POCO X4 Pro Review - $250 iPhone Destroyer?
Unboxing and Review of the POCO X4 Pro, the best budget phone in 2022, including Camera test, battery life, and price, but then also the sneaky ways that POCO manages to make their phones so cheap! Subscribe so we can hit 10 million! 🥳
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    You guys asked for budget phone reviews - here's quite possibly the best budget phone I've EVER seen...but....there are some hidden caveats 🤔 We're SO CLOSE to 10 million - if you do like my videos then please consider subscribing so we can smash through that number - I've got a special video planned that I can't wait to drop! 🥳

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” ‭‭James‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Sam A
      Sam A

      Dude... Only the F series is as good as an iphone 13. If not better. X series is like SE iphone.

    • Dave B
      Dave B

      X3 Pro had a faster processor but was only 4G. The reduction in performance seems a hefty price for 5G and better battery efficiency.


      ARUN, where is the *"special video" you promised to give us?*

    • Check my about page link
      Check my about page link

      Read my name

  • TechFanatic

    The IR blaster is such a lifesaver. I went on vacation in morocco, and it was very hot in the hotel. A lot of times they remove the AC remote on purpose so you can not turn it on (to save on energy costs) All i had to do was search the brand's remote in playstore, and i could turn the AC on, slept very well those nights. Also there have been numerous times where i have lost a remote, and the Poco x3 saved me.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” ‭‭James‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ ht

    • Faisal Mehmood
      Faisal Mehmood

      @TechFanatic the hotel turns off AC to save electricity

    • TechFanatic

      @Faisal Mehmood Why?

    • Faisal Mehmood
      Faisal Mehmood

      Another Moral is do not visit Morocca ( as per my opinion)

    • Hải Chu
      Hải Chu

      I can relate. Once I was travelling by train, and in my cabin there are 2 tv screens blasting on commercials while people are trying to sleep at noon. I turned them off. Felt so proud.

  • B3RN92

    What I like about Poco is that they allow you to unlock the bootloader from there you can install a custom ROM it makes the phone so much better, but some might say why buy a phone to change the software? because you can get much better performance by installing stock Android over MIUI! While having a pretty decent phone for the price.

    • ye boi
      ye boi

      @eljaibas worth it.. ish I'm on arrowos right now it's less laggy than on miui, at least on 120hz

    • eljaibas

      @ye boi I'm currently on the 7 day wait lol

    • Nishant Soni
      Nishant Soni

      @Tim Crook Motorola G40 or G52 is for you. Exact opposite strategy compared to Xiaomi, solid Clean stock Android with slightly poor hardware for same price.

    • SpeedyPopOff

      @Tim Crook tbh I don't really care, in fact what is happening rn with the budget and midrange phones is holy for consumers, if they just keep giving good hardware and keep making the os better I'm perfectly fine to not pay more than 400 500 dollars on a single phone in my life (unless it's an iphone if I do want to try it in the future) And 5g especially where I live doesn't make much of a diff, I'm fine with 4g

    • Tim Crook
      Tim Crook

      Right, the only reason I was gonna buy these mi phones, they offer good hardware for the price but the software is absolutely horrendous, bloatware and ads, not to mention the whole copied Os from iOS. It's a bit weird tbh. I'd Rather have them put a stock version of Android in there than a whole bunch of bloatware.

  • Gary 1
    Gary 1

    I've always been a Samsung guy, recently went to upgrade to S22 and I saw the price of it and thought I can't justify that price. Anyway I went into a phone shop for my wife to upgrade her phone and I saw the Xiaomi 11T Pro and was surprised how good it was for the price so I decided to get the phone 4 weeks on I love it the charging time is amazing, the camera is excellent and it's half the price of the S22. My wife got the iPhone 13 costing her £54 pounds a month and she still has to pay monthly for extra storage.

    • Trio LOL Gamers
      Trio LOL Gamers

      @Sam Sosa on every phone i always had a 64gb Micro-SD just for music. Some months ago before switching to the new phone i had 80gb of videos and photos... Same my cousin. A friend some years ago had the great idea to buy a 64gb iPhone 6 and the result was that he had to uninstall each app because he had no space and no expansion slot. Believe me 128gb today is standard.

