Turn your Smartphone into a 3D Hologram | 4K
Bored of New Apps? This is my tutorial on how to turn your phone into a Hologram Projector!
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    This guy is nice, he should make a tech channel or something.

    • Justarandomplayerwithtactics

      He did

    • W


    • Divit Arora
      Divit Arora


    • Khadheeja Sodhuma
      Khadheeja Sodhuma

      Guys guys guys it's sarcasm

  • artenji

    I did this for my school science project and won the competition. I didn’t know that this video was from the guy who makes one of the best tech videos ever!

    • sirmister

      SAME OMG

    • Unknown User 6969
      Unknown User 6969

      حسنًا 👍 ، أرسل لي رسالة عندما تصل

    • Bukis

      @VreikeZen im guessing he explained that

    • Muhammad Chattha
      Muhammad Chattha

      Hola nînò

    • VreikeZen

      So they didn’t ask how it worked?

  • Rabbi Hossain
    Rabbi Hossain

    6 years ago I watched this video and made this amazing 3D holograph when I was a teen.Since then I watch this man's video regularly. And after all these years I showed this video to my little sister.And today I saw her making this.... Man.This is amazing 🔥🤩

    • Rabbi Hossain
      Rabbi Hossain

      @faten hamraoui It does 🔥

    • faten hamraoui
      faten hamraoui

      Say please if it works and can i do it with plastic

  • Not Ben
    Not Ben

    I love how this is short, to the point, and actually works lol More tutorials on YT should be like this

  • Phoenix Mac
    Phoenix Mac

    I watched this video a few years back when I didn't even know who you were. It's so incredible that now I'm such a huge fan. Seeing this now shows me how much of an improvement you have made. Congratulations on 10 Million subscribers

  • Abunchoftrash

    watching old Mrwhosetheboss videos is like watching a video of an entrepreneur before their business takes off

    • Android Gameplay Videos
      Android Gameplay Videos

      @JesusMaryCatholicChristian you know spamming doesn't work right? RIght?

    • JesusMaryCatholicChristian

      There is no Salvation outside of The Catholic Church. Understand The Catechism of The Catholic Church and The Athanasius Creed.

    • Anton Elander Holm
      Anton Elander Holm


    • Cool Beans
      Cool Beans


    • Android Gameplay Videos
      Android Gameplay Videos

      @Robotguy Hsss6277 it's the one you replied with

  • dieonlego

    Its amazing to see how far his content has changed over the years

  • Mitchyoza

    To think this was the first video I ever saw of Mrwhosetheboss and still watching him 6 years later. Nearly 10mil, Huge congratulations Arun

  • W.A. Spectrum
    W.A. Spectrum

    Hahaha I love how when people make things in videos it’s usually pristine and something I wouldn’t be able to recreate. Something tells me I could make mine look nicer than yours 😂 I respect that though. I’m totally trying it

  • joshua jayathilaka
    joshua jayathilaka

    How much this mans video quality and presentation has increased over the years ❤️👏

  • Aditya Kar
    Aditya Kar

    Five years and millions of subscribers later, this is still his most watched video.

    • JesusMaryCatholicChristian

      There is no Salvation outside of The Catholic Church. Understand The Catechism of The Catholic Church and The Athanasius Creed.

    • Deluxe

      @Lyptnh 7 years now

    • zenitsu-chan

      ​@Lyptnh 7*

    • [xz]champion

      7 years later... same.

    • HYPER Bogdan
      HYPER Bogdan

      Lol true

  • Noor_3dits I was flxrry
    Noor_3dits I was flxrry

    I did not realise this was made 6 years ago until I heard his voice.. he’s so much more enthusiastic now! Its amazing to see how they change

  • sipi

    This was in my recommended list today! Wow how time flys! You've come a long way since this video. 👌


    I am sorting through the most popular videos of yours and i found this video on top of the list , so I want you to make a bigger version of this.😁

  • All Rounder Amulya
    All Rounder Amulya

    Hey man! I had watched this video of yours at my 11, and subscribed you a year back, I'm just shocked that I learnt this art from you ❤️❤️😍

  • Shantanu

    This was the time when this channel actually had an intro!

    • JesusMaryCatholicChristian

      There is no Salvation outside of The Catholic Church. Understand The Catechism of The Catholic Church and The Athanasius Creed.

    • Tech№blade

      @Crusher 21 crusher

    • bbthegreat_

      @Crusher 21 oh hey crusher

    • Hexed

      @Crusher 21 wtf why r y here lol

    • Icy_Fire

      @Crusher 21 hey u r famous now

  • Neitric Lewis
    Neitric Lewis

    This Is actually the first video I’ve ever seen of yours and I remember the days where everyone put 4K in the title bc it was new but now it’s standard🤣

  • Kallelay

    Ah, it turned out that I knew Mrwhosetheboss since 6 years without knowing it. I still remember this video vividly as I remade this for my old feature phone and enjoyed it very much. But it's only today that I remarked that this video was done by none other than Mrwhosetheboss...

