DON'T buy this USB Stick.
The $450 5G Bioshield is not what it sounds like - Its actually one of the biggest Tech Scams ever. Don't buy it.
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  • 1 Sub Before 2022
    1 Sub Before 2022

    "Escobar is the worst company ever" 5gBioshield: *"Am I a joke to you?"*

    • General squirrel
      General squirrel

      Escobar is worse bcs escobar doesn't even send you the product

    • BioZgamer

      you do be spitting facts tho

    • Luca Gamba
      Luca Gamba

      They might do a collaboration. The Narcoshield

    • Maghenyld Lacrus
      Maghenyld Lacrus

      ahahahahahah :D

    • Gandalf the Gray
      Gandalf the Gray

      @Kevin Woellenweber wtf 😂😂😂😂

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet

    350$ USB Stick: has 128MB Storage 8$ USB Stick: Has 32GB Storage

    • Mohammad Abobakir
      Mohammad Abobakir

      @ Marco Champagne correction: the japanese currency is the yen rupees are for some asian countries

    • Eydis

      Aha my 2$ usb is 64Gb. And it works perfectly fine and 250 videos can fit inside it

    • Crab Rangoon
      Crab Rangoon

      @AJF a currency

    • faith plays
      faith plays

      @Ashwatt does everything that like 5 pounds

    • garfieldandfriends1

      Don't worry, The remaining 31.87GB is for the proprietart holographic nano-layer catalyst technology

  • Michael Kann
    Michael Kann

    I remember when 4G came out and so many people were over reacting about it at the start. There was so much misinformation. This feels familiar now.

    • SioxerNikita

      @Michael Kann Actually not even at UV Light or higher, because again it is a dose question. 5G can be very dangerous, if ... the towers were more powerful and you were very close. I frankly think if you are right next to them it can be dangerous if not shut off. Even visible light is dangerous if in high enough doses.

    • br

      @Rider I thought he was Asian

    • Rider

      @br right like did you know that Barack Obama was white

    • br

      @Rider but now you can get information.... and misinformation anywhere anytime

    • Rider

      The only thing that changed is now we can hear more people's voices on the matter which in turn makes things much worse

  • Naqi does PS4
    Naqi does PS4

    So, instead of not replying to anything, they're basically saying "It definitely works, but we are the only people in the world who have the tools to show you, but we won't. You'll have to trust us."

    • 22KGold

      @Scald (what am I doing lol) actual source : 100% not click bait among us covid peppa pig IRglo challenge vaccine bad anti vaccer sussy Baka roblox Minecraft Fortnite sus challenge epic watch till the end

    • BlackCroft666LP

      They sound like the goverments worldwide

    • TheScorpion0081

      Me: Well, I don't. Pics or it didn't happen.

    • Scald (what am I doing lol)
      Scald (what am I doing lol)

      Source: trust me bro

  • Dman

    “It says that most users report reverse aging by about eighteen years. So, according to that... I’m about to turn seven.” i nearly spat out my fucking drink at that oh my god

    • R W
      R W

      It seems I’ll be -9 years old. Seems legit.

    • Nandita Dileepan
      Nandita Dileepan

      Excited to become -5 years old

    • Ghost.

      Goodbye guys, I'm turning -4 months old.

    • Royal Legend
      Royal Legend

      I'm turning back I tro my mom lol

  • Chrisbmxbrandt

    I can’t believe humanity turned so stupid that scams like this actually exist

    • Dem0nicツ


    • the great lumberjack King
      the great lumberjack King

      @jan B thank you

    • jan B
      jan B

      @the great lumberjack King Farewell friend. Thank you for your well wishes. I have accepted Jesus as my Lord and saviour who has said He will never leave me nor forsake me and that is a good start. I pray the same for you.

