6G - Explained!
We're just starting to see 5G rollout in 2020, but 6G is already in the works - here's what you need to know!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    After watching, are you excited or terrified by 6G? 🤔 For some of the worst Smartphone fails ever: irglo.info/from/e7BpoIiHZrPRhGg/fy-lm-h-y.html And for the War between Samsung and Google: irglo.info/from/YbB_oIiDrZzLlWQ/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • S Schmachtel
      S Schmachtel

      Communication is great yet I still dont see the advantage of cloud based server systems handling all the computing. I think decentralisation is the way to go or we might end up with a) total controll by the server owners and b) if servers are vulnerable no car will be able to drive anymore after cyber attack. I fear therefore this is a very stupid idea. Yet, high speed communication is maybe still useful. Big server based cloud system are far too anticompetitive and too vulnerable. We need market forces and through that democratic structures to ensure efficient development. Our economy is already now getting too much bricked by anticompetitive behaviour. Big companies should never get away with lazyness or else there shouldnt be any big companies in the first place if efficient development is not working for them. Network economy effects must be counteracted at least to some extend otherwise we will end up in a mess that will disencourage startup companies and also disencourage workers to bring forward new ideas that they fear might not be accepted by the big company heads. There are some fundamental problems ahead employing centralised computing and the partly immorale influence everything mentality of big companies

    • going home
      going home

      The author of the video is clueless. What he refers to as 1G at 0:22 is in fact 2G. 2G was the first wireless phone based of digital modulation. 1G was analog and the only place in the world where they were deployed extensively was in The North (Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark) where there were millions of subscribers. In the rest of the world mobile were not common before 2G. Why can't youtubers learn to shut up when they are clueless - or at least start every sentence with "I'm not sure but I feeeeel like it is like this... I'm usually wrong about everything, but I can't stop myself from saying everything stupid I think up at random". or at least "Don't believe anything I say, but I think... (put the stupid stuff here)". Everything he talks about in this video is wrong.

    • Mal R
      Mal R

      @Arjun Bhati Vlogs ❤


    6G: launched MKBHD : "I have been using this for a couple of years now and here's my thoughts."

    • Serhafiye

      @Vlad Kostin That's exactly what will going to happen.

    • bunio z innego konta
      bunio z innego konta

      my router speed is 2G lol

    • Cycro the large planet / Windows 11
      Cycro the large planet / Windows 11

      @White Alliance *Alpha Centauri

    • Drip kid 11
      Drip kid 11

      I'm your 6,700th like

    • Super Noodles
      Super Noodles

      @Vlad Kostin right, so you're wrong and I'll explain why. Per photon for example visible light is far more energetic than the photons in 3g, 4g and 5g etc. This means they can not ionise molecules or atoms. This not effecting us. If you think the em waves from cell towers is bad for you, I hope you never go outside our switch a light bulb on


    The big selling point is really the latency, more than the outright speed of transfer. Going into sub milisecond latency opens up completely new doors in so many industries which will bleed into daily life applications too. Latency consistency is the other big factor, having multiple devices talking back and forth without latency interruptions and ping spikes.

  • Matt

    TBH I have turned off 5G data on my phone. I found with it constantly swapping between 4G/5G when it lost signal caused me more delays than just using the 4G network and slightly worse battery life, and for me just using it for casual browsing or streaming videos 4G was more than enough data anyway

  • David Golden
    David Golden

    Just like the obsession with computer speed was at the cost of optimization, rolling out new G’s has sadly cost us in coverage. 5g is way slower and less reliable for me than LTE was


      @Kronik MathsDebator Fully agree. The only case where one may think 5G is worse than 4G, is if their use of digital connectivity does not surpass the limits of 4G in the first place. And that is still the case for most people, because 5G benefits have not been taken advantage of in any capacity yet, due to how recent the 5G tower network is (and is still expanding). It's like an elderly person complaining that modern technology is too complex for its own good, and that an old computer with basic internet access that can surf the web is more than enough. Makes sense, because that's the only need they have from electronics. But someone who manages social accounts and advertisement, business meetings on-the-go, personal hobbies, gaming, any sort of professional production work (or hobby work) - for these people advanced electronics that are up-to-date are pretty much a must have. At the very least for them it's far more of a convenience than a hinderance. 5G (and later 6G) will have the same effect over time.

