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From IRglo, to money, to girlfriends, here are 50 of the most (and least) asked questions about me! 🙌 For Rhinoshield, use code “MRBOXING” for 20% off in the first week (10% afterwards) All Cases: bit.ly/3mIHaPl RhinoShield Collab Designs: bit.ly/3yMdrJY

Thank you once again for a wild year!

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  • RoleyLuck

    1 fact about Mrwhosetheboss: He always finds a way to Rick roll you.

  • YouJGaming

    Arun is literally the human embodiment of

  • Tinker Man Mick
    Tinker Man Mick

    Great video champion! Very entertaining

  • B. Z.
    B. Z.


  • 100KSubsWithoutAVideo??

    Arun is such a kind soul. He didn’t say “I won best tech channel in the world”

  • ghoseki

    Honestly, you and your team deserves it. I have your notifications on and it just amazes me how motivated and dedicated you guys are in uploading. Congratulations Arun and the Team! 🎊

  • RedVijay

    My most favorite techie man! I like how he start the video.. feels like I'm watching the climax in starting! love you.. Arun bhai

  • Black Conservative Patriot
    Black Conservative Patriot

    Great and very informative!

  • Free Smith
    Free Smith

    This channel is epic. So much useful information jammed into every perfectly edited video.

  • Jose Martinez
    Jose Martinez

    I love the energy from these videos because you genuinely seem happy doing what you do and you're damn good at it, and humble at the same time. I like how you included your face reveal, and your story of your uncle telling you to raise your head. Because I was once that kid too, that looked at the ground everywhere I went

  • Creator May TV
    Creator May TV


  • nobody

    What an interesting video! Thanks for sharing this with us, it's cool to learn more about you, your hobbies, and the channel. You're a really cool dude Arun, you definitely deserve the success you've had on this channel. You and your friends really work hard on the channel and it shows, I love your videos.

  • The Indian Budget Gamer
    The Indian Budget Gamer

    Arun .. I am glad I am following you for the last 6 years when you had just 30K subs. MAN! you have a long way to go

  • imzy King
    imzy King

    He seems very genuine of what he does and how he interacts with the viewers.

  • Dr. Olawale Ogunlana
    Dr. Olawale Ogunlana

    Congratulations on your achievement Dear Arun. I totally love your personality and how much effort you put to consistently give us unrivaled, top notch content. As a creator I know how difficult it is to stay consistent. Keep shining. We love you

  • RamenGod

    You're my favorite tech channel. Always humble and down to earth thank you for all the years of awesome content

  • yaliso gioouy
    yaliso gioouy

    I like how you made getting to know you felt like you was just giving us information like you do about tech. Keep doing your thing. ..sky is the limit.

  • Schelle Tick
    Schelle Tick

    Loved this vid, and Milo of course, he is a star just on his own. Great work on the World's Best Tech Channel, totally agree. Brilliant, fun, entertaining as well as educational, ticks all the boxes :-)

  • Fisayo Fosudo
    Fisayo Fosudo

    Huge Congrats Arun! Your videos are so detailed, clear to watch & understand. You deserve every bit of this & I wish you greater and greater success. 🙏🏾


    Congratulations Arun!