Why does nobody buy LG Smartphones?
Why does Nobody buy LG Smartphones?
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Really trying to pay attention to camerawork (and the music choice!) in my more recent videos - what do you think? 🤔 To see my top Tech Fails of the decade: irglo.info/from/grCIo4WJoabAeWg/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Filip Ruzic
      Filip Ruzic

      I gat that LG K41 S

    • About Mobile
      About Mobile

      Higher service .Tested .and longer Samsung life

    • 2 Moons
      2 Moons

      You started typing out the words you were saying in your video like we can't understand you and need parts of it written down for use because we're like 5 years old. Hell no I can't subscribe to that.

    • Ricky Rodriguez
      Ricky Rodriguez

      I uses a LG phone

    • Da Jordan Plays
      Da Jordan Plays

      He said: Das ist nicht gut.. And that doesnt mean: Thank you it means: This is not good.. Thats German

  • DarkFox2071

    He did a better advertisement for LG than their whole PR team have done in the last 8 years

    • SeaJay Oceans
      SeaJay Oceans

      LG Phones are the best deals now... The price is low, the tech is top quality. Buy them up, while you still can.

    • Martin Muldoon
      Martin Muldoon

      Your comment is very true well worth a like. I didn't even know LG is still making phones, since flip cam shell days

    • The Great John Dough 1
      The Great John Dough 1

      Dats da problem

    • sumuera

      @Dr Bh Welp I like LG but they will never match the s series and note series in quality and performance they will match apple ig they will almost match Samsung but never match them

    • Aras7272

      ( 2 people)

  • C. M
    C. M

    Had an LG G7 for a long time (got it a bit after release) and I feel like their design language was absolute top tier at the time. Im using a Xiaomi 11t rn and while it is an incredible upgrade especially battery life, amoled and 120hz, I miss the UI of the LG Skin. If you get used to it, it feels so beautiful. Also anything Audio related was working perfectly. I feel like Xiaomi is the complete reversal sadly in that regard. It also had less bugs, but I feel like Xiaomi just really is bad in the Software Department. If LG ever wants to get back into the game they should start with all the premium features (120hz Amoled, High Battery Life, etc..) and then set themselves apart with things like the Hi-Fi DAC. If they just made a 2022 Version of the G7 I would have stayed.

    • Willy Wonka
      Willy Wonka

      I'm still using my LG v20.

    • Vam and Vee
      Vam and Vee

      finally someone who uses an xiaomi 11t.

    • Kenny Chen
      Kenny Chen

      Emm, i think MIUI has so so many bugs ,and it 's so difficult to use it ,I still use xiaomi 10u(because i' m poor ).but now i plan to use huawei p50 or apple13

    • Alventure

      I'm still using my G6. 2017.


    I remember having the lg g flex, which was one of the craziest smartphones back then.. was so futureproof in terms of specs and features.. huge 6.0 screen... I feel like they could keep up this line up and make sick smartphones with best proccesors and screens

  • Karina Pertiz
    Karina Pertiz

    I always liked LG, back in the day, in middle school I had a low end LG, basic and cheap, and I loved it, it was quick, it was all that I needed and it lasted me four years and could have lasted me more if I hadn't broken it accidentally, I was so impressed by it I bought another LG phone, their sounds were cute (to me), I liked the camera, it was also quick, way better storage memory and it wasn't expensive, it sure cost me more than the other one, but it was a good deal, after that, I heard many people say LG wasn't good anymore for some reasons and stopped hearing from them ever since. Sadly I was mugged and that phone was stolen shortly after, never had an LG afterwards for one reason or another I thought they had stopped selling phones altogether. Last one I heard of was the LgG5.

    • Cooper Gates
      Cooper Gates

      I sat on an EnV from 2009 through 2017. Always enjoyed that flipper and it toughed it out until the front screen intermittently failed and it kept running out of memory. Mainly because of the keyboard, I went to a BB classic and then another keyboard phone this year when BB OS support took a blow around June 2021. Sorry you had your possessions yanked, that must have been traumatizing and tiring to recover from.

  • Foxspot ___________
    Foxspot ___________

    I had an lg G3, V30, and now a V60. I loved how fast the laser autofocus was on the G3. Unfortunately I really do feel the pain of them not collecting the technologies they pioneered into the V60. It's essentially their equivalent of the note series but it just feels like an average phone


    This makes me feel bad for LG. They are like the SUPER smart kid in school that everyone goes to for answers for homework but never talks to him

    • Amy K
      Amy K

      I have an lg smartwatch that was awesome too

    • azhanydotxyz

      I think that LG new brand identity, "From Nerd to Nerd'. 😂

    • TinyTwon

      Like me. Really.

    • Egg the Omelette
      Egg the Omelette

      Like me

    • Emmanuel Tekena
      Emmanuel Tekena

      That's me 😞😡😠

  • MoMo

    I've been with Samsung since the original S. I watch reviews for different brands but never actually got one. I just feel comfortable with Samsung to the point I'm scared to leave them. I only ever really thought to switch to apple but the unavailability of some apps I use made it difficult.

    • Persephone

      Which apps?

  • Erwin Nellestijn
    Erwin Nellestijn

    Great video, I agree with most of what you say. Still, I'll miss them. I had the G3 and the G5 and they had great things that I really missed when they were gone. * The Power button on the back which included a fingerprint scanner was much better than putting your finger on the screen to unlock. * I still think the Volume buttons on the back were better too, though more debatable. * The G5 was one of the last phones with replaceable batteries, which was great too. (granted, the G5 battery life sucked, as did its lifespan). I didn't care for the modularity of it, I never used that. But changing batteries gave this feeling as if you're reloading a gun, hehe. I got 2 chinese phones since the G5, and they are just not on the same level. One thing that could have been added to the video: availability. We get a free phone with a new contract (every 2 years) and at some point local carriers stopped handing out LG phones, so I HAD to switch to another brand.

  • Steven Corbo
    Steven Corbo

    They consistently had a lower megapixel selfie cam but loved their wide angle wish they just had better software support love the expandable storage loved everything about LG except the fact that they didn't have good software support who wants to be stuck at the same software since the time you bought your phone

  • Aaron Lothian
    Aaron Lothian

    I used an LG G2, G4 and G6. All were good handsets with the lG g4 with a really good camera - 16 megapixel and laser auto focus. Their UI was one of the first to use gestures to unlock the device. Anyway I felt after g6 they lost the plot slightly.