    • A random grill with one eye
      A random grill with one eye

      @Njagi Brian hoo

    • Njagi Brian
      Njagi Brian

      From another 11T owner, go you!

    • A random grill with one eye
      A random grill with one eye

      Man, I kinda can relate exactly the same, writing this on my Xiaomi 11t fuck them brands

    • Adem Pozhari
      Adem Pozhari

      It will not take much for you to realize xiaomi is buggy and you will not receive upgrades.

  • awakenedCrowl

    If the only cut corners here are the camera and non-true 5G, but not the power or screen, then this phone looks like a mighty nice deal I want to keep an eye on!

    • Toxic Salamander
      Toxic Salamander

      Exactly! I never expect great camera experience from budget phones and I don't use 5g so it's a win win knowing the money wasted to improve those features was used to make the display awesome which is something everyone loves

  • GN

    I love how every time you handle the devices with care. Man, you really don't take things for granted, like other reviewers. You have my utmost respect.

    • Lasagna Supreme
      Lasagna Supreme

      Oh sweet summer child, you have no idea

  • Crackers269

    Honestly for someone who buys a poco x4 phone I think they know what they're doing. Poco is not a huge brand like Samsung and even if it is a sub brand of the massive Xiaomi, non tech savvy people will not know they're the same. I think this phone is more geared to those who want value on a budget and when you're on that budget, the problems of bloatware, software and mediocre camera just don't matter. I would say it's a perfect budget phone. Edit: people have been complaining about their POCO phones malfunctioning, I have had a POCO X3 (non pro) for over a year now and there has not been a single problem, software or hardware but if it is as inconsistent as people are saying, buy at your own risk. I know 3 other people with POCO phones but none of them are faulty so I'm not sure what the replies are trying to say.

    • Trystn Rydr
      Trystn Rydr

      Exactly. Everyone I know who's considering this is familiar with Custom ROMs, so after installing PixelExperience based on Android 13 on this, it's a flawless experience. Beats several "flagships" simply because of the software.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” ‭‭James‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Zazama Renthlei
      Zazama Renthlei

      Reply from poco f1 🤣🤣🤣

    • Erikas L.
      Erikas L.

      Indeed, these budget phones are insanely good value for money, like u only lose camera quality which is only one part of a phone, but u get powerful chip, fast refresh rate, big battery and very fast charging for a fraction of a price

    • Adrian File
      Adrian File

      I am Poco x3 pro owner, its working without any problem. My sister also own one, she doesn't have any problem

  • BonkingBoss

    Motorola's are pretty good as well, i have a g200 5g and i gotta say im impressed, the only downside is the camera, but it's only visible in poor light conditions.

  • Parth Shah
    Parth Shah

    This is the best phone review I have ever ever seen, like you just explained everything that a normal person needs to know without being mislead and neither disappointed! Great work dude!!

  • Martin Kruger
    Martin Kruger

    Great review, thanks. The problem I have with ALL the budget phones are not their performances, but the lack of OIS on the camera. The camera is a vital part I use daily and needs to be great. Unfortunately the lack of OIS limits the camera.

  • Grant Harlor
    Grant Harlor

    Would love it if they released them in the US, with full us band support.

  • StingrayC267

    I have the predecessor of this phone, and it's a good solid smartphone. This upgrade is worth it if you're looking for a good budget phone.

    • Irshad sayyad
      Irshad sayyad

      Hello supporter of artemis launcher 😅

    • Liverpooljesus

      My Poco x3 nfc is still doing the job very well hasn't slowed down one bit all good !!

    • ET Maker
      ET Maker

      Same here, using poco x3 pro and this is really a beast 🔥🔥

    • M7 FOX
      M7 FOX


    • Ben Tech
      Ben Tech

      @iTechNews did a good specs Comparison between Poco X3 pro vs Redmi note 11 Pro vs Realme 9 Pro

  • lamine Aim
    lamine Aim

    Honestly one of the rarest youtuber that takes the tech presentation to the next level keep up the good work man !

  • NTstudio28

    Bought the Poco M3 Pro 5G instead and was blown away by what it offers. Just a little pissy that it's not truly unlocked 🔓 to my carrier as it was advertised.

