Do NOT buy the Freedom Phone!! 🤬
The Freedom Phone by Erik Finman is an elaborate waste of money, and quite possibly also a security risk, do NOT buy it! Try Dashlane for free on your first device head to and if you decide to upgrade to premium use my code boss for 50% off!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Anyone know someone who'd probably want this? 😂 To see an ABSOLUTE MONSTER video about the biggest tech fails of ALL TIME:

    • Fluffernater

      @ProbablyJake good your grandma is smart

    • Fluffernater

      @z3 you didn't watch the video did you

    • Fluffernater

      Bros spreading misinformation lmfao

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD

      Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  • Just Some Guy without a Mustache
    Just Some Guy without a Mustache

    Scammers are evolving to have crazier and crazier ideas to scam people

    • Insert_funny joke
      Insert_funny joke

      Theat's because people are getting crazier and crazier.

    • Daniel Chen
      Daniel Chen

      Very true! We should do the best to stop them!

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD

      Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬ hu

    • good person
      good person

      6.9 k likes

    • thatlilweirdboi

      @Chen because he's verified

  • JacketCK

    the funniest thing about this phone is the fact that it's an Android... you know... the phone OS developed and owned by Google?

    • Holden & Kennedy
      Holden & Kennedy

      Android is based off of Linux

    • Chraman

      I don't think you and the 1580 people liking understand android

    • 3rd Street Menace⚜️
      3rd Street Menace⚜️

      Android used to be an OS for cameras..

    • a plastic bag
      a plastic bag

      @20blog LineageOS is awesome, got Android 10 running on a Galaxy S4

    • Nikhat

      Android OS is open source, you can modify the os to your liking the orginal os doesn't has that many trackers. But companies modify Android to their liking. So there are many flavours of Android. Lineage/stock Android is free of tracers

  • Anima Mirror
    Anima Mirror

    5:51 "Freedom Phone. A Phone that is not controlled by Google or Apple" -she says, while holding a shitty phone with Instagram, Facebook and Snapchat, which definitely dont spy on you.

    • Fatma Yıldırım
      Fatma Yıldırım

      Ah ues, Facebook Definetly not a company that sells my data

    • Jessica T
      Jessica T

      @Dank Memer Music Don't forget the most SECURE App! Everybody KNOWS that FB doesn't get hacked multiple times a year! /s

    • ✨EEE✨

      Fr tho

  • AaronTechnic

    "FINALLY we have a solution to tech monopolies" Open source and Linux: Excuse me?

  • Quinn Covey
    Quinn Covey

    I once had a phone with a p60 in it, it was a decent phone all in all. It was not missing a beat in performance, the UI was smooth, scrolling was like butter, most games ran just fine with even asphalt 9 achieving WELL OVER playable frame rates and it was very cheap for this experience!

  • Shruikan -
    Shruikan -

    I once saw a Twitter post that said “people who have phones with Face ID technology the government has your face!” And someone responded “wait until they find out about driver’s licenses” Edit: Before you yell at me remember that I am not anyone in this exchange! I just thought it was funny and hoped others would find it funny as well

    • belgianfried

      @Casswash Wash you mad ukraine girl?

    • belgianfried

      @Amarakon did you know that the 1PN46 uses the 3KNM6 luminator? It also uses the 1PN61's 9M119 Reflex

    • Shawnlize Leatherdale
      Shawnlize Leatherdale

      Get a passport, a driver's licence, and /or ID cards in Asia. Fingerprints, tons of cameras etc

    • Laur-un


  • Lisa Pink
    Lisa Pink

    The second he said he "wrote an OS himself" all the security bells rang in my head. That is not something good... (But let's face it he didn't)

  • Dan Chaloner
    Dan Chaloner

    That explained quite a few things to me. Especially these zombie Android phones from utterly obscure manufacturers. Imagine what you could do with the initial premise, remove the America First stuff and actually deliver an internationally acceptable Freedom Phone. Now that I'd like to see. Thanks for your time. D.

  • Christopher Dean
    Christopher Dean

    Gutsy! The fanatics buying this phone aren't going to appreciate you. Thanks for your candor and honesty. I think links to your videos telling people to rethink technology, the effects of social media and ai are appropriate here. This phone is just another step in the wrong direction. Imagine if they had a head to manipulate a.i.'s, we'd be in trouble.