    • the great lumberjack King
      the great lumberjack King

      @jan B OK well can we agree to disagree we go our separate ways if yes then goodbye have a good life 😊 if no ok then bye

    • jan B
      jan B

      @the great lumberjack King It is no use arguing about what evolution may mean, we need to go back to the original meaning and we find there is zero proof to back that hypothesis. Even Darwin said words to the effect that if we find no intermediary fossils his hypothesis is in doubt. I was brought up on evolution, that is all they taught, but left because real science shows the complexity of living things. It is impossible for life to begin just by chance. That basis for Darwin's hypothesis has been undermined by real science. I can certainly admit that humans have selectively bred animals to get certain traits to be prominent, but those traits were already in the genes of the animal. No new information is created, dogs will always give birth to dogs and horses to horses, etc. I am not wanting to argue with you, I am just stating where I have been and where I am now because real, not historical science proved to me I was wrong. It will show you the truth as well if you only want to search it out.

  • Crimson CS
    Crimson CS

    it is honestly amazing to see that things like this exist and that people really bought them, and think that they work.

    • the great lumberjack King
      the great lumberjack King

      How is it amazing I find it embarrassing

  • CarlosG

    I think is always good to remind people not to stick in your computer any unknown USB stick, specially as shady as this one.

  • Charlie Blank
    Charlie Blank

    Also the fact that light is an electromagnetic wave, so therefore when this USB is active then you should be stuck a dark, lightless, void

    • Goldenyellow

      I'm the 69th like here

    • Charlie Blank
      Charlie Blank

      @Neilioso Im not sure if electricity is on the electromagnetic spectrum tho

    • Neilioso

      yes on the electromagnetic and prismatic spectrum all forms of light and electricity would all die I think

    • the great lumberjack King
      the great lumberjack King

      @Yoshto mah lol

    • Yoshto mah
      Yoshto mah

      Scp community should take this idea

  • nicola

    I’m liking your scam alert videos, keep them coming!

  • Erick Moreka
    Erick Moreka

    The marketer for that USB is literally me when writing my exam papers 😂😂

    • Jessie Velasco
      Jessie Velasco


    • Uma Philip
      Uma Philip


    • Baqir naqvi
      Baqir naqvi


    • Kpop Scenario
      Kpop Scenario


    • Suraj Gupta
      Suraj Gupta

      @Manroop Singh or a justice league fan

  • Davide Mazzetti
    Davide Mazzetti

    I watched this with increasing incredulity. It's so outrageous, that I came to the conclusion that only those who WANT to believe this rubbish would actually believe it.

  • Musicalplayz

    I can't stop laughing when boss kept saying the USB stealing from star wars lmao

  • Void soul
    Void soul

    as someone who adores science i was so pissed when they used “quantum oscillation” so incorrectly

    • br

      Can you explain what it even means?

    • dmeager

      @HyperBGY Of course! Have a great day. :)

    • HyperBGY

      @dmeager thank you :)

    • dmeager

      @HyperBGY Hiya! I just want everyone to know that they are important, that their life matters, that they are here for a reason, and that Jesus Christ loves them with His whole Heart - and that includes YOU! God bless. :)

    • HyperBGY

      @dmeager what

  • Super Xiphias
    Super Xiphias

    0:36 "Fear not, the Proprietary Holographic Nano Layer Catalyst Technology is here to save us!" "I'm sorry what?!" I died lol🤣


      Yh its kinda like some random words put together 🤣

  • RyanCooper101

    Honestly surprised you dont get malware or a cryptominer installed when plugging it to your pc. Very brave btw

  • Shripadh Harish
    Shripadh Harish

    One of the best scam revealing videos ever OMG, I dont know why people havent sued this company yet....

  • Alex Lawson, J.D., Ph.D.
    Alex Lawson, J.D., Ph.D.

    I didn't even know about this product until I heard news about several police operations trying to enter into the company's so-called "manufacturing site," because the police considered them to be scammers. It got so bad that after all the controversies, their Distribution Director resigned shortly after. 🤣

  • Oren Katznelson
    Oren Katznelson

    Anti-5G underwear!! Genius!! :-p Thank you for a very informative and well-presented video. It's sad to think that some people can fall for this so you're delivering an important public service. P.S. so far 3.1K viewers downvoted this video. This is very concerning. Do some people not want the truth and warning to be out in public?? Do they believe in these products?

    • Cooper Gates
      Cooper Gates

      Then IRglo throws more integrity off a cliff by hiding dislike counts lol

  • Vrîñd

    I can literally imagine him wearing shorts below his fancy shirt

    • Dr. Zulfiqur Ali
      Dr. Zulfiqur Ali

      @Leon Dobbs the most accurate title!

    • Dr. Zulfiqur Ali
      Dr. Zulfiqur Ali

      @Gio Rosales cam on, we are trying to be innocent, LET US BE!

    • Dr. Zulfiqur Ali
      Dr. Zulfiqur Ali

      This is the effect of seeing the online teachers do that actually. We have the same weaknesses 😐😐

    • Everest miles
      Everest miles


    • emily foote
      emily foote

      Or just boxers

  • Harold Audinwood
    Harold Audinwood

    This reminds me of those radiation blocking devices like the sticker, the plug in block of soap, and the clear plastic rod that you showed before. They claimed similar stuff.

  • David M
    David M

    In all fairness, they must have worked very hard to find USB sticks with as little as 128MB on them.😂

    • br

      Maybe they filled it with My Little Pony science

  • Dalton Reed
    Dalton Reed

    Love the fact I'm watching this on my 5g phone and there's people out there who take it that serious

  • Dragonboy

    Your sass is beautiful, and your informative nature, more so. Thank you for spreading ACTUAL facts.

  • 09shadowjet

    I bet the creator did that for a job interview Interviewer: “Sell me this USB stick”

    • br

      @Ticcing Queer and then searched up "science words"

    • Ticcing Queer
      Ticcing Queer

      Honestly, the idea probably came form a game, and one of the dudes got the words "5g" and "USB-Stick".

    • Michael J. O’Neill
      Michael J. O’Neill


    • The Kod
      The Kod


    • Hologas Supplier
      Hologas Supplier

      J wish scammers look a their names

  • Anna

    This just gives me vibes of games I used to play with my sister and friends when we we're kids, and only she and this one other girl could could use the devices related to it and the "thing" in question itself

  • Jeremy Travis
    Jeremy Travis

    I remember when the schools in the UK were allowed to rent out their roof spaces to Telecoms companies to install mobile phone masts. There was a lot of parents screaming that the radio signals would damage their children brains. As a school parent governor it was debated with a some of governors were in favour of having of having them taken down. Because I had a lot of electronics experience I had to try and convince them that the pseudo science the were talking about was a load of rubbish.

  • TheVioletHole

    I have 5G and never has it once bothered me. I don’t get why ppl overrreact so much

  • Bob Baker
    Bob Baker

    I need to say something quick. You sir are a rare individual on social media. I don't trust anyone and yet I find myself fully trusting you. Confirmation bias is something we all struggle with but with you I feel like I can not only trust you but trust myself to accept your opinions on products and services. I know that you are legit and care about your reputation with not just your general audience but with each and every single member of your community. If one of us felt betrayed you would take that hard. So I know you would treat all of us as you would the most important of us.. which to you is all of us 😉.

  • Otniel

    Escobar: finally a worthy opponent, our battle will be legendary

    • candybutcHer

      Legendary Indeed!!!!!!

    • Wilking S
      Wilking S


    • Ruffled

      its literally gonna get one shottef

    • Toasted Marshmello - Fortnite Gameplay & Clips
      Toasted Marshmello - Fortnite Gameplay & Clips


    • The bowler
      The bowler

      @Ar X Arinjay that makes it WORSE

  • Pranav Polakam
    Pranav Polakam

    "And only we have the tools to prove it" So no scientific replication? How are people believing that 😂

  • The Tenth Man
    The Tenth Man

    The people who bought this, deserve to have empty wallets. I'm surprised they were even smart enough to get the money to buy this thing.

  • ChronicIrony

    Thank you for spending $450 so I didn't have to! Love the review!

  • AcceptYourDeath

    7:17 " the end of it I was a bit worried" With good reason, I remember a video from one of those chemistry centric channels. That guy tested a bunch of bracelets and "jewelry" which somehow would "protect" you or make you "healthier." The same hocus pcous nonsense like this USB-stick. He got a few of these products banned from sale, because THEY WERE RADIOACTIVE to a concerning degree and he got authorities involved.

    • Robert Armstrong
      Robert Armstrong

      which one do remember ?

