How Tech Companies Manipulate the Media ft. MKBHD
The 5 key ways that Tech Companies (Samsung, Xiaomi, OnePlus, Apple etc) try to control the narrative of the Media. Thanks to Marques for his time on this too, check his channel here:
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Do consider sharing this message, so it reaches the people it needs to reach 👊 Also First video with the new Camera! Who can tell the difference?

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      @hman615 I like how ‘E’ translates to ‘AND’ 😂

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      тαкυ :/

      @Vrîñd bruh 💀

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      United Californian States Mapping


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      Kishor Sain

      @Soyanshu Mohapatra ek wq q

    • leo capo
      leo capo

      Bro you should start an ASMR channel or maybe a podcast I could listen to your voice all day both you and Marques


    FINALLY someone said it. Most IRglors would be afraid to say the truth in fear of being blacklisted by the brand so if there was someone that could do this video, it had to be Arun & Marques. The 2 Kings of Tech. You speak for all of us. Hope to see a positive change in the future! ♥️

    • Extraterrestrial.X

      Kya haal hai jani

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      Dr. Shweta Nailwal


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      Melanie Mela

      @Smelly Cat of

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      T0HK Boi

      @8m8 lol no

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  • Amin Muhammad
    Amin Muhammad

    We thank you for not selling your audience to companies. We all work hard for our money and appreciate an honest review. Hats off to you guys, never change.

    • Apodexse

      @Gabry well I mean that's true but a lot of people work low paying jobs and can't afford to be led to the wrong investments. Having non-skewed reviews of a product is very valuable and is something you can't say for a lot of tech youtubers.

    • Gabry

      not everyone works hard for their money

  • Voicist

    The cynic in me believes that even "tell-all" videos like this can work in favour of big tech companies: we now see these two reviewers as more trustworthy because of their candour, hence we're more likely to trust any subsequent reviews from them. Take everything with a healthy pinch of salt

    • Demonix

      Interesting thoughts, I was thinking the same thing

  • Suresh Godhaniya
    Suresh Godhaniya

    "With great power comes great responsibility.." You guys are proving it. Great work as always. People is gonna keep these points in minds for future launches. :)

  • Ahnaf T. Shabab
    Ahnaf T. Shabab

    Arun, I love the content you put together. The effort put behind making a video of such quality is really really appreciated specially during these times when the internet is full of manipulative crap. Thank you and keep it up mate. God Bless

  • AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke
    AuthenTech - Ben Schmanke

    Love the honesty and transparency, keep this up!

    • M A C H I K O xxxxxx
      M A C H I K O xxxxxx

      AISURU.TOKYO/machiko 💞 (◍•ᴗ•◍)✧*。18 years and over IRglo: This is fine Someone: Says "heck" IRglo: Be gone #однако #я #люблю #таких #рыбаков #Интересно #забавно #девушка #смешная #垃圾

    • Sye White
      Sye White

      what's up checkmark



  • Káke Đara
    Káke Đara

    Props to these guys for still giving us the facts and turning down offers to stay unbiased

  • Gary Curtin
    Gary Curtin

    Thank you for this. Had no idea you guys were being jostled by these companies. It's deplorable.

  • Tim Alberstein
    Tim Alberstein

    What you are sharing boils down to trust. A short story from a different angle: I was an engineer for a start-up back in 2001. We had a box that supported all types of traffic over the Internet using Asynchronous Transfer Mode--a popular backbone transport back then. I flew to Dallas to do a "bake off" with the top five competitors and came out on top (and not by a small margin either). These tests were performed in front of a top magazine writer and one other person operating the test gear. I was soon on the phone with our Marketing lead after the published article had pronounced the #2 competitor as the winner. I fell out of my chair when the writer unabashedly admitted that a steak dinner and small gifts, among other things, was all we had needed to garner his favor. Had I not heard it with my own ears, I would have assumed that someone had simply had sour grapes with the outcome. Were you in the telecom biz back then and I told you the name of the magazine, it would put you in your seat. Since then I have been very skeptical about all technology rags.

    • TheIndieGamesNL

      @Name Lastname noone is a saint tbf

    • João P Carvalhinho
      João P Carvalhinho

      When ATM (also known as Broadband ISDN in my company) and IP were duking it off. I remember those days.

    • Name Lastname
      Name Lastname

      Don't trust anyone. I think these guys aren't saint too. People will do everything for a profit.