  • The Rust Kitty
    The Rust Kitty

    Pretty much any third party Android ROM would do what he promised from the software side, or indeed a pure AOSP image.

  • Ankan Saha
    Ankan Saha

    He literally ripped that guy apart without saying a single curse word. He made it funny, and gave us a ton of knowledge! He is by far, one of the best IRglors currently!!! 👍👍👍

    • The power of three
      The power of three

      @Parth Savyasachi wow this has gone on for a long time

    • Parth Savyasachi
      Parth Savyasachi

      @Color Fury another clueless commenter? Did you just see how to sck up to a youtuber tutorial??

    • Color Fury
      Color Fury

      @Parth Savyasachi whats it called? Oh wait it i know its called: 🤡

    • Color Fury
      Color Fury


  • Paris France Mission
    Paris France Mission

    Great review as always. I hate it when people scam others.

  • Quad on
    Quad on

    Scamming right wingers into buying a shit phone. How very genius of him

    • Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!•
      Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!•

      @Anonymous123 123 I'm between the two rights

    • Anonymous123 123
      Anonymous123 123

      @Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!• How is it possible to be between them, they are polar opposites (on the social axis at least)

    • Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!•
      Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!•

      @Anonymous123 123 nice, I'm between lib and auth right but I identify with libright

    • Anonymous123 123
      Anonymous123 123

      @Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!• lib right is kinda centrist, I'm lib right too

    • Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!•
      Justinian the Great •Slava Ukraine!•

      I'm libright and didn't fall for it so not all right wingers.

  • Someone • posted • this
    Someone • posted • this

    Mad respect for him to pass up a million dollars for us.

  • Dylan L.
    Dylan L.

    I always love it when people shill for a product then proceed to not use the product they shill for lmao

  • Miles Corporosus
    Miles Corporosus

    The Freedom Phone makes the Escobar phones seem totally legit.

    • Kwilv3r Gaming
      Kwilv3r Gaming


    • Bảo Quốc
      Bảo Quốc

      the first royole Escobar is a dumpster fire though, but the samsung Escobar "fold 2" was somewhat great, even from a drug trafficker

    • Deepali Karde
      Deepali Karde


    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD

      Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬ hu

    • Green Mamba Games
      Green Mamba Games

      Might as well call it "Bigot Phone"

  • Jayson Doster
    Jayson Doster

    I'm a libertarian, I would absolutely love a phone untethered from censorship. It's a great concept, but this is most definitely a huge scam. Hilarious that people bought these.

    • Green Mamba Games
      Green Mamba Games

      The only real way is DIY.

    • Jayson Doster
      Jayson Doster

      @Eduardo Fine with me. I don’t give a shit what someone says on the internet. Actions are different from words. When you start to censor some things, it turns into more things and soon enough you’re not allowed to say anything. Nobody should have the power to dictate what another man says.

    • Brandon Sheppard
      Brandon Sheppard

      @Filip Schneider wouldn't you want closed source so only you can edit and alter the software. Kinda like iOS

    • Filip Schneider
      Filip Schneider

      If you want that, you can build it yourself. Just replace all the software in your phone with open source...

  • J

    Just get a pinephone or a custom ROM if you're really into privacy. Just because something has "Freedom" in the name doesn't mean it's automatically good.

  • Smallbunda

    honestly, this erik dude is kindda smart. He proly saw how much people are obsessed about "government is watching us thru our phone" conspiracy and this guy took advantage of these peoples obsessiveness.

  • Clyde Marshall
    Clyde Marshall

    Actually, most of the coordination for those who did enter the capital building happened on FB and Twitter. Parler was just made into a scapegoat because they were an openly free speech oriented competitor. It was a convenient excuse to get rid of a threat to the near monopoly that a small handful of companies have on the social media space.


      @Jason Yates I didnt ask for Tim pool, I asked for a source. It's a simple question.

    • Jason Yates
      Jason Yates

      @FINNER MAKES YOU SEETHE WITH RAGE Tim pool did a video on it


      Do you have a source on this?

  • Idky

    Erik sounds like someone who responds to every insult with, “Are you a millionaire?!?”

    • ScholaroftheWorld — Alternate History
      ScholaroftheWorld — Alternate History

      Tbh you have to respect the man for investing in bitcoin at age 12. Although I have a suspicion his parents were rich..

