20 Next-Level Inventions you didn't think were Possible.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Trying something completely new with this one - would really love some feedback if you want to see more like this! 👊 EPISODE 2 is now OUT: irglo.info/from/dadymJSrn8quhnU/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Drachenschnauze

      Are smartglasses available with actual glasses? The ones you need for sight

    • Debjoyti Pramanik
      Debjoyti Pramanik

      Please keep exploring, do all types of video o really enjoying the way you explain and I feel all the videos are so interesting, you narration is also amazing.

    • Karlis Buivids
      Karlis Buivids

      I know that I subscribed your chanel maybe 4 days ago, but I have watched every single video and I was having a fun time.

    • juanclarissa

      Please continue these!

    • Mylyn Rae Vinton-Spooner
      Mylyn Rae Vinton-Spooner

      loved it

  • akshay kanna
    akshay kanna

    the only man who even youtube auto-translate can understand. deserves respect in my books

    • Harri Ennis
      Harri Ennis

      What about penguinz

    • turtle_gamer


    • Tsubaki-szensei

      @Areeb Productions nice dude i liked it

    • shefsufla

      @MS ye

    • Just Nobody1
      Just Nobody1

      @MS nah he means the auto-generated caption that can be translated into different languages. try it ;)

  • Uthman Baksh
    Uthman Baksh

    I love seeing more products that are viable alternatives to plastic!

    • Dani East
      Dani East

      ye that was pretty interesting tech to ,e as well thinking

  • jrvegeeta

    My pops asked me why I don’t usually read tech reviews in newsfeeds. I simply told him, “I don’t need to - Arun’s got that covered.” Once I showed him one of your episodes, he was impressed. He pretty much now watches your channel as well (and he doesn’t usually watch IRglo in general).

    • Lucia


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      Death Meter


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      Pranam Sinha


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      Patched Out___


  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide

    Really great series idea, most of this stuff was new to me despite generally keeping up with tech and general scientific advancements, and they highlight the positive side of technological development outside of the usual vanity luxury products and anti-consumer schemes lol If there's anything that might add to it, maybe highlight 1 or 2 products/things that are on the horizon or need support and are very promising?

  • mercury vincent
    mercury vincent

    Lovin' this new series! Hope it becomes a monthly thing 👍

  • sami -
    sami -

    This device can solve world hunger, this seems like a 6/10 for me.

    • Linbruh


    • Very cute  snake
      Very cute snake

      Lol that should be 100/10



    • The Low Res Danish
      The Low Res Danish

      This device can solve pollution 7/10

    • Unicorn_CG


  • mercury vincent
    mercury vincent

    Lovin' this new series! Hope it becomes a monthly thing 👍

    • Willow the Shadow Kitten
      Willow the Shadow Kitten

      Thank you for your algorithm-feeding service. We love the double-commenting

  • Patrick Whalen
    Patrick Whalen

    Great production and editing! I'm enjoying this topic. Big on gadgets! IDEA: maybe a vote for an in-depth review of one of the products? (The affordable ones! ) The formaker thing is interesting to me.

  • sunlight cat
    sunlight cat

    I love this vid style, speed and content details. You read like a true expert, trusted source and genuinely engaged in what you're sharing. .... You're Awesome!

  • Jake White
    Jake White

    I’ve become addicted to your videos basically overnight, so thank you. My one nitpick here is that the Bic lighter is already one of the greatest things humans have ever created on par with the printing press.

  • Ethan

    This guy's production quality is next level

    • ItzAshley

      Next Generation

    • leiflala

      He makes 10K per video so yeah, his editing should be top notch

    • 666 999
      666 999

      Ah I see another Ethan is here OUR BATTLE WILL BE LEGENDARY

  • Trevor ghostfrt
    Trevor ghostfrt

    i just have to say, im in one of those moods where nothing feels right and im lost on what to do, but your videos are just so easy to watch. its like your soothing voice and the content is just right in a world so wrong. You hve done well, and i hope to see many more of your videos in the future.

  • MissLissa

    Love hearing about the pros and cons of new gadgets! Thank you!

