I bought every iPhone ever.
With iPhone 11 / iPhone 11 Pro upon us, welcome to the Ultimate iPhone Unboxing + Camera, Speed, and Display Comparison reviews!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    This video has been nearly 2 months in the works - if you can watch till the end that would be amazing! Let me know which Ultimate Comparison you want to see next!

    • Matthew Stratford
      Matthew Stratford

      I watch till end always

    • _Hiro_

      2017 3А

    • Electric Pro
      Electric Pro

      Maybe a comparison with all versions of a iPad or computers maybe

    • Sarah Considine
      Sarah Considine


    • Vikram Sundaram
      Vikram Sundaram

      Nice job donating $5000 dollars

  • Kenny

    I Love how he just gets into the video. No annoying intro, no begging for like's and subscribe's and no ads. Keep up the great work Bro!

    • Seth Cocker
      Seth Cocker

      This guy doesn't need ads 😂 I think the 14 iPhones sitting on his table speak for that

    • Tejeswar Tejeswar
      Tejeswar Tejeswar

      Which is the best out of poco x4 pro Oneplus nord 2 Realme 9pro+ Xiaomi 11i Samsun a52 vivo iq00 z6 pro Oppo f21 pro

    • Techno brawl Aris
      Techno brawl Aris

      bro his intro isnt annoying bruh

    • 5XMC

      kid i got an ad

    • No Context gigachad
      No Context gigachad

      yes ads

  • ♡•VänılläMık•♡

    He is one of the youtubers i actually enjoy watching in my free time like its actually fun watching someone do stuff that you would wanna do but can't afford it KEEP IT UP!

  • Victor Mui
    Victor Mui

    He’s so lucky too be able to peel off the covering off the screen so many times. I’m jelous.

  • JollyRanchersGrandma

    Man I still remember when Ios 7 came out and my Ipod 4th gen couldn't update to it. I was so sad but remember seeing this as the most revolutionary smartphone of my life and even though people around me were iffy on the redesign I loved it from the start.

  • BlairAir

    Love how long Apple double and quintupled down on those small factor phones. If Steve were still around, bet iPhone would still have a 3.5" screen. (It's how you use it)

  • Colter

    Imagine if he forgot to record

    • Mr._CODM

      Lol ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha

    • The girl
      The girl


    • Izaiah Brown
      Izaiah Brown


  • Queen halima
    Queen halima

    My first iPhone I got was iPhone 5s and I used it for 2 years and it was working fine now am using iPhone 11 alongside Samsung galaxy a51 and am satisfied 😌

  • Crossline

    My first phone was an IPhone 3GS but it still works years later even though the screen is almost falling off

  • 0Synergy

    I hate Apple the company but the teams that make these devices are just stellar! They always looked so refined and 1 step ahead of everyone else even if performance wise they were never all that fantastic and had shoddy battery life.

  • JMKnives

    I indeed, appreciate these videos in their entirety!

  • Sarah C
    Sarah C

    I was just sitting here, in America, waiting for the charging block to change.

    • TurnupCannon419

      @Jett McIntyre that's a jet black iphone 7 which is shiny

    • Craft with aarshia Tyagi
      Craft with aarshia Tyagi


    • Vanessa Williams
      Vanessa Williams

      Lol I literally was confused for a while and then I realized it was probably cuz he didn’t live in America LOL

    • kellie finch
      kellie finch


    • BuildExpandPlus

      I was questioning weather that was the original charger??? Like damn people had to unplug their washers n dryers

  • Berge and Tom
    Berge and Tom

    I wonder how much of the latest technology was there from the beginning. From the first to the last not that different. I think they've got us all hooked to replacing our phones all the time. Shame for the environment. (Tom)

  • Mohammad Muzzammil
    Mohammad Muzzammil

    One of the finest comparisons I've ever seen in my entire life.

  • Michael

    Very thorough, appreciate your hard work, enjoyed this, thanks.

  • Mr J
    Mr J

    the realization that you can't call it "every I phone ever" unless Apple ran out of words to connect to I phone.

  • Alec Kaden
    Alec Kaden

    Each old iPhone costs thousands. Unboxes them in minutes for the love of the fans. Respect.

    • Bruce Lince
      Bruce Lince

      @Uday Btc no he doesnt , he still has them . he showed them in his recent vids .