  • Jonathan McIntosh
    Jonathan McIntosh

    Mrwhosetheboss: this is the most elaborate scam ever Pablo Escobar: *Am I a joke to you?*

    • Bio Drando
      Bio Drando

      @Air Cee unless..,?

    • Sum Teng Wong
      Sum Teng Wong

      @parkie he is so honest, I believe one day he will send me my phone. I won't sleep until he gives me, he is good, we worship him in bathroom.

    • hilarious retard
      hilarious retard

      @Air Cee bruh why...

    • aussie audi r8 lms
      aussie audi r8 lms

      Mlm:am i joke to you? Don't trust young living

    • J L
      J L

      More like a Bernie Madoff scam

  • Mootney Vlogs
    Mootney Vlogs

    when I heard "dont buy this usb stick" I assumed it was some clever scam that promised believable things. I guess not.

  • Agrisim Farming
    Agrisim Farming

    My aunt fell for a similar scam but nobody can convince her otherwise, honestly I feel bad for her.

  • Kerem Sengel
    Kerem Sengel

    Dude keep making videos like this ("this/that broke my phone") they are awesome and really fun to watch

  • Basian

    worst part is that amazon keeps allowing those scams to happen...

  • 2d Ninja
    2d Ninja

    *"Arun gets intentionally scammed by Escobar, a wallpaper and a force field USB"* Arun: _why am i still here just to suffer_

    • I'm a Binary Code
      I'm a Binary Code

      @Shayan stfu, don't scream! I'm t-series fan Although I have no idea what they do

    • Shayan

      @I'm a Binary Code but I have to I am a PewDiePie faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan.

    • Cody

      The ad revenue pays it

    • I'm a Binary Code
      I'm a Binary Code

      @Shayan stfu, don't scream

  • PARASYTE117 Does Random Things!
    PARASYTE117 Does Random Things!

    Arun: It's total capacity maxes out at 128... Me: Okay, cool, that's a lot of Giga- Arun: Megabytes... Me: 👁️ 👁️ 👄


    Normally your videos are informative , this is funny too, p🤣🤣🤣, and I can't believe there's people actually believed that scam

  • Kurt Brayden Fuertes
    Kurt Brayden Fuertes

    Someone: 5G caused the virus Everyone: seems legit

  • Gaming and Fish Keeping With Colin
    Gaming and Fish Keeping With Colin

    You do realize if that could block the electromagnetic fields in the first place you wouldn’t be able to use your device

  • Titanic

    "causes reverse aging by 18 years" People who are 17 and under: *_guess i'll die_*

    • Jitesh Singh
      Jitesh Singh


    • RecklesFaltron105TheBest

      @MythMediocre me too

    • ernawati wuriyandari
      ernawati wuriyandari

      Me who's 8 : its seems like i will have short life

    • Lucidz PLAYSTATION Dreams
      Lucidz PLAYSTATION Dreams

      They'll turn back into the sperm and the egg.

    • apocalypsetown

      welp time to become -5

  • Random Videos
    Random Videos

    Even the theory that things that there is only one electron time traveling makes more sense then the description of this usb stick

  • Gl1tch3d._.0ut

    The only reason I would buy one of those anti-5g things is because it looks cool and even then i would try to find something better

  • Omteria

    Essential Oils Sellers: "I'm the biggest scam in recent history" "5G Bioshield": *WATCH THIS* Freedom Phone: *Alright i'mma head in*

    • Kiyoone

      What about Theranos

    • spaghetti2772

      @kryptonos rand and sometimes it smells good on its own

    • illydzn

      and the freedom phone now

    • Omteria

      @kryptonos rand tbf that's the only real use I've found for it

  • Chiel Voswijk
    Chiel Voswijk

    Oh something also worth knowing. This type of scam is ANCIENT. I'm actually taught in Electromagnetics as an Electrical engineer and the professor showed a video for fun from the >80s< of "Anti-EM" wall-plugs that where literally just wall-wart casings with a bag of sawdust and a single Neon bulb!

  • Dev.

    "Escobar is the biggest scam ever" 5gBioshield :- Hold my Quantum oscillation.