  • Renee Dwyer
    Renee Dwyer

    I really like your new approach to the content you provide for us. Good job, love your channel!!!

  • SaFire_Playz

    I remember a friend of mine in boarding school getting an arc lighter off amazon a few years ago. it was honestly pretty cool

  • T2

    I never thought you would talk about StyroPyro on this IRglo channel. Man's an absolute genius at lasers...

    • Dynesgorandom

      From the good old days where youtube actually meant being you.

    • BaffledSoap


    • Liam Fisher
      Liam Fisher

      So happy he mentioned styropyro! Love both of them!

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      GOD BLESSS....

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      @Buzz shocker GOD BLESSSS...

  • PEM

    I know this is an older video but I really enjoyed it. The only feedback that I can give is to maybe add links to the items in your description, if they are ready for retail. Other than that, 10 out of 10!!

  • Delicia Perry
    Delicia Perry

    loved all the inventions! I actually have an arc lighter. bought it a year ago on Amazon. I absolutely love it!

  • BeKind

    I love all the environmental improvement inventions. Amazing!

  • Shane Gerow
    Shane Gerow

    You’re doing an awesome job man. Keep it up.

  • LightningPo

    You know he’s from UK when “The Sun panel” is No. 1 in the list.

    • Hamza Khan
      Hamza Khan

      @Mr T well personaly i think some british people give their mouth alotta excersice....

    • Mr T
      Mr T

      @Caffeine Definitely not, American English just ruins the language, it’s like talking in shorthand!!

    • Mr T
      Mr T

      Many people learn perfect English, English from outside the UK. So, it can be difficult to tell from a neutral and such a well spoken IRglor who puts many to shame with such good diction.

    • Caffeine

      @Melon2K what did u think he was american

    • George Bilson
      George Bilson


  • Gurmeet Singh
    Gurmeet Singh

    Loved the video and the new series! Keep up the great work and keep the new series going. I think I am on a mrwhoserheboss binge spree.

  • mazipan

    I would love more of these new innovation rankings!

  • David Matthews
    David Matthews

    Really enjoyed this video. I do like hearing about and seeing the new gadgets in the world today, so thank you.

  • J Marshal
    J Marshal

    I can’t wait for functional HUD’s and more smart tech. I’m disabled and anything that makes life a little easier for me, is a huge plus!

  • medillon

    “Honey, are you ready to go yet? We’re going to miss our flight.” “Not yet my suitcase isn’t charged.”

    • spin


    • goodoboy

      ''later'' headline: mysterious suitcase spotted ramming into old lady repetitively

    • Marquis de Lafayette
      Marquis de Lafayette

      Ok we’ll eat some spoons on the way out

    • Bruh :/
      Bruh :/


    • medillon

      @Omkar Sawant reminds me of one of my favorite Mitch Hedberg jokes: When an escalator is broken it’s not really broken, it’s just temporarily stairs. Sorry for the convenience!

  • Djalma Dias
    Djalma Dias

    So... #1 is the equivalent to selling windows then 🤔 I absolutely loved the magical notebook 😍

  • Migsterbigster

    I feel like the last invention has a whole new meaning to “The power of the sun in the palm of my hand”


    Love the videos! Keep on going, you are my favourite channel!

  • Q M
    Q M

    I like this new series. I watched the other before being directed to this first one. I’ve watched some of your other videos (and really liked them) which satisfied my immediate needs, but this? I would enjoy staying up to date with these types of new inventions/technology. This is something I would subscribe to 😉.

    • Nothemba Goldstein
      Nothemba Goldstein

      Me too!!

  • Harsh Shah
    Harsh Shah

    At this point it doesn’t even matter what the video is about. I see Mrwhosetheboss and I click instantly

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      So accurate... ❤️😁

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      Sunny Cervidae


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      Ølle - Owner Of PanicRemix


  • Ns__Husain

    Production Quality Next level..Am Saying it Again No One Defeat you💪

  • geminishyne

    This is the best episode I've watched on your channel. Keep it up Broski!