    • F. Bomark
      F. Bomark

      actually no. he does it for money. those millions of views don't mean nothing pal

    • Jason Brett
      Jason Brett

      So true bro

    • John Wendy
      John Wendy

      Look at the views lol. He has probably earned 20times he spent on this video

  • S M
    S M

    I guess this is the best comparison of all the versions of the iPhone that have lived and still living.Really not that easy to film and make a content for all those phones and I totally appreciate the efforts that you have done so far.I have owned and used the 5s,6 and now the SE2 2020.If you make a video again which I am sure you will I would be awaiting to see the SE and 12,13 which are still being used and pretty much up there in the market.For androids if you can make a video on the Oneplus series that would be great!! That would really be a treat to watch!!

  • Patrik Bille
    Patrik Bille

    Gotta put respect on Steve! Some people who doesn’t like apple but Samsung doesn’t realise, without Steve and Apple their Samsung’s wouldn’t be near the tec it has! He made phones look modern

  • Cook With EveVoon
    Cook With EveVoon

    It's a bit technical for me, but I am sure those who are interested in the phones will find it very useful. Thanks for sharing.😃

  • Luca L
    Luca L

    I had the first iPhone, the 5S, just loved it, I changed due got old with the iPhone 13, still think the 5S is my favorite

  • Pranav Ganesan
    Pranav Ganesan

    This guy just unboxed more iPhones in 24 minutes than I ever will in my life.

    • Ohh really!!!
      Ohh really!!!

      I wish you good luck

    • Kanwal

      Reverse Engineering

    • Vigan Çekaj
      Vigan Çekaj

      LOGO .phobia how long u have for

    • LOGO .phobia
      LOGO .phobia

      XR 128 here

    • AceVFX

      Not only you buddy

  • Blossom And Friends
    Blossom And Friends

    I remember I had a iPhone 8 Plus.. 4 years later, I got a iPhone 13. Damn memories hit hard

  • YonOtto

    I had an original iPhone for a DAY. I sold it the next day on Ebay for MORE than I paid. I just couldn't get away with the UI and the lack of customisation back then. It was horrendous.

  • Trix Stix
    Trix Stix

    I bought my first iPhone in 2019 and it was the 6s 😅 I've always bought older phones because I cannot justify spending so much on the brand new ones before I have more reviews. But it was a cute little phone for what it was, I had it for two years. Battery on it WAS shit. It sucked majorly if I went anywhere carrying charging bricks. Also, since retiring it to a "mp3 player" (keeping it next to my speaker) I've noticed it gets very hot when running just IRglo! It definitely made me get a bad opinion about the iPhone, especially since now I have the Google pixel 3a xl and it's spoiled me. Either way, I still enjoyed this video, love going back and seeing the things that were so crazy back when I was a preteen compared to nowadays

    • Amna

      Yeah getting a 6s in 2019 was not a great idea

    • CupcakkePapi

      i brought my first iphone in 2022.

  • autotactic

    4:20 that was my favourite phone ever, that look is incredible

  • Super K
    Super K

    Me Iphone 6: 100% Me: types my passcode in Battery: dropped 70%

    • luci

      Lmao same, and today from 50% it totally died i can't start it up anymore. *note : i have an android now holly shoot how big it is

    • Kclaudio-Leadership


    • Run with Sai
      Run with Sai

      @Anonymous Frog Same but from 6splus to X

    • Jaisal Lakum Studios WLIYA
      Jaisal Lakum Studios WLIYA

      Only on the iPhone 6

    • Sherwyn Spiers
      Sherwyn Spiers

      Opt for a battery replacement from apple and it boosts your phone’s life 💯💯💯

  • Kane Viktorovich
    Kane Viktorovich

    6:10 I remember back in school holding my friends brand new iPhone 5 and being so amazed at how light it was lol

  • IPS?

    I will never forget when I first got the Iphone 5, one of the best moments of my life

  • Adrian Nicolescu
    Adrian Nicolescu

    This video gives me nostalgia when dad was using the 5 and I liked that brick firm that you can put it stand. Aaaah...Good old times

  • The Unsullied
    The Unsullied

    As some of these phones are what you call “collector’s” I am wondering how much it costs to do this video. Looks like at least 25k$ to me

    • Hussein M
      Hussein M

      Probably 25 to 40

    • Bryn Singodia
      Bryn Singodia

      Invisible shield sponsored it and even if the boss did pay for it he spends like 98% of his video profits on future videos

  • Naman

    He really deserves lots of likes for the amount of hard work he has done for this video.. great video bro.

