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Echo Show 10
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Shark Slider Nano
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Flexclip Universal Mount
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Prismo Wireless Charger
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Ember 2
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Helm Bolt
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Storm 2 Liquid
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Superbase 500
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I realise I've not been uploading as much recently - I'm putting the things in place so we can make better videos, faster - can't wait to keep improving! 👊 For my full series on smartphone gadgets: irglo.info/from/m5SofaZ_dabYg2A/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • Madiha Yahya
      Madiha Yahya


    • Mickey Filmer
      Mickey Filmer

      What a refreshing change your videos are. I am old enough to be your GrandPa, so your explanation of new tech is both eloquent and articulate for an old fart like me, which is just what I need!!. well done young man and thank you for these videos. Sunscribed and rung the bell!

    • Toh Wei Xiang
      Toh Wei Xiang

      Mrwhosetheboss, please use this outro for the next 20 years! I thank you deeply for understanding.

    • Mick Smit
      Mick Smit

      Your videos are always top notch! Cant wait to see how you will make use of your new "office" upgrades. Always super easy to listen to you

    • Nikki Roberts
      Nikki Roberts

      You have Simba, your cat, and..... He is a king and also.... I LOVE HIM!!!!!!!!

  • Macks2mus

    When Arun takes a LONG break, you know that it’s one of these gadget videos. TOTALLY worth it.

    • Andrew Harris
      Andrew Harris

      Either that, or someone tagged him with a Tile and found where he lives thanks to his wonderful how-to video on cyber stalking

    • Deadly_Insaan

      @Mrwhosetheboss deez nuts?

    • Ben


    • Osazuwa Osahon
      Osazuwa Osahon

      @Mrwhosetheboss no poco f3 review? Was really looking forward to one 😪

    • Vedant Kadu
      Vedant Kadu

      @Mrwhosetheboss It was worth the wait. Insane level content


    4:45 The guy:I think I finally understand addiction Random person: *YEET* **throws teabags(I think?)** The guy's mind: *I'm bout to beat someone's a-*

  • Jason Philip
    Jason Philip

    Fantastic video. I gotta say, uber premium content and great power packed review of all these gadgets. Kudos!

  • ShinySahil

    RGB curtain wherr

  • K

    1:03 when you see it 😂😂😂

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    I enjoy using my Ember mug every morning! ☕️

    • Exostatic

      11mo ago

    • Mick Smit
      Mick Smit

      My coffee cant last more than a minute. But when it does, it means it's so long forgotten. Bit pricey

    • Rayzoro

      9 months ago

    • Kakucs Tibi
      Kakucs Tibi

      Ember means human in hungarian

    • himshake_YT

      @NW Bro just because someone is verified doesn't mean they're a spammer.

  • Cassidy Hill
    Cassidy Hill

    1:02 who said your pretty

  • SCVlogs

    This is one of my absolute favorite channels. I am not very good with tech, but Arun makes it so much fun and enjoyable. Thank you!

  • CeeDee

    i just started laughing so hard when it said like me

  • Feegee1717


  • Drago beys
    Drago beys

    can we just appreciate that he always goes straight to the point without a crazy long intro and started the list at 15 seconds

    • Hypnovotic •91 years ago
      Hypnovotic •91 years ago

      @Dman ok

    • Dman

      @Hypnovotic •91 years ago homestuck moment bottom text

    • Jake Holden
      Jake Holden

      @Mrwhosetheboss Surely Mrwhosetheboss isn't scamming us but, thank you for the thanks

    • Hypnovotic •91 years ago
      Hypnovotic •91 years ago


  • “Cameron”

    First with 11k others😂

  • Luffy and Goku Skits
    Luffy and Goku Skits

    shark slider is perfect for someone who's hands aew shaky and want to make b rolls for their videos

  • angelco gaming
    angelco gaming

    pls link to the NEXDOCK TOUCH pls

  • Kishan Hari
    Kishan Hari

    simba is so much nicer to ypu than milo

  • Rohail

    I just love the fact that he keeps rick rolling us in such a way, that it's unexpected 😂

    • AtlanticCrasher

      @Jack's raging bileduct you know the rules and so do I

    • dude

      @Jack's raging bileduct Never gonna give you up Never gonna let you down Never gonna run around and desert you

    • Karmai9


    • The Lab of No Return
      The Lab of No Return

      "I am surprised every time he does the same thing" fixed

    • Tesla Martinovic
      Tesla Martinovic

      @Jack's raging bileduct its when you for example send someone a link to your video but instead of your video you send him the song rick roll

  • Peter Harold Janak Jr
    Peter Harold Janak Jr

    $780 for the shark slider. Idiotic to spend that much on such a small slider

  • bernard tiburon
    bernard tiburon

    Excellent voice over!

  • ARCH

    Happy 100 lakh!!


    finnaly at 10 mill

  • Saswata Roy
    Saswata Roy

    Arun has mastered the art of Rickrolling us with subtlety on every episode and ngl, I love each and every one of them. 😂❤️

    • %%%% z z zz
      %%%% z z zz

      hes the next thetekkitrealm

  • Future Fomo
    Future Fomo

    ⚠️⚠️ Wait..!!!. Did you say u throw out a majority of the gadgets u review??. Thats a ton of electronic waste. OMG!!