  • Mauricio Coronado
    Mauricio Coronado

    I feel like he's going to win tech channel of the year someday.

  • Citric Acid
    Citric Acid

    i remember when these glass hologram pyramids were trending. those were the days

  • Openly Intel
    Openly Intel

    This was in my recommended list today! Wow how time flys! You've come a long way since this video. 👌

    • nope

      @Chikenwingwong You are using a capital letter in the middle.😹Don't talk about english😪

    • Abhiyaan

      been 2 whole years....... time sure flies

    • Gamora the explorer
      Gamora the explorer

      …and he’s gotten even further since your comment!

    • Raydodgers


    • The Silent Professional
      The Silent Professional

      Yes 😂 lol sarcasm

  • Wor1dg0n3MaD

    This is quality. I just have to make a couple of these in different sizes. See how it turns out. Thanks dude.

  • NishX_YT

    Looking back on your channel, I did this for my 3rd grade science project, I got really popular when it actually worked.. Thanks man!

  • Richard wopara
    Richard wopara

    This guy has some potential in him… I can feel it

  • YaBoiKanav

    Good to see how he's evolved into this great channel

  • Barnacules Nerdgasm
    Barnacules Nerdgasm

    Why on earth are they not building TV's like this?!?!

    • Robin Duta
      Robin Duta

      They can be aplly on the ceiling

    • Jason playzzzzzz
      Jason playzzzzzz

      @The Red Tree true

    • EPIC RL
      EPIC RL

      6 years later;:; yes they built

    • andywr.09


    • Gibraltar


  • Hi_Hello13

    The fact I once searched for this explanation and got this before knowing this channel, really helpful!

  • Volteriaz

    Why isn't anyone talking about the actual video, this is so cool! I wanna see this feature on different phones in the future

  • snarky tot
    snarky tot

    I remember seeing this video long ago and actually made one myself, can't believe it was from this channel

  • Buffster

    @Mrwhosetheboss - You should patent this asap! Awesome idea. I bet loads of people would buy it. :)

  • Oogha Boogha
    Oogha Boogha

    Bruh i remember watching this when i was 12 and made one for my science project. I didn't knew it was ur video

    • Mi7

      same here broo 😁

    • Dheeraj Sumda
      Dheeraj Sumda


    • Thatoneguy 1197
      Thatoneguy 1197

      So you are about 18 years old

    • ʚYayaɞ


    • nikunj sankhla
      nikunj sankhla

      321 I am first here to give him like to get 1k

  • Rafa

    you know you've gone too far back n time when your favourite Content creators that don't have intros anymore start having it

  • MrBeastFan

    Takes like $1 to make, cheap but feels like the future of high tech.

  • buulu poulou
    buulu poulou

    even this has been going on for sometime, it still puts a big smile on my face seeing the fireworks there

  • Naughty Boy
    Naughty Boy

    I remember watching this 6 years back , I think that when I came across this IRglo channel , and happy to see this Channel grow and one of the best

  • Elegant Elliott
    Elegant Elliott

    I want to try this.

    • Mãhâdï Hūssåìñ
      Mãhâdï Hūssåìñ

      Did you tried it

    • Anonymous

      @Vaibhav no

    • 𝐸𝑟𝑖𝑐

      Boo yay voo yay brudda

  • Finnic

    This actually works if you make it big enough. I made it and it is incredible.

  • Leprechaun

    This was in my recommended videos to me back when I'm new to youtube and remembering those today is like nostalgia, and it was Mrwhosetheboss created this

  • Goofball

    Amazing intro, imagine if he becomes a tech channel 😂

  • Preetish_ _Retro
    Preetish_ _Retro

    Loved this tutorial... Subbed! 👍🏻

  • Aarav Singh
    Aarav Singh

    These videos never gets old

  • Lin Feng
    Lin Feng

    i remember i made this exactly almost 6 years ago and still have it preserved😉

  • Chilliaxe

    this came up on my recommended today. You should start a tech channel. Keep the grind up

  • Cocoa

    this guy is so good at this, he should go and buy random tech and rate it or something

  • Shahnawaz Gondal
    Shahnawaz Gondal

    He is so much confident and talkative these days and also shows himself

    • Gacha Life Trash
      Gacha Life Trash

      @imhighman well he's not too shabby compared to you 🤨

    • imhighman

      I just found out, this guy desires to be a model. Haha 😆 can't stand it

  • Mabuz Abaddon
    Mabuz Abaddon

    This is the first videos I ever watched from him. Years later I came across his channel again and subbed to him.

  • Avalanch3

    This is in my recommended after 6 years, and waw from this to today, great job Arun

  • Rahul Arya
    Rahul Arya

    Recommending to me after 6 years, This man became the owner of best tech channel.