  • Nezukooo

    This guy is the definition of satisfying during a iphone peel

  • LiterallyKarl

    Imagine unboxing all of that! I would’ve kept all of the things inside or outside the box….even the plastic that wrapped the box! I would’ve get the plastic that wrapped the box by my hand just so the box is not sliced. Yes that is how protective I am of things but come on let’s be honest….we would all do that. But sadly we can’t unbox it😭😭😭😭

  • xyilont

    This video goes beyond every tech video I’ve watched so far

  • Spam F In Chat
    Spam F In Chat

    I miss the days when each new iPhone was unique

  • hatsumi

    I remember having my iPhone 4s and believing the "S" stands for Steve, therefore making it iPhone 4 Steve. (I was 11) Good times.

    • XxmastercrossxX

      It actually means siri!

    • Anne Ocampo
      Anne Ocampo

      the s stands for siri

    • Xuhnenfels093

      I was 10 at that time

    • Minall

      @0wen lucky i’m 11 and i still don’t have one

    • kaywan ahmad
      kaywan ahmad


  • _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm
    _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm

    saying "thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude to you. it's my honor to work under the guidance on the name above I forgot the password to my Snapchat account and you help me to recover the password. your work are top notch I will love to work with you more....

  • _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm
    _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm

    saying "thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude to you. it's my honor to work under the guidance on the name above I forgot the password to my Snapchat account and you help me to recover the password. your work are top notch I will love to work with you more....

  • SML Fandom
    SML Fandom

    The iPhone 4s will always have a special place in my heart.

  • Димитър Миронов
    Димитър Миронов

    I have an IPhone 5 se and i am happy with it, i watched this video to see what you think of my favourite phone. you are the best tech youtuber! Also i like how i can have two cables (charger and headphones), it looks kinda funny.

  • The Vaulted
    The Vaulted

    this man is never gonna need to buy a iPhone charger anymore

    • - oh -
      - oh -

      God bless.

    • zoomfay

      Aged like fine wine

    • Rodolfo Tsang
      Rodolfo Tsang

      @Kerry Cormier why

    • Kerry Cormier
      Kerry Cormier

      @Rodolfo Tsang really are you I think that you are

  • GamerArtist3000

    My first phone was the iPhone 7. I’m glad it was in this video 😁

  • IceTuber

    i appreciate this guys effort in his vids!

  • NANI

    I love how small the iPhone 4 looks in his hand

  • Galaxium

    I like how the video goes up to 4k quality which not very many people can use.

  • Just some guy with a smile
    Just some guy with a smile

    now imagine "I bought every android phone ever."

    • eXe

      His trash can will be filled

    • Damian Wójcikiewicz
      Damian Wójcikiewicz

      Your comment is So Android-ish.

    • DarthCat 
      DarthCat 

      @Jaisal Lakum Studios WLIYA Imagine stealing NFT

    • Aspn-ender64

      @HorusKebab ik

  • Tao Cop
    Tao Cop

    I remember buying my iPhone 6s (quite late) at a price of around 350€. But over time it bent anyway

  • BotWMaster :D
    BotWMaster :D

    iPhone 5S is still my favourite phone I’ve ever owned

  • Ab Ro
    Ab Ro

    I'm really really curious, how much did it end up costing to get all the iphones

  • iixsimplyxjasmine

    I have the iPhone seven plus still and it works very decently! But it doesn’t work as well as the newer phones

  • Jonathan Gallup
    Jonathan Gallup

    If I had a dollar for every time he said "flagship" on this channel, I'd have enough to buy a flagship device

    • Kittykat cookie glitch gaming
      Kittykat cookie glitch gaming

      Yay y gave me 2 bucks

    • yeeyeetpr1yam


    • SirTommothy


    • JabZebra_Fortnite

      The likes is 666 ..

  • Chris Nichols
    Chris Nichols

    I would like to see the Nokia linup, they are crazy N95 was one of my favorites with full touch keyboard.

  • Gabriel Northrup
    Gabriel Northrup

    it was actually painful to watch hi open phone boxes that were so old and still sealed

  • Shiloh curtis
    Shiloh curtis

    technically you could say the i phone 6 was the first foldable smartphone it's just that it doesn't work after you fold it

  • Ukrainian sturgeon
    Ukrainian sturgeon

    In my opinion the iPhone 4/4S was a lower peak in Apple compared to their newer phones.

  • Nève M
    Nève M

    *Americans looking at the charging blocks like* 👁👄👁

    • Lucario

      Same in Belgium

    • CherryCrossing

      that's me lmfao

    • Trucha Foo
      Trucha Foo

      Big trash block

    • snapell

      @Nève M yes

  • Caloy Aniete
    Caloy Aniete

    Arun, you need a remake of this content when the iPhone 14 comes out.