    • Jesus is LORD
      Jesus is LORD

      Repent to Jesus Christ “And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Christ Jesus.” ‭‭Philippians‬ ‭4:19‬ ‭NIV‬‬

    • Colay

      Mrbeast:I already

    • belu-oreo

      While i only have £31 😂

  • AA

    I fully support anyone who would buy this being scammed

    • thelazyworker sandwich
      thelazyworker sandwich

      Natural selection.

    • Shaii ❱•❰
      Shaii ❱•❰

      ​@Blanky Uh ft gjfj It's a shame that you have such a bitter and hateful worldview. Nobody "deserves" to be a victim, not even the people whose opinions disagree with yours.

  • Cooper Gates
    Cooper Gates

    It's also sad to preach "not controlled by Apple or Google" when it turns out a few months later Blackberry OS support is axed by the major carriers, and even by July of 2021, the service on my Blackberry had gotten substantially worse.

  • Dead Pool
    Dead Pool

    I love to watch his videos and learn new things and open up my mind to different perspectives, but what I would love to see is, that he makes a video on all the sponsors he has done until now and tells us about them in detail like he does for everything, the pros and cons, how much legit they are. If anyone wants the same, like this comment for him to see it hopefully someday😂🤝

  • acutelychronic

    you can turn literally any phone into a "freedom phone" by jailbreaking or installing a different open source OS.

  • Garro

    It's funny how almost every influencer still tweets from iPhones after promoting a product and gets caught😂 Edit: This scam should definitely be in the next tech fails video.

    • Digital Apex
      Digital Apex

      @Nezunish - To separate idiots from their money

    • CodeNameZ

      There is a reupload of the Anna girl on youtube and you need to see to believe it. She knows 0 about smartphones and tech, she try so hard to sell you the phone she says 10 times it is for privacy, at one point in video she takes a selfie, she looks at it and says it looks worst than an Iphone, than she correct herself and says how that is good

    • Unknown

      @hepwo91222 You again over here.

    • Unknown

      @azzam_ lol

  • Samuel Gleissner
    Samuel Gleissner

    At least this scam fools the right people 😀

  • Anorkhil

    Damn... Thank God we got people like you to absolutely bitchsmack scammers

  • GG Everything
    GG Everything

    Now they added the specs, and we can confirm that this is a scam

  • Shaurya Kaushik
    Shaurya Kaushik

    "It doesn't have face recognition which I love" -Coming from probably a person who barely knows what the word 'smartphone' is

  • iscream soda
    iscream soda

    This man just took drop shipping to another level lmao. The same people lining up for this phone are the same people who told us not to believe everything we saw on the internet.

    • markus64s

      @Jhon 117 What a thorough and week thought out refutation. "Wow" indeed.

    • markus64s

      @Jhon 117 Done. I think you should watch this video plus other videos where the CEO addresses the points brought up in this video. That way you're not blindly trusting the first source you come across and don't fall for framing tricks, like a Zoomer.

    • markus64s

      @Unknown I watched the video. And a two hour interview where the owner actually had a chance to answer questions and respond.

    • Unknown

      @Nathan Selby He did use the phone and showed us

  • N East
    N East

    love how this video got like 3.9M views about how it's a scam and erik finmans video on it only 969 views, i love how arun spreads the word about scams so people who are less tech savy dont get get caught into these scams like escobar was and this phone

  • wjejeh 2jei3uehd
    wjejeh 2jei3uehd

    this is the man i trust with my tech.

  • Gharren

    "Successful investor" really isn't much different than "successful lottery player". Lots of people who pretend they have some genius strategies, when all they had was luck.

    • Ibrahim

      @Dim T yeah thanks i should have said it like that

    • Dim T
      Dim T

      @Citizen Kane no they do, bitcoin simply contributes nothing, while investing in lets say oil contributes something

    • Citizen Kane
      Citizen Kane

      @Ibrahim you don't seem to understand how investment works.

    • Ibrahim

      They also don’t contribute to this world. If people did such things, they would only increase their own wealth and not give anything to the world.