    • Kronik MathsDebator
      Kronik MathsDebator

      @MISTER SIR Finally someone with a bit of sense!


      5G can never be slower, unless your provider actively limits your download speed artificially. What might happen is that you simply have bad reception and your phone is forced to switch back and forth between 5 and 4G, then the constant interruption and switching will be effectively slower than just a constant 4 or LTE speed with no interruptions/switchovers. If you are nearby a 5G mast (like in most major cities), the speed will always be much faster than LTE, and with less latency (which is arguably the more important factor really).

    • Sosuke Aizen
      Sosuke Aizen

      @Kronik MathsDebator What is the "far from it" then. You just admitted to being wrong about it having issues.

    • Kronik MathsDebator
      Kronik MathsDebator

      @David Golden You've written "5g has cost us"? Who is us? Also, I've been to over 10 towns and cities since getting a 5g enabled device and haven't had any issues, including when traveling between those places (inevitably going through more rural locations too). I'm not saying it's perfect, far from it. I'm just stating that saying it's worse than LTE is a bit far fetched.

  • wisenber

    Actually, a self-driving car doesn't need high bandwidth and low latency if it has the appropriate processing and sensors onboard. Otherwise, transportation ceases with any network outage. Then again, if you choose to live in reality instead of meta, 6G won't really offer anything you need. That being said, the ability to be surveilled will be greatly enhanced.

    • Socks



      @usbhub95 People are always afraid to trust technology until it becomes a standardized part of their daily life - then they couldn't imagine a world without it. Most passenger airplanes today have the software to land on their own unsupervised should the need arise. Most of flight time is carried out by software, not pilots. Same with ships at sea. Same with drone technology, satellites, etc. People are afraid of automation because they're afraid of giving up control. But in reality, the risk of the average driver is far greater than AI controlled auto-driving infrastructure ever will be, even taking bad case scenarios into account. There are far more risk factors in play with human drivers, the only difference is that you as a person have more control to save yourself from a bad situation (but likewise you also have more control to perform active errors and cause hazards for yourself or others). Fully automated driving without relying on a 6g network is already to an extend possible with today's technology already implemented in modern cars. It's just regulation and testing that slows down actual real life implementation of it to be more than just assisting features. What we use today, will be the individual safety net that each car has, in case a full network loss happens - where the cars can't communicate with each other anymore. They will turn back to rely on their onboard sensors and software to de-escalate the situation until connectivity is restored. And it will work far more efficient than humans could ever pull off.

    • bully

      We're not gonna sit around in a vr headset as job bro stop hoping for this

    • WimsicleStranger

      @dandini0698 Thankfully, with the exception of the chinese, most of us don't live in backwards dictatorships and enjoy cush and rich lives in the West.

  • Donniethesportsguy

    Let’s get access to 5G before we talk about 6G 😂

    • Krishna Soni
      Krishna Soni

      Ikr 5G is so limited now and people talk about 6g

    • The300rulers

      So t-mobile took over sprint so now I have 5g on my phone but since there aren’t as many 5g towers are up than 4g it is faster but now as good range for things like road trips or going somewhere far


      Yes lol😂😂😂

    • manty legendary
      manty legendary

      Wasn't this a 2019/2020 problem?