  • AMC EzM0N3Y
    AMC EzM0N3Y

    I loved the vid my man! Keep up the great work. You got fans worldwide 🌐 👏


    Trust me, your presentations are always top notch 👍👍👍

  • Rushan

    This is the one man that deserves to be watched at 2160p

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      Kanishk Mandpe

      @Dihydrogen Monoxide sed

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      NK Shahariar

      Haha, try watching the videos of *Sam Beckman* . You don't need to fill the screen. Sam's channel is so underrated.

    • ഞാൻ മലയാളി
      ഞാൻ മലയാളി

      Iam on 240p for my data pakage managment lol😂


      I literally download his videos at 1440p (2k) on my *Xiaomi Mi 11* and he looks gorgeous. ❤️

    • No Name
      No Name

      Im on 2160p

  • Cuda FX
    Cuda FX

    i own an avegant glyph HMD for flying FPV drones. the 65" claim is bogus, it's like a big 720x1280 laptop screen at arm's length, but the image is incredibly clear, bright and vivid. huge benefit over other "video goggles" is, that with the open design, you're not comletely closed off, and can still look over or under the goggles. it's a really cool piece of exotic tech! (and they can be found pretty cheap on amazon)

  • Shaun Garthwaite
    Shaun Garthwaite

    Your work is incredible.... your views and likes reflect that!! Simply brilliant!!

  • Jacob Cook
    Jacob Cook

    As someone who has personally experienced the skydio 2 drone, it is really amazing and I even tried to crash it and it didn't work because the drone saw the obstacles that I was making it go to, and it goes very fast and it's camera is pretty decent

  • Kasper Jensen
    Kasper Jensen

    That Floating Backpack looked outright unsettling for some odd reason. It's certainly a cool concept, but it really looks like someone photoshopped it into the video Also, I actually own an arc lighter, and I can confirm that they're an awesome invention! I rarely need a lighter, but it's a badass concept regardless.

  • ashswag

    hey arun! loved the new style with this video, please do more of these 10/20 listing style vids! thoroughly enjoyed -ash

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      Swag meister

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      Anakin Skywalker

      Hey man didn’t expect to see you here! Big fan

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      Dino Ricky

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      Hey, Ashwag The Swag Meister, why are you watching MrWhosTheBoss, and why are you calling him by his name. I thought you watch IRglo Kids...

  • Bahrain Phone Gamer
    Bahrain Phone Gamer

    It's nice to know where technology has come.

  • Nirav Parmar
    Nirav Parmar

    keep on going Arun. I love this series.

  • Curious Case of Rakeen Jibran
    Curious Case of Rakeen Jibran

    For me the top 5 are, 1. Seabin 2. Edible Packaging 3. Spincycle 4. Liquid Speed Bump 5. Floating Backpack Just amazing

  • Patsy Pierce
    Patsy Pierce

    Love this episode! I love all of your episodes but this one was extra 😎 everything in it is something I'd whisper into Santa's ear. I think you're being conservative on your ratings but that's probably a show of my lack of self control lol In your place I'd be more like Oprah or Ellen, "LOOK UNDER YOUR SEATS! YES, IT'S A 10! EVERYONE IS GETTING ONE!"

  • Angiel Stahley
    Angiel Stahley

    The “Newtonian speed bump” deserves at least a 7 or 8 😁 in my humble opinion

    • Jahnavi✨ ✨
      Jahnavi✨ ✨


    • Pete Skyrunner
      Pete Skyrunner

      @Telephone Cell The liquid's not expensive. It's just cornflour and water. You can make it yourself.

    • Gage Tighe
      Gage Tighe

      @INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY Oobleck isn’t the same thing that they probably use. It is a non newtonian fluid, but it probably isn’t what they use.

    • Michael Lenczewski
      Michael Lenczewski

      @KaeYoss omg. Seriously laugh out loud. I am so borrowing those for class next week. You're a genius, a true scholar.

    • KaeYoss

      Nah, those bumps still have the problem that they slow down emergency services, costing lives in the process.