  • prescillia bloomfield
    prescillia bloomfield

    Wow brings me back...the last time I bought a IPhone it was the 4s and stopped because I loved the feel so much that I kept it untill I changed for the note6

  • Mr. Man
    Mr. Man

    The iPhone 4 was the first one that caught my attention. You were hot shit if you owned one of them. And as silly as it sounds, I actually forgot there was a time we didn’t have Siri

  • Catalyst X
    Catalyst X

    I'm still one of the soul who still daily drives the iPhone X to this day.Personally I'm planning on getting a battery replacement because It needs it.

  • Meike Kroll
    Meike Kroll

    Imagine how the iphones would've looked if steve jobs was still alive

    • HPTS


    • HPTS

      I agree

    • 980a

      Just more eyes I guess, I don't know I use Samsung

    • Thane Zollman
      Thane Zollman

      It would be stainless steel, and have a smaller notch

    • John Tazzio
      John Tazzio

      It would probably be more innovative than it is now

  • One Me In Myself
    One Me In Myself

    brooo arum could open a smartphone museum. id actually pay to see all these legendary phones in real life!

  • PizzerToonz

    I want to make a petition for apple to go back in time and add the IPhone 9, even if it’s crappy, Apple make that phone now!

  • Project Zorgo - Roblox
    Project Zorgo - Roblox

    The iPhone 4, 4s, 5, 5s and SE 1 are the best in my opinion.

  • OM Gaming
    OM Gaming

    I’ve got an iPhone 4, I thought the charger was the apple default charger but it wasn’t . Luckily, Amazon had one so I was good.

  • Federal Bureau of Investigation
    Federal Bureau of Investigation

    If Steve was still alive today he would've slapped the hell out of the person who recommended removing the charging brick and headphone jack.

    • iiCloudiiAcid

      They removed the headphone jack so the phone can be waterproof

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @Andy Knows Tech! Steve was also about functions and as Bluetooth doesn't have the best quality is bsd

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @Certified Goat like a AC romote? My cousin threw my dad's of a 5 story drop and it was fine probably the fact it's not pavement helped

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @J S actually better then android if they got less profits and put more into specs like with it's mid range specs it's still a monster cause of IOS

    • Akib Al Azad
      Akib Al Azad

      @Rosaline Queen just go upgrade to a phone that has a jack then

  • MinecraftGuy

    I did not actually realise how long the unboxing took. It took 13, nearly 14 minutes of time to finally get done with the unboxing

  • Feeling AFNAR
    Feeling AFNAR

    6S was the best and it's a shame Apple decided every phone must be MASSIVE after that. Even the modern iPhone 13 "mini" is only 0.1" smaller than the 6S+, which is too big.

  • Roderich Edelstein
    Roderich Edelstein

    This is such an awesome video! I learned a lot. Hopefully you can create a 2022 version 😆

    • Dawn Blessing
      Dawn Blessing


  • UnNainConnu

    8:35 7000 series aluminium isn't newer than 6000 series 😉 6000 series are one of the most widely used aluminium alloys (magnesium and silicon) while 7000 series are zinc based alloys with the highest strength of any aluminium alloy Source: Wikipedia

  • Barneys Kids
    Barneys Kids

    Teacher: No phones in class. People in the back: The ultimate iPhone comparison


      Students are richer then teacher this days ....

    • Aeyolistic


  • AwesomeJeffX

    its not a mistake ✨its a masterpiece ✨

  • JLB

    Funny how key stages of ours lives can be marked by what iPhone we had at the time. 3Gs was my first at just 19 years old. I got it within launch week and i distinctly remember being sat on a train and feeling like the coolest mf in existence becasue my ipod could now make calls, text and use the internet!

  • Murad Arif
    Murad Arif

    So interesting video, I have learned many features which I didn't know, Accept my gratitude.

  • ZephCloud

    My first iPhone was 4…can’t remember what happened to it…must’ve broke it and thrown away..haha

  • Approaching Etterath
    Approaching Etterath

    imagine chilling in the park and there's this one guy standing there pulling one phone after the other out of his various pockets to take a picture

    • MCAlexisYT


    • Sohaib Raja
      Sohaib Raja

      Lmao 😂😂😂

  • carl

    Great videos make more videos like this and more toxic tech fails

  • Falcondragonslayer

    I really wish apple had given iPhone 8 the same processing as iPhone X because the 8 only had 2 GB of RAM, while the X has 3.

  • Kimberly Beagle
    Kimberly Beagle

    i had the "itunes phone" in high school, I feel like it would have been cool to add that in with these :)