    • Rudram Mondal
      Rudram Mondal

      @dream fan!not a stan Jsjs

  • Santtu K
    Santtu K

    5G was a total paradigm shift in networking technology far greater than just wave-length difference, the whole architecture is radically different and extremely fluent. This is extremely impactful at ISP side, since 5G network infrastructure could be designed and ran on software which is the direction of networking, where as all the older technologies were hardware bound. A Huge problem with 5G has been, and why it has not delivered almost any of its promises, has been legal issues and huge problems with existing bands that 5G was designed to, being reserved for military channels and such in many countries. Here in Finland for example, Russia is using the most useful bandwidth of 5G for their military stuff, and so we are not "allowed" to use it. In many instances, companies are selling the entry level 5G infrastructure solutions, that was meant just to alleviate the long distance connectivity issues, and never have, and in many cases have planned to skip true 5G, implementation. 4G is in many cases far superior to 5G, so make sure to test out 5G before committing into it, if it is indeed better where you'd be using it compared to 4G. When it is implemented badly/cheaply, it has insane connectivity issues compared to 3G/4G due to how the technology tries to minimize energy waste and to reduce background transmissions that aren't needed by trying to send the signals towards that device, instead of of 360ing it in every direction And an even bigger problem is lack of experts who can develop, operate and install 5G networks properly. Due to the paradigm shift, it also requires a whole different skillset, and big companies like MS have been hamstrung from moving forward with the visions they had for 5G because there simply are not enough experts in these fields. Already back in 2017, when I was working on my second IT degree at Oulu University, they were already having seminars about 6G

    • JoJo

      Im too lazy to read that but i agree 👍💯

  • Israel Ruland
    Israel Ruland

    Can i just say that your videos are of substantial quality and i feel like you could make literally any topic interesting and engaging

  • strife11682

    Amazing recap. You n your team never disappoint

  • Simple & Clean
    Simple & Clean

    I just wonder how 6G's signal will affect the world in the long run.


    I'm still waiting for a Stable 4G Signal :/

    • ILYSM

      Here in the Philippines we still have 4G dead spot..🥺

    • RandomStuff1992

      I’m waiting for a stable 1g connection

    • Rob-o-Bot

      Oof hope u get 5g soon

    • Aulas de rede
      Aulas de rede

      Me too

    • SIZZL Retreat
      SIZZL Retreat

      @Jofx at my local bowling alley there is no service lol

  • MauriMahtava

    I have a 5G pole 800 meters from my home. I have brilliant connection and it works well. Until it starts to snow or rain (which is a lot). So basically I don't want to pay 5G so I dropped to 4G on my network. Although I got a glass fibre to my house (cost me 1200$). Now then the questions is the speed. If I want to have more speed, I have quite small amount of uses for that, as a consumer. Like if I had 4k tv I needed 100Mbs network with every person in the house. My glass fibre is maxed (currently 1000Mbs) and I use 100Mbs connection because I don't need that kind of speeds. Additionally the 5G messes my TV antenna connection so I changed to cable TV. So in the end I was wondering that is 6G more about companies and their networks. I think new products and new technologies are needing more and more calculation capacity and they need more hardware. At the same time they are misused by covernments, companies, criminals and are attacked in a war. Additionally materialism is constantly attacked because climate change problems and problems in politics (e.g. when devices are manufactured in politically risky areas. Devices which provide mostly some unnesessary features which rare uses. Therefore I think that the 4G is the current best and I pressume 5G will evolve into more reliable and less climate harming. 6G will come and maybe add some benefits, but I think having a wide network of antennas and relays is going to be hard to achieve. So I think we are now in the brink of G's. From now on it is benefits vs cost and I think the new G's after 5G are not beneficial enough and it won't be implemented, at least that quickly. It needs to be remembered that competing glass fiber is cheap and reliable for companies and homes. I'll check this comment in 2040 and see if I was right.

    • signerleo snyder
      signerleo snyder

      then you have bad phone i have iphone pro13 5g it works fine int he rian and snow

    • Max's Chickens
      Max's Chickens

      Bros wrote a hole assignment

  • usasupra23

    I like this guys perspective! I work in this space and even when I have Verizon’s UWB and am seeing 3Gbps speeds I find apps etc in my phone can’t respond fast enough to utilize it. If I try to open an app or video or cameras remotely etc the phone just doesn’t do it much faster than a strong 4G will. Using the latest devices like the S22 and iPhone 13 pro max it just isn’t fast enough or even reliable. Lots of data stalls and fall back happens even when not congested.

  • David Link
    David Link

    Glad you spoke to the limitations that have already been reached out here where humans can actually spread their arms outright and not impinge on the space of another. Which also knocks at the door of another social issue, but that for another video another day.

  • Christopher Reid
    Christopher Reid

    Great video! I enjoyed learning about the prospects of 6g.