  • spock

    So basically, LG is the smartest kid in the class but has ADHD so nobody takes him seriously

    • JG playz
      JG playz

      thats me

    • StarcoFan212

      As and LG user and cillege student with ads this is true

    • TessR Gaming
      TessR Gaming

      @Chuchuca Fax bro, it doesn't give you intelligence, it just changes how you solve peoblems and act at different situations. I have Aspergers as well so I know a lot about it

    • Chuchuca

      @TessR Gaming I have ADHD aswell, and is a symptom we use to have, thinking we're smarter than we really are.

    • TessR Gaming
      TessR Gaming

      @Chuchuca Jokes on you, I WAS the smartest. IRglo is such a toxic place lmao

  • Alex Bauer
    Alex Bauer

    To me LG's really always been about innovation. They're having fun with their products; designing and descarding them on a whim. But the real reason why I've always been satisfied with LG is mere accessibility. More often than not they're affordable, quality devices. I do admit, I've never truly commited exclusively to LG. However, always seem to find my way back to them.

  • pattmyn

    I personally used a V60 as my daily driver for a solid two years and the price I got it for was a steal given that it came with a second year of warranty, the secondary display (which is why I wanted it in the first place), and a set of their wireless earbuds. But that primary reason is why I dropped it almost immediately when the Galaxy Z Fold3 was available to me - they blew it. Between the bulky hinge in the middle making it useless for trying to view content across both screens, the really inconsistent behaviour of apps in response to the secondary display (and seriously, if I wanted to use the phone in landscape view with both displays and use the whole bottom display as a keyboard a la old school BlackBerry, I had to use their software keyboard...which is terrible), and the fact that the "display case" relied on a proprietary magnetic charging port which was a dongle I had to put on the end of my USB C cable which also had the magnetic strength of a flimsy refrigerator magnet/sticker thingy...it just wasn't worth using and gathered dust on my nightstand. Z Fold3 comes out? Bought it immediately, despite it's insane price tag. Ditched the V60 like it was was out to kill me. LG just completely blew it when it came to their most compelling feature to me and I wouldn't have even bought it in the first place if I were to be able to discover the issues with the secondary display on a demo model which wasn't running their custom tailored apps. Then LG's mobile division just shut down completely long before I bought the Z Fold3 not even giving me an option to stay loyal to the brand.

  • VD

    So far the best smart phone I had was LG v30. It was fast, lightweight, superior build quality, thinnest bezzels at the time, great rear camera. LG deserves better.

    • Corey

      I have an LG v30 as well. I was hoping that I would love it. But there were too many hardware faults with my particular unit that made me not want to use it.

  • gardengrovemike

    I have the lg40 still and I love it; the floating bar is amazing… I’m not upgrading to the pixel 6 pro but that floating bar and manual photo mode will be missed

  • Haadi F
    Haadi F

    I like how Sony can name their PlayStations correctly, but just not their phones, lol.

    • Northernvirus0

      @Marxas1986 Thomas not just Bluetooth

    • Northernvirus0

      @Deimos when I had Sony headphones for a bit the name was so big that I just memorised the word soap cause it was like 50ap But Sony is really good with headphones those were cheap and sounded great and were really comfy

    • the rock bottom of youtube
      the rock bottom of youtube

      Now I just think of how xbox phones would be Xphone 1, 2 3 Xbox Is basically the opposite of playstation in terms of naming

    • Erez F
      Erez F

      Not exactly, its more like Xperia 1 mark 2 judging by the way it is stylized, it's a very common naming convention.

    • Miss simp
      Miss simp


  • miceymolander

    As a longtime lover of LG phones since e400, am still mourning the mobile department's demise. The deal with LG is its durability especially its Corning glass. Incredible lifespan of long ago models.

  • Niël Smith
    Niël Smith

    Watching this just makes me love LG and for them being so unconventional. And my first favourite smartphone was an LG so maybe it could be something sentimental.

  • Chris Gower
    Chris Gower

    I *loved* my LG G2, including the novel-for-the-time sensor that allowed you to double tap on the screen to turn it on, and a really good camera. LG felt like a genuine top tier manufacturer - and I remember being excited about the G3's laser autofocus, but was all about trying different manufacturers, and I went for an HTC as my next handset. After that, I never got another LG again, partly as it felt like Samsung had upped their game to match iPhone build quality and no one really kept up. Sort of felt like LG had kinda dropped to a sub-premium tier manufacturer - then Samsung Forever or whatever the program was at the time rewarded me for just switching to the next Galaxy/Note... so I got stuck in the cycle

    • Text Me On Telegram @UnrealEntGaming
      Text Me On Telegram @UnrealEntGaming

      Roman numerals👇 Plus I Open bracket IV I IX Close bracket VII III I VI IV VIII V......

  • Joe DelBene
    Joe DelBene

    Some years ago now, I had an LG Flex, and ive never loved a smartphone the way I loved that thing. It was by no means a powerful device at all, but it did everything i needed it to do perfectly, and the pure magic of it was its physical design. Putting the lockscreen and volume control buttons on the back panel was a stroke of genius, and you dont realise how much of a difference that makes to every day use until you actually have that feature. Being in the position they are, they dont get in the way at all, and are in the perfect spot that you dont have the to hold the phone in unnatural position to use them. Use the phone, lock the screen, and put it away, in one seemless movement. The curvature of the screen made no difference to my eyes, but it was a mixed bag to others. Some people tried it and loved it. Others thought it was a strain on the eyes to use. While I owned that phone, I was taking public transport to work every day, during which i was listening to music for most of the trip. With the music app in use, the volume controls doubled as track selection, and the lock screen button doubled as play/pause. Common features, but because the buttons were outward-facing while the phone was in my pocket, it meant I didn't even need to reach for my phone. One tap on my pocket was all it needed. Further to that, the curvature of all facets of the phone meant it was extremely ergonomical in my hand, but even better than that, it formed perfectly against my body while in my pocket. I couldnt even feel it was there most of the time. No other smartphone ive owned was or is like that. They all feel a bit cumbersome and intrusive, but never the Flex. On multiple occasions i completely forgot it was in my pocket for this reason. One faithful and windy day on my trip home, the flailing earphone wire caught the bag of a passer-by, and the phone flung out of my hand. It performed a fantastic and heart-stopping aerial manoeuvre, before hitting the ground, landing perfectly parallel to the pavement, all four corners of the screen contacting the ground at the same time. The screen was a total loss, and emotionally, so was I. I considered replacing it, but given its very low price point at the time, and its frankly rubbish and outdated specs, i moved on and upgraded. The tech has far improved since then, with intergration becoming alot easier along the way, but as for a smartphone being a physical extension of the body, and really what a true 'smart device' should be, nothing compares to the Flex. It really was "The Most Human Phone Ever".

