I'm worried about humanity's future.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    This idea has been brewing in my mind for the last 2 years now, and so I've finally decided to talk about it - I'd love to know if you guys see things the same way, or if you have other ways of looking at it / dealing with these ideas 🙏 To check out 25 Inventions that genuinely blew my mind: irglo.info/from/pNiFb2Vzl7zMhYU/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Billy Calypso
      Billy Calypso

      It's crazy how you've grown. From your first videos to now making masterpieces such as this. Well done sir.


      Hey bro I totally agree you and you have me a deeper understanding of what’s actually happening and I didn’t really take this to consideration thinking this would be fine but One thing I know is that the better the tech somehow the lazier a person gets not all ways but I think it’s a guarantee for newborn baby’s and you know there are lots of global problems which will be needed to be pushed on to us in the future

    • Jesus is King
      Jesus is King

      Do you ever worry about the after life? There is only one God The God of the bible He has a Son, named Jesus Christ Him and His Son are ONE Jesus is the King of all Kings and he is wants us to Repent, leave any sinful living, believe in and follow him for he IS THE WAY, THE TRUTH AND THE LIFE Jesus Christ died for our sins, and rose again Jesus is Alive

    • Fixture Animationz
      Fixture Animationz

      You already know nobodys gonna listen.

  • JerryRigEverything

    10/10 Social media isn't real life.

    • truckjumperdude


    • Conner Dagamer12
      Conner Dagamer12

      @Zachary Hunter 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    • GrimyyBoii

      Twitter users dissagree

    • Urlocalbirb

      True words

    • Shawn

      @Zachary Hunter Sarcasm...?

  • OhItsTeddy

    Great video. Appreciate you taking the time to make it.

    • shanks

      @LEGEND thanks g

    • LEGEND

      @shanks great reply, appreciate you taking the time to make it

    • shanks

      Great comment. Appreciate you taking the time to make it.

  • Bananas and Bass
    Bananas and Bass

    Yeah I miss the good old days of just meeting with friends without smartphones and hanging out of doing real stuff.

    • Yellowgabe04

      I Never Really Had That Happen Except That When I Was Only In Elementary School

    • Banana Fone
      Banana Fone

      @[Insert name here] i mean honestly these years now are probably the best for friendships.

    • [Insert name here]
      [Insert name here]

      1980s to 2000s seemed like such a great time I wish I was in

    • Jayant

      @BIOWAR1021 and the early 2010 s too,

  • Jason Stewart Szczerba
    Jason Stewart Szczerba

    I am more worried about the dark intentions behind apps like TikTok rather than normal social media.

  • TiE

    its a great thing that more and more people are starting to realize this , its something weve been in denial about for years . i doubt well actually change anything , but at least we could be more aware. great video .

  • Vincent Pollack
    Vincent Pollack

    Everyone should watch this. Show this in schools. EVERYWHERE. Such an important video. Great job

    • FireRoz

      attention span tiktokers wont make it lmao

    • kisgamer

      @Jay Webster If that was instead of everything, it would be so boring, like I didn’t watch this video to get a lecture on the bible, I watched it to see what this video was about, I wanted to watch this, not Jesus.

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    • Space

      Who are you?

    • LeoGetz007

      Watch “Moon” great youtuber

  • Luke Skywalker
    Luke Skywalker

    This is what It means to be a tech review er! Your content has so much substance. Please continue to give us more like these. Thank you 🙏🏽

  • spudicular

    Videos like these have as a whole changed me and I've started to distance myself from social media in general and so far I already feel so much better and more productive, highly recommend to everyone

  • Eletto Creative
    Eletto Creative

    Love what you've done here! Hopefully we can see more transparent content like this from other creators in time

  • B

    Thank you! Really, you’ve no idea how much I think about this! So, knowing that somewhere someone cares is a massive relief! Edit- I don’t use social media like literally nothing and that’s why it’s really sad to see how people are changing w/out them knowing that they’re not changing for good or smth positive.

