iPhone 13 Unboxing - Are they ACTUALLY Good!?
Unboxing iPhone 13, iPhone 13 mini, iPhone 13 Pro, iPhone 13 Pro Max, including camera test, battery, specs etc! Enter the Giveaway HERE: bit.ly/3EF6Pj2 (100% free and international - All phones purchased by myself)
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Enter the Giveaway HERE: gleam.io/competitions/Zv3cH-mega-iphone-13-giveaway (100% free and international - All phones purchased by myself) iPhone 13 Pro Max Camera comparison is LIVE NOW: irglo.info/from/i9KBb2OFmazZlH0/fy-lm-h-y.html Slight correction: The black color is called Midnight. Starlight is the white variant!

    • Simply Northern Girl
      Simply Northern Girl

      Can I get the iPhone 13 pro max

    • Cooly wool
      Cooly wool

      @DIPI mabey enter your address so the giveaway will deliver to you

    • 6 9
      6 9

      Whats a giveaway. Never heard of her.

    • Jaren Sykes
      Jaren Sykes

      A dream phone that i cant never afford. :(

  •  ShortHax

    Damn, the 1TB version could store hours of Rickrolls, but it’s expensive af

    • Christine Lee
      Christine Lee

      Passion fruit Ceo be like : YES

    • shadowlama

      Ur everywhere!!!

    • George Fotiadis
      George Fotiadis


    • GoudenDynamietHD 🛡
      GoudenDynamietHD 🛡

      Just buy iCloud, you are going to switch phones anyways

    • TinyToon


  • ebug64

    I personally LOVE heavy phone. They make me feel like I'm holding a premium device. This goes for both Android and iPhone. Funnily enough, I actually recently switched from Android to the iPhone 13 Pro for the very first time because I wanted that flat design and the HEFT. It feel so damn good compared to my previous Galaxy S20 FE.

    • محسن سعيد
      محسن سعيد

      I have iPhone 13 Pro max colour blue and that’s my sister’s iPhone But my iPhone 13 pro max is gold :)

    • Sam B
      Sam B

      That’s the exact switch my brother made a few days ago. Verizon gave him the full $800 trade in credit going from the S20FE to the 13 Pro..pretty sweet deal

    • Hala Kafawin
      Hala Kafawin

      me who still has a s7 edge and parents wont upgrade it for him 😵

    • • S a d i i e •
      • S a d i i e •

      Glad I'm not the only one with this preference!

    • Im Duck
      Im Duck

      But your nose when you drop your phone does not like it lmao it just a joke

  • ColdBloodedVK

    I was with an old 1st generation SE for a good 5-6 years straight, to me 13 is a hell of a upgrade, I've bought myself the Iphone 13 (not Pro nor Mini) and freaking happy with it.

    • Dante202

      @Aadith That is a huge upgrade! I hope you enjoy your 13 😜

    • Aadith

      lol i was on iphone6 and a upgrade to the iphone 13 was god tier !!!

    • Alphawave07

      @Boba Fett i know its a pain in the ass to use it when i'm drinking coffee in the morning. You need both hands to use it

    • Boba Fett
      Boba Fett

      @Alphawave07 that phone is good but also H U G E

  • Stranded Ice
    Stranded Ice

    His videos never fail to entertain me. Thanks for the countless hours of entertainment

  • LunaBunny

    “Is that direction we’re moving in? Yes.” That freaking killed me

    • Amari

      @p̈ïn̈n̈ëd̈ by mrwhosethboss Bruh why are there so many fucking bots here

    • Amari

      @p̈ïn̈n̈ëd̈ by mrwhosethboss Bruh why are there so many fucking bots here


    When the CEO of passionfruit says "YES" I was dying laughing, it was completely unexpected 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣

    • Glitched Reality
      Glitched Reality

      Its the passionfuit brand ambassorder not ceo i think

    • Bella O'Mahoney
      Bella O'Mahoney


    • zephyr

      That was Steve jobs

    • Yash Pal Singh
      Yash Pal Singh


    • R3shad

      Dude chill

  • MR. COOL
    MR. COOL

    Apple focused on efficiency rather than performance. Although it's still slightly better at performance as compared to a14. But we can clearly see the efficiency of a 15 by it's battery performance it's damn awesome