    • xi jinping
      xi jinping


    • z1ck3r

      Probaly some starwars nerd that made it

    • z1ck3r

      So true

    • Stormy Fun79
      Stormy Fun79


    • CrashAlley

      I can't stop laughing

  • anbell

    This usb can reverse aging by 18 years! People who aren't 18: 👀

  • Freddis Lettis
    Freddis Lettis

    1:26 The bigger question is why does this person have their computer in the very center of their house.

  • Milney

    This is honestly hilarious Anyone stupid enough to A) fall for 5G conspiracy theories and B) believe any of the utter nonsense surrounding these "remedies" deserves to get scammed

  • Mr. War Robots
    Mr. War Robots

    the part where people thought lockdown was for installing 5g towers to control you dropped me from my chair to the floor

  • Amir I
    Amir I

    The people who bought this aren't the brightest. Honestly I'm impressed by the guys who made it for being able to think of this.

    • Parker Wilkins
      Parker Wilkins

      @Mashiori he's from the uk

    • A Cornel
      A Cornel

      @Mashiori If you're talking about Arun, he's British, not American.

    • Mashiori

      @izzat izzat but he's also American (kappa) (not kappa)

    • Binoy Mathew
      Binoy Mathew

      @izzat izzat Don't be daft. He bought it for this video.

    • izzat izzat
      izzat izzat

      Arun bought it

  • Luka Martic
    Luka Martic

    There must be quantum drive in that USB or at least you need to install quantum drivers. :)


    as an electronic engineer it just hurt my soul to see those things

  • KatsukiKaito

    Honestly. The people who believe in it deserve to be scammed nad the guy who made it knew damn well that there will be people stupid enough to believe in it. The guy who made it is a genius

    • Laith hah
      Laith hah

      Except old people, honestly wouldnt blame them, either way the people who sell this crap are very scummy and money hungry people looking for people who actually know their stuff and want money

  • SinnerTheSinful

    "Man... you don't even have to be good in this world, just gotta put words together in a funny way" - JonTron With each passing day this quote becomes more true

  • Gabo Morón
    Gabo Morón

    Daniela: "people around me are laughing more." They are laughing at you

    • Mrittika Murmu
      Mrittika Murmu

      Thanks for showing me this point of view. It explains a lot

    • ⸍⸍ Romy. ⸋ ♡
      ⸍⸍ Romy. ⸋ ♡


    • Alpha Giga
      Alpha Giga

      I figured they are laughing at the product

    • KyloMiah

      Damn bro, ok bro.

  • TheMrParagon

    at first when he said 128 I thought "its way overpriced but at least its a decent amount of memory" but then he said megabytes and started laughing. If someone tried to give this away to me for free I would have told them "what do I look like a trash man? Go throw your own garbage away."

  • Dogdillon

    They really just made you pay €339 for this which people would probably pay for considering the intelligence of most of the people who think this product is real.

  • Euvo_ Sound
    Euvo_ Sound

    The fact that the people lining for this scam is the same people telling us to not believe anything we see on the internet is just... ironic.

  • CapeJax

    You are the saviour of the internet bro, love your content!

  • Mooreas4 2
    Mooreas4 2

    Who needs masks and anti bacterial gel when you can have a USB stick

    • Low Jun Xin
      Low Jun Xin

      U guys still need buy some anti bacterial gel?

    • Ahabab Zarif
      Ahabab Zarif


    • The Internet Fanatic
      The Internet Fanatic

      A mighty 128MB to top it off

    • Coffee the Dragon
      Coffee the Dragon

      I don't use neither of them XD

    • Alejandro Cardenas
      Alejandro Cardenas

      Who needs all of those things? just scare 5g and the virus away

  • Marek Hanzal
    Marek Hanzal

    You've god "subscribe" from me thanks to this :D . No, I do not believe any kind of this things (I've laughed a lot when I saw yours another video with the stickers, sticks, bears and so on...). Great job!

  • Vinnybastone

    More scam videos please!!😊

  • frankie BURGOS
    frankie BURGOS

    The way to see if it actually works would be to have a 5g phone and see if you get 5g service while in proximity of the dongle right? I haven't seen anyone do this... I would imagine if it creates a "bouble" around you then the 5g signal shouldn't get passed the shield.