  • Ishtiaque Hussain
    Ishtiaque Hussain

    Not many tech influencers will cover such an important yet 'sensitive' subject like this and present it in such a well thought out concise form!!

    • Ishtiaque Hussain
      Ishtiaque Hussain

      @Crimson if you haven't watched Black Mirror (the TV series) yet, I highly recommend that you do!!

    • Nsa Google
      Nsa Google

      @Depression Powerhouse But it takes more than 25 minutes to read and I don't want to make you feel inadequate. Too late. Imagine someone making a joke about a dictionary after saying "nah faM chek yoS4lf"

    • Depression Powerhouse
      Depression Powerhouse

      @Nsa Google there’s a book for people who don’t know what words mean… go read it.

    • Nsa Google
      Nsa Google

      @Depression Powerhouse There is an app for people with zero attention span. I think it's called TikTok. Try that it might divide the video into 1 minute segments. Much easier for this generation to pay attention that way.

  • bruhmoment21

    This was the most professional video I have ever seen about how the internet is slowly but surely killing humanity. This video actually made me feel bad about even owning a phone! That’s how good this video is, I agree with everything you’ve said in this video.

  • Micah Harper
    Micah Harper

    I'm glad to see someone with a large base drawing attention to this aspect of the tech world, it's an increasingly important one. Great video!

  • The 301st Spartan
    The 301st Spartan

    I would like another video similar to this one that lists what’s wrong with social media, but it also tells us what we can do about it.

    • MountainDrew 22
      MountainDrew 22

      delete the social media. that simple.

  • Juergen Jaeger
    Juergen Jaeger

    You are absolutely right! After the last two years trying to prevent personal contacts because of Covid, I got used to it, and now I sometimes really have to force myself to go out and meet my friend. Or go to the office instead of just going upstairs at home and work from there. And after the video about Metaverse you posted, we can see where we are going. I'm really worried about the future in that my kids have to live.

  • Alex Larsen
    Alex Larsen

    Arun, literally the first one among the largest tech youtubers to put out something this profound. My respect for you has already been high but has now absolutely skyrocketed!

    • F1shySpace

      “one among the” IS THAT AN AMONGUS REFRECE !1!1 😳😳

  • kurt valenta
    kurt valenta

    this is an amazing essay and i do love that you see all the single advancements as part of one picture. thank you a lot for speaking out about all of this, especially in such an articulate way that considers various facets. i actually never considered that i dislike the fact that some of my friends rather tell me to google something than think about it themselves not because it is impolite, but because i get the feeling our relationships deteriorate that way. that character of deterioration is also true of when we use our phones whilst hanging out with friends. my ex-girlfriend's parents always disliked when she would be on the phone when dining. i now sentiments as such as part of a desire for a world in which we fellow humans value the relationships we have with each other. where they don't always look for highest performance and so on. what has me worried is that western countries also go down a path right now that leads us to such a highly-performant, automatized and surveilled world. and i'm even more worried when seeing that alternative social systems such as china's (sure, it's not really socialism) also go down that highly productive and automatized path. perhaps we must also question our desire for always optimizing and improving things. i love science and i love advancements. but maybe we have to consider if science/research could be dangerous in a meritocracy (performance society) such as ours

  • FireRoz

    i never realized how much i liked your channel before watching this. youre incredibly smart and and youre very aware of whats happening around you.

  • Life with a service dog
    Life with a service dog

    I agree with all of this and people are getting more mad more easily who agrees with that and our privacy is getting more invaded by people and governments

  • ChibiPuppy

    This is actually why I refused to buy a phone until recently, and it's because with absolutely no communication outside it's kind of hard to do things at the age of 16, but yes I totally agree some of us rely on the internet abit too much, I do use instagram yes I do use twitter yes, but never post what I do in real life... The idea that people you have never met before knows everything about me is kind of creepy-

  • sebleterrible

    This is the best content I’ve seen in years. The world needed this.

