I switched to iPhone - This is what I found out.
6 months ago I switched from an Android Samsung phone to iPhone - Do I regret it?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    750 comments in the first minute! I legit don't even know how you guys do it 😂

  • Nagy Levy
    Nagy Levy

    Here's how I see it. iPhone is a phone for everyone. Android has a phone for everyone.

  • hellodrsoul

    I had been using iPhones since their inception. Using an Android phone for the last 3 months. The only 2 things I miss from iOS are the absence of scroll to top by tapping on the status bar and the visual bounce effect on reaching the edge of the screen when scrolling on Android. However, there are many things I've got on the Android phone which were not available on iOS such as better widgets, (for my taste) deeper customization, always-on display, notch-less display, better refresh rate, and many more features.

  • Rad Radster
    Rad Radster

    Funny, I did the opposite. Switched from ios to Android. Never regretted the change and pretty much enjoyed the freedom of insane customizations whether gimmicky or not I had still had that option(s) for the past 13 years. But hey, that's what worked for me. To each their own and can't we all just get along? LOL. Great review by the way.

  • namelessgio

    As someone who has used Android for years I recently switched to try out the iPhones and I was pleasantly surprised and agree with everything you said. One of the great things about the industry and competition is we all benefit. iPhones and Android phones are amazing both and it's just nice having a choice and both with pro's and con's. You can't go wrong with any device and it's a matter of preference. Just like buying a car or food or anything, having choices is great. Great video

  • Rob Varley
    Rob Varley

    I’ve been on android since the beginning. I switched to an iPhone in the spring. It’s still confusing sometimes for certain workflow practices. I think android wins for ease of workflow if your main device is a phone. The ability of the phone to handle files in a simpler way is one example. Great comparison. Thank you.

  • Erick Morales
    Erick Morales

    Did the same thing this year, switched from Android to iPhone for the first time since 2015, had a note 20 ultra whose camera was defective, so with the 13 pro max finally getting 120hz I decided the time was right and frankly I don’t regret it too much… I’ve grown to prefer flat edges over the frustrating curved display in the note, while I do miss the 20X zoom on the Ultra, the excellent night mode in the 13 pro max makes up for it. The notch well it’s just there, it’s grown on me quickly. I appreciate how snappy it all is on the iPhone & how I can just easily transition between my iPhone and my mac. I wasn’t a big fan of customization on android, I’d usually leave it stock, or slap on minimalistic widgets for the apps and call it a day. The hardest thing for me has just been the keyboard and trying to type, it’s smaller on the iPhone, but with time I’ve gotten used to it. I’d say they’re very similar in the end, doesn’t matter if you switch from android to iPhone or vice versa, it won’t take long to get accustomed.- Also the reason I ditched my note is because I was getting a bit bored of Samsungs lineups, I didn’t care for the Zfold, & with the S22 Ultra looking like just another note, it was time to jump ship.

  • Mr Android FHD
    Mr Android FHD

    iPhones are really good when it comes to software update and Android is best at customization 🔥

  • Oliver Rozario
    Oliver Rozario

    It is rather envious that the Apple ecosystem (Iphone, Mac and IPad) is so seamless and well synchronized; something Samsung or Google infact should seriously bring into Android. Also def agree that while flagship Android phones tend to have features which are headline grabbing worthy, companies tend to change or remove too frequently... again more consistency required.

  • rstein926

    One thing I like about Android is that they typically get stuff that takes years to appear on iPhones.

  • Gareth A
    Gareth A

    I’ve just gone from a 11 to a 12 Mini, the only difference visibly is less fitting on my screen. I realised when looking round JL to get a hands on feel that I don’t need a large screen anymore. Apple to Apple change is so much easier from previous experience. Taking calls through iPad whilst working is a good help as well.

  • Jake Asia
    Jake Asia

    I think it's really all about personal preference. As long as it can carry out task, performs well and makes you happy, then, that's fine.

  • Simos805

    That amazing optimisation of the software and that deliberate feature set and upgrade strategy in model after model are two of my most important reasons why I'm an Apple user and I don't like anything else!

  • Hello Hi
    Hello Hi

    You know he really is working hard not just on explaining tech but entertaining the audience too.

  • Blue Bull
    Blue Bull

    Definitely agree with this. Although I'm a hardcore android user and fan, you can't beat the fact that iphones just work and they work incredibly well. I think Apple is focused on delivering a premium experience throughout. However, to do this they have had to limit the level of customisation you can do on the phone. As a tweaker I get frustrated if even something as simple as the spacing between icons can't be customised, therefore I've always chosen Android. I don't get involved with Apple vs Android debates, the deciding factor is solely based on personal preference.

  • Matt Haze
    Matt Haze

    I switched back to iPhone in December with a 12 Pro after being on Android for nearly 8 years. The last iPhone I owned was a 4. The points you made after using it for a few weeks was exactly what I felt. Yes, not having certain customization elements was a sad thing to miss. But overall, I don't miss those little things, nor do I see the need for it anymore. Plus there's 100x more case options than the old OnePlus I owned. Thanks for sharing this!

  • Steven Corbo
    Steven Corbo

    I was a Samsung fanatic I stayed with Samsung for years it had expandable storage a headphone jack and it came with a charger these were things I liked about Samsung I like the features I like the quality of the hardware and then Samsung started copying Apple they decided to focus solely on their camera and took away all the great features that we loved I used to have dual camera on my Samsung Galaxy Note 3 they took that away which I really thought was awesome when you wanted to narrate a video they took away the expandable storage which was another reason I stayed with Samsung they took away the headphone jack which was a reason I stayed with Samsung they took away the charger in the box which was the reason I stayed with Samsung now that they've taken all those reasons away why should I stay with Samsung

  • Adi D.
    Adi D.

    When thinking about switching to an iPhone, customization was also one of my points of concern. I have an iPhone now and, yes, the UI might be a bit boring (certainly not as boring as it used to in the past), but I got over it quickly due to the beauty of the app and UI polishing. Also, it is like a loyal dog that is just listening to you! Everything you ask it, it does without a fuss, and you also get the strongest antennas for WiFi, carrier signal, BT, etc. My only issue now is the limitation of the functions compared to Android, but I am getting used to this on the go. On top of Android, I expect this phone to last at least 6-7 years without having to change it.

  • Submersed24

    I agree that iphone really makes sure the upgrade is quality before releasing it. Android has a habit of making a really cool feature that is cool until you realize how undeveloped and non mature it is. I think android really made it big with the pixil density, curved screen and 120 hertz screens

  • TheUnholyOne

    It's almost like both manufacturers have pros and cons to them and everyone should decide for themselves which they prefer.