  • killer of kings
    killer of kings

    I would love if they were able to put 5G towers around with nobody stopping them Sounds like a good deal I get to stay inside and they make my Internet better basically right?

  • Jude Regorgo
    Jude Regorgo

    3:13 Arun: The total capacity maxes out at 128- Me: Oh, at least it’s a 128GB USB stick- Arun: -megabytes. Me: LOL Edit: In no way do I think even a 128GB USB justifies the price lol, you can get around 10TB for that price. I just thought (before he said ‘megabytes’) that it would at least have some semblance of functionality lmao

    • Steven Martinez
      Steven Martinez

      128mb oh boy I can store a crusty jpeg on it

    • Enter First Name Enter Last Name
      Enter First Name Enter Last Name

      That way he put the usb in is looking oddly awkward

    • Macy Productions
      Macy Productions

      @ShaihanGmd I have 16GB.

    • Mahis huB
      Mahis huB

      Even I Thought the same as you thought...

    • JackWood and Shadoo
      JackWood and Shadoo

      at least I know all my USB sticks are now out of date, because most of them are 128 MB or less lol

  • PiecesMissing

    I just want to get in on this now. As long as I just say they're mood elevators and protect you from a radiation that already doesn't do anthing, and not like "It'll cure your cancer" stuff, I'm just scamming idiots and not hurting anyone. Until I see someone being like "this treated my diabetes" or something I'm gunna call no harm/no foul.

  • Παναγιώτης Θ
    Παναγιώτης Θ

    I could stop laughing through the entire video 😂😂😂 At 4:26 I exploded laughing real hard 😂😂😂

  • joseph jennings
    joseph jennings

    Sad part is, i think some of my family believe it. So this plus the covid misinformation....kinda worries me

  • Marc McCarthy
    Marc McCarthy

    Thanks for the advice. I think I'll pick one up now.

  • Kiran Bahra
    Kiran Bahra

    I mean anyone who buys this only has themselves to blame for being so stupid as to believe this scam.

    • Manchild

      Oath, but these are probs the same people believe that digital waves carry a solid physical virus lol

    • Daemonarch2k6

      This reminds me at this magnet-rings to install on the gasoline pipe of the car to save gas... But these were cheap. Useless, but cheap.

    • Monsieur Monke
      Monsieur Monke

      Aye, those rocks look cool Don’t jump on me that was a joke, what actually goes through peoples heads when speeding 300-500 dollars(I’m an American shut up) on a rock?

    • Black_m1n

      Gov of UK: Shit

    • Saru

      The thing is, that 5G uses 25 - 39 GHz which isn't harmful, cause these go way down from 300 MHz to 3 GHz...

  • Mowat Tokonitz
    Mowat Tokonitz

    My friend's parents have a stone marble beside their router that according to them protects against EMF... they even said it makes their wifi worse but it's worth it

  • aaryan joshy
    aaryan joshy

    I can't believe that I am living "in" 5g and I didn't had any problems till I knew about this

  • JD

    Imagine, you somehow use it on a 5G

  • Dave Taylor
    Dave Taylor

    on a lesser scale I bought a 1Tb memory stick for a ridiculously low price. tried loading a few hundered videos to it and when finished they were all showing as there . However after testing them from a certain point on they would not play or show any properties total size of those that would play was in the high 50gb). I got hold of two analysing pieces of software and established they wer 64gb with two very good 32gb chips so use it as a 64gb stick (was still cheaper than a 64gb stick by the chip maker) . Asked for my money back but the ebay supplier was not pc literate and said it showed as 1tb on their pc, so sent them links for the test progs and they confirmed my findings, removed the item and told me they were taking it up with their supplier.

  • Sreeram Ramesh
    Sreeram Ramesh

    Fake usb stick : *Exists* Old people : *I see this as an absolute win*

    • goodassjob7714

      There's a difference between old people and stupid people

    • llagniton

      @Jose Sway i don't think you know theres such thing as timezones

    • Ace

      3:28 *_That's not how time travel works_* 😂

    • Rem


  • HeXaDecimal

    Ah yes another great episode of "Reviewing yet another piece of garbage that stupid people fall for". Thank you

  • Artemiy Solopov
    Artemiy Solopov

    Them: "You can't measure how effective our device is because we're not altering total energy of the field, just frequencies." Okay but surely you can get/build a meter that measures EMF energy per frequency. This is kinda how radio works, is it not? It uses a tunable antenna to "select" waves of specific frequencies.