    • Alissa Solis
      Alissa Solis

      Indeed 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

    • Luis Ceballos
      Luis Ceballos

      This video is pure gold. Thank you for posting. I will make sure to share it everywhere

    • My Beautiful Gålle
      My Beautiful Gålle

      @Eduard Emanuel Prindii இக்

    • My Beautiful Gålle
      My Beautiful Gålle

      True රු රු

    • Nickodemis

      Absolutely Fantastic

  • Jessica Hinz
    Jessica Hinz

    thank you for making this video, it was so well articulated and produced! i've been worrying about this stuff for ages and it's so deeply unsettling thinking about the future. what do we do? gratitude on a micro scale is good advice but how do we cope with the knowledge that our lives will continue to be dictated by the almighty algorithms, which see us as valuable only for the attention and money we can provide? how can we rationalise being controlled and watched at almost every turn, and knowing it's not right but still, continuing to passively accept that it's just the way things are? how do we move forward and tackle pressing issues in our society such as climate change when misinformation is so rife and everyone wants to disagree with each other? i could go on i have so many concerns, and no answers. and it scares me.

  • Erik Andreas
    Erik Andreas

    Thank you for bringing up this massive toxic issue that social media has become!

  • JollyRanchersGrandma

    This is a very important video, I've spent the last 2 years since covid hit trying to use my phone and social media less and less. I've been trying to learn as many new things every day as I can and this is a video that's almost a checklist for what I've done right and what I need to change to live my life less reliant on tech but still be able to be in awe at where we're going technologically.

  • Kenji

    Your videos strike the perfect balance between being informative, serious and fun. You make great content and fun jokes, keep it up!

  • Charlotte Dobre
    Charlotte Dobre

    Killer video man!

    • Ceez B
      Ceez B

      And that's why this youtube channel promotes gross consumerism? He should quit being a clout chaser and virtual signaler.

    • Hydraxon

      IRglor normie: *makes a video stating the obvious fact that social media is bad like it's some new discovery* IRglor that reviews TikToks: "Killer video man!"

    • Soyanshu Mohapatra
      Soyanshu Mohapatra

      @Tyler Nikolai Richards The likes were less at that time

    • Soyanshu Mohapatra
      Soyanshu Mohapatra

      @Tyler Nikolai Richards I said about the likes in the comment

    • Soyanshu Mohapatra
      Soyanshu Mohapatra

      @Banana Fusion Okay

  • Cera

    I always wondered why I was so jealous and sad whenever I see my classmates and celebrities post such perfect moments in their lives. Social media just made me depressed overall that I could possibly never achieve what others have already done before me, hurts even more if it was people I knew. I really gotta practice gratitude and appreciating myself more. I'm quite grateful that past me didn't use twitter or tiktok at all, and only seeing some people that interest me. This video was really insightful and tackled into issues that I didn't know how to name them and hit the nail of the worries I felt whenever social media just didn't make me happy after leaving these apps.

  • MiseriesChild

    Really good video, I have a lot of the same concerns for humanity but it was enlightening in a lot of areas. This is why I try and limit my "social media" each day and make it a point to go out and actually see people in person. My mood and overall feeling of wellbeing is better when I put down my phone and just go out to interact with people. Well said I must say!!

  • bedrock parts
    bedrock parts

    great video man, i respect you for taking the time to create this video to shed light on the current situation and im also worried about our future,thank you for sharing this with us

  • Stephen Dubay (Tha God)
    Stephen Dubay (Tha God)

    Thank you for your knowledge it has been tremendously helpful!

  • Tom Collingwood
    Tom Collingwood

    This video should be included in education curriculums - it communicates its message(s) perfectly in a way that is thoroughly engaging. Great work.

    • Mr.Schnitzel

      Ha, why the schools are controlled by the same people, a private investigator came to our school and told us about his job and there was a story on how a mom was concerned about her son using the computer so he just entered his computer and hacked it, and nobody from the school was concerned!

    • Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer
      Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer

      @Nico C. I would have liked to see how many dislikes the video has given that the points were pretty much well thought and in line with my ideas of technology as a whole and moving forward. A 10% like to view ratio is not bad though.


      People forget the reason schools first existed was to educate kids just enough to make them good factory workers.