  • IDK I'm uncreative
    IDK I'm uncreative

    I can already imagine people telling their kids in the future that we used have to wait to download videos

    • signerleo snyder
      signerleo snyder

      @John O'neill no its not i want be go tlak on phone on dman train in the tunnel i cant do that with 4g but i can with 5g and it hard to gety goo phone sver at mt hood with 4g 5g give better siver so no 4g is not all you need it not the some

    • CoolerSloth 5822
      CoolerSloth 5822

      No, because videogame graphics are also getting better.

    • frank mcnicholl
      frank mcnicholl

      Do you really think there is going to be kids? This tech is going to replace us

    • deathchilde

      I had to wait to download songs...

    • Cristián Arenas Ulloa
      Cristián Arenas Ulloa

      Videos? Where we're going, we don't need videos. 😎

  • warrra3

    6g shouldn't focus on upgrading but on fixing 5g range is way too low, I think 2-3x the range of 5g would already be more viable (probably around 5x has viable for current uses) faster connection should be a side goal in my opinion seeing how badly the downsides of 5g already are

  • Jack

    I’m getting a feeling when you say that the devices help each other connect to 6g that makes me scared, viruses and torjian horses can spread more easily if someone writes some code to transmit the virus through the network.

  • Invertex

    0:43 I wouldn't say this is why phones were able to send text. The previous protocols were perfectly fine for that, some text is nothing compared to voice. What allowed that was simply the advancement of display tech and microprocessors which gave phones a decent enough screen to display multiple lines of texture and handle the typing.

    • Zumaray

      I think this should have been MMS. Not SMS.

    • Wizdabest1

      That's what I thought

  • Neverendar: Vods and Flubs
    Neverendar: Vods and Flubs

    I work selling electronics and one guy came into my store and told me that the 5 g signal wasn't the one we were originally promised which was towers focusing all their signal on a single device for a fraction of a second, then moving on to the next device.

  • The K.G.B.
    The K.G.B.

    4G: Blocked by thick metal roofs 5G: Blocked by trees 6G: Blocked by a stiff wind

    • signerleo snyder
      signerleo snyder

      no 4g is vlcoked by trees dude not ig you can go mt hodo and get sivler with all trees there

    • Ash Tamanna
      Ash Tamanna


    • John B
      John B

      A stiff wind we do get at times, even a hurricane about once every 30 years or so. Cyclone Eunice became one, with wind gusts reaching 120mph and sustained winds of about 80 to 90mph in many places.

    • Fireflare908

      500G: blocked by air

    • Martin Kuliza
      Martin Kuliza

      @Crypto Info ok..... is Satellite Internet not an option ? if there's reception nearby you just need to organize the local council or local whatever... to build or install a re-transmission station (Obviously i'm over simplifying) but... still.. i suppose it also needs to be asked what's your goal ? is it internet on your phone or Internet in the home because satellite might be a very viable option for you , I've serviced a lot of rural areas in australia where they couldn't get anything , No internet, no cable, no phone, no nothing got them hooked up on Satellite Internet TV and Phone all sorted

  • Expired Brownie
    Expired Brownie

    It mostly known and called 60g and its already been used in certain places that make sense, since like u said a hand is more than enough to block signal entirely. Wireless VR headset use it already like in the HTC vive wireless adapter, even still needs a right angle cause the plastic cover it has can also block the signal

  • Joshua Carroll
    Joshua Carroll

    I was an Ericsson Network Engineer at Sprint World Headquarters. I was on the team that provisioned Sprints 4G LTE network. This made up for core transport connections carrying 1/3 of the nation’s Internet Backbone. I have failed over equipment for replacement, forgot to check OSPF protocol on the back up supervisor engine. It was a night maintenance, but I dropped all data from Kansas City to Chicago. This led to a phone call with the Vice President of Ericsson. Good times!

    • Pro noob
      Pro noob

      nice one dude I shipped over to 5g encode projects/cellular networking using PCN/LTE for most of my networking roles/contracts

  • Dill Zilla
    Dill Zilla

    the problem with everything past 4g is it gets blocked far too easily. 5g acts more as a hinderance half the time because of this

  • Daniel DuMond
    Daniel DuMond

    Dude! I had no idea what the difference between 5G, 4G, and all the little Gs was. Also, loved how cleanly you put the vid together. Keep up the good work!