  • 2teethPogZa

    “Reverse aging for 18 years” Nah man this concept *reduced 18 million brain cells in my brain and aged me 18 years from stress-*

  • Nabiy Kazyaka
    Nabiy Kazyaka

    I'm glad I could watch this video using my 5g phone 😄

  • Jason Lee
    Jason Lee

    after 10 years of devlopment: here's a USB stick that can also block missles

    • Mohammad Abobakir
      Mohammad Abobakir

      @ Xophistos 1-he is saying that as a joke 2-the usb stick he is talking about is not even made

    • McMooshk

      Where oh fake!

    • Xophistos

      his product really works. after a year of using this I have never gotten hit by a missile.

    • Jayesh

      I want one

    • Aarif

      @左括號 here is a usb stick which can prevent World hunger homelessness the sun from exploding and the heat dead of the universe

  • Wolf Hadson
    Wolf Hadson

    As a science enthusiast and someone who actually opened a science book, I lost all faith in humanity, it’s not even about the 5g or anything , simply saying I just lost it long time ago🤷‍♂️

    • Wolf Hadson
      Wolf Hadson

      Plus, in physics quantum means the minimum amount of any physical entity, in latin it means “how much?”, in physics quantum is referred to anything that is smaller than an atom, the quantum realm.

  • Bradley Preshan Pillay
    Bradley Preshan Pillay

    OMgosh! shot dude for outing products like this & keep it up. big fan of your channel, many thumbs Up!

  • Roblox - Exploits
    Roblox - Exploits

    If it blocks 5g then just see if your phone disconnects from 5g when the usb is plugged in or when your phone gets near the usb stick

  • OwenR196

    I feel sorry for the people that fall for this BS

  • Doodle "Swanbump" Depot
    Doodle "Swanbump" Depot

    The USB document should have also contained a "Before and After *WEALTH* summary" of consumers.

  • SummerSun

    Also don’t do this again they could infect devices with malware with a USB stick

  • un h h gcrxexh jvuvujchcrzwzwzw
    un h h gcrxexh jvuvujchcrzwzwzw

    They Still produce flash that small? like I'm more impressed they were even able to make it that small

  • Stefan

    The $3 USB is really much better than that broken shield !

  • Prohz

    A science book: *exists* Karens: Fiction. *Random scientific words* Karens: *I’ll take your entire stock*

    • TinyTwon


    • Mike Litoris
      Mike Litoris

      @Bashra Saaed ik

    • Bashra Saaed
      Bashra Saaed

      @Mike Litoris ur not funny

    • TinyTwon

      Brilliant lol

    • Zetamy

      @Pink Alien Queen fr?

  • JaydenLzo1

    after watching this vid i realized the person who made the supposed 5g shield probably went bankrupt after many people watch this vid🤣

  • Meowings

    The fact that the usb stick is so cheap just seems like a scam.

  • redstonulo;

    i like how that video put two different frequencies in the title, this is very helpful so you don't know the frequency. (i actually looked up anti 5g products an amazon/youtube and i had a stroke...)

  • Silveridge VR
    Silveridge VR

    I mean, if you believe this stuff and buy it as a legitimate purchase, you kinda deserve it lol

  • mzz

    This man just violated a whole company without any slur words congrats man

    • Fibono Jomano
      Fibono Jomano

      There have been far better ones using wordplay and language. -cough- Ddaeng -cough- but yeah!!! Sorry if I am ruining something

    • One Lonely Egg
      One Lonely Egg

      BlackDragonFilms I like your style

    • Shamu77

      Ye ye

    • SH 3 SH Ferry
      SH 3 SH Ferry


    • Alicatia Beauty
      Alicatia Beauty

      Uh what 😕😴

  • First Last to the power set of
    First Last to the power set of

    5G Bioshield: I am the best thing since sliced bread! USB stick: Hold my 31.875GB