  • Kuri the King
    Kuri the King

    Hold big tech accountable at every turn. I love technology, but these companies are wreaking fucking havoc on the environment with no repercussions

  • Linus Tech Tips
    Linus Tech Tips

    Great video. Obviously for me it wasn't news 😂 I've seen all this stuff before, but you guys did a great job of summarizing WHY some of these things are so problematic - LS

    • Tech World Order
      Tech World Order

      L I N U S

    • giga chad
      giga chad

      who thought linus would be here

    • SkunkyBoy

      Why do you hate apple.

    • gaming nathan By aameshy
      gaming nathan By aameshy

      How do i Install a Bootloder

    • Savange Dropper
      Savange Dropper


  • Barney Calhoun
    Barney Calhoun

    I like this guy, his videos are entertaining and feel honest, and the quality of video is incredible. Keep it up and have a great day!

  • Troy White
    Troy White

    I love this video! It's time these things were said. I just wish you guys would've gone a step further, by agreeing that you would no longer abide by or agree to manufacturer terms that set the stage for consumers being misled. For example, if you believe that a phone is an incredible piece of hardware, but already know the software is crap, please don't make a video hyping us up on the hardware. A lot of us will go out and preorder based on those initial seemingly positive reviews. Or at a bare minimum, give us STRONG warnings to not buy yet, and wait until the second video drops so we can get the full picture. Unless some of you big dogs start taking a stand, these abusive practices will just continue and grow.

  • Prajjwal Tiwari
    Prajjwal Tiwari

    You two have balls of carbon fibre. Respect to both of you. 💥

  • De'Luckiest Entertainment
    De'Luckiest Entertainment

    This is the best video I have watched in awhile, thank you for saying the truth. And I love the collaboration both of you have always been my best reviewer

  • SwitchUp

    The "taken out of context" quote applies to games as well for sure!

    • Makise Kurisu
      Makise Kurisu

      It's used everywhere, especially politics!

    • Suspence58

      And Pretty much everything to be honest

    • SkyDiams Team
      SkyDiams Team

      @Cold Fire Giving huge slap to your face - Time limit right now

    • PBsquilz

      Applies to everything in the media!

  • Chroma

    That mock trailer was expertly crafted, especially since I've seen most of the actual reviews they came from. Props to the editor for cementing exactly how opinions can not just be guided, but straight up misled with some simple editing tricks and restrictions. It's really important to use reviews as a supplementary opinion, but to think for yourself and do your own research and even personal testing in person.

  • Eran Boodnero
    Eran Boodnero

    Respect for making this video. This is a good example of how people like you can have way more of a positive effect than government regulation could.

  • TheSpiritualLibrary

    I tell you something though, these 2 creators or at least MKHBD are doing the same thing they criticized the companies of, because if you know that they are not letting express everything you actually think about the device, why don`t you wait until you are able to express your true experience with the device, instead of throwing a video with limited opinions, ohhhh they do it because they want views.

    • danyfighter562

      @Sarabjeet Sanghera yes but informing us is better than being oblivious. That's any IRglo channel since there is profit to be made now when it comes to content

    • Sarabjeet Sanghera
      Sarabjeet Sanghera

      Thank you. These 2 are doing nothing about the matter by letting us know about the problem. Only get more views for themselves.

    • Luis Fernando Maldonado
      Luis Fernando Maldonado

      The problem is that they pretty much HAVE to upload the first video, otherwise every other IRglor will upload their videos earlier, and fans will keep asking them for their coverage.

    • TheSpiritualLibrary

      @Gabry yes but they are implying they don`t do it

  • Elvin Maldonado
    Elvin Maldonado

    Finally someone with no BS in legit content. Thank you for being so genuine and authentic.


    I just love that thumbnail man. And yeah You Both Are All Time Favs. So glad to see you together :)

    • Freezing icy
      Freezing icy

      @I'm hungry bruh. When does he talk trash about Samsung and apple phones? He literally owns an apple. He reviews all phones equally and most of the time flagships from Samsung,apple,google, Xiaomi get good reviews from him because they are genuinely good phones. What's he supposed to do. Talk trash about Xiaomi because it's Chinese? Do some research before you make ridiculous claims

    • Andy Mckeen
      Andy Mckeen

      Normal people: having tech conversation. User I'm Hungry: How about communism?

  • Neels B
    Neels B

    Thanks guys, for your honesty and for exposing this disease that seems to be spreading into all parts of life... all of the deceit and lies and manipulation from the "big guys" with so much money, influence and power :( You guys have my admiration and respect (and trust) for sticking to your integrity and standing up for justice and truth.

  • Jes Bastholm
    Jes Bastholm

    Thanks for an enlightening video. I showed it to my marketing class to point out that things aren’t always what they seems to be.