  • Rayan Alaa Adel Shaddad
    Rayan Alaa Adel Shaddad

    Wow, this guy is so sick, but its not like hes gonna be a amazing IRglor that reviews weird tech

  • iDubno

    God he sounded shy back then you could barely hear him lol

    • A R Enterprises
      A R Enterprises

      Yeah xD

    • Midloran

      They all were like this (:

    • The little one
      The little one



      @The Blue Guard I am the 1k liker too lol

    • The Blue Guard
      The Blue Guard

      @Kartavya Sharma I unliked and then liked so that means I am the 1k liker

  • Tarun Chakitha
    Tarun Chakitha

    I still remember making this 5 years ago but back then I didn't know that it was your channel 😂 nuvvu great bro 😌

    • Storm Gaming
      Storm Gaming



    My guy is literally on the top of his career right now; giving smartphone awards and facts about Tesla bruh and look at him 6 years ago

  • SpineBreaker 017
    SpineBreaker 017

    This guy should start reviewing tech devices

  • Brosky

    First video I have watched of him and it is probably one of the best choices I made

  • Adams Robichaud
    Adams Robichaud

    Crazy how I use to watch this and now I’m watching this GODLY tech wizard on IRglo

  • Harsha V A
    Harsha V A

    Damn this video has such a nostalgic feeling

  • MinecraftGuy

    Wow, Mrwhosetheboss back in the olden days. His voice still sounds very much the same.

  • JeOgIyO nOoNa HoKsHi nAmJaChInGu iSsOyEo?
    JeOgIyO nOoNa HoKsHi nAmJaChInGu iSsOyEo?

    I made one for my TV. It was awesome.

  • BlackFragFilms

    This is a cool project and it works really well but cutting that plastic is frustrating as hell.

    • The real Cane
      The real Cane

      @BlackFragFilms stop what

    • BlackFragFilms

      @The real Cane Stop it

    • The real Cane
      The real Cane


    • Mohit Sharma
      Mohit Sharma

      I hope you finally get to make it! How many CD cases have you ruined so far,Pal?

    • BlackFragFilms

      @Profile അടിച്ചുപോയി✓ Guess I never bothered to create another IRglo account after creating this one when I was about 12 years old. Recently IRglo has been sending me notifications from some replies to comments that I've made even 9 years ago. Weird how the system works.

  • Prakhar Saxena
    Prakhar Saxena

    I saw this video 3 years ago and now I realised that it is your video ❤️

  • TinyToon

    My local university did this once. It was a great experience.

  • Atharva Rane
    Atharva Rane

    I remember watching this video before starting to follow him again for the smartphone reviews. Seeing this video again in yt recs reminded me.

  • oktc68

    Mrwhosetheboss you are the man! That's brilliant! Thanks

  • Mateusz Wojtkiewicz
    Mateusz Wojtkiewicz

    Imagine doing a big one using your old tv for example

    • Fish

      @Brick Tamland no it would not. A plastic case of that size would just weigh a few pounds at most.

    • Lover of shinchan.sneha Teddy
      Lover of shinchan.sneha Teddy

      What a mind what a mind.hihi

    • shashachuu

      There's a french youtuber who did it

  • The Sharkster
    The Sharkster

    I would think someone would make such a device it's so simple.

  • Sudip Pradhan
    Sudip Pradhan

    After watching hundreds of video, I was unaware about this version of Mrwhosetheboss. Can't believe!

  • Stephanie McFarland
    Stephanie McFarland

    Wouldn't it be better to have multiple reflective layers? that way you have depth of some sort.

  • Springtrap

    Where the legend gained attention and respect he deserved

  • maichee

    6 years later and now he's a big youtuber who rick rolls people in his videos

    • Galax +
      Galax +


  • Sayan Chakraborty
    Sayan Chakraborty

    I think he should start unboxing smartphones and related tech. Then, he'll go a long way!

  • Thatguynat

    He sounds so different now! I bet he would’ve never expected becoming this popular in future

  • JA Rahman
    JA Rahman

    This guy should start making videos about cool and interesting tech. I’m sure he’d be famous!

    • Guilherme Sabino
      Guilherme Sabino

      ...you're right

  • Hyper Ninja YT
    Hyper Ninja YT

    Look at what his content used to be and look at what it is now. Amazing transformation

  • Bentley V
    Bentley V

    Damn I shouldve tried this 7 yrs ago when I first saw this video I don’t live at my parents anymore so I have no CD cases lying around 😂

  • PopcornIsTasty

    Man this guy sounds really nice I think he deserves 9.71m subscribers

  • Azib Hazim
    Azib Hazim

    This is the FIRST video that I watched from your channel and it got recommend again. Time flies...

  • Melik Altunbaş
    Melik Altunbaş

    This is the video that a legend actually born. We owe everything to this very video as Arun fans.

  • Matmeg-08

    This guy should start reviewing phones

  • Grumpy Cat117
    Grumpy Cat117

    I honestly like this guys voice. I hope he does more videos.

  • Gamer

    wow his channel has grown so much!