    • signerleo snyder
      signerleo snyder

      5g you use your phone when ypu go imside a tunnel that is really long on the trian like 4g you cant use your phone at in train tunnels

  • No name
    No name

    12g: stop breathing! You’re blocking the signals

    • DailyDoseOfBullsheet.

      69mG:Stop existing you're blocking the signals.

    • TTken Vk
      TTken Vk

      all those G's yes yes, but can it download farcry ? oh wait... am i in the right place ?

    • Doopie Dervy
      Doopie Dervy

      @DIMASA 500g the size of the signal is as small as the plank length

    • bogos

      1000000000g EVRITHIG Is a signál

    • Beluga

      @Bully Maguire true

  • Shuai Ge
    Shuai Ge

    In Fact 5G use 10 times less power than 4G per MB transmited. But if the data transmited is multiplied by 20... then you still double the energy consumption.

  • Laurence Kidd
    Laurence Kidd

    What it sounds like you said, was that 6G is the only level of speed/ etc. that is safe for driverless cars to use. Sooooo.... all the 4G/5G based driverless cars we already have, are essentially unsafe. Not only that... we're talking about being saturated in even MORE radiation. yay.

  • acedudeism

    I remember when 3G was going to be breathtaking in 2005. I had a clam shell Samsung and I thought “ wow I can watch foxtel lite”. Now I’m watching IRglo on 4G no problem.

  • John Beckman
    John Beckman

    Excellent details on the subject. Very well done.

  • Vaxxed Nezuko
    Vaxxed Nezuko

    120G: your atoms need to stop vibrating, it's blocking my internet

    • Ottots009

      OMG! Your internet is blocking my internet!! 🙄

    • alex


    • Anonymous

      250G: Hope you don't care about health effects, because I use ionizing radiation

    • Nomaders


    • DanKO

      wow it's an intutive comment

  • Nonya Business
    Nonya Business

    I understand improving technology but if it’s still going to be in its infant stage will we really be setting the part? 6G should be as consistent and have the same range as 3G but he as strong. This may work so businesses that basically are a building but phones won’t be able to have their connections as consistent but I could be wrong maybe someone will figure out how to make something as strong and as connectable as 3G but that’s just my thoughts on it

  • Aether

    "6G is gotta be good enough for it to carry us from 2030 to 2040 and that world is very different from this world" Imagine if its stayed the same as it was now

  • Nick Ngunjiri
    Nick Ngunjiri

    I would like to know whether 5G network developed by Samsung, Huawei, Nokia and other companies vary in term of speed or they have standard speed?..

  • LeTtRrZ

    Here I am wishing we had some alternative to light waves so we didn’t have to deal with the range issues. Something like neutrinos or tachyons.

  • Cart

    Wait so G's are pretty much just like the townhall in games like clash of clans were you get alot of new stuff and upgrade? Cool

    • stop motion pro
      stop motion pro

      @Rice max everything expet the walls if youre walls are not max you can still upgrade townhall it is a waste of builders if you dont

    • Vulxh

      @Abhinav Jha i dont give af about clash anymore lol. I have a th10 with half maxed th9 shit but tbf my heroes are like 28 29


      @Kai Playz same i am th 12 but i still have th 10 things like the canons and walls (which are the most expensive)

    • idon bilivit
      idon bilivit

      Didint even need to watch the video thanks to this comment

    • TCZ JBT
      TCZ JBT

      no, becouse there is a chance for th8 to win againts th9

  • Aditya Udayana Golf Vlogs
    Aditya Udayana Golf Vlogs

    6G will make cloud gaming more mainstream. Considering the prices of graphic card nowadays I wont mind paying subscription for things like Stadia or Xbox X

  • Kushm9 _
    Kushm9 _

    Glad I got to work on building 5G networks last year, I feel like I will never be out of job! :D

  • Literary Landslide
    Literary Landslide

    Don't forget that LTE means long term evolution and whatever generation we're on keeps improving up to the point the next generation arrives. Also, not every generation was actually a hardware breakthrough, some just got smarter about e.g. how they utitlize frequency bands or how they manage the data packets being sent and end up with a much better implementation of the technology. Future implementations could maybe utilize much more technologies like a web of satellites in space as well as pieces of tech all over the place to route better.