  • Lyn Boyce
    Lyn Boyce

    I hope LG has seen your review, if they take your recommendations the company will have a serious turn around. Great review look forward to the next 😀

    • Ali Pirani
      Ali Pirani

      This is the video that was supposed to be sponsored by LG

    • Psyche

      They’re defunct bruh

    • UltimateVj

      oh boy

    • طواهرة محمد
      طواهرة محمد

      idont think so bro Lg's phones never move to forward Thats all because of user interface Thats all Oh yeah and some problem like bootloup and bur in display

  • Giles Moxy!
    Giles Moxy!

    I loved my V20, it was an amazing phone, until an OTE update bricked the phone.. and I dont mean like, temporary bug. I mean it fundamentally broke the bootloader. LG refused to RMA it, and after 12 weeks using a cheap $100 phone, I bought a Note 9 which I am still using today. LG eventually did admit that the OTE update bricked the phones and offered to fix them, but by that time I had moved on.

  • Catalin Petre
    Catalin Petre

    I had 4-5 LG smartphones, budget, and flagship phones and I was pleased with every one of them. My last LG phone was LG G5, such a great phone, love it. The only thing I missed was water resistance on my LG G5. I'm sad that LG stopped the production of smartphones.

  • Alis Ka Nga Jann!
    Alis Ka Nga Jann!

    I had a G4 and I was so happy to get that (I thought was a) very powerful smartphone with superb camera quality. Until after more or less a year it succumb to a bootloop problem. I googled the issue and found out a lot of users had that problem as well and LG won't fix it. Since then, I erased LG as my option for my next smartphones purchases. I don't feel sorry to a company who wasted my hard earned money. They should stop smartphone business and focus on they smart TV's.

  • Amy Hamilton-Romans
    Amy Hamilton-Romans

    I've had several LG phones (Stylo 2, 4, 6, Tribute, X-Charge, K92) I loved the audio quality and the battery life of the LG's. I thought they were great. However, every single phone had either the battery suddenly die, or the charging port would stop working. It's a shame LG gave up their cell phone production.

  • ben's gadget reviews
    ben's gadget reviews

    This is such a fair assessment of LG. Many US reviewers are far too snarky with LG without adding meaningful commentary. Thanks.

    • Bryant Allen
      Bryant Allen

      Snarky...must be talking about Juan Bagnell..lol

    • Harvey Doherty
      Harvey Doherty

      "Hum! "Hum! What is this fellow, looking for ! Lg's - phone is outstanding! Interesting! High end! Th-is. Video, well, not so much! "Im getting sl--ee-py!! I g-ot too sleep! L-a--t-t--er.

    • Danny Antiqwean
      Danny Antiqwean

      @Alfa Romeo google hasn't changed its mind, so Honor will be the new huawei

    • Danny Antiqwean
      Danny Antiqwean

      @Bradavon of course bro. Where oppo and xiaomi are practicing aggressive low price tag for mid ranger phones, LG still offers high priced phones with inferior chipsets. It is not uncommon to see a budget Redmi device packing a high powered snapdragon with an AMOLED for an inferior price. Well done LG and rest in peace. I hope to never see that brand again as long as android is still around. And yeah. Lg phones are boring to use, Redmi on the other hand is definitively a hit,oh yeah, in case of the headphone jack, Redmi and oppo still offers that port since they build both budget device. And how could I forget Realme with it's GT, a flagship grade device with a snapdragon 888 5g chipset at a ridiculously inferior Price tag

    • B Dav
      B Dav

      Lgk241 was their best phone!

  • Zainab Panday
    Zainab Panday

    I remember how excited I was to get and buy the LG Chocolate. I can remember their marketing strategy was excellent and they showcased their innovation through their ads. Can't remember what happened to them as I never even watch reviews on any of their new phones. It's a shame as they are a reputable company.

  • A B
    A B

    Had a LG G3 years ago. I loved the phone, but the screen failed spontaniously after warranty and I had to switch that phone to another. So far it has been the only phone I've had that failed on its own due to component failure.

  • Margie Lugo
    Margie Lugo

    I've had my LG Stylo 6 for 2 years. Great phone. Never had any problems. My phone still looks like new TBH. I think it's just about that time for the 7 though, just to stay up to date. My parents have the same phone and they are very happy with their phone as well. So sad company will soon close. I honestly believe in LG I think they are great.

  • Mitch Murdock
    Mitch Murdock

    The LG G2 was my baby. Blew my mind with that beautiful screen and buttons in the back. I think LG went down hill with the LG G3.

  • Hostever

    I was an Huawei user, Aften then I moved to LG, & Really Lifes Good. The phone is supper faster & good.

    • Noob PlayZ
      Noob PlayZ

      Supper lmao


      @Mark Edwards I also have LG V40 thinq

    • Hayan Almamsany
      Hayan Almamsany

      I had an lg g4 stylus for a while, it was the best phone i've ever used, lg was and still is my favourite smartphone company when it comes to their actual phones, it's so sad to see that they're facing these problems now

    • CheapBastard1988

      I did the same😂. Huawei Honor 2 2GB (AKA G615) to an LG G4. The Huawei was garbage. Only the camera was decent for the time. After the G4 I started using a €15 second hand Motorola G4 Plus. The Motorola wasn't amazing (except for the one week battery life) but very cheap and still a million times better than the Huawei. Now I have a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and it's the first smartphone I've ever had with a fantastic software experience. It better though for €1350 (incl. 21% Tax). But now I'd rather pay extra and be unoriginal now, buying a Samsung. Just for the software experience. iPhone is not an option as it doesn't support sideloading apps without jailbreaking. Besides I'm not blown away with the iOS user interface (I use an iPad at work).