  • Joseph T.
    Joseph T.

    This is the final battle of collaborations! Both of you working synergistically together to talk about the egregious behavior of cell phone companies and deceptive practices. We need more collaborations like this, most definitely! 🙏👍

  • meisterじえろ

    You guys are really helping know about some of the ins and outs of the tech industry, thank you.

  • techFAUX

    The red hydrogen mashup was the best 😂

    • HypnoticLizard

      I was expecting the reversed afterwards. A montage of all the caveats making the phone look as worse as possible. That would have been great.

    • TECH


    • paresh padhi
      paresh padhi

      Now they don't have to even make a mashup video. Can directly pickup from here

    • Toni Ivanov
      Toni Ivanov

      "Its built like an absolute tank!.. But beyond that - *HOLOGRAPHIC DISPLAY*

    • Bart

      he clicked 'love" to DISTRACT from REAL message - because you know - was that video about mashup Hydrogen?

  • Luc Goose
    Luc Goose

    I appreciate that a lot of IRglors are standing up to all the shady business practices going on in pretty much every type of genre

  • GSXRaiders

    Thank you for keeping tech companies in check! Yours and MKB's voices are very powerful.

  • CallMeDera

    Amazing video. Really nice to speak up. However, it is understandable that companies want to protect their years of hardwork and resources. Take for example, a slightly biased reviewer or even an unbiased reviewer making negative comments about a newly released gadget. It's easier to sit at a place and make a video than organising all factors of production involved in making a new tech gadget (idea and innovative approaches included). This cuts across all sectors, whether tech, health, art etc. and, in general. If you are gonna be critiquing, let it be constructive criticism.

  • Robert Hosein
    Robert Hosein

    Excellent video!!! Keep up the great work! Video transitions were smooth, and this was an interesting insight to a topic that previously, I didn't think about. Moreover, this collaboration was much appreciated!


    This is the level of honesty we expect from our youtubers

    • Jamolly

      @Avinash B R It didn't take me long to realize when online - Trust Nothing. It is all whatever someone else wants you think..

    • Deepak L
      Deepak L

      Watch their latest android vs iphone video

    • Aditya Chavan
      Aditya Chavan

      technical guriji giveaway may be same kind

    • nsn2635

      Correct guru!! IRglors Andre ee Tara honest aagidre, audience gu olledu, creators gu olledu.

    • Abhinav Bhat
      Abhinav Bhat

      Hello Kannadadiga I live in Banglore :)

  • F. S.
    F. S.

    Great content. I did love it. That’s what we need. Less cheating more honestly people.

  • Felix Keys
    Felix Keys

    Thanks for seeing the good in the world and being a part of it, brilliant channel too your reviews are top notch. Happy 2022 enjoy it!

  • G C
    G C

    Very nice. Subscribed just for your honesty 😀 thanks for keep us at the center of your videos and not falling for these gimmicks

  • Neil Watson
    Neil Watson

    Great video, can’t stress that enough. I would add that while this is specifically about the tech industry it also applies to any areas where money, influence & power are concerned. Media ,government, medicine,etc. This is an issue for the world in a plethora of areas.

    • Dielson Sales
      Dielson Sales

      I guess learning about these things should be part of “surviving the modern information era” manual.


    No wonder why Marques and Arun is still the big dawgs on IRglo. Their transparency about reviews makes them so good.

    • Crimefridge

      Minus their take on Pocophone F1 and Google Pixel 6 maybe. No mentions on the limited US bands on the former or mention of the abysmal configuration of the modem on the latter.

    • eddie pas
      eddie pas

      @SAZID Do you have a problem with him making money? His ads don't even compromise the topic of his videos.

    • Sky's Unknown Heroes
      Sky's Unknown Heroes

      @Anirudh Korapole PR stunt speech is easy without action, GamersNexus does a better job at it, with actions too

    • Anirudh Korapole
      Anirudh Korapole

      @Sky's Unknown Heroes Yes the same Linus who bashed intel irrespective of them sponsoring. And the same Linus who made a video mentioning Nvidia's CEO and how he hates his garbage claims.

  • Robbie Vercammen
    Robbie Vercammen

    Not surprising. I guess we all expected it, and as the years went on, we all knew it. Thanks for your honesty. Yours and MKBHDs are one of the few channels I continued trusting for my reviews. I hope your message will have an impact. Big tech companies are manipulating on such a big scale it should be illegal.

  • Fond War YT
    Fond War YT

    It must've taken a lot of reconsideration to really do this video Love your videos! hope to see more from you guys!