  • Mike Day
    Mike Day

    I’m bed ridden and I miss the sun shining down on me. Those panels seem like a dream come true. Here’s hoping that the price comes down to something affordable. Great show by the way 10/10

  • Hassane Dabai
    Hassane Dabai

    Well done, I really didn't blink my eyes till the end of your video. Amazing, Continuous, Interesting Information! Thank you 👍

  • Freddy Faulig
    Freddy Faulig

    Another one of these videos with actually affordable stuff would be cool

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    Daniel Schulz

    I love the Lighters...I got my for 4 Years and it still works

  • TechManiac

    Wow Arun, the editing style and editing skills are just 🔥 this was one of my favourite videos! You have inspired me so much! - Brad

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    Yes! Upload more or even better do a part two it is very interesting to see what new technology is coming out

  • Mike Byrd
    Mike Byrd

    Love your channel boss great stuff keep it coming

  • Chetan Pajgade
    Chetan Pajgade

    some of the inventions are not only amazing but very practical and deserve to be Applied irl

  • temmytimmytenny Adeyemo
    temmytimmytenny Adeyemo

    Yeah, i learned about the seabin in my essay. Really cool device for sure :) Also learned about the edible water bottle. The seawead though....... 🤢

  • The Cooler Bill Gates
    The Cooler Bill Gates

    “Did you know there’s such thing as cutlery you can eat?” Anyone under the age of 4: *I do, and I’m tired of pretending I don’t.* Edit: *oh my god the dam replies erupted*

    • Areeb Productions
      Areeb Productions

      @✨PsychLily✨ lol cool

    • ✨PsychLily✨

      @Areeb Productions 😱 that is such a good story 10/10 to whoever made it!

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      @Mohammad Azad its not original it's taken from a yt short of some US marine who make those story thingd

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      Rounak Rai

      @Mohammad Azad nah ive seen it in books all the time

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    It’s Levi0Osa

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    jay fed

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    𝑑 𝑜 𝑛 𝑢 𝘵 𝘪 𝑛 𝑎

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    Zachariah I. D. Marshall

    Love this series Aaron!

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    Wow, I made some of those #1 lights for about $20 each. Mine even have curtains.

  • The Gaming Weaponizer
    The Gaming Weaponizer

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  • Meow Meow
    Meow Meow

    6:40 I find it funny how you can eat the ‘’bottle’’ part to have less litter but people will also just litter the outer layer 😂😬

  • Thandile NK
    Thandile NK

    He had 3M subs when I found this channel. And he's been super consistent ever since. He is now at 7M. I'm happy for you Arun, you clearly love tech and wh you do. Congrats on the 7M subs, wishing you more growth from South Africa!

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      Chaloe Vibes

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      9 million now crazy

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    Dejan Tomin

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  • Pete Skyrunner
    Pete Skyrunner

    C'mon, that non-Newtonian speed bump deserves a 10. Perfect solution to a real problem.

  • Yo

    ARC lighters are actually pretty common in my country :)

  • Pablo

    The Arc lighter is cool, however, I've owned an extremely similar product (usb chargeable lighter) since 2013. So not necessarily a new idea.

  • Inno S
    Inno S

    Remember him saying he dedicated his channel to just smartphones, but he’s slowly opening up to other tech? This is the beginning of that.

    • Shambles Galore
      Shambles Galore

      Yeah its fine, he's built my trust w the phones, let him run,he'll keep us in the loop w the bread and butter.

    • AAR

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      Amul M

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    • Book9


  • Jennifer DeCuir
    Jennifer DeCuir

    Holy crap! Imagine the liquid speedbumps on freeways. You can go 70 in a 65 but 71 and you hit the bump!

  • David Broussard
    David Broussard

    Anyone know where these products can be purchased? I know some of the vids have links under the video, but I don't see that here, any ideas? Great job on the video!

  • Gwen

    They actually sell inexpensive cylinder-shaped 'arc lighters' on Amazon! They are shown primarily for only lighting very small things like candles, though.

  • dream rabbits
    dream rabbits

    I have that exact same arc lighter lol! with the faux wood grain hah. sometimes I forget to charge and just end up using the regular one

  • The Rap Game
    The Rap Game

    I hope this does become a whole series. If it does at some point go back and see for the concepts have or havent risen or been abandoned.

  • fram1111

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  • Doc Nasty
    Doc Nasty

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