  • Melinda Venter nee White
    Melinda Venter nee White

    Love your reviews!! You put so much research, time and effort into them and it shows. Also love your random nods to Rick Astley and the star appearances of Milo 👏👏👏 Thank you Arun / Mrwhosetheboss!

    • chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470
      chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470

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    • chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470
      chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470

      Thank you too madam👍

  • 611wendycc

    I have this phone. I just wanna ask. I thought that MIUI is Xiaomi's own system, so it does not necessarily mean it related to the Android system? Anyway, it is as incredible as you say!

    • Deborn

      MIUI is basically just a glorified android skin, its still running on android at its core.

  • Luka Kerin
    Luka Kerin

    I'm using Poco F3 for a year now and I never regretted buying it. The specs and experience I have for 350€ is absolutely worth taking 5mins to disable the adds and remove preinstalled apps

    • KipDennis

      Good phone for sure

    • Harold

      @Zawachi Gaming I literally have the power to uninstall gallery etc etc, xiaomi has created a pc app which you can connect to by adb, and remove all bloatware permanently.

    • Harold

      @Zawachi Gaming you cna buddyb

    • Xly

      @misterPAINMAKER the battery life is pretty good what u mean. I easily get between 9-10 hours SoT with IRglo social media and playing games.

    • misterPAINMAKER

      I regretted buying it, the battery is bad, and also i miss the 3,5mm audio jack and micro sd support of my old POCO F1.

  • Jack W
    Jack W

    Reaching with the negatives tbh, as someone who's used iPhones and high end Androids, Xiaomi etc do an amazing job and they are hardly compromises when compared to the positives.

  • CJ The Twink
    CJ The Twink

    I recently got this phone after my honor 20 decided to give up and not work anymore. And wow I'm really impressed. Defo worth the price

  • Affan Siddhiqui
    Affan Siddhiqui

    Arun i'm impressed by your production, creativity, humour in terms of tech content, you and your team are too good with details but aside from that you guys are a very good entertainers too. I've never seen a tech youtuber with so much enthusiasm and passion i wish you and your team a great future ahead Alll the best !

  • JK

    I love Poco Phones. I'm still using my Poco X3 Pro. Love it!!! 😊

  • Nikola Georgiev
    Nikola Georgiev

    I've used the poco x3 for a decent amount of time, since launch and i love it

    • Johnny's cafe
      Johnny's cafe

      Yes I was surprised at how good the poco X3 was ,I started using it more than my Mi8 at the time, the only thing I preferred about the Mi was the superior camera , The Poco range are absolute bargains

    • SpeedyPopOff

      @s.hossein razavi.n have a Redmi note 10 pro and with the more recent Miui versions I have no complains other than that the global versions of Miui don't get much love, their china versions get way more features, tho I appreciate that it's more stable and reliable than before with Miui 12

    • sandros syiem
      sandros syiem

      The new update is a scam it will make ur poco x3 pro dead if u update

    • Rock Sp7020
      Rock Sp7020

      @Mrwhosetheboss poco x3 pro is a million leagues better than the poco x3 Btw it's more powerful than the x4

    • Shehan Avishka
      Shehan Avishka

      Watching this video from a poco x3 😅

  • Muhtasim Munir
    Muhtasim Munir

    I love my Poco X3 but I absolutely loathe MIUI. That's why I loaded android 12 aosp and I was shocked by how capable the hardware really is. It's literally a pixel now and just goes to show how horribly MIUI bogs down the performance.

    • Muhtasim Munir
      Muhtasim Munir

      @duckph you need to unlock you bootloader, flash a custom recovery and then install the Android 12 AOSP rom. There are tons of tutorials on IRglo. Just search em.

    • duckph

      How would I do this?

  • SaneYT

    This man always tries to do something new and extraordinary and makes his audience feel excited for every next video, Hats off to him ' 😘😘😘🥰

  • Marco Paganotto
    Marco Paganotto

    At least Xiaomi are passing some genuine savings on to their customers as a result of the horrible built in advertising they are forced to endure! I've just bought one for £200 and am upgrading from the Poco F1, so definitely intrigued by what appears to a huge upgrade to the specs that matter, mainly the screen.

    • chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470
      chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470

      Congratulations you have been shortlisted among the lucky winners.🎁

  • SM_UK

    I got the X3 NFC, back in the day and I'm still impressed!

    • Djalil GSF
      Djalil GSF

      Got the same. Tho i can notice battery isn't the same as it was . Hbu

  • C P Arun Sankar
    C P Arun Sankar

    The only problem with poco devices is that the software becomes progressively worse over time

    • Hasan Kazmi
      Hasan Kazmi

      You can use any custom ROM out there you want on this. Pixel Experience is amazing.

    • Chris Walden
      Chris Walden

      False statement! I've had my Poco X3 pro now for over a year and it's as good now as it was when I first had it. They are superb phones

    • Nathan's Stuff
      Nathan's Stuff

      Seems they lower the memory clocks in updates over the time, just to make people feel like upgrading when it gets too slow.

    • Nurhidayat

      Yeah lol Poco x4 is great but miui is too heavy

    • Buzy7 Beats
      Buzy7 Beats

      I dont think so ,i have a f3 pro and i like software i have update every month and is verry verry smoth ! I like miui 12.5 and i think Xiaomi,Redmi and Poco will be more good in the future !😎

  • Syed Bilal
    Syed Bilal

    One thing i would love to see in the future is that tech reviewers like you should compare these phones to the competition in that specitic price range like flagship vs flagship is. Otherwise the video is spot on as always

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      Don't expect much such things from this channel. His not actually a tech reviewer. Few are actually. His more like a tech show. Basically his making show videos around tech which is why so many people are attracted to his videos because they are a show and they are fun even if they don't care about the products. A true tech reviewer is actually more boring because he just sits there analyzing details etc. But that is what you really want to watch if you are interested in buying something or learning something.

  • Alex G.
    Alex G.

    Would recommend the Realme GT Master over this. Same price, 120hz, way better chip, and a much cleaner and more stable ui.

  • Jack Kraken
    Jack Kraken

    I love that a modern phone had an IR blaster. It's one of those thing that when you have it's just so convenient. Not everything is smart or uses Bluetooth and WiFi, heck my air-conditioner at work still uses a IR based remote! What would be even more useful would be an IR receiver, so it can learn commands.

  • Bisun Ji
    Bisun Ji

    I have a Poco X3 pro and I've seen these flags but still do not regret having it. As a gamer, it's performance is more than satisfying. Expensive doesn't always mean perfect.

    • drew Infinity
      drew Infinity

      @Mr. Jodi you lucky bro, my device got bricked and then dead! couldn't even update to miui 13. yes bro, x4 is just a shitty device in terms of performance. Like SD695 WTFF

    • Mr. Jodi
      Mr. Jodi

      Exactly, after i upgrade to miui 13 on poco x3 pro, it went smoother than what i expected, playing genshin on medium and aped on ultra/high is not a problem at all.. This X4 is a downgraded version, they increase display quality but reduce performance

    • drew Infinity
      drew Infinity

      is your motherboard good bro?

  • Nicolás_Calpa88

    Unistalling bloatware, disabling personalized adds on settings, installing the Gcam and Poco phones are ridiculously good for the price. I have the x3 pro and it's a beast. I have the Samsung s10+ but I haven't use it since I bought the Poco like 8 months ago.

    • DaqTheDuck

      Why do you have two phones? Usually I wait for mine to break. Of course everything would be backed up by then

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C

      @ivi uninstall it

    • Ryan C
      Ryan C

      @Wi$tful is Google's camera app

    • P. r.s
      P. r.s

      @Dave Tech x3 had a 732g and this has a 695. The 695 benchmarks higher but I'm not sure about real world performance... You may check some ither ytube vids comparing these processors. And that's exactly my issue with the naming conventions.....

    • Dave Tech
      Dave Tech

      @Wi$tful gives you the Google camera app and is supposed to make the camera better.

  • the verax tv
    the verax tv

    You never run out of creative ideas Arun, don't you? That splash-proofing visual is superb plus the GIGGLE was genuine. Keep inspiring mate!