  • Setherine

    my mother bought me the pro max for my 20th birthday and it's a huge upgrade from my 5 year old slow, cracked and full iPhone 7+. I love the heavy feel of the phone and the flat design. The camera is outstanding and I cannot believe how fast this phone is. Still, we spent the same amount of money on it as I did on my gaming PC and that's insane but I feel like it's worth it for the quality I'm getting. A premium phone through and through


    I think that glossy side panels in pro line up is must for a good looking phone. If they made the whole phone Matt finish with this same design, the phone would just look plain and flat

  • lost

    man, the quality of your videos when it comes to production, and general point of view on things is just amazing now! keep up the great work man, I can't wait to see where you are going to be in another 3 years!

    • Jimmy Neutron
      Jimmy Neutron


    • @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①
      @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙🆙

  • Antonisha

    I love how he's getting more playful with his videos while still remaining informative.

    • Vidya

      Same for me too

    • Chill Vibes DXB
      Chill Vibes DXB


  • Naja Hart-Questelles
    Naja Hart-Questelles

    After watching your iPhone 13 pro review, I decided to save up and purchase one of my own. I asked to have it shipped to my cousin as she's in the US for a few days. Apple shipped it via UPS but she never signed as the recipient to collect the phone and UPS saying it was signed off by her. They not letting see the signature to verify that it wasn't her. Now UPS isn't taking accountability because Apple sent it. Called Apple to get the issue resolved and they not helping or even letting me speak to a supervisor. The worst part is that I'm not in the US nor is my cousin. I can't let this go because with the conversion of my money to USD, I paid 7x's the amount. Help!

  • burkiesgirl

    I’d love to hear more about the iPhone 13 mini!

  • Syd

    I went from a iPhone XS to a iPhone 13 pro max. I think that was a fantastic jump! I stopped getting them every year after the 7. I went from 7 plus, Xs then 13 pro max.

  • 3than44

    I found this channel bc I was wanting to update from my 6s plus finally after almost 7 years well not yet but soon hopefully 😂 I have never binged watched a tech channel but all of the videos are made way more interesting than all the other channels I’ve watched an a lot more informative. Other channels just feel like they are paid to say everything an don’t really care about the product or are very one sided about Android or iPhone.

  • Neel_02

    I literally loved the fact that Arun did not mention about the giveaway in his thumbnail or title. He honestly wants his videos to be watched by the people who wants to see his real content rather than the people who would be watching his videos for the giveaways. I have never seen a man as nice and as honest as him. Hats off to you! Edit- Thanks for the likes. It was umm, electrifying! (In Arun's style.)

    • Divyansh Barve
      Divyansh Barve

      @I Am You're Son well hello person on internet who has the same problem

    • I Am You're Son
      I Am You're Son

      @Lisa Defries what if you don't have a talent

    • Lisa Defries
      Lisa Defries

      I live in UK so giveaway doesn’t apply to me as USA version apple phones. I simply watched because wanting to decide what to do regarding upgrading my iPhone 6s for myself and son. But a very generous giveaway for sure 😊 My son won a iPad Pro few years ago after he entered a graphics competition they sent him the best iPad Pro with largest storage etc I was amazed that competitions online so generous. Then few months later he won a large pc monitor for another digital image competition. If you have talent its worth checking out legitimate competitions online.

    • John Tron123
      John Tron123


    • Abu Hurairah
      Abu Hurairah

      @Wiurdo can you provide me with any source or link?

  • Exotic Hayden
    Exotic Hayden

    Apple: Let’s remove the plastic wrap and remove satisfaction Also them: Keeps lighting cable

  • TheGoldNShadow

    I do kind of wish that they focused on capturing less light at times. I love night time, but when I try and take a photo it always seems to be too bright.