  • bruchpilot747

    repurposing end devices as repeaters could be a massive security issue and I imagine many companies would outright ban 6G if this was a standard feature. The risk of someone actively trying to gain access to confidential files / company secrets is too high than the benefits 6G would allow for...

  • Geek Street
    Geek Street

    Great work explaining this Arun 👌

    • ASRock

      @Jairese McCoy I'm sorry, man. I'm sure you'll find it soon...

    • Кен Кизи
      Кен Кизи

      кстати, у нас всё ещё 4g

    • Jairese McCoy
      Jairese McCoy

      Lol, this is a problem. So caught in tech, we forgot about nature. Once you join the matrix, you can't ever leave it. This tech is a system of control that's being exploited by people in power.

  • Allan Chiu
    Allan Chiu

    You don't need 6G for cars to connect to each other. Just enough for a 100-150m radius with transfer of information from car to car as relays. The main issue would be large insurance companies relying on human error to make money.

  • James Knott
    James Knott

    While 5G can use mmWave, it doesn't have to. For example, my carrier (Rogers) has 5G on 600 MHz and a couple of other bands. They're also rolling it out on 3.5 GHz. A 600 MHz 5G signal will have similar propagation to 4G, but about 25% better performance.

  • Lazarus Blackwell
    Lazarus Blackwell

    When this metaverse starts and when they start using holograms everywhere,they will probably need way better tech then just 6 G

  • Krane

    It sounds fantastic, and too good to be true until you consider two possibilities. First, the human element. As if current electromagnetic waves in our environment aren't enough. What will happen to the human body once it is exposed to these transmission 24/7? Especially once these devices begin transmitting high frequency waves in addition to receiving them. Is anybody currently testing for that? And second, the cost. If the speed is fast and the data larger, won't the cost go up exponentially as well. Suddenly, its not so fantastic after all.


    7G: everything you think will happen 8G: everything will happen before you even think about it.

    • Jake the Motorhead
      Jake the Motorhead

      Hi Watchu Doing down here. STOP! Sike, no rickroll. Why? Never gonna give you up, never gonna let you down.

    • RoflCopter 2907
      RoflCopter 2907

      sounds like amazon ads

    • dan m
      dan m

      @NavoiUni 14g return of ape kingdom

    • ubi kentang
      ubi kentang

      69G : Reality can be whatever I want

    • Death way
      Death way

      @DatZStream umm what ? Oh Danganronpa all over again yeah right 🙄 it's just a fictional everything is fiction -_-

  • Drone Spencer
    Drone Spencer

    I wonder if there will be a day in my life when I can feel and experience something that would not be possible in real life as it would result in the not exactly well scenario...

  • conicEllipse

    Gonna have to use sub-space to pass signals. That way there's almost no chance of the signal being blocked and the energy required to pass the signal over vast distances is virtually zero.

  • Command Results
    Command Results

    I am terrified of the possible negative health effects of the radiation on our brains. 6G's can create a lot of electromagnetic pollution.

  • Coel Scott
    Coel Scott

    i still use 3g sometimes- and it still works fine for me :) - i use it when 4g reception is bad as 3g sometimes it works better.

    • Coel Scott
      Coel Scott

      of course even 4g will become obsolete soon but its cool to know 3g has outlasted its time- atleast in general browsing cases.

  • Scratch

    Imagine if technology reaches the point of having real-life texture packs

    • Infonode

      I imagine this would be among the second wave of applications for augmented reality, after it's matured into being compact lightweight and widely available. I say second because I think people will initially become obsessed with more social applications, and things like projecting massive screens on their walls over buying huge TVs.