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      Telegram me @GeekaWhat_Giveaway

      🆙Thanks for watching🔝🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙🆙

  • DoodleDan

    I love the pretend game, I don’t mind their silly advertising, older updates or a camera I will never use. It means I get to pay so little for such a good phone

  • Mirko Tot
    Mirko Tot

    I got an x3 pro. Using it for almost a year. It has 8/256 gb,and it is fantastic .battery,sound,speed...camera is ok,but it isn't my top buying point,but for it's price,it is a steal

    • bruh

      @Mirko Tot when you say steal, it obviously has negative connotations. dont gaslight me

    • Mirko Tot
      Mirko Tot

      @bruh can you even read? Or even comprehend?

    • bruh

      what the fuck do you want for 200 dollars then? do you know that the A12 costs almost the same while being 60x worse?

    • One Of Zero
      One Of Zero

      @Mirko Tot I think you got me wrong. I really did get one new for 230. No sarcasm. Only humor about how good a deal it was.

    • Mirko Tot
      Mirko Tot

      @One Of Zero really want you to ease on a sarcasm ,go out and buy a better spec phone for that amount.

  • DaCoconutKing

    we definitely raised our standards a bit, for $250 that is a good camera 😂

    • chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470
      chat me up on telegram 👉👉mrwhosetheboss2470

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    the charger plug catch at 4:22 is crazy. the amount of tries it must have took

    • Bruh

      the throw was pretty sick

    • Fel Andrew Arsenal
      Fel Andrew Arsenal

      **queue Spiderman theme**

    • Payday

      I was looking for this comment!! That was so smoothh

  • Hasan Kazmi
    Hasan Kazmi

    This phone is the craziest deal I've ever got on a phone $250 for this? I don't think I'll ever need to buy a phone for $500-$1000 again if Poco keeps releasing stuff like this around $300.

  • ProdDeity

    I was a massive fan of POCO since the F1, but since AT&T have pretty much banned cheap unlocked phones, I've had to move on.

    • FirePhoenix

      That’s sad

  • Mohammad Hasnain
    Mohammad Hasnain

    Wow bro what a review. ❤️ In the start i was almost convinced to buy it then in the ending I understand that this is not for me. 👍

  • Jaap B.
    Jaap B.

    Great phone. iPhone can learn from that. I haven't come across the version with all the games yet. And much cheaper than the iPhone, by the way.

  • Animesh

    Using POCO X3 right now with a custom ROM. Stock Android 12 experience actually makes it pretty fun to use. I'd say POCO phones bring you the best value you can get for its price, and if you are willing to spend a little bit of time on it for setting it up, then you really do get a great experience for its price....

    • bruh

      @lilmoris1 dude you are sleeping on the customization now with all the new phones that get launched on the market in packages of 50s and 100s every single month, they all are very similar. customization doesnt take more time than a free afternoon, and its incredibly useful for most people.

    • Animesh

      @TerranigmaQuintetmy bad, but my point was that it shouldn't be compared to poco x3 since they are vastly different... Thanks for the correction

    • TerranigmaQuintet

      @Animesh X3 pro has the 860 chip not the 870, that one is used on the F3.

    • :D

      @Olatunde A. Yeah it isn't

    • :D

      Why is everyone using custom Roms? I have Poco X3 Pro and I heard that I shouldn't upgrade it?

  • MaxG4

    So, there are great positives and the major negatives mentioned are things that I absolutely don't care about, as I don't have mobile data and don't care about cameras as long as the photos look better than the standard was 10 years ago as well as bloatware being easily uninstallable. Sounds like a phone for me if I need to buy one.

  • *MERCURY *
    *MERCURY *

    Recently android 12 came on my Poco X3 pro and in my opinion it changes everything, it all feels more optimised

  • joebear80

    I have the Poxo 3X NFC. The camera - especially video - is fantastic for the price, but the software is AWFUL. Ads pop up, settings are clunky and it is extremely difficult to find what you need. Battery saving settings are very aggressive, which may be good but it also turns off Spotify suddenly and other background apps that you need. You then have to manually switch that setting off for each app. Contactless payments sometimes won't work unless you disable NFC and then turn it on again. Lots of little niggles that just makes me want to go back to Huawei. I loved my Huawei phones, but now I guess I'd have to get an Honor, which is fine.

  • Shyam Sarkar
    Shyam Sarkar

    I am using poco f1 from 2019 and it still runs like butter. Hopefully x4 is good too. Changed battery once few days ago as it bloated.