  • Hira Shah
    Hira Shah

    This video is actually so helpful and i love the editing and the way the information is shown and talked about!!😁😁

    • Brett㊉ ①②③①⑥⑧⓪⓪③⑥④
      Brett㊉ ①②③①⑥⑧⓪⓪③⑥④

      *Roman numeral** Plus. I Open bracket IV VII V Close bracket II I IX VII IX II VII......!**

  • Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

    tips on iPhone for brightness: step 1: you go to settings step 2: go to accessibility step 3: press "Display & Text Size" it is the 3rd one from "vision" so "voice over" then "zoom" so now you see "display & test size" step 4: scroll down to see a BAR and it says "Reduce White Point" you can use that to make your phone's brightness low and then get it to be lower I have tried it and it works a lot!

    • sponges

      @Kaphizmey ♪ To turn it off you have to press side or home button three times again.

    • Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      @Kaphizmey ♪ oh I am glad! it is very helpful because I like mine low and sometimes super bright when I am outside :)

    • Kaphizmey ♪
      Kaphizmey ♪

      @Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ it’s okay! thank you anyways, i’ve been using it ever since coming across your comment here 🙂

    • Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      @Michael Hunter no problem! :D

    • Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
      Hxunyy ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ

      @Kaphizmey ♪ I don't think so sorry :/

  • Eruks Teejay
    Eruks Teejay

    Let's all appreciate the enormous amount of efforts Arun puts into making his videos! Arun's videos are the only videos I watch without skipping any parts. Keep up the good work MrWhoseTheBoss! 🙌🙌

    • Eruks Teejay
      Eruks Teejay

      @*ARI~CHAN* haha. Now you know it's Arun 😁

    • More Moarkh
      More Moarkh


    • Janok Ezo
      Janok Ezo

      @*ARI~CHAN* now you know it's Arun

    • *ARI~CHAN*

      i thought his name was spelled "ahron"

    • Eruks Teejay
      Eruks Teejay

      Wooow, I'm mind-blown that my comment got a 💖 from you!!! 😍😍😍

  • Jude Cambridge
    Jude Cambridge

    The fact my geekbench doesn't give me a GPU test option shows how much I should upgrade 😂

  • Storm & Tech
    Storm & Tech

    5:25 the pros are stainless steel because despite the higher gloss stainless steel is still a higher quality metal. I think they gloss it for the contrast from the frosted back glass, it looks good

  • Garland Pierce
    Garland Pierce

    I will admit that samsung should step up their game, but there are other tech companies that use android that are, in my opinion, better than ios

  • HypesZXT

    Omg Arun Ur So Close To 10 million let's go u deserve it 🔥✨🤙

  • Durel Jonnas
    Durel Jonnas

    Tbh I love the way Arun is so real with us.He speaks his mind regardless . Especially when talks of the shortcomings of the 13 series.He doesn't shadow anything 🙌 thumbs up G

    • Zane Yates
      Zane Yates

      Yeah he’s awesome. Not to mention that I could look at his handsome face all day long

    • Rousseau

      @RickJason Nah, he is one of the few fair reviewers out there for any and all products he receives or buys. You're just unsettled that he doesn't share the same anti-Apple sentiment that you have.

    • Durel Jonnas
      Durel Jonnas

      @RickJason yes he gets phones but at least he doesn't lie to us about the specifications ...he's very precise on the good and bad

    • GuruTheCoder Shorts
      GuruTheCoder Shorts

      @RickJason don't talk if u don't know what ur talking about

  • The Futuregamer94
    The Futuregamer94

    Using the iPhone 13 pro with the leather MagSafe case, then having the MagSafe wallet on it, I find it really hard to accidentally detach the wallet

  • Riley Mount
    Riley Mount

    Love your videos man keep up the amazing work

  • Kavya Agarwal
    Kavya Agarwal

    I'm probably the only one who loves the notch on iPhones 😂 I find it unique... I have an oppo phone that has a full screen design with a little chin and a punch hole design but it's palm rejection is just so bad 😞 I prefer some bezels than a full screen display as my hands overlap....