    • Tom Collingwood
      Tom Collingwood

      @moss Yes ..... I know that - I work in both. The children however - are children.

  • Sprinkled Nights
    Sprinkled Nights

    This is one of the best Tech Videos I am impressed on how good he can relate to what I don't like about the internet.

  • Philip Bannor
    Philip Bannor

    Really impressed with this presentation - it shows a depth I would never have guessed you have, just from watching your other tech videos. Thanks for doing this.

  • Lizzy B
    Lizzy B

    Thank you, you have articulated well, it scares me for my grandkids. We have become too dependent on technology and are losing part of their humanity and social interaction is insane. Thank you for sharing

  • Narcis Neacsu
    Narcis Neacsu

    Technology and wealth are the biggest contributors to isolation. Great video, I thought I was the only crazy person who had these ideas in mind

  • FrankValchiria

    absolutely a great video

    • Alex Finns
      Alex Finns


    • gamejahm

      I definitely agree with you.

    • Reyzalmysterio

      Hi, reaction heroo

    • Ezraisaninja C:
      Ezraisaninja C:

      Only 2 replies?

    • Alexander Tombaga
      Alexander Tombaga

      sheesh,but the video is really true💯

  • Victor Lucero
    Victor Lucero

    I have watched a lot of your vids, I loved all of them but this one got me glued to the screen. It has a great insight of how technology is changing society. Loved the ending note.

  • Edits by Ali
    Edits by Ali

    A very well researched, comprehensive and beautiful documentary ❤️

  • graydichotomy

    I love this video format: Long, insightful and informative content. Cool.

  • Things Get Stranger
    Things Get Stranger

    The second thing you mentions is exactly what happened to me! I was going to get an iPhone SE for my birthday, but then my recommendations started showing more and more diversity. I ended up getting another phone. And so on for other brands…

  • Shrenik Choudhary
    Shrenik Choudhary

    This is what I love about Arun, being a Tech IRglor and coming out talking about the possible cons of tech advancement isn't something that everyone can do. Thanks for bringing this as a reminder to not get completely absorbed by tech and realize there's a fun happening life outside in the real world too!

    • FH5 clips
      FH5 clips

      thx fr

    • GunColony (Minecraft)
      GunColony (Minecraft)

      @Louis Berghaus The only problem with this idea is that no one would use it

    • Louis Berghaus
      Louis Berghaus

      What if we would simply program a social network that is open source, does not collect any personal data from you and where you can see exactly what data the algorithm has about you and why it shows you certain things. Where you can see exactly how much time you have spent on the platform today and where you can set yourself daily time limits. We could create an algorithm that promotes positive and genuinely informative content rather than boring lifhacks. The exact opposite of Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and so on. Who would take part?

  • Tanoaproductionsfiji

    Thank You So Much for this!! Keep doing what you do Boss! we need more content like this!!

  • Arhxm

    Hey Arun, im so glad that you are aware of the future, I 10/10 agree.

  • Marcus Freire
    Marcus Freire

    I've felt like you for so long and I use no social media for that reason. I couldn't have articulated it as well as you though my friend. I'll be showing this to all my friends and showing it to the kids I work with. Truly great work and agree 100%

  • SlimdaddyBim

    Much respect for you for posting this. You're the real MVP

  • uberCRITICAL

    Finally somebody with a bigger reach is talking about this really serious issue. Thank you @Mrwhosetheboss

    • Gregg Everman
      Gregg Everman

      Very good point.

    • erigor11

      This is serious indeed, but most likely our society will collapse much sooner due to ecologic, thermodynamic and geological issues. "Don't look up". Not saying all these isn't "serious", but there are way more important problems out there.

    • Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer
      Renyx Ghoul & God Slayer

      @Nafim Khan JerryRigsEverything, Dave2D, JayzTwocents, JarrodsTech are some of the good ones. Have not been on the phone reviews side of things in a while but Arun is chill for the comparisons.

    • Nafim Khan
      Nafim Khan

      And people say mkbhd is the best IRglo channel. Its not its overhyped

    • triggah

      he just running out of content

  • Ahamed Suhaib
    Ahamed Suhaib

    The moment I fell in love with this channel🥶❤️ This guy had gathered all the algorithms he had used to get to this heights until now to mesmerise us with a content which other youtubers would consider skipping. This shows how much arun has confidence in his family of subsribers Love you arun 💓💖 Keep it up❤️❤️

  • Smushrum

    SO GLAD this was recommended to me. I have been saying the thing about echo chambers for years but am bad at explaining so people think im just some boomer idk. Great video. No one wants to compromise or work together. No one wants the truth they want validation that they are right because social media always tells then they are.

  • ᴘʀᴏᴅʙʏʟɪɪᴠɪᴅ

    Couldn't relate to this more. I thought I was the only one feeling this way about humanity right now.

  • Ivan Vujica
    Ivan Vujica

    Thank you 🙏 I've enjoyed a number of your videos, this one is on another LEVEL 🔥 so much in fact that I felt compelled to acknowledge you 👏👏👏 Thank you for saying what needs to be said 💯

  • Praveen's Fitness Family
    Praveen's Fitness Family

    This video, should be TRENDING

    • pineapple


    • beinz heans
      beinz heans

      @The Reign of the Zero lets be honest here nobody in this reply section has a wonderful sex life. so don't pretend you got epic moments, yeah?

    • Ash

      It won't. It's not conducive to profit.

  • Anton Strandh
    Anton Strandh

    Very interesting and informating, I feel refreshed. Thanks for a great video! I usually don't take a few seconds of my time to comment a IRglo-video, but this one was special. Thumbs up!

  • Bruce Cheung
    Bruce Cheung

    Literally the best video I watched in a couple year, great work and thank you Arun

  • Thankful Voice
    Thankful Voice

    Absolutely true. You have put in your best efforts to focus on the best concepts. Valuable information, Arun. Stay blessed always

  • Ken Cheung
    Ken Cheung

    This guy presents and explains the issues so well, it's incredible.

  • Alex

    I am 99.9% sure we're destroying ourselves (and there's a plethora of reasons humanity's screwed) but there's nothing anyone can do or will be bothered to do to try and fix it

    • Green Lemon Boy
      Green Lemon Boy

      @KENNY G. you still use IRglo. It has shorts, which is like social media. It has people sharing their best lives, just like social media. It has a like and dislike system, like social media. It has comments, like social media. And jt has disagreement and conflict, like social media. And the fact is, at least for me, even if I didn’t use IRglo for work related things or study related things, I still have a dire want and need to get on the site. I live in a community where everyone uses these sites, and removing these sites also removes a whole bunch of people from you my life because I wouldn’t be able to relate to my friends or the people around me. It’s become like a social agreement, and if you’re not seeing it now, you will see it 20 years in the future. And I don’t use any social media either, and never did. Didn’t understand the appeal from IG or Facebook, or whatever other apps people would consider “formal” social media. I only have the apps in case someone sends me a link and I want to watch what they are talking about and connect with them. However, things like IRglo, I cannot avoid. And I know I’m not alone.

    • LitoMikeM1 YT
      LitoMikeM1 YT

      @Nemo it doesnt start and finish with facebook and stuff usually im 90% sure, also yeah the art of conversation wont get you to call people anywhere, and i do in fact have conversations on calls and texts? by the way, when i actually have my friends near me like in the same house i literally just talk to them in real life.

    • LitoMikeM1 YT
      LitoMikeM1 YT

      @redfoxbennaton77 you said that, on youtube...

    • LitoMikeM1 YT
      LitoMikeM1 YT

      @EmpathyRebel its not a chrisis.

  • Sajan Allan Roy
    Sajan Allan Roy

    This video is so responsibly done. Aaron deserves hugggge respect.

  • Existant Person
    Existant Person

    10:50 you know what I love about this point, I recently started studying how computers work and had no clue a CPU could contain billions of transisters on a tiny chip, or the fact that we have manufactured more trainsisters then grains of sand on earth, and I have been taking it for granted for so long.