  • Phil

    It's amazing how newer midrange phones specs are almost on par with flagships 2+ years ago. I'm excited for newer release this year and in the future.

    • Frank Reynolds
      Frank Reynolds

      @-_- Not even remotely true about camera of midrange being better than flagships of 2019.


      @Communist Antarctica really? S20, iphone 11. Show me any budget phone in 200$ are in those performance. u should know what the term of budget phone (cheapest phone) 50-200$ are consider as budget phone. 300-400 are mid-range phone.

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    • PairusDragonoid

      @-_- Nope, Even flagship cameras from 2017 are better than the Poco x4 Pro by far and thats not because the sensor is bad or using plastic lens, its because the SoC/Chip is so bad and the software is trash....


      @Im Melone only downside is that 860 isnt 5G :P. but Poco X3 Pro is better than this.


    for some reason X3 pro is kinda stuttery while the Mi 10t lite is super smooth. I wonder why Xiaomi gimps the pocophones to be slower even though they have much faster hardware (860 vs 750g)

  • Kaito Obi
    Kaito Obi

    Great and informative video as always. Keep up the good work and congrats on 10 million.

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  • Mahaan Pathak
    Mahaan Pathak

    Excellent review as always 👌🏽🙌🏽❤️🇮🇳

  • Tinman Twentyone
    Tinman Twentyone

    Watching this on my Poco F1, and still working fine for me.

  • 3m7ecc

    4:23 damn that was smooth! Amazing work, looks like a great phone in that price span !

    • Xjlskrmn

      I didn't even notice it

    • Fishcraftgamer

      also rickroll shirt

    • Emmanuel

      Tim Cook will buy this for the charger... and will resell to iphone users

    • WhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanAyyWhatYouKnowAboutRollingDownInTheDeepWhenYourBrainGoesNumbYouCanCallThatMentalFreezeWhenThesePeopleTalkTooMuchPutThatShitInSlowMotionYeahIFeelLikeAnAstronautInTheOceanSheSayThatImCoolImLikeYeahThatsTrueIBelieveInGODDontBelieveInTHOTSheKeepPlayingMeDumbImaPlayHerForFunYallDontReally

      hi arun

  • Lazy Cat
    Lazy Cat

    question : poco x3 pro or poco x4 pro I know x4 is suppose to be an upgrade but it uses less powerful chip May be for gaming x3 pro still better?

  • 3D1

    I recently got the update to miui 13 on poco x3 pro , it runs sooo god now ,they fixed the thing you talked about in a prevoious episode were you couldn't push the phone to it's max potential , i tink it was on samsung phones , but i discovered that now i have a new buton on gameturbo that alow you to go from normal to performance tho it will start to heat up if play for a long period on performance , as well the battery will die faster , i dont think il buy another from this brand , rly disapointed !

  • Indian Gaming Nation
    Indian Gaming Nation

    My brother has a Poco X3 Pro and its an absolute beast of a phone thanks to the SD 860 powering it!

    • Indian Gaming Nation
      Indian Gaming Nation

      @john smith Maybe I should flex with a iPhone SE that uses 60hz 720p LCD display :D

    • john smith
      john smith

      Yeah... but you can't FLEX with a cheap POCO in a club....

  • mohammad reza espo
    mohammad reza espo

    One of the best reviews that i have seen in couple of years 👍

  • Marwan Mahdy
    Marwan Mahdy

    I have the M3 as my work phone. Its battery is still the best I have ever came across. And it does its job just fine, no fancy extras. This is imo what a budget phone should be like. This X4 looks like a good bang for the buck as well. Getting nearly 70% of flagship experience with 25% of the price is just worth every penny.

    • TøLski Ømitz
      TøLski Ømitz

      The Poco x3 pro, is far better....

    • Luke Raagas
      Luke Raagas

      @Lou Cipher what a disgusting thing to say lmao. Noone out here saying their budget phone is better than any flagship. Theyre pretty much satisfied that phones dont have to cost you a kidney just so you can have a better experience.