  • Daniel05

    to be honest. I think it’s really nice not same thing like the iphone 12.Everything is changed except for the camera

  • JelloTinTim

    This guy's great. Usually unboxings feel like they're just doing something like, "oh I just unboxed this ..... it's so cool i love it. But this guy, makes it feel different.

    • • S a d i i e •
      • S a d i i e •

      @Lil Helper Moxxi '' "

    • • S a d i i e •
      • S a d i i e •

      My go to for popular phone reviews tbh

    • henk ultieme potvis
      henk ultieme potvis

      727 WYSI LIKES

    • eslam

      Hey Your right nice realization

    • Moulik Karnawat
      Moulik Karnawat


  • Elijah Hubert
    Elijah Hubert

    For dark mode you can actually get it do to 30 second if you have it completely still on a tripod or something

  • Willy Vlyminck
    Willy Vlyminck

    I have the standard 13 and I am pretty satisfied. For me it is mainly a communication tool. So I don’t need more fancy high tech.

  • Phoenix Griffin
    Phoenix Griffin

    Four months later, and when he says "the gold looks like a carpet" just makes my day 😅😅😆😆

  • Maya Natasha Pirzada
    Maya Natasha Pirzada

    I just got my iPhone 13 pro max recently and I think I might have found a way to switch off the macro camera. If you head to settings and open the camera app you will find a switch called the macro control. If you switch it on. Then later on when your camera automatically enters macro, press the flower icon that will now be there and it will switch from macro

    • John Mark
      John Mark

      Congratulations ☝️ Message right away I have something for you

  • Shashwat Ved
    Shashwat Ved

    3 years ago, never had I imagined I would be watching the first impressions of a new device anyone other than MKBHD, but now, here I am folks, watching it for the first time on Arun's channel 🔥

    • DM12e

      @JstormZx I have over 56 bot reported and blocked on my chanal

    • Ilan Yusuf
      Ilan Yusuf

      Me too :D

    • JstormZx

      @DM12e Objective update agent; report the bots.

  • Ivan L'official
    Ivan L'official

    Idk why but the way he explains the phone it’s just satisfying

  • Willy Vlyminck
    Willy Vlyminck

    I am happy they went back to the original design from the 4 S the one I started with.

  • Samreen Naqvi
    Samreen Naqvi

    Your videos are just so informative!

  • Wolfylol

    the reason apple isnt really changing up the design is because if its not broken, dont fix it. people will complain about things like the notch or how similar the 12's and 13's are. but i wanna ask you iphone users something, after a while of using the phone, playing games watching yt and all that, does the notch bother you? because one thing i do know for sure is apps on iphones are way easier to optimize because the phones are so similar so developers can spend less time optimizing without sacrificing user experience.

  • Dr. Solopreneur
    Dr. Solopreneur

    I'm gonna use this guy's voice if I were to create an AI software ever!

    • Ace

      You'd have to ask for his permission.

    • Dr. Solopreneur
      Dr. Solopreneur

      @Chitraksh Maheshwari Nice...

    • Gabriel Mandizha
      Gabriel Mandizha

      @CFM-HasibYt HA GAYEEEE

    • Chitraksh Maheshwari
      Chitraksh Maheshwari

      @Dr. Solopreneur am working on it tryna extract his voice from vids then contact him for permissions and we are good to go

  • JurassicBoy

    Imagine how much money this guy spends on he’s vids. *A ABSOLUTE LEGEND!*

  • Deadly Skill15
    Deadly Skill15

    9:36 idk if y’all know this. Most probably do but you can go into accessibility and add the “Reduce white point” shortcut and it’ll reduce the brightness even more than the lowest brightness normally. You can tweak it in display and text size by turning white point on and adjusting the percent

  • Amor

    well spoken + great humor, subscribing now!