  • Damian AAjjjweh
    Damian AAjjjweh

    Amazing video. I feel like the biggest issue with social media apps, is the fact, that they can be used in a way that is safe and beneficial, but such ways are purposefully obscured. For example - do you know, that Instagram has a feature that limits your time on the app, and that you can prioritise posts from people/content creators that you care and actually want to see? And that is just the beginning.

  • Jordan Ruster
    Jordan Ruster

    THIS is one of the MOST important piece of content on the internet right now! Very good summary of the crazy world we live in

  • Andrew koutrou
    Andrew koutrou

    As a 16 year old i definetly agree. I remember when i was younger i was always possitive about social media and hate on ''boomers'' for saying otherwise but as growing older I'm definetly seeing this now. Social media isn't irl and more kids need to be educated about this

    • Filip Ubovic
      Filip Ubovic

      @Sxyph i am a bit older and from a bit less developed country than US so we were late by a few years with technology. My childhood was so good, no phones and tons of hobbies and interests. I played games for like half an hour a day max plus i used internet for learning. I learnt English because of it. Now, noone can sit for more than an hour without looking at their phones. Shit sucks

    • Turbo

      @Lukas You are totally right. I'm 20 years older and worked un IT and coding for 15 years or more. The times when all these tech are beneficial for humanity, inspire us, and help us is long gone, like at least 10 years ago or more. Since then it's not about humanity anymore I can tell you. Only way is to ignore all this, especially your generation and even younger ones. Don't buy the next cool thing Don't spend time on these just go back to your friends and family amd minimize tech. When I or we olders say it, it's just being a stupid boomer. And I'm not even that old to be a boomer, and I work in the field.

    • Lukas

      i absolutely agree, I am also 16 years old and our generation grew up with smartphones, now look at us, half of this " Gen-Z " generation is depressed because people at their age on TikTok are living a better life than they are, and the other 49% is just ignoring everything while sitting home all day and looking at their phone. Wtf happened to humanity, we should have never invented the smartphone, that was truly he down-fall of humanity. If this sh*t continues, there won't be a functioning society anymore, we will only be shells of ourselves.

    • Smellin D. Syrup (Real Name)
      Smellin D. Syrup (Real Name)

      Ok boomer

    • takemetodinner

      16 y/o here and I 100% agree

  • ניק פטייב
    ניק פטייב

    I started to wonder - how much the things described in this video effect my "awareness" of this issue. I always try to look for points that contradict my viewpoints, or at least I try to do that. But doesn't that mean that the same mechanics don't show me info based on this tendency of mine. I'm sure I'm not the smartest one out there and the people who invented and implemented these mechanics must've thought about people like me and adjusted accordingly.

  • KJEM Productions
    KJEM Productions

    THANK 👏🏻 YOU 👏🏻 24 yr old male. I’ve been working remotely for four years. Currently a library technician. I have a small super tight knit friend group back home.. But within the past two years I’ve moved across the US twice. The younger ‘working’ class generation right now are lonely and isolated. I’ve noticed many mental health effects for the way I’ve been living in the past few years. I miss community, building relationships in person, organic experiences. I’m grateful for what I’ve learned from my experiences alone. Not in a weird way, but sometimes it feels as if I’ve been a Guinea pig. Beware of the algorithmic echo chambers y’all. Don’t get me wrong, I have made great friends and connections. I’m an amateur musician as a hobby, so I’m fortunate to have skills and things to pursue outside of work. Music keeps me grounded tbh. I feel sorry for people my age that just feel empty, lost, and hopeless. I have had my battles, but I never lose hope, and I always find gratitude in my days.

  • Biglegsbigteeth

    I was talking about this stuff with my mom earlier today. We came to the conclusion that social media has lead to people receiving positive reinforcement not just for things that can alienate them from friends or cause unchangeable viewpoints, but it leads to people believing outright false and harmful information. So me and my mom both agree.