    • Repent and believe in Jesus Christ
      Repent and believe in Jesus Christ

      Repent to Jesus Christ “Submit yourselves, then, to God. Resist the devil, and he will flee from you.” ‭‭James‬ ‭4:7‬ ‭NIV‬‬ hi

    • Nstorm24

      @One Of Zero except when you want the phone to play games like genshin impact and you need a good processor and gpu to be able to run it on your phone.

    • Erikas L.
      Erikas L.


  • Tobias Emiljanow
    Tobias Emiljanow

    I am not watching so much tech videos but dude, no wonder why you have so many views. The editing, the "magic" tricks and the icons with a timers are such an improvement. I really love it!

  • Rahul Dubey
    Rahul Dubey

    using x3pro for a year. SD860 works like charm

  • BXu

    IMO though, since the iPhone 5, I've liked the sharp edges, they look nice and I don't mind the feeling (since I have small hands, I usually use the phone with 2 hands and I use the hard clear case on it most of the time) or maybe I'm just a masochist (most likely not XD)

  • Patrick W
    Patrick W

    My UK spec Mi10T Lite, had minimal pre installed apps. Minimal Adverts and a recent update to Android 12. Who knows, it maybe the last, but seeing as even Apples are just "Renting a battery that does a bit more" these days. It's par for the course. (And let's face it, Apple batteries are incredibly poor) The 5G is excellent with 500mbps on my doorstep and 300 inside. It does eat away at the battery life, but impressive enough. The thing about 5G is it's more about the Network Provider as much as the phone, because they're all operating at different speeds when it comes to rolling out 5G. I used ro be an Apple fan. No more. Because you can tell an Apple is still made by the same underpaid urchins that also put together the cheapest phones, but all the profit disappears in tax dodges.

  • Delvin William
    Delvin William

    I had poco x3 and it's really good. good processor, enough to play games, and it had passive cooling system. it had microsd slot, and the fastcharging. and it cost really affordable. I'm happy to see this phone had an newer version

    • Kevin Siever
      Kevin Siever

      @Carlo Mig yea, he probably meant x3 nfc...thought about x3 pro beacause it made more sense to me discussinabout that under this vid ahah

    • Carlo Mig
      Carlo Mig

      @Kevin Siever X3 has 732g, you're talking about the X3 Pro which has 860

    • Ayy Lmao
      Ayy Lmao

      @Kevin Siever a lot of stutters, apps take some time to actually open and sometimes even crash randomly.. Yeah, not a good experience

  • Steve Agatowski
    Steve Agatowski

    I bought a Poco F3 following your review last year. How does the X4 compare with that?

  • William K. Terrell
    William K. Terrell

    Thanks for revealing the short comings. Camera is key for most of us, great job.

  • HIpigoRE1

    Actually for this price you can't demand more. I am using a redmi 9 pro and its pretty much similar. Wonderfull specs, features etc. This is like gaming on a budged gaming rig....you cannot expect a fluent 4k experience :) If you wish more you have to double or triple the investment.

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  • Yoshimatsu414

    Looks like that phone uses MIUI (noticed before you said it was MIUI). I bought my first Xiaomi Phone, the Xiaomi 11T late last year and MIUI is pretty nice! They are doing a great job with their version of Android. That bloatware is ridiculous on that phone lol because my 11T didn't have all that at all lol.

    • Bre8kthroughcyber on instagram
      Bre8kthroughcyber on instagram

      🔝Congratulations fam, you won message my USA number above to claim your prize 🏆🔝

  • Chris De Vera
    Chris De Vera

    My Poco F2 Pro still performs flawlessly. The only reason I'd want to replace it is because it's a 128gb model. Definitely eyeing this X4 model but the camera seems like a big downgrade from the F2 Pro

    • Johnny Rosenberg
      Johnny Rosenberg

      I also have the F2 Pro. I hate the bloatware but otherwise it's quite okay. I have noticed shorter battery time recently, but it's still acceptable.

    • misterPAINMAKER

      No micro sd support = no buy, for me . I have the POCO F1.

    • Michael Jay Castillo
      Michael Jay Castillo

      @Chris De Vera No problem bro :)

    • Chris De Vera
      Chris De Vera

      @Michael Jay Castillo thanks for the tip!

    • Michael Jay Castillo
      Michael Jay Castillo

      Try Poco F3 bro. When it's on sale, its 8/256 variant's pice can go for as low as PHP 13,490. I think that's a better choice compared to this new Poco X4 Pro if you care about performace and long term usage.