    • Mail-Main

      hell yeah time deo 4k texture pack in real life

    • tina

      @Scratch And he will tell you to turn it on and turn it off again

    • tina

      Imagine you hate looking at something see you change what it looks like immediately

    • SynthWave

      @zh thats what people used to say abt planes

  • Wild Cat
    Wild Cat

    Development is faster than deployment. When 6G is already a thing, 5G is still being deployed everywhere. Much like the 3g to 4g transition back then. 🙄


    I think we should just slow down on the development of 6G and actually focus all the way back on eliminating 3G, because that is still present in *many* countries as we have not even managed to phase that technology out yet.

  • 2Pish

    How fast is 5G or 6G when you're in the middle of a forest, maybe in a desert, or how about camping near the base of a mountain? What good is the throttle of speed if there is no connection to begin with? Why not expand infrastructure to areas that don't have access?...or at the very least have old technology like 3G or 4G towers in remote areas?

  • Brother Etrix
    Brother Etrix

    Really good, the video is informative and straight to the point, i like this

  • Eric Okafor
    Eric Okafor

    Anti 6G crusaders loading 😭😭😭

    • ur gae
      ur gae

      @Nancy Trumpelosi You speak like people who thought the same about 1G, 2G, 3G, and 4G. Old farts thinking about their own personal uses, and not what good it'd be for humanity.

    • Nomaders

      mfw them 6g crusaders use 5g

    • Aquatic Typhoon
      Aquatic Typhoon

      I am fine with 5G, but a 6G tower would have enough energy to release a pulse frying human brains in a mile radius. We can't have 6G!

    • GamingCousins

      @Shingle McDingle sorry i just read your other comment and when you said microwaves cause cancer i realies you were joking

  • Maggie Jetson
    Maggie Jetson

    So basically 5G and beyond are fast because of higher frequency / shorter distance. It will likely help if you are in urban area and 6G probably need mostly tower/antenna in your building. The amount of power needed to transmit it would probably be enough to heat up near by air like a spot light shinning at you for long distance antenna, and just the energy bill to support them would be massive.

  • Horitsu

    The answer to who need this is way more easy to explain, when you use the example of extremely crowded places like the shibuya crossing or big expo events, where normal 4G networks basically break down due to the big number of users. I experiences expos where the mobile data connection was on full signal, but there were so many ppl, that the connection was rendered basically useless.


    As an IT Expert there is no 6G yet. Scientists still do a lot of research on 6G. From this point of view there is not really something we can actually know about the 6G technology. However based on 5G and what companies expect for the future there are some speculations on what 6G should look like and what it is supposed to do and supposed to handle better in comparison to 5G. But thats still far away from reality. There are no official protocols on how 6G is working nor are there any official requirements for the 6G technology.

  • Si E
    Si E

    I have a 4G phone and while I don't use the mobile data that often sometimes I simply get no signal. I live in a hilly area so it probably doesn't help but at those times I'd settle for 2G

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap

    You've got me excited for 6G! I'm throwing all my crappy 5G phones in the bin right now! (great video as always) 😘

    • Benji's Minecraft Gameplays (936)
      Benji's Minecraft Gameplays (936)

      I'm waiting for 10G.

    • Ligth

      Let's say I'm a garbage bin

    • Imao Lel
      Imao Lel


    • Pqrst Zxerty
      Pqrst Zxerty

      I heard a rumour Apple are releasing their 6G smartphone next week, it has a 15 inch ultra wide 16KHD screen, that has quad folds and rotate like a rubik cube. Touch screen been replaced by a crayon, and the cpu is a dumb cpu that gets its processing power from remote servers on the icloud that ar powered by hamster on little wheels creating carbon neutral power.

    • iamshaf

      its a joke, he isn't throwing away phones, stop asking him for phones.

  • Jashwanth Tyagaraya
    Jashwanth Tyagaraya

    So neatly explained. Thanx bro 👍

  • Chris Steward
    Chris Steward

    At this rate of technology evolution, the 6g might come sooner than we think

  • Aziz Setyawan
    Aziz Setyawan

    If you want the stable 4G signal, then release the 5G. So will be less people use 4G because they go for the newer technology which is 5G and the bandwidth limit will be higher Because when more people in your area using the same wave make the strength, speed connection devided between each users and make it slower

  • balbaluntaka

    Philippine networks has this unique ability to make 4G speeds like it's 3G

  • iTech Everything
    iTech Everything

    Me: _Who Has Never Seen 5G In Real Life_ MrWhoseTheBoss: *6G - Explained*

    • CuddlyBubbles 69
      CuddlyBubbles 69

      Read. Description

    • iTech Everything
      iTech Everything

      @Khoa Do lmao

    • Bonk

      the i=only 5g ive seen are in the verizon ads

    • Ammar

      @Jacob Curran verizon buys the systems from tech companies...

    • ParadigmFusion

      I have 5g as part of my mobile plan and I have a Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G, sadly though the nearest town to have it was San Fransisco (still the case sadly) I made it a point to drive the 8 hour round trip, just to see how it was.. I admit, damn its fast... Hope we get it North of Sacramento at some point in the future...that is if poeople stop burning them down thinking they cause Coronavirus anyways... (What morons...)

  • Kody Sherrer
    Kody Sherrer

    5g is nice... if i want to stay outside to use my phone... short waves are not the way to go... they get blocked so easily its nearly useless ... i imagine 6g will be equally frustrating... as i try to submit this i get network errors on 5g 🤣

  • Delta Hat
    Delta Hat

    you definitely could use internet before 3g but it was pretty limited.

  • Sitti2300

    no matter how fast it gets, carrier data cap will always cripple the experience

  • Pro1er

    I'm still waiting for my 5G to be as fast as 4G was supposed to be.

  • ImDanett

    I think 6Gs speeds make sense even in just the gaming sense, even know many games take HOURS to download, sometimes hitting double digits, making that about 5 minutes compared is amazing

    • Deepak Kumar
      Deepak Kumar

      @BlueRice Good to hear. I'm seeing family getting excellent 5g speed in their flat (better than fixed line bb) but they are on the 1st floor which is always better than at ground level. Unfortunately my grnd flr flat speeds are in kb/sec mostly, grrrr.

    • Corey Williams
      Corey Williams

      I use 5G home internet from 3, I get about 30 down on Steam so a 60GB game can taake a few minutes,

    • Meow

      Not sure what you are on about, symmetric 10GBit/s already get me to those 5 minutes easily (if the servers are actually fast enough, which they often are not).

    • qassim x gemar9
      qassim x gemar9

      It also depends on your storage I mean a ps4 with a hard drive won't download things fast

  • advsoft

    2G\Edge is awesome! A bit slow but not that bad

  • True Reaper45
    True Reaper45

    Bro I miss 4G so much, my 5G phone can never connect to anything like my 4G could.

  • matthew macfarland
    matthew macfarland

    today is actually the first time i have been able to get 5G although i am confused of how i couldn't even search up anything on a internet browser

  • matt cunningham
    matt cunningham

    I would be perfectly happy if 6G was just 5G with a wider reach.

  • Jeff Philippi
    Jeff Philippi

    We cannot expect reliability with these types of upgrades. They still haven't managed to fully roll out 4G so there should be no rush to 6G

    • goofy skelenton toilet
      goofy skelenton toilet

      @Kotobot my phone is 6 years old

    • niismo

      @h you realise that if you can't use a 5G network, yourt device will default to 4G? It's completely normal, not some stupid scenario.

    • Hunter the Parmesan Cheese Smoker
      Hunter the Parmesan Cheese Smoker

      So they should just stop advancing technology?

    • cybercy taylor
      cybercy taylor

      This is exactly the type of thing people would've said with 2g and 3g

  • bunger

    wouldn't it be better to search for a way to make 5g more powerful in terms of reach?

  • C.M.

    My 5g works amazingly all the time. I do live a 1/4 mile away from a new 5g tower. The brain cancer is definitely worth the fast internet and gaming.

  • Twice Removed
    Twice Removed

    I've been alive since cell phones started being able to fit into your pocket. 5G is by far the absolute worst connection I've experienced since dial-up on my computer in the 90's. I switch airplane mode on and off constantly to get some of that default 4G before my phone disconnects from it and forces me to try and use a network that doesn't work. And even then, 4G is trash compared to the past. Did you know that back around 2010, things happened pretty much instantly? It was awesome.