  • Jacob Parvankin
    Jacob Parvankin

    So informative and important! TRANSPARENCY IS EVERYTHING IN TECH

  • Erik M.
    Erik M.

    Glad to see MKBHD stepping up to the BS of these companies.

  • Naj Abdul
    Naj Abdul

    Good job boys. finally someone said it!

    • AJF

      Who even are you?

    • Joseph Vizmark Luna
      Joseph Vizmark Luna

      Sir Naj kamusta?

    • Abdullah Qayyum 🅥
      Abdullah Qayyum 🅥

      @HelloThere how do I get that fake checkmark too? It just looks cool :)

  • ksma

    I can’t believe I’m spending so much quality time watching this video!! I’m so proud having those bois in my living room on a glass box travelling at lightspeed through cables. Fu** yeah!! I share your passion for tech so much!! And of course I do my best supporting our fellow, starting off and growing people out there. Much love, I’ll be there, somewhere on the planet being proud lf sharing it with yall.

  • hcf797

    Goes to show how powerful MKBHD and Mrwhosetheboss really are when it comes to this space. I appreciate the honesty.

  • souvik mohapatra
    souvik mohapatra

    Huge respect for speaking truth against powerful Tech companies

  • TheShark

    You always have the best content. Mad respect to you!

  • ReviewsPK

    It seems that the struggle is the same everywhere; even up in the stratosphere! Refreshing to see leaders taking the lead on this. It takes guts to stand up to big corporations, even if you are two of the most influential tech reviewers on the planet. Well done, thank you and more power to you!

    • Gabry

      Those guys are fearless

    • NTM _JAN
      NTM _JAN

      Dhaga bhai abi apki hi videos dekh kr aya hun yhan.. Quality content. I'm your oldest subscriber

    • Paolo Pablo
      Paolo Pablo

      That's why we have some youtubers that do honest reviews about the newly launched gadget that some big company post because we can compare it to the other devices similar to the one that they are reviewing like smartwatch or phone accessories.

  • Saptarshi Paul
    Saptarshi Paul

    Two of the honest IRglors taking the tech world forward with honesty and Trust of consumers . Kudos and cheers to you

  • Ken Cheung
    Ken Cheung

    I love how this guy's vids are both informative and funny. Thanks mate.

  • I | am | Bernardo
    I | am | Bernardo

    I love these cross channel collaborations. Great information on this subject.

  • Crystal Duchess
    Crystal Duchess

    Wow. I never knew about this. This is the level of honesty we expect from IRglors! I mean I honestly never realised all of this... it's made me realise how we really can't trust anything we hear on the internet without looking into it... and it's quite terrifying how these big tech companies are manipulating people... I guess it's become so normalised now that not many people realise the truth about this.


    Ohhhh boy! Nice and detailed… can confirm the ridiculousness of multiple video embargo’s by one brand 🤦🏽‍♂️ Though in my personal experience an American company is better at allowing freedom within a video. Only issue was same embargo for everyone else.

    • ZMA


    • Charlie Blades
      Charlie Blades

      Peepee poopoo

  • FlowerBomb Quincey
    FlowerBomb Quincey

    Wow! I had theorized this happens, but I had no idea that it was on this scale. Thank you guys for keeping it 💯 honest

  • vishal verma
    vishal verma

    One of the best video to understand how mobile companies manipulate consumer mindset regarding a product. Great efforts 👌🏻

  • Padma Dorjee
    Padma Dorjee

    well done mate for having the balls to tell the TRUTH! Hopefully others will follow your example and risk all to do the same. 🏆

  • baggelis nanos
    baggelis nanos

    Thoroughly informative but not overextended, brilliant!! Thank you!!!

  • andywr.09

    We didn't want this collaboration. We needed this collaboration.

    • I'm SUBBING to Everyone Who SUBBS to Me
      I'm SUBBING to Everyone Who SUBBS to Me

      Hi Bro! Can you just read my name... I'm doing it actually...

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      @Yes boi MKBHD

    • Yes boi
      Yes boi

      What’s the name of the other guy’s channel

    • Northern Hurricane:3
      Northern Hurricane:3

      Instead of FORTNITE AND MARK-ASS BROWNIE, it's Arun and Marques

    • KingJacob

      @J. Brown yessssss

  • Chris Ducat
    Chris Ducat

    But here's the part where I just scratch my head: buying a smartphone at release time is just not a sound decision imo. They're usually buggy and it will take months of updates for the system to stabilize. This might not be the case with simple iterations of existing products (like the Galaxy "Fan Editions" which typically use processors from the previous generation), but it oftentimes is the case with brand-new products.