  • BrOcKeN_pAwS_13_Editz

    First of all, I really luv the way Arun presents al the stuffs.. the way he talks is just so nice.. even tho it sound kinda neutral, the way he add humour into it is 😂 😂 he never misses a chance to bring in Rick Astley in his videos...😂😂😂 (I’m an Army 💜✨)

    • Bad Drivers Central PA
      Bad Drivers Central PA

      Finally someone who noticed the BTS photo cards and bracelet!!! 💜💜

  • Okoro Cyril
    Okoro Cyril

    Wait! If there's no plastic packaging on the iphone 13, we all know the answer to that one


    Apple needs to hire this guy to give them recommendations and ideas for new phones.

  • Nathan Yu
    Nathan Yu

    I have the iPhone 13 Pro Max in Sierra blue 1TB model. And yes it might be a little overkill but having 1TB is nice because I have a lot of games that I’m too lazy to uninstall and I have a lot of pictures like a lot of pictures but best thing of all is the battery life it could basically last me a whole day.

  • LeoPlayz

    If your looking for performance, just go with the normal 13 because the chips are the exacts same

  • RexSixteen

    I *LOVE* the flat design as for holding!! It feels safer when grabbing with smaller hands and the other smooth design Apple does slide out of my hands always

    • Forbie

      And yeah for me the grip with flat surface is better than curved

    • Awesome Playz Gamez
      Awesome Playz Gamez

      Your awesome

    • Sagittarius.Tingzz_

      @SonicMaster 519 Ohh Ok cause i was confused 💀😂

    • SonicMaster 519
      SonicMaster 519

      @Grayman530 They edited their comment.

    • Egg Sausage
      Egg Sausage

      ​@Amjad Muhammad I think I'm a little late.

  • Carter Stracener
    Carter Stracener

    I’m so glad you made this vid it helped me understand my 13 pro

  • Marian Bulnes
    Marian Bulnes

    Great vid 💜! I was a bit disappointed with the sierra blue because it’s very pastel grey… I wonder if I should’ve gotten the white one instead lol

  • Guest only for pleasant people
    Guest only for pleasant people

    Apple finally reached 12MP while Samsung Reached 108MP last year

  • Amir Zakwan
    Amir Zakwan

    Alternatively you can just buy a phone case with wallet like features. Since the MagSafe might easily slip out or away from the phone.

  • Arhum Zahid
    Arhum Zahid

    Can we just appreciate that Arun does entertaining short skits aswell😂

    • Ian Lyne
      Ian Lyne

      So you're telling me, I can use the iPhone for couple of months and still sell it as "brand new" since theres no plastic wrapping on it? Nice Apple.

    • Vidya

      Respect boi

    • Snowflakes


    • Mary Shandy Daulo
      Mary Shandy Daulo

      Hahahahaha yes🙌🏼

    • Tomski H
      Tomski H

      He deserves all the praise.

  • Fathom

    As a person that does car cinematics the 12 PRO is so far the best purchase i ever made

  • bcu352

    It’s good but not good enough to jump from my 12 pro to a 13 pro. It’s too close to being the same thing.

  • MrFroggers

    At 5:40 I love how he just was talking about the iPhone 13 camera and at this part he was using the iPhone 13 to record that clip

  • It’s Cesar btch
    It’s Cesar btch

    I love apple this new iPhone 13 is incredible I got the new green one

  • Darryl Jansen
    Darryl Jansen

    Arun, I’m amazed at how your brand has strengthened, I look forward to your videos purely for the polished structured delivery and entertainment value. Please stay impartial and free of fluff and pandering to manufacturers. You are a consumer champion!

    • • S a d i i e •
      • S a d i i e •

      @wuoi zuiu it was the passion fruit CEO

    • erik kovács
      erik kovács

      @wuoi zuiu cool

    • wuoi zuiu
      wuoi zuiu

      What a legend. The dedication to the 2-second Steve Jobs bit, “Yes.” chefs kiss

  • OowFu

    Weirdly yo ask, what is the difference between the IPhone 12 Pro Max and the regular 13?

  • Harry Washburn
    Harry Washburn

    Showed my parents this and now they are getting me it for Christmas thanks bro 👍👍👍

    • Young Jacuzzi
      Young Jacuzzi


    • Jdmboi27

      Hahahaha for one’s parents approve on there kids youtube video

  • BenDen

    I actually own the base iPhone 13 myself. I had upgraded from the iPhone XR. So I added 64GB of storage, 5G, and a second camera on the back.