    • Ibrahim

      @Ahmed35Gaming yeah but with a little more chance of earning money and with more investment at the start

  • Nameless Entity
    Nameless Entity

    If he did not want to attend college, then he could have A: gone straight to a recruiter and sign-up... he'd be government property then. My Father dropped out of HS in 1957 to join the Navy, in large part because of home-life. Or B: At 18, you get to decide your own fate, it might have gotten him kicked out of the house but, free-will has a cost. BTW, this reminds me of the "Soulja Boy" handheld debacle.

  • Mild Misanthrope
    Mild Misanthrope

    I won’t trust a salesman who dyes his hair, shaves his face, but leaves the hair on his neck untouched thus being a true neckbeard.

    • RJ Scott
      RJ Scott

      He looks like a stoner, and has not one bit of training. He literally skipped college, and it's obvious.

    • Mild Misanthrope
      Mild Misanthrope

      @Aguila Erik Finman? Attractive? Well Hitler had his Eva Braun.

    • Mild Misanthrope
      Mild Misanthrope

      ServoDoEstado Just so we’re clear you’re talking about MrWhosetheBoss right?

    • Mild Misanthrope
      Mild Misanthrope

      ServoDoEstado There’s customizing your face, then there’s hitting “random” on the character creator.

  • Mr. Spideydude
    Mr. Spideydude

    It amazes me how many people from the USA are sooooooo obsessed with "freedom"

  • SApcPro Sergij Aleksovski
    SApcPro Sergij Aleksovski

    Great Video Arun! This phone is a total SCAM, you can literally get all the apps in it from F-Droid and they are Open Source. He's just a money stealer.

  • lilgwanz

    This is why I love my 13pro max… it can never be cloned or mass produced. iOS is king ❤️

  • David Nissim
    David Nissim

    The Freedom Phone feels like something out of a South Park episode

  • Master Kartik
    Master Kartik

    Arun: don't buy freedom phone Also Arun: passionfruit

    • Reeve LMAO
      Reeve LMAO

      Because passion is smth you should have -passionfruit ceo

    • Anh Nguyễn Việt
      Anh Nguyễn Việt

      At least he tell everything is honest

    • That Guy Alex :)
      That Guy Alex :)

      @Lavender Sunrise Banana branded phone is the best phone. Better than that Sony Xperia thing.

    • Lavender Sunrise
      Lavender Sunrise

      Everyone knows Passionfruit is the most superior smartphone on the market

    • Z Star
      Z Star

      @That Guy Alex :) and cream

  • Scatmanpro

    The way you build up your videos step by step and make them understandable by doing that is amazing. Thank you!

  • MicroCloudHD

    To be fair most of the target audience wouldn't want security updates anyway, if you see what I mean


    Imagine buying a phone that's literally called "the freedom phone" 💀

  • Gav Hern
    Gav Hern

    my favorite part of all of this is how much he advocates for free speech and removing censorship and then hid all the replies to his tweet that were damaging his image

  • Aydo

    Plot twist: Erik uses the devices to mine Bitcoin for him

    • Annette Maldonado
      Annette Maldonado

      Honestly wouldn't be surprised if this mined crypto

    • Green Mamba Games
      Green Mamba Games

      That's what I was thinking, only he would be mining something else and converting it to Bitcoin because you can't actually do any useful bitcoin mining even with a million phone botnet because the difficulty is too high and the hardware too crappy.

    • LowYummy

      @paperose get the Ratio Bomb ready

    • LowYummy

      @Deborah Anne grandma, Huawei was founded in Sept 17, 1987 in Shenzhen, China. That was way before Erik popped out the womb, it could be even older than his parents possibly.

    • Sultana Rajia
      Sultana Rajia

      True. True. So true

  • Jeypi

    Im sure with enough dedication and any reasonable android phone(maybe even an apple idk how determined you are). You can make your own software that cant be traced by big tech as long as youre willing to use a software that doesnt look too fancy.

  • Deathraidergaming

    Can I just say I love how he could have just told us to get it and made a bunch of money but he doesn’t he says hey it’s not the best

  • Unplugged Freedom
    Unplugged Freedom

    When I first heard about this, I seen it being shared everywhere 🤦 I said from the beginning freedom phone is stupid.

  • Ethan Fang
    Ethan Fang

    Love the fact that he make reviews of phones that most of us don't even know of

  • Lukas LW
    Lukas LW

    ... i hate how society idