I'm worried about humanity's future.
How Technology and companies like Facebook, Google, Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Tesla, are changing our world, and why I'm worried about what lies ahead.
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0:00 Social Media
2:12 Echo Chambers
5:43 Negativity
6:35 Confidence
8:47 Isolation
15:24 Chaos
18:50 Surveillance
23:15 Hope

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    This idea has been brewing in my mind for the last 2 years now, and so I've finally decided to talk about it - I'd love to know if you guys see things the same way, or if you have other ways of looking at it / dealing with these ideas 🙏

  • slo-mo sounds
    slo-mo sounds

    This video is so deep and true. The only thing that they can't crack is my depression.

  • Mirth

    I'm a content creator, and I genuinely think this opened my mind more about what I want to do with my channel, family and career, thank you so much.

  • Shiboline M'Ress
    Shiboline M'Ress

    I gave up all my "social media" accounts except IRglo, and even here I'm going to limit myself. This is freeing up tons of time and reducing lots of stress for me. I look forward to spending that time with friends, as soon as it's safe again. However, I have health issues that have made going to the office difficult. For that reason, I love working from home and hate the thought of having to return to the office for a job that I can literally do more efficiently from my living room.

  • Agent 33
    Agent 33


  • Wawancraftia Plays
    Wawancraftia Plays

    There is always one thing in my mind, and that is:

  • The Adventures of Sydney J
    The Adventures of Sydney J

    You've literally voiced every one of my concerns and more! Thank you for this wonderful breakdown!

  • Redskull

    I personally deleted Twitter and Instagram from my my phone about a month ago and I feel happier ever since.

  • Logoapp

    When the pandemic started I was EXTREMELY nervous about how "working in an office" wouldn't exist by the time I got into the workforce. After living through the various lockdowns and being isolated for days, it seems like lots of people agree that you can't beat in person interacitons.

  • Udi Assaf
    Udi Assaf

    One of the most important videos ever made in my opinion! Great stuff! Your conclusion is also spot on but I want to offer some more tools for us:

  • Creativeayo

    I love how analytically balanced your content is - very concise, enlightening and relatable all the time.

  • Oussema Ibn Fraj
    Oussema Ibn Fraj

    This video is 10/10. You've done an amazing job presenting those ideas in a coherent way.

  • Sumiran Maiskar
    Sumiran Maiskar

    This channel is amazing. I love how Arun puts so much effort into his videos, and while covering somr of the most interesting and unique (and in this case actually very important for all of us) content! I've come to love his videos more and more over the years!

  • Ishtiaque Hussain
    Ishtiaque Hussain

    Not many tech influencers will cover such an important yet 'sensitive' subject like this and present it in such a well thought out concise form!!

  • Dustin Taylor
    Dustin Taylor

    This video left me in tears that was spot on and real. Thanks for making it I hope it opens peoples minds about our futures and our children's future.

  • Matthew Shoemaker
    Matthew Shoemaker

    Happy to see you speaking truth, even at the cost of your platform. You can’t make everyone happy but being honestly concerned for humanity makes you that much more credible. BTY, Puma has the best shoes. From what I’ve researched thus far Addidas and Nike are despicable companies and our evil to the core.

  • Tiago Ramos
    Tiago Ramos

    Great great video 👌

  • InventorZahran

    Thank you for making this video! I share all of these concerns and have been doing my best to inform the people around me about them, but you explained them in a way that's so much more approachable and accessible to non-technical minds. The world needs more educators like you, who encourage us to think critically about the technologies that surround us instead of just blindly accepting them without question.

  • Jon

    I've always been a fan of this channel, but I found a new level of respect for you for recognizing and presenting these issues.

  • JerryRigEverything