    • Telegram 👉👉@mrwhosetheboss789
      Telegram 👉👉@mrwhosetheboss789

      Alright congratulations you have been selected among my shortlisted winner's.

  • Charles Kasongo
    Charles Kasongo

    I love watching things I can't afford 🙈😎

  • vineet solomon
    vineet solomon

    Brilliant video Arun love the way you breakdown your reviews into everything a person needs to know if they want to buy the phone instead of just promoting the brand. The videos are also fun to watch and love how you really care about giving an honest and unbiased review. Keep up the good work

    • Why

      He really does have epic videos

  • no.1 morbius fan
    no.1 morbius fan

    I wish that apple would do a smaller phone for competing in that market for ys who miss the iphone 4s


    I would like to have one 13 Pro Max 🥺🔥

  • clayster2

    Apple set a new standard for pro performance in cpu-gpu performance generation to next generation. lets see if they continue that trend for release something matching the overall feel of the 12 to 13.

    • Telegram*1⑦⑥⑨-②④②-①①②⑦

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Thanks for watching You have been selected among my lucky winners inbox now. ☝️☝️

  • Fu Google
    Fu Google

    They fixed Macro mode in the update, like apple always fixes issues

  • Maddy V
    Maddy V

    i really enjoy these reviews, actually showing what has changed and what hasn't, i do have a request: more milo cameos please 😌

  • Alter Advance
    Alter Advance

    "It is easily one of the best macro cameras you can get" Oppo Find X3 Pro: *"I'm gonna stop you right there"*

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      ↑↑HitmeUp you're selected for the giveaway

  • FxnnyRecon_

    The best unboxing of a new iphone 13 pro is “pull tabs“ and the most satisfying part is peeling the white cover

  • Jennifer sharp
    Jennifer sharp

    I am up at 4:55 AM watching this and can we appreciate how much money he spends making these vids

  • ikram mohideen
    ikram mohideen

    to be frank enough still im using an Iphone 6s prices are way high of the flagships in Sri Lanka after financial crise🥲

  • TimeBucks

    I love how you're honest and concise about your point of view

    • Sheik S
      Sheik S

      Yes good

    • Y6oq dt
      Y6oq dt

      Hey sam! Is your mum carol good? cooked her some lasagne. Ask her if shes coming to the ladys night out for some wine... I heard Rebecca got pregnant! 🤢😍🍷

    • Skulz 4R131
      Skulz 4R131


    • Phat Kok
      Phat Kok

      he tries too hard to sound english

  • M Logsdon
    M Logsdon

    Just got a 13 mini, It reminds me of the iPhone 5s, which imo was the most beautiful phone. 13 is now the most beautiful.

    • Harilal C. R
      Harilal C. R

      Still running smoothly

    • Harilal C. R
      Harilal C. R

      Watching this in iphone 5s

  • Captainc243

    you know what i dont know how many years I've been fan of your content but youre my no. 1 favourite when it comes to reviewing a phone. Keep the work steady!!!

    • Captainc243

      @Telegram*1⑦⑥⑨-②④②-①①②⑦ mrwhosetheboss won"t make an acc to reply to his fans.

    • Telegram*1⑦⑥⑨-②④②-①①②⑦

      ☝️☝️☝️☝️☝️ Thanks for watching You have been selected among my lucky winners inbox now. ☝️☝️☝️

  • Sanija Kodagoda
    Sanija Kodagoda

    Nice job Arun ,I love that you teach every thing about iphone 13,pro,pro max Good luck,and i missed another giveaway

  • Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης
    Ιάσονας Αλιφέρης

    The fact that the flagships come in an almost empty box is kinda weird when we consider that the rest come with a charger (even capable of charging the phone at full speed) and sometimes a case.

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      Text Me On Telegram @Tekking101

      *Roman numerals Plus I Open bracket IX VII IX Close bracket IV II VI V VI III II...

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      Winner's Contact admin Whatapp only...