    • Telegram@mrwhosetheboss13

      Thanks for watching 🔝🔝... Message right away you won a price🔝🔝

  • Bad_ gamer
    Bad_ gamer

    I have a question: could you download a pc game on the nexus?

  • Yusef Rezk
    Yusef Rezk

    This is a repost

  • cdpond

    Droplabs haptic runners... great idea. Shame they're only available to an inferior OS. Great for the cult of the partially eaten fruit, but for the manufacturer opted for the smaller market segment. Ah well, someone will create an Android compatible version soon enough. lol

  • Vedant Sarkar
    Vedant Sarkar

    Arun saying "that's the weirdest gadget I've ever seen" with a blur gives me very nice imagination 😂😂😂

    • ExtraMile Gio
      ExtraMile Gio

      @Rohan Kishibe without a doubt.

    • Tsuki


    • ajeeb


    • CrossBup

      it has the shape any everything

  • Mashhud (man18)
    Mashhud (man18)

    5:04 read the black mug

  • xXStremzZeroXx

    5:04 Pain

  • Luke-Cifer

    I’m low key scared of his videos…from my other comments in this channel, some should know why.. Edit:……..god dammit.

  • haoN

    no one gonna talk about 5:05 💀

  • Latte.m4a

    I love how his humor slowly getting better

    • CoolBus _
      CoolBus _

      @ツIvory what is there even to do in roblox

    • Phone Fnatic
      Phone Fnatic


    • Ranjan Minhas
      Ranjan Minhas

      True af😂

    • TechThisOut


  • Syed Shawaiz Uddin
    Syed Shawaiz Uddin

    "it feels that the human race will not stop until there is RGB lighting on everything" true

  • Dave Spence
    Dave Spence

    Where do I find them droplab trainers I want some there sick

  • T Milani
    T Milani

    You know I really liked listening to your videos until this one! That phone ringing chirping you keep playing is absolutely annoying! So unfortunately I will no longer be watching your channels! Maybe another time when you remove that chirping ring I'll stumble across you again? Thanks

  • Peyton Orlowsky
    Peyton Orlowsky

    6.9 nice

  • Mevin Jimmy
    Mevin Jimmy

    The two things I love in this world has come together. RGB and Arun’s Rickrolls. I can now die in peace

  • S S
    S S

    Ember mug isn't worth it. Get a Zojirushi mug and your drink will stay at the original temperature for a full day.

  • cloudskii

    "pour your tea in it" spills the tea everywhere

  • Sam Lee
    Sam Lee

    The cameras or the speakers I want to look this up again

  • SumMemes4U


  • Lukas

    At this point the quality of your videos is just criminal good. It almost feels illegal to watch this without paying or anything

    • Pompolez

      dont give him any ideas bro

    • Lukas

      @Outcastify I'll change

    • Lukas

      @Outcastify Oh thx mate

    • Outcastify

      It's illegal not unlegal

  • xGHOST360


  • Einfach Bo_STErz
    Einfach Bo_STErz

    My 6 y old samsung has a front flashlight but it isnt that bright

  • Doppo's Epic Universe
    Doppo's Epic Universe

    To get IRglo you just say “alexa ,IRglo.”

  • Zeero Point
    Zeero Point

    ok why the hell did you pour that cup of tea like that. like it was probably a joke but that... it was so infuriating

  • borgranta61103

    It might be a good idea to use 5 or 6 of those modular chargers connected together and determine if the charging rate varies from pad to pad the farther you get from the power plug.

    • Ippiki Õkami
      Ippiki Õkami

      And a more professionally organised test of wireless chargers, as you don't just buy something because of what it is, but what it can do based on what you need, therefore a singular item charge rate isn't useful, but rather how long charging a set amount of items is, as we all know a single item charger is quicker for one item

  • Winshin Yi
    Winshin Yi

    not like pretty on the outside and dumb in the inside *like me* it said

  • Damian P
    Damian P

    Omg the phone made ur shirt vivid

  • Camaran Amiya
    Camaran Amiya

    That pore though

  • Jason Took the Aliens
    Jason Took the Aliens

    4:14 anddddddd.... found the rickroll again.

  • Post Facelift Saxo
    Post Facelift Saxo

    8:39 can we just appreciate the TV to his left says "the flash"? That's the quality we've been looking for Arun, keep it up!

  • XD_EPlayz


  • Where Aretgepoank
    Where Aretgepoank

    I love your videos and I’m actually subscribe to your channel which is something I never do. But man your titles are not only annoying, they are super confusing to keep track of because they’re all pretty much the same. Can you please try to do better?

  • Qigned

    Extremely surprised that he didn’t play never gonna give you up when showing that you can play music on the echo show

  • Habeeb Rahman
    Habeeb Rahman

    1:02 reality

  • gamerdellie

    I keep forgetting that I can’t just walk away from my computer with his videos for the intro like with other channels and come back in a minute, I’ll have missed half the content 😂😭

    • TheTrollerIs

      228 lieks 2 comments nice

  • Its Meh Linky
    Its Meh Linky

    I might just be dumb but did you use AirPods on a Samsung

  • David Thomson
    David Thomson

    bathroom stand?

  • Fail Safe
    Fail Safe

    Arrrggghhh ... really well presented but his accent and his "lah di dah" intonation is driving me wild :(

  • treasure wuji
    treasure wuji

    You used the second product explain why the first existed.

  • Adomas B
    Adomas B

    1980: We'll have flying cars in the future! 2021: Music shoes

    • Divass Nathh
      Divass Nathh

      @Adomas B we actually have but not commercially

    • ONE.


    • tara kumawat
      tara kumawat

      Good morning

    • Karen Ann Marks
      Karen Ann Marks

      Damn I really want those shoes

  • n0o0b090lv

    I got rick rolled at 4:13

  • cuttingsNL Netherlands
    cuttingsNL Netherlands

    Very good presentation mate. Detailed oriented and accurate. And yes, I have subscribed! 😊

  • The Duckling Homestead and Gardens
    The Duckling Homestead and Gardens

    Very informative video and I LOVED the comparisons side by side for sure. I figured the smaller charger that can add chargers to it and still be cheaper charged faster than the larger one only good for 3 at $600 that would be $200 each if you were technically trying to see how much an individual charger would be for each phone at that rate, especially when the better one would be around $120 for 4 phones, unless the starter charger is a little bit more. So anyway...I just found you and because I enjoyed the video and your energy, I liked, subbed and rang the bell!!! I look forward to watching more videos, both new and old!!!!!!!!

    • Villager6883

      He forgot the newest vibrator.

  • Edward Smith
    Edward Smith

    The co-tea, the spilling mug, the 6.9 rating. all came in row. I can't breathe 💀

    • Sulaiman

      @Areeb Productions sweet home Alabama

    • John Carlo Roque
      John Carlo Roque

      And the rickroll

    • Emil Persidski
      Emil Persidski

      @diw when Arun talks about how he likes tea, the text near him is "Co-" for a brief moment. It's to misdirect for a brief second to make you think he's into coffee instead.

    • ShadyShrimp


    • elliotjuk

      @Kevin Rinkanya ok didnt ask

  • Khurram Mirza
    Khurram Mirza

    Always loved your expertise and research on different gadgets. Have you anything on the effect of magnets in cases on the smartphone. Are the effects temporary or really bad for the components? Thank you. Dr KM

  • Perpetua

    Nice to see the change in mood on you Arun. You seem much happier lately❤

  • Robert Humphries
    Robert Humphries

    Arun, I am SOOO glad that I subscribed to your channel. You are one of the VERY BEST presenters and influencers on IRglo. I truly truly truly love your personality, the quality of your information and your post-production. Just thought I'd tell you. Have an amazing day! (...and THANK YOU for helping me make important tech decisions).

  • Michelle March
    Michelle March

    I’m a big fan of my Aputure MC light. Granted it’s not the cheapest option, but for a fill light it’s pretty awesome.

  • NotYourAvgSteve

    6:11 The smile on this man's face while eating that bagel.

    • JAB the Tab
      JAB the Tab

      @Rami Ztudio same

    • NotYourAvgSteve

      @Rami Ztudio lol

    • Kawcer Begum
      Kawcer Begum

      @an okish person me too lol

    • Rami Ztudio
      Rami Ztudio

      Am i even allowed to talk after i thought it was a burger?

  • Cuda FX
    Cuda FX

    the only issue with the flexclip is, that it doesnt come with 3M VHB (very high bond) double sided tape. that stuff keeps many, many modern devices together securely, and cleanly comes off, when you want it to.

  • Joaquim Gonsalves
    Joaquim Gonsalves

    Your videos are fun, informative and it's oh so charming to watch and listen to you! They will also go down in my personal history as one of the best times I had between November 2021 to early 2022 and hopefully longer as being videos I could watch to help escape my depression from being away from family and the homeland since 2 years thanks to you know who. I dislike the commercial and socially created festivals and traditions now cause they've become a source of emotional pain. While that may seem a bit contradictory given yours is a tech channel, I assure the others reading, that's the least important aspect of why this channel is so successful.

  • Cherryking Gaming
    Cherryking Gaming

    I just love the fact that he keeps rick rolling us in such a way, that it's unexpected truly he does in every video

  • 김순렬TV

    you're good. fantastic~~~

  • •MyLifeAsArun•

    let’s all take a moment to appreciate the great content mrwhosetheboss is giving us. Thank you!! It’s so helpful!

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    Amazed by the power of this Storm 2 liquid power bank.

  • Gamerphobics

    What shocked me more is the amount of times Arun have rickrolled us in genius ways

  • Connoisseur OF YOUTUBE
    Connoisseur OF YOUTUBE

    Thanks to your advice Aron iPhone 6s is an ideal phone for me . 10/10 for your reviews with every content you post. Absolutely sublime . And you mate your content is better then that rubbish on t.v called The gadget show

  • Nikhil Kala
    Nikhil Kala

    hey Arun can you make a video on which smart watch to choose for android users...we never find a comparative video for that.