How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media ft. MKBHD
The 5 key ways that Tech Companies (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple etc) try to control the narrative of the Media. Thanks to Marques for his time on this too, check his channel here:

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Do consider sharing this message, so it reaches the people it needs to reach 👊


    FINALLY someone said it. Most IRglors would be afraid to say the truth in fear of being blacklisted by the brand so if there was someone that could do this video, it had to be Arun & Marques. The 2 Kings of Tech. You speak for all of us. Hope to see a positive change in the future! ♥️


    This is the level of honesty we expect from our youtubers

  • andywr.09

    We didn't want this collaboration. We needed this collaboration.

  • sudhakargovind

    It takes a lot of courage for someone in the media industry to come out in the open and expose tech companies' techniques to manipulate "media"! You guys could've so easily toed the lines and made big bucks. Guess the fact that you guys are so unbiased in your reviews is what makes you so unique. Please continue to stand-up for what's correct. Once again - hats-off for the video.

  • TCtheTopCat

    This is the two biggest tech reviewers on IRglo using their massive platforms to let these tech companies know these cheap tricks are going to have to stop or change if they want their cooperation anymore. I love this.

  • Amin Muhammad
    Amin Muhammad

    We thank you for not selling your audience to companies. We all work hard for our money and appreciate an honest review. Hats off to you guys, never change.

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    Great video. Obviously for me it wasn't news 😂 I've seen all this stuff before, but you guys did a great job of summarizing WHY some of these things are so problematic - LS

  • Hector III
    Hector III

    😅 “If that’s what someone wants, that’s what ads are for!” So True! Love this channel

  • holly wallace
    holly wallace

    Love this guy’s tech videos. So honest and gives his viewers the true FACTS. I’m one of your number 1 fan. Great job!

  • Suresh Godhaniya
    Suresh Godhaniya

    "With great power comes great responsibility.." You guys are proving it. Great work as always.

  • Ahnaf T. Shabab
    Ahnaf T. Shabab

    Arun, I love the content you put together. The effort put behind making a video of such quality is really really appreciated specially during these times when the internet is full of manipulative crap. Thank you and keep it up mate. God Bless

  • Tim Alberstein
    Tim Alberstein

    What you are sharing boils down to trust. A short story from a different angle: I was an engineer for a start-up back in 2001. We had a box that supported all types of traffic over the Internet using Asynchronous Transfer Mode--a popular backbone transport back then. I flew to Dallas to do a "bake off" with the top five competitors and came out on top (and not by a small margin either). These tests were performed in front of a top magazine writer and one other person operating the test gear. I was soon on the phone with our Marketing lead after the published article had pronounced the #2 competitor as the winner. I fell out of my chair when the writer unabashedly admitted that a steak dinner and small gifts, among other things, was all we had needed to garner his favor. Had I not heard it with my own ears, I would have assumed that someone had simply had sour grapes with the outcome. Were you in the telecom biz back then and I told you the name of the magazine, it would put you in your seat. Since then I have been very skeptical about all technology rags.

  • Liron Segev
    Liron Segev

    Awesome breakdown. There is one more factor: Micro-Influencers. While it's great that brands are including smaller creators, micro-influencers tend to be super enthusiastic about products from big brands and they tend to do multiple videos which usually lean on the positive side. The brand gets a flood of content across a sustained period of time and the creator gets the views. This is especially true if it's a paid-for collaboration.

  • Samarth Gupta
    Samarth Gupta

    It is a relief to finally see a video that calls out the tech giants for arm-twisting and manipulating reviews. As a customer , I highly appreciate the work you've done here, Arun . It would be great to see more videos of this kind in the future .Keep up the good work

  • De'Luckiest Entertainment
    De'Luckiest Entertainment

    This is the best video I have watched in awhile, thank you for saying the truth. And I love the collaboration both of you have always been my best reviewer

  • Gary Curtin
    Gary Curtin

    Thank you for this. Had no idea you guys were being jostled by these companies. It's deplorable.

  • UMS

    Hats off to you both for keeping your integrity first and foremost!! Thanks for exposing the dubious ways of the manufacturers in influencing people in an unethical manner!

  • Kuri the King
    Kuri the King

    Hold big tech accountable at every turn. I love technology, but these companies are wreaking fucking havoc on the environment with no repercussions

  • ReviewsPK

    It seems that the struggle is the same everywhere; even up in the stratosphere! Refreshing to see leaders taking the lead on this. It takes guts to stand up to big corporations, even if you are two of the most influential tech reviewers on the planet. Well done, thank you and more power to you!