  • Captain H.Y
    Captain H.Y

    I use a custom OS on my Poco x3 nfc because I was annoyed at how much storage the bloatware was taking I use the 128GB storage model used it for a year then I started having lags in games now shifted to a custom OS now get close to flagship level performance in game but camera is lacking due to not finding a proper cam to replace with (Gcam isn't really working either)

  • Amrutha Vaidya
    Amrutha Vaidya

    Hi, am using POCO F1 from past 4 yrs, still the phone is amazing, no battery issues, nothing.

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      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's

  • NBH

    I don't mind the bloatwear since most of it is easily removable, 5g not a big deal since it isn't so useable everywhere. Only problem is the camera...if they fix the low light problems its an absolute steal.

  • Gilga Mashu
    Gilga Mashu

    Hard pass on the sd695 chipset. Could've been perfect if it atleast have sd865 or 870 as X3 pro has sd860

    • Prince

      X3Pro also cost more

  • Abhra Ghosh
    Abhra Ghosh

    I'm using the OG Poco F1 for apx. 3 years now and very satisfied with the experience tbh. I think for a budget phone Poco has done a tremendous job. I look forward to it's future very much

    • ThE ROCKET MAN prince
      ThE ROCKET MAN prince

      @alxmxl same problem for me too. 😁

    • Ghanasyam Lin Raj
      Ghanasyam Lin Raj

      @alxmxl 🥺

    • alxmxl

      @Linas then im just bad in math

    • Linas

      @alxmxl 7years are u crazy? it just released in 2018 August 27

    • alxmxl

      7years for my f1 poco.. the only problem i had is a broken screen every year

  • Eds Lau
    Eds Lau

    Nah. im pretty sure the main diff between these two phones is their longevity. The iPhone after 5 years will be as smooth as it was when first bought with less battery life ofc. The poco phone may last its smoothness for a year at most and will be laggy afterwards. except ofc it doesn't matter if you replace phones yearly

  • Bertho Mahendra
    Bertho Mahendra

    The x series is a specialized phone. X3 pro is a beast at performance but meh at the other departments such as the camera. And this x4 is no different. It for niche market rather than the Redmi note series, which is for the broader market.

  • Rakshith Aj1111
    Rakshith Aj1111

    I'm watching this on POCO F1. The first poco phone and still runs very good.

  • Ahmed Osama
    Ahmed Osama

    The charger throw to his hand 🔥

  • The IFEct
    The IFEct

    Great video Arun. IMO I think this might be top 3 best budget phone of the year if not the best. People who use POCO are mostly well informed technologically, they know what they are getting into especially when on a budget. Spending some time Uninstalling bloatwares won't be an issue. Terrible stock camera? Slap a GCam on it and you're good. The major issue here is the software, it gets bad over time but you can flash a custom rom and that's it. Then life is finally good.

    • reza F
      reza F

      can you help me on finding out what actually a custom ROM (and its usage) is pls? and also how to install it?

    • Shivananda Yalpi
      Shivananda Yalpi

      I dont understand why these stupid youtubers whom we believe in doesnt show the fact about poco. Please goto twitter and search for Poco X2 touch or camera issue.. there are many buyers who got their camera and touch dead because of the update. Dont buy poco phones.

    • Fliko

      @Pixels not a true 4k, the cameras don't support this resolution, that's why 1080p

    • Chihab Tech Guy
      Chihab Tech Guy

      Damn you said everything i was gonna say in a comment i totally agree with you in every word

    • Pixels

      @Fliko It gives my Poco F3 4K 60 fps even though it only supports 30 fps on the default app

  • Manohar Nagre
    Manohar Nagre

    Man i love the editing.. The background sound effects,the video effects,in video effects... Just amazing 💥💥💥🤩

  • Antony Bonilla
    Antony Bonilla

    poco x3 pro has a snapdragon 860 shipset. while the poco x4 pro (the upgrade of poco x3 pro) doesn't

  • Joseph Fadiji
    Joseph Fadiji

    How are you always able to catch those things by surprise????? The charger, the marker, the phone just precisely caught!! Brilliant