  • ReMak

    The whole video was very informative and eye opening actually. Thank you.

  • Sarem Rashid
    Sarem Rashid

    Man I love how they just revealed every trick in the book so that they can aware Public about these schemes

  • Gianpaolo La Paglia
    Gianpaolo La Paglia

    A very informative video, thank you so much for sharing your experience!

  • Flossy Carter
    Flossy Carter

    This is EXACTLY why I buy my own phones so I can call these companies out on thier BS! Nobody can EVER say they seen a Samsung video from me without me talking about EVERYTHING I don't like at the start of the video.

    • Scotta huskins
      Scotta huskins

      I like your phone reviews. And also mrwhostheboss

    • Harshal Patil
      Harshal Patil

      You just got my sub

    • Ebai Mulema
      Ebai Mulema

      I was looking for your comment since you're the realest #salute

    • MidnightWaterDragon

      That's why flossy is boss 👏🏽

    • Ben H
      Ben H

      @Homan Yeah but that's his own opinion, not something Samsung is paying him to do which is his point.

  • Aaditya Mohan
    Aaditya Mohan

    I would love to see more collaboration between you two guys👍😃.

  • Matt Davis
    Matt Davis

    +1 new sub for this video alone. Thanks for creating this - LOVE this type of transparency!!

  • Abdurrahman Ihthisham
    Abdurrahman Ihthisham

    Good to know that you're one of the good ones, who doesn't fool or trick there audience....and actually tell the honest truth of the product

  • Debakanta Das
    Debakanta Das

    I like videos like's like what reviewers like you feels when they get an product for an eye opener. Great and MKBHD are doing great a sense a bit towards society in educating about the topic that concern you and us in general.

  • PhoneBuff

    We did a video like this in the past, but you and Marques did a way better job. Really important video, great job guys!

    • Tayyab Anwar
      Tayyab Anwar

      I remember that video!

    • Edi Cartofel
      Edi Cartofel

      mka bahd

    • Quintenkw

      This blew up like a note 7

    • snipee

      2 more.

    • BHEAM Dy
      BHEAM Dy


  • Marc Wilkinson
    Marc Wilkinson

    This is the reason I watch your videos, I appreciate the truth being told about tech, not just a company exec telling me what they want me to hear, keep up the great work

  • Fernando Guimarey
    Fernando Guimarey

    Imagine having so much clout in your industry that you can out the heavyweights in this way 😂 have to respect the balls on these two

  • Jake

    Thanks for letting us know about the subtle and not so subtle ways tech companies are influencing IRglors. Very interesting.

  • abu shiiri
    abu shiiri

    This is the two honest guys i always watch their review well done

  • João Fernandes
    João Fernandes

    This takes a lot of courage. Props to you and MKBHD for this amazing video. Thank you for enlighten us

    • I'm hungry
      I'm hungry

      @Knight King I searched everywhere, but I cannot see find a damn to give.

    • Knight King
      Knight King

      @I'm hungry I searched everywhere, but i cannot find whotf asked..

    • RubberTag

      @I'm hungry Interesting!

  • Marius Gerome
    Marius Gerome

    Great video - can you actually win as a company with moral and ethics? Hopefully

  • Thr 33
    Thr 33

    Thank you both for share this information. This is brave cause many IRglors take the check and don't care at all about their subs. Thanks for this video.

  • TechFanatic

    It takes a lot of courage for someone in the media industry to come out in the open and expose tech companies' techniques to manipulate "media"! You guys could've so easily toed the lines and made big bucks. Guess the fact that you guys are so unbiased in your reviews is what makes you so unique. Please continue to stand-up for what's correct. Once again - hats-off for the video.

  • Sherlock Holmes
    Sherlock Holmes

    You missed one more thing! Apple basically never gives LTT early access to new releases 😂

  • kamogelo Lebogang Matlala
    kamogelo Lebogang Matlala

    An MKBHD+MRWHOSETHEBOSS collaboration has to be the best way to hear about the tech reviewer world The two most trustworthy and brave reviewers in all of IRglo

    • Tanbir Nr
      Tanbir Nr


  • Drizzle

    When it comes to the embargo's, I'm actually wondering if there's any legal basis for it. If you break the embargo, can there be legal action? Is it just about being blacklisted? I do remember hearing something about this for games (I think). Is it because these reviews happen before the official release of the product?

  • Anubis DRH
    Anubis DRH

    I really enjoyed the straight forward information that was shared here. Keep it up buddy. Subscribed w/ notifications as well. Thanks again

  • MiNdCaNdY

    This is so much more interesting than tech device reviews. Subscribed!