    • Muhammad Talha
      Muhammad Talha

      Same bro

  • AirMoss

    I've been an avid LG user and was heart broken that LG has stopped making phones. This was a fun video to watch and its enjoyable

  • Tony Lester
    Tony Lester

    I loved my LG G4 I had years ago.... Great phone... Comfortable to use with the curved screen... BUT.... that comes the boot loop issues.... I had it replaced with one that wasn't supposed to boot loop, and guess what it did too. Had 3 total boot loop.... Heard many models after that did the same thing.... They lost me as a customer after that...

  • Kay

    I will miss LG... Got the 8Gs right now for more then 2 years, I love it!... Would love to see LG get back in the game one day...

  • Betty Zierke
    Betty Zierke

    I have a V60 and I absolutely love it. I like to have a variety of phones and I haven't considered using another one. My only complaint is that I can't change my font due to the LG store being closed.

  • Sebastian Rodriguez
    Sebastian Rodriguez

    There is such a humility to the way this guy presents his content. Unbiased but respectful. Clever but not arrogant. Honestly, him and MKBHD are the best of the best when it comes to tech videos.

    • Chaitanya More
      Chaitanya More

      @Mrwhosetheboss i will give u piece of advice If company shut down their one branch or sector doest mean they was in loss Its called as management as they were already calculated their BEP(break even point) . Making video in utube is okay but without studying anything related to how company work then it sucks

    • Chaitanya More
      Chaitanya More

      He dont know anything about company rather than advertisement his own made delusion

    • Pritam Sadhukhan
      Pritam Sadhukhan

      @Mrwhosetheboss I want to meet you

    • Born Again
      Born Again

      @Mrwhosetheboss Can you make an Q&A?

    • Born Again
      Born Again

      @Mrwhosetheboss Hi arun I am a big fan

  • Scientific Technical Facts
    Scientific Technical Facts

    LG's smartphones are good enough if we look at the price of that..... I used lots of smartphones from different brands and LG's smartphones are very durable and innovative too as currently I'm using LG wing and it's too good for the price of ₹27000 INR.....as compare with redmi,realme,oppo,Vivo and Samsung too

  • dream rabbits
    dream rabbits

    I had an LG G5 for 2 years, it was a really good phone with a pretty good camera, I had no issues with the camera and still don't, it's obviously not the best but for that time it was great. After that I got the S10, and I was mortified to find the camera was absolute crap! Looks like I'm not the only one, tons of people online were complaining about it and returned their phones. It was too late for me to return mine ugh. S10 is a great phone otherwise though, and beautiful looking phone too. My G5 is either totally shot, or the battery is completely dead and gone...

  • john hartin
    john hartin

    Ive had the lg stylo g6 for awhile, and the phones actually amazing. I love lg stylo and was ecstatic when the Stylo 7 was coming out just to find out they are canceling it. 😭

  • Rj

    My LG v30 runs flawlessly, and aside from me downloading way too many apps, if I we're to reset the phone it'd be back to being very fast phone. Most important aspects for me is RAM and Battery.

  • Ganer

    ive had two lg phones and they were good

    • wes.

      I owned a v40 for 3 years until it was stolen. Most dependable, best phone I ever had, and picked it up for 125 bucks.

    • Ghana Air
      Ghana Air

      @Imaginary how much did it cost?

    • the karline show
      the karline show

      Me too

    • Hassen Seedat
      Hassen Seedat

      Lg is good but I say buy a old samsung or iPhone flagship and they will deliver great value and they will be better than lg

    • gogy

      Actually lg is actually good but eh

  • OceanBeach

    Just to add. I once demoed one of their phones that were modular and oh my gosh their software skin was TERRIBLE. ESPECIALLY in the settings app. It looked cluttered, there was no recognition, their was no cohesion and uniformity. It was really unsatisfying to use. Another thing as to why people no longer bought Sony phones was their build quality and the fact you could not install apps onnan SD card back in the Android KitKat days. And that is what turned off customers to go to Samsung. To use a phone they recognised as easy yo use and more like how Android should be used and function.

  • ✨Scarlett✨

    I had an lg phone a couple years ago. The screen and size was great, the battery lasted for days and it had a fingerprint sensor on the back. Honestly I would recommend it for anyone on a budget (it was under $400). Also recommend Motorola phones too. Great phones for when you're on a budget. If you're not on a budget I'd recommend my phone, the Samsung S20 FE.

  • Melinda Venter nee White
    Melinda Venter nee White

    I really enjoyed this, thank you Mrwhosetheboss! LG would have done well to take you on board with their phone marketing and planning. I still have an LG V30+ (and yes I need to look up the name almost any time anyone asks!!). This is the first LG phone (we also have 2 LG tv's which are fantastic) I have used or had and I am the only person I know with an LG phone, I have really enjoyed it and would buy another if they were available. The design and quality is brilliant. It is 5 years old and the specs and performance are still better than the midrange phones my service provider is trying to get me to take when they phone me up to "upgrade". I am starting to look around for what a good replacement would be as I realise it's days are starting to become numbered from the operating system and upgradibility side.

  • Joe Doria Music
    Joe Doria Music

    When you mention trouble making a connection to the LG brand I'm afraid you're wrong. There are lots of V20 users searching for the next replacement but for powerplant update - and none come close. A major reason is the removable battery. Combine that with the quad dac, manual photo/video settings, sd mini support, usb-c port, fast-charging, infrared port, FM radio, 24-bit/192 audio recording, and the headphone jack and you had a daily driver you hold onto a hell of a lot longer than you thought (still use mine as a daily). Btw, the next company to revive the smartphone with a removable battery will murder the market for a while. Let's see who has the guts. Love LG phones. Really sad they're out and didn't get the press they deserved.

  • Yu Lei
    Yu Lei

    It's ironic how a single IRglor knows better than their entire marketing department

    • AliAlShah



      LG is the only smartphone company that has been using ESS Sabre Hi-Fi Quad DACs in their phones for years, yet they never made a big deal about it even though it's a huge deal. They missed a huge oportunity of educating consumers on how much better music sounds through their phones with quality headphones. Since the V10, they've been using ESS audio chips and barely made noise about it. It was ESS who made a post on their obscure website every time LG used their chips.

    • Sandesh Pun
      Sandesh Pun

      @Saba Meraj reported

    • emerald garnet
      emerald garnet

      Imagine if all these companies hire Mr Whose The Boss as their marketing consultant who speaks what the consumer wants, wouldn’t that be great. As he is the voice of the consumer.

    • Michael Rodriguez
      Michael Rodriguez

      He doesn’t lol he just knows technology and what people expect after reviewing so many smart phone companies.

  • SwampToad

    I had an LG g5, I don't know if I exagerate but the camera was amazing, 4k filming was looking so good, pictures also I think can still beat a lot of modern phones.

  • Peter Jones
    Peter Jones

    When the Note 7 had the Battery exploding issue, I was thinking of switching to the LG V series. That could of been one opportunity for the phone but they never took advantage of it. But they never sold the phone in the UK. Availability was a big issue as well. I lost interest as soon as I could not to get one.

  • Darrell Bruggeman
    Darrell Bruggeman

    I have had my LG Velvet for about two years and it is hands down the best phone I have owned after the HTC models of several years ago. It's a shame that they actually have stopped making phones now.

  • Lounge Evity
    Lounge Evity

    I've had 2 LG phones, great experience. It's a shame they stopped producing

  • TJ L
    TJ L

    “LG’s naming system is terrible” Sony: 😶

    • Siberian Moschid
      Siberian Moschid

      V35 ThinQ sounds good

    • Alexander Emmanuel
      Alexander Emmanuel

      Yea Xperia 1 then 1ll then 1 lll along with the 5, 5 ll and 5 lll

    • Jamellii

      @Ejindu Young xbox naming system isn't bad its just confusing now idk how they naming the next gen of Xbox Going from Series X to ?

    • Born Again
      Born Again

      Xiaomi: Yes LG' s naming system is horrible

  • Danijel Rakic
    Danijel Rakic

    I remember having G2 when it came out and G4. G2 was one of the best phones in it's class. I think they were the first that came up with double tap to unlock the screen on G2?

  • MDraft

    I used LG G5 modular and it's camera was literally insane and every little detail was focused.

  • James Davies
    James Davies

    It's amazing how the game changed when. Smart phones became prolific LG, Sony Nokia and Motorola where all giants in the phone industry pre smart phones. It's shame they couldn't keep up.

  • Quita Johnson
    Quita Johnson

    I loved their mid tier stylo line!! I had the 1-4. My son currently is hanging on to his stylo 5!!

  • CarthagoMike

    Another issue is software updates. LG has been notorious for years now to be very slow with releasing new android versions to their devices.

    • Sofia Silva
      Sofia Silva

      Samsung sweating in the corner

    • TheBraveGallade

      @vtpmt81 well, also it gets more of a priority now that a shitton of samsung phones are on the market

    • YungYouTubeGod

      @vtpmt81 Yes but is also taking everything away that made them good, like Apple lol. Love my V60. Missing a IR Blaster, and a removable battery. Missing high refresh rate. But the Quad DAC does wonders to make up for it.

    • Save the Rhino
      Save the Rhino

      This. And the distribution of of it is quite poor too. My G6 got updated to Android 8.0 after nearly 3 years. And as if that's not bad enough, i found out that for my region that's the final upgrade, while others got android 9.0. And since most phone nowadays had wide angle cam, this might be my last LG.

  • Scott11078

    The first smartphone I purchased was the LG Thrill, a phone pushed onto me by sales people because it was free. I wanted the Galaxy s4, the not so thrilling thrill was a 3D phone. It was cool for about half an hour and when I finally ditched it to start using galaxy active I had tons of pictures and video in a format that was stuck on that phone since they were all 3D.

  • jimwavect

    Bought my V20 in large part because of the replaceable battery feature. It seems as though this is something that many people would want, but apparently I'm in the minority. Still works great and was a steal at $175 on eBay 2+ years ago.

    • JROD

      Nah you're not. I'm using the V35 currently still. This thing is still badass.


    LG V30 was my favorite because I''m in it for the audio :) The finger lock placement was nice too.

  • Kath Ro
    Kath Ro

    Its interesting, to me LG is more focused on their local market in Korea. At some point they had great colabs with well know artists in Korea, sponsoring every entertainment show on local tv, me as a foreigner interested in korean shows got interested in LG phones because of that, but ended up switching to samsung eventually, like you said its more consistent

  • Sattwik Satpathy
    Sattwik Satpathy

    LG is like the ADHD kid in school who is actually a genius but behaves like a knucklehead. Samsung is the back bencher who cheats but still scores 98% and Apple is like the rich ass kid who is the sports player and is loved or has been a crush of every girl in the school.

    • Miguel Esteves
      Miguel Esteves

      Ahah nicely put.

    • yasodex(formerly known as yaboy yassogaming)
      yasodex(formerly known as yaboy yassogaming)

      Lenovo is the forgotten good kid

    • StarcoFan212


    • Maik Gerrard
      Maik Gerrard

      It's true!

    • Death Hades
      Death Hades

      And xiaomi is the quit kid

  • Catgoat

    I'm really sad LG stopped selling phones. I loved their phones

  • Cheeseandchili

    I have been using several LG smartphones, and the main factor why LG had to exit the smartphone market was definitely the lack of marketing in key target markets. They were barely visible with their products in Europe... while they did have quite the presence in their home market. Another frustrating factor for non-Asia LG phone buyers was certainly, that the models released in Korea or Hong Kong mostly always had double the internal memory for the same price - and sometimes more color options. I had a samsung note 1 which died ONE day after its warranty expired, by then I switched to LG G Pro (stupidly the EU version with half memory), after that imported the Hong Kong version of V10 (double memory) and in early 2019 to the Hong Kong version of V40 (red color, not available outside of asia). Still using the V40 and loving it, but the next phone will be a samsung again (hoping for it not to die just after the warranty period), probably the s22 ultra. And once again looking to import (color availability, processors of asia vs. eu variants...) Back to topic though, LG smartphones had one thing I liked a lot about them/still like a lot: no matter how much you cram onto the sd card and the internal memory, the device does not get noticeably slower. Even if the phone is so crammed that it cannot update the weather app anymore. What frustrated me about LG smartphones: different models for the EU vs asia. Pricing policy. My V40 was around €150 cheaper as an imported model vs. what it cost at the same time here in Germany. The pricing difference dropped a few months later to the same level, but that is just ridiculous. Another fun fact: LG also released such cool clamshell phones in Korea in the late 2000s/early 2010s like the ice cream and lollipop series. Wish we had all of those available in Europe as well ;-)

  • Dhruv Singh
    Dhruv Singh

    I really miss these sorta tech videos, with a calm soothing vibe. Arun, could you try to make future ones a bit more like this instead of just camera and battery tests that have been going on for a while now

  • Jake and Chris small engine repair
    Jake and Chris small engine repair

    In May 2019, I got a LG Fortune 2, the single camera was amazing. I loved the phone but some games couldn't run on high graphics. Then July 2021, I got the Samsung A01 and it was faster but some apps crashed. It didn't have enough storage for me. On Christmas I got the Samsung A12 and it is alot better. Wired headphones were better with the LG

  • A-REX ( 1.5GB)
    A-REX ( 1.5GB)

    Advertising is main problem. They dont advertise so no one knows about it

    • A-REX ( 1.5GB)
      A-REX ( 1.5GB)

      @Tharsan J how good is the lg wing?

    • A-REX ( 1.5GB)
      A-REX ( 1.5GB)

      @SirLion good but xiaomi is chinese right? The renowned CCP- CHINA COMMUNIST PARTY

    • SirLion

      @A-REX ( 1.5GB) Meanwhile with my Xiaomi, I'm loving it

    • A-REX ( 1.5GB)
      A-REX ( 1.5GB)

      @Mat Mich yes. I have chinese. Lets show them the wallet power instead of battle power

    • A-REX ( 1.5GB)
      A-REX ( 1.5GB)

      @Mihai Vinatoru really!!

  • It's Raynbowstine
    It's Raynbowstine

    if I had the money, I'd actually give their innovative phones a try T^T

  • Sensei

    LG phones back in the day were amazing. From flip phones all the way to the Great LG G2

  • NMartinG

    I remember my first phone was from LG, it was a really nice phone, but as I switched to Samsung I just haven't heard anything from LG for so long, kinda forgot they existed


    My favorite all-time phone for it's era was the LG enV in 2007. Very advanced for the time.

  • Siva E
    Siva E

    LG just opted out of smartphone Business worldwide. Wow. This is real.

    • 2beyou

      @Loïc Labonne Yes I agree with you that they make good Electronics in the mean time but you are right their customer service sucks LG appliances are very popular in many countries some more than others though like in Canada LG appliances are popular there but I would say that Apple also struggles with good customer service each time if you complain about your phone tablet or computer that Apple makes you do not always get the service that you should get which makes their customer service suck as well

    • Loïc Labonne
      Loïc Labonne

      @2beyou well ,in the mean time, they make amazing TVs and other electronic appliances. But still, there is a lack of good customer service...which sucks.

    • 2beyou

      @Loïc Labonne Yes they stopped making smartphones but there is hope some company could buy LG worldwide and they make an come back all it takes is one company to buy LG and work on their phones and create new ones for the company and they will succeed again also LG needs to fire their CEO and bring someone in with look and someone who is going to promote the company a lot better.

    • 2beyou

      @- oh - Okay

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      GOD BLESS.....

  • Vinnie Bartilucci
    Vinnie Bartilucci

    Been buying LGs since the Stylo. The one thing they did really well for a while were UIs that interacted with the case. I ADORED the circle view UI on the early Stylo and G4, and I was so disappointed when it went away. The G6 had a translucent case with a magnet sensor - when it was closed, the screen switched to a simple design that you could see through the case. Again, gone after the G6 Got the dual screen V60 now, and I'm sad that allegedly it'll be the last LG I can buy.

  • Don Jude
    Don Jude

    Well said! I'm one of the few... I have absolutely no product loyalty in anyway... I geek, study tech & look for the greatest value to quality ratio in every aspect of a purchase; a car, toaster, or phone... Of 11 phones I have owned 8 have been LG. No one comes close to the price/tech/ construction of their G & V line devices. Chip-set, ram (2016 LG V20 came w/4GB), camera, screen, overall construction (I believe all G & V series met Military specs). All of the above for 40-60% less than a comparable Samsung. . . LG failed miserably in 2 areas 1st - Failure to update or clean, timely updates. 2nd - Most consumers don't know anything about the tech which makes up their device. Forget about consumers, most sales people don't even know which devices offer cutting edge specs or recycled junk. I'm blown away to see people buying a new Samsung with essentially 3yr old tech inside. I have seen people buy a new device with poorer performance specs than their previous device. . . Poor LG was under the same illusion I was... The world is educated on tech specs & would recognize a great value and not the majority being a "ship of fools".

  • Jj Pelham
    Jj Pelham

    Its super weird because ive used lg phones since the g3 and I always assumed that they were just really cheap phones with amazing specs. Makes a lot more sense that they were expensive at launch and had to go cheap because they didnt sell well.

  • pegatan

    LG had super low budget devices. When I worked at the German-Dutch border, many had problems with reception there, my GM205 had no dropped calls even with one bar. The Dolby Surround speaker on the back was my loud companion in the warehouse when I had to put orders together. Later in college, I had the Spirit 4G for an unbeatable €66. At my home address there was only 4G reception and I needed a cheap smartphone in 2015. I gave it away to a buddy after a year, he used it for another two years and then gave it to his mother. And she still uses it today, after almost 7 years!

  • Mars Hartdegen
    Mars Hartdegen

    Yes I do, cheap and good quality.

    • Hello world
      Hello world

      @Yu Lei old problem

    • Fadeaway Jay
      Fadeaway Jay

      @chocolate steal in g data and cant buy from actual store. I dont think so


      @lalruatfela hrahsel 🤣🤣🤣🤣 I was being nice about it by saying I have had shit experience with LG anything and I've had amazing quality with Samsung I sleep on my phone sometimes and wake up and just turn it on like nothing bet your LG would explode(LG is trash I speak from every LG I've ever had)


      @lalruatfela hrahsel you have a LG its okay im not complaining about that im just saying since I moved to an overall better rated by quality and sales company like Samsung I've had better experience and in my previous experience with LG always shit phones

    • Pav L.
      Pav L.

      @lalruatfela hrahsel I have and I do in my phones, there's just less detail in the photos. Samsung phones have a pretty good manual mode these days too by the way.

  • Gem

    My husband just got the LG velvet. It looks better than my S20+ tbh

  • 3D Clothes
    3D Clothes

    LG was the best phone I ever own. It was affordable when I bought it, I cannot afford Samsung. It had a good camera the best I ever own. The battery was so good. Plus it was my first and only finger print phone. It dropped a lot and the screen was safe. I really want to get another one but they gone out of business, sucks.

  • Hartanto Kosasih
    Hartanto Kosasih

    As someone who started using Android using LG. I kind of feel saddened by their death. Seeing as V60 might be their last flagship (considering Velvet specs). I do agree with Aaron's opinion. LG never really took of. There are times when I snobs at their product. Probably they should learn a thing or two from BBK's Playbook instead of trying to chase Samsung's Playbook. Or perhaps they should simply just write themselves a playbook for them which will work. I still remember how they tried to copycat Galaxy Note and fails miserably. Once upon a time they built a good Nexus Phone. And today! They built a proper phone with a Quad DAC. But why.... Life's Ended instead of being Good. They do make a lot of good decisions and fails to promote them.

  • g h
    g h

    I had the LG G series of phones and was happy, especially the G3. I still use my G4 as a back up. LG have stopped making phones which is sad.

  • J C
    J C

    I am totally heartbroken that LG will shutdown their smartphone business line... I LOVE LG as a superb innovative co. AND WILL MISS their smartphones...

    • BonnieR RMccarron
      BonnieR RMccarron

      Please define smart phone ... Not a velvet, correct?

    • Texas Mama
      Texas Mama


    • J C
      J C


  • Lil Airbender
    Lil Airbender

    I remember having a L5 as a kid, mf was indestructible, we love u LG, we need masterpieces as the wing

  • Kristi Maxi
    Kristi Maxi

    I got an LG phone and I love it! It's very customizable and even got a puzzle alarm. It also has a lot of cool pre-downloaded apps that just make it better. Battery doesn't run out fast. It's even better for me because, personally, apple is difficult to use so this is good. But all in all, 9/10 for me

  • Alfonzo Soto González
    Alfonzo Soto González

    I have a rocky relationship with LG phones. Back in 2014 I bought the OnePlus One and together with a friend we used to have the best smartphones around (his was an LG G3 which I thought was amazing). So the OP2 came out I I was completely disillusioned with the design, so I bought a LG G4 with a beautiful leather back. The damn phone died on me not long after the device warranty and I couldn't resell it because everybody knew at that point that the phone was a big mess. It was a total loss of money and I didn't ever looked back at LG phones again.

  • Kristian Whiskin
    Kristian Whiskin

    I use to love LG phones at one point my first 3g phone was the LG u880 many years ago and the last one I owned was the Nexus 5 and various others in that time and I can agree they're no longer consistent with the devices they make like in the days of 3g non smartphones the u880 came out then a year later the u890 came out which was an updated design but still similar and everything the u880 done the u890 done it better it was a clear upgrade not a completely different device with missing features from the previous gen.. it's unfortunate because they use good hardware and well made devices just as premium as Samsung like the g3/g4 for example was one of the most advanced of the time or even the LG Optimus 3D was one of the highest specced devices of its era

  • idris zayyad
    idris zayyad

    i use LG phone and i can say they are overwhemingly underrated ....

    • TMG Rambo
      TMG Rambo

      @Popokaka XD to a nerd of course. Grammar police in the building YALL. Beware better talk like the white man says is acceptable

    • TMG Rambo
      TMG Rambo

      @Layla Diab just got rid of lag for this. I hated iPhones but android and LG made me convert and I am happy now. No more slow ass hot ass phone issues

    • Tom Petty
      Tom Petty

      @Dark But have used one? for a long period of time or at all? I can play the same game as my friend doesn't mean we'll have the same user experience. I suggest you follow your own path and not those of other's, you may find the options from other's lead you astray js. Do you have a car? do you bike, do you listen to music a lot? If you answered ye t any of these questions, grab a G8 or v30. Shit any G or V phone, the dac only will blow you away. I have a regular car but people always think I have subs in my car... It's my phone.

    • Tom Petty
      Tom Petty

      @Expert A to Z which LG phone did you have and for how long???

  • TriSpeds Official
    TriSpeds Official

    I've had a v60 since it came out cuz of the BOGO deal it had. While it is a fairly amazing device spec wise, it has so many minor annoyances. LG always has

  • punklover99

    My first few smart phones were from lg and i liked them, when my flex had a motherboard issue my carrier set me up with a different brand. So i haven't used one in a while, i actually thought they stopped making them

  • Je-note

    Watching this from my G6, which i bought after Nexus 5 (which is also LG). And i have love and hate relationship with it. LG always had some unique and innovative features to them. So much that they crossed the of being weird, not for mass users. At the same time LG phones has no distinct selling point. Jack of everything, master of none. Which made them good all-arounders, but again, not for everyone. I love my G6 for unique features which nobody had at the time or doesn't have even now: amazing IPS display on flagship phone (don't like AMOLED), AOD in IPS screen, double tap wake up, combined fingerprint scanner and back pannel power button, quad DAC, super durable construction (most durable I've ever seen), unique design, ultra wide camera (they were first). BUT there are always so many buts about LG. Tiny battery, outdated glass on front and unverified glass on back, outdated even at the time processor, which wasn't good to begin with and really bad OS to complement it, some hardware issues, bad selfie camera. It was laggy from day one. They are innovative, but those innovations always so raw. Also their horrendous pricing strategy, which was mentioned in the video.

  • Yellow bike
    Yellow bike

    As I am using a LG phone its safe to say that LG has an amazing battery saxer

  • Aayush Karulkar
    Aayush Karulkar

    LG: "We need sales manager!" Arun: "Watch my videos or hire me"

    • Music for Butterflies
      Music for Butterflies

      LG: AFK

    • Aayush Karulkar
      Aayush Karulkar

      @Creativity Power it's not that.....

    • Creativity Power
      Creativity Power

      Do u mean he hires LG😏😏

    • Jo

      Good one

    • Gaurav Patil
      Gaurav Patil

      I talked to him regarding my deal...he was terrible

  • Washington Command Post
    Washington Command Post

    As a long time LG phone user I am very upset that LG has shut down its operations for phones. The best phones I’ve had consistently have been LG in the V 60 is probably the best phone I’ve ever had. I’ve had Samsung‘s the S series and the notes series and the LG was just significantly better. I think what a lot of people are missing about the LG compared to the other phone companies is LG takes chances they’re not safe like other companies. When’s the last time Apple took a chance on anything. Hell they don’t even assemble most of their phone. And Samsung is just loaded with bloatware. I will miss the LG phones very dearly.

  • emily dv
    emily dv

    i had an LG g6 thinq, honestly it was 1 of the best phone's I've ever had before my friend slammed it in the car door and bent, but even then it still managed to work for more than a month like that and it worked just the same

  • Cathy Harvey
    Cathy Harvey

    The first smart phone I bought was a LG, and I still have and use LG. I have no issues with them

  • Mike Trollmetheus
    Mike Trollmetheus

    the first (and by the way, THE BEST) android phone i have ever had was an LG G4... the strangest part of that dark year for the LG brand was when the G4 had that endless boot loop and i think, that 2015/6 were the worst years for LG in the smartphone market (although i never had that boot loop and when i sold it, the new user got the boot loop but not me!)... after that, it came out the G5 with removable bottom/battery, it was a true innovation but the execution led prone to user mishandle... indeed LG makes the most efficient and accurate color displays and by extension, THE BEST tv's on the market along with Sharp... and the competitors will struggle to keep up LG's quality... BUT IN THE SMARTPHONE AREA, it's like they shoot themselves on the foot... i mean, they almost never heard the community, and in this 2021 is SO unfortunate (because ALL their smartphones are SO GOOD but the operative system and the security updates, os updates, etc., are always left to be desired because most of us nowadays look forward to not spend on a smartphone for a few years, and LG didn't (and STILL doesn't give us any news about their smartphones... hell, i looked for the Android 12 update for the V60 and there's so much confusion! i want this phone but LG won't let me preserve it in the long term!

  • JackoBanon1

    I bought the LG G3, G4, V30 and V40 and all of these were insanely good smartphones at their time. Especially the advanced Hi-Fi-Sound chip of the V-series smartphones combined with good ear phones is still ahead of any competition. Neither Apple nor Samsung deliver a comparable sound quality. Apple doesn't even have a plug for normal headphones anymore! That's why I was shocked when I heard that LG stopped developing and producing smartphones because their smartphones had almost the same performance as the other brands and some great advantages like the very good sound quality.

    • Andy Richardson
      Andy Richardson

      @James Oh yeah I love my LG V60 I started with the amazing LG G3 and I have the V20 30 40 50 and my 60, I'm going to keep my LG V60 forever I'm going to keep buying new ones they are so great such a great value, quad dac with a HEADPHONE jack, I use those old gummy Walmart headphones Amazon still sells them and it sounds so good, the camera is amazing, all the features of the phone inculding one of my favoirte features that as far as I know no other smart phone has, the knock on double tap to wake and turn off the phone screen BUT I love that you can use it ANYWHERE at the top of the screen no matter what you are doing I use that feature daily where Samsung and other andriods only have it to where you can do it on the main screen and not anywhere else, and then the fact that you can still have a app tray and move it to where you want, just little things even like that is what made LG phones the best in my opinion and they were a great cheap value, I really hope LG starts making phones again in the future I really want an LG V70.

    • Andy Richardson
      Andy Richardson

      @Tom Peterson That's because a lot of people can't now because most phones don't have a damn headphone jack now... I still buy those old Walmart gummy headphones on Amazon and with the v60's Quad Dac it sounds so great.

    • Tom Peterson
      Tom Peterson

      Because wireless is the future. Nobody listens to music from their phone by itself often anymore

    • Adam

      I went from a galaxy series (I owned galaxy 2-5) then went to LG G3,G5, G6 then went to the V40 and kept that(still in use after a battery swap)until I went and got an iPhone Xs max(still have)then I upgraded to an iPhone 13 pro. I still like the V40! The DAC and 1440 screen is Amazing. Still quick. I like the LG OS/skin better than the Samsung one. Seems smoother/more fluid..

    • Fgh Sdds
      Fgh Sdds

      Same here, I ended up buying samsung after lg stopped and I truly don't know why they're on top, if lg still made phones I'd switch immediately

  • ED

    Just got an LG V60 for $200! They still have 2 major firmware updates left until Android 13! 😮 Awesome phone. The headphone jack is killer.

  • Ianna

    I'll be honest, I was quite happy with my G3 - until the mainboard somehow fried, 2 years in. Nothing had ever happened to it, no drops, no water damage, zilch. Was outside of warranty too, so I got myself the G3 shortly after. 6 months in, same issue. Warranty offered to replace the main board but couldn't guarantee it would not happen again and I was done with it. No way was I losing all my data again, and have the support tell me it happens regularly for G3 and even the G4 of my partner at the time. Swapped to Samsung and recently to Apple, never went back. LG seriously lost my trust with that stuff - once I can forgive, twice I am pissed and I won't risk it happening a third time.

  • J Edwards
    J Edwards

    The first thing I fall in love with was the weather widget that tells you when it's snowing or raining. I love the feel of it especially in the morning. I just bought the LG Velvet 5G like two weeks ago. It's sad that LG just left us like that. I am still a LG DIE HARD FAN. LOVE YOU LG.

    • Telegram@mrwhosetheboss13

      Congratulations_ you have been selected among the lucky winners 🔝🔝🔝... Message right away