  • A uselessSABOTAGE
    A uselessSABOTAGE

    Thank you for putting this video together. Everything in this video needed to be said. However, I am sorry to hear about your future suicide or car crash or something else. I jest, but please be careful out there.

  • L L
    L L

    I didn’t realise how much I ‘chose’ isolation until I went back to the office after almost 2 years of working from home. Our HR had sent us a survey trying to gauge our receptiveness towards returning to the office and the vast majority wanted to continue working from home, including me. I gave a long feedback saying how offices are obsolete and we can work wherever we want so why make it harder for staff by having to commute. But they made it mandatory to come in at least twice a week. After so long, I had forgotten what it felt like to just sit around with colleagues and have a chat about our week and sharing food. It just felt so human and I didn’t notice how much I’ve missed this. I was so used to being a robot at home with minimum interactions with anyone outside of my family. Yes, virtual interactions are a thing but it sure can’t beat the connection you gain from a physical meet-up.

    • M Y S E L F
      M Y S E L F

      It's interesting when you realise that The thumbnail itself is a part of this negativity system Like the vedio says "I'm worried about the future" everyone clicked What if "I'm happy about the future"

    • AquelaCoiso

      @4TheRecord well it sounds like a question of "your workplace is toxic af, not everyone's"

    • Bruce Wall/Against the Odds
      Bruce Wall/Against the Odds

      Agreed!!! Real life interactions will always be better than online interactions. We were born to communicate in person including DISAGREEING & DISAGREEING is okay (It’s LIFE)

    • AquelaCoiso

      @Prakhar Srivastav you can clearly realised that she's artificial. Even her bio is "19-year-old Robot" for god's sake

  • CARDOmanutd

    Best video I've ever watched on IRglo. I honestly felt as if I was the only person who felt this way. Much respect!!

  • David J. Wallace
    David J. Wallace

    Also, the last thing we need to consider (along with gratitude) should be reasonability. We really need to stop and think if something is really that necessary. Just because we can do something, doesn't mean we should, and we should stop trying to make things more efficient and easier than it already is because I can guarantee almost 9 times out of 10, we probably don't need it. We don't need smart appliances (like smart fridges, smarts TVs, and smart ovens for instance), we don't need driverless technology, we don't need all these social media apps, we don't need all these delivery services (we honestly don't need them at all), and we don't need robots for consumer use (or even commercial use for that matter). It's nice to have all these thing but we really don't need these at all. If we stop buying these thing and considering them as something useful we can fix this.

  • Rohan Kulkarni
    Rohan Kulkarni

    Thank you so much for making this video...really needed it

  • Minecraft Er
    Minecraft Er

    So proud of myself for never downloading instagram, Snapchat, tiktok, Twitter, or any other social media platform where the cons outweigh the entertainment value.

  • Sihle

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  • Aditya Bhatia
    Aditya Bhatia

    This is great it has been on my mind for years too. Great job Arun

  • Lone Wolf
    Lone Wolf

    Very informative. Learnt a lot of good things to apply in my life.

  • Doge Raid
    Doge Raid

    absolutely true that social media is getting smarter and smarter. I was downloading a game I was excited about so no videos about it for spoilers. Days later I have the game on my youtube feed

  • Pagyn Sutcliffe
    Pagyn Sutcliffe

    It’s pretty refreshing to see something like this, you’ve covered a lot of things that no one really talks about. Im glad that you decided to take the time to make a video regarding these issues instead of your typical topics. This is one of the many reasons why I love watching your channel. Thank you and keep up the good work!

    • K K
      K K

      @One Melee I don't think so but still respect your opinion there

    • Afnan Hafiz
      Afnan Hafiz

    • DefinitelyNotCarla

      @Sage Obito I have seen that documentary early this year I believe. Once I finished it it seemed like it was exaggerated, until I tought a little bit about it and I was like: "Oh! That's true!"

    • One Melee
      One Melee

      I think the reason content creators tend not to make videos about these issues, is because these things are obvious.

    • Sage Obito
      Sage Obito

      Watch " The social dilemma " documentary . It's free on IRglo

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    Tod the sushi monster

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