsk

      they focus too much on the short term effects. the long term effects are really good if they switch

    • Ken Shi
      Ken Shi

      @Arturo Basilis yes but you know money rules the world. I think money is the worst invention ever

    • Arturo Basilis
      Arturo Basilis

      @Ken Shi That's right. Exactly why I tought when they say they will eliminate the charger. I need it anyway, so why the lame excuse. It will contribute to more negatively to the environment.

    • Arturo Basilis
      Arturo Basilis

      @Bodi Games good one 😂😂

    • Deathring

      I dont feel like its too late. Just put a USB-C in the box and its that easy. It’d be better to change now than later

  • Fred the penguin
    Fred the penguin

    They should add a feature that allows consumers to pick between usb-c and lighting when buying

  • Lisa Pink
    Lisa Pink

    The best phone I ever had was a Nexus5. Before it was bought up and discontinued... 1.) You got your updates instantly, 2.) It was bare Android so no other company was messing with the software, 3.) The phone itself was amazing for a mid range Phone. 350€ but this thing lasted for 5 years! I miss it. Esthetically It was not the best, cameras were only half decent... but what a sturdy phone it was. Never had any issues.

  • Jeff Leake
    Jeff Leake

    The fact you can't add a battery percentage icon on a iPhone is insane to me . It makes no sense at all for them to not allow that

  • tom muller
    tom muller

    I dont really agree on the battery, I use a Iphone SE from 2016 and it still has 80% battery capacity and it lasts me around a day (and if it does run out I just take a power bank with me)

  • Crimson70

    Everyone: Apple we want USB-C Apple: Its to late now Apple next year: Let me introduce the first Portless IPhone

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Dishant Seth Every phone you mentioned didn't come have USB-C to lightning cable until they iPhone 12 came out, so i dont see your point either

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth

      @Jon W Most people already have the USB-C adapter and cable they bought alongside their iPhone 8/X/XS/XR/11, so what's your point again?

    • Dishant Seth
      Dishant Seth

      @Habandajop Synshong That's your guess. Samsung, one of the pioneers of smartphone innovation, still only has a maximum of 25W wired charging on their flagship S21 series, including the Ultra. So clearly, while fast wired charging has its advantages, it does have its disadvantages too. If it didn't, you would think that company with 100X Zoom and 8K video of all companies would include some superfast charging method with their phones. What we should be looking forward is graphene charging, which will enable super fast charging without the heat generation and battery degradation.

  • Southern Yak Fishing
    Southern Yak Fishing

    You forgot the #1 request (in my opinion).. FaceID any application natively!!! Or at least the darn picture app. This is such a simple feature that so many people want, but Apple will not do it for whatever reason.

  • Logan

    I have tried multiple phones and Apple is the company who’s phone I enjoyed the most for many different reasons.

  • Forgettable

    I was just laughing when I was watching this, My first gen iphone se has a fingerprint reader bult in, and wahts more, I dont need to swipe up to get in. Theres a setting for that which automatically swipes up. Yes, my phones battery only lasts a few hours, but I just carry around a power bank. Its on the latest software, and for me it only costs $50NZ(second hand). The iphone 13 is $1450 NZ. Why would I get it when they both run the same software?

  • Roshan Jaitly
    Roshan Jaitly

    If Apple did everything Arun said they would be the best smartphone brand ever. For me especially the customization part hit different.

  • ToniPlays

    Arun is never gonna let us down. Like never. And I bet he is not gonna give us up either

    • Shivam Dhumal
      Shivam Dhumal

      Never gonna stop rickrolling us

    • DenSwix

      Never gonna give you up

    • davetheb0ss229

      @MayoNotes nor hurt you

    • MayoNotes

      @JOYROY He's never gonna say goodbye.

    • Tony Stark
      Tony Stark

      Who are you?

  • Wolfhound 1A
    Wolfhound 1A

    I agree about the fingerprint reader, the battery % and the type C.

  • NitroChris11

    I like how he uses apple products but doesn't show any bias in his reviews or videos. There are so many techie channels on here that are biased one way or the other its nice to see an unbiased one

  • KingCell4Life

    8:53 already exists in iPads so…. Apple, you need some explaining to do. iPads have Face ID AND Touch ID on the power button so its just a waste.

  • Korana Ashleigh
    Korana Ashleigh

    Keeping options complicates the software (android), so you've switched to iOS (for the efficient simplicity of it) and now you want them to think more like android developers and build an ecosystem closer to what android already is?

  • Fox Tron
    Fox Tron

    The thing is, Apple already knows this. What they are trying to do, is every time that they produce a new phone, they add one or two of these functions. This not only encourages more people to buy the phone, but also traps them in this cycle of always buying the latest phone.

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @MrDs7777 How is ppl holding onto their old phone a bad thing?

    • Jon W
      Jon W

      @Tommy O Ppl will always buy an iPhone no, no matter which one it is, because it's product ppl like, just like anything in life that will sell no matter how many ppl think of a specific product. They already sold over 100M of the iPhone 12, making it the best selling phone series of model in history right behind the iPhone 6 and 6 Plus which sold over 220M units, their revenue continues to climb

    • Toban

      @Joy Ghosh ye ofc that’s a huge change ^^ but for me 5G is not interesting here in Germany 😅

    • Joy Ghosh
      Joy Ghosh

      @Toban but the iphone 11 was 4g and at that time I had an iphone 8 so when I saw the iphone 12 pro max I bought it and it was a big change for me

    • Hb1290 Logos
      Hb1290 Logos

      @Bletwort personally I’m not too concerned with Apple’s calculator. The most I use it for is to quickly add up my grades

  • Mr. Beaver
    Mr. Beaver

    I think they aren't switching to USB-C because they are planning on going port less. So they wouldn't go through the trouble of USB-C, when they are going to remove the port itself. Just a thought 🤔


    As someone who has been using an iphone se for 1.5 years now I can say that the battery can be an issue, but you just have to manage it smartly. Yes it is annoying sometimes, and all my friends are on android so no one has a lightning cable, but i'm wiling to give up the features mentioned for the optimisation and polish of ios. Also changing icons has become as simple as downloading a user profile, sure it's not ideal, but it's much better.

  • Michael Campos
    Michael Campos

    That whole "fingerprint scanner in the lock key" thing was present on Razer Phone 2. It was my favorite feature of it, and I don't know why it's not on every single smart phone.

  • Scarxiett

    So true!! Apple is completely hindering their potential!

  • Panash

    Apple: We want to cut down on waste so unfortunately we can't include chargers anymore Also Apple: You don't need USB-C.. You need an extra cable to charge your phone!

    • Ace Digibits
      Ace Digibits

      @Bear so create more iphones that need those ? Even android phones used to have micro usb before and they all have now switched to usb-c. Had all those stupid iPhone logic been applied, we never would have had innovation. This stupid apple logic needs to stop right here.

    • Troll McTroll
      Troll McTroll

      Lightning cables are shit too. I have a micro USB cable that I bought three years ago which I use to charge my Bluetooth speaker. Despite the cable being caught on something which tugged the speaker to the ground (and made the thing that you plug in a bit crooked), it still works. And this wasn’t an expensive cable, I paid maybe $15 for it. But when I buy $15 lightning cables, they often stop working properly within a few days (so they need to be held a certain way to charge), or even worse they behave like that straight out of the box. Maybe you could say that it’s because these cables aren’t made by Apple, but the Apple ones aren’t much better, they last a bit longer but for the amount of money you pay for them, it’s not worth it.

    • VavrMar

      @krypt0 I don't think so if you're buying iphone your mental state kind of make promise that you're prepared to pay extra for service (and it will be still better than bying new device).

    • VavrMar

      @Wali S Repaired by Apple. Literally lying to users that device is unrepairable or data cannot be recovered so you buy new device or buy more cloud storage.

    • Martin Hawes 🇺🇦
      Martin Hawes 🇺🇦

      You wouldn’t need an extra cable, you already have a lightning cable.

  • KayLovesArt

    Although he is stating these facts keep in mind Android does similar things for customers to want to buy their stuff more also. They both do these things as companies do. Doesnt make either of them bad its their job.

  • nfc153

    As someone who's been using Samsung Galaxy phones for a decade now, Apple sounds like a breath of fresh air. The Galaxy has 2 of everything - 2 assistants (both useless), 2 payment applications (which I never use), and so on. Just too much unnecessary stuff - it's as if it's a Samsung phone AND an Android phone crammed into a single shell. The last couple of versions I've had had non-replaceable batteries too. Guess my S10 will be swapped out for an iPhone when the contract's up. Never thought I'd say that.


    I have actually been debating whether to switch to an iPhone or apgrade with Samsung. This video is putting a weight for me not to go to Apple, but I'm still doubting 🤷 If anyone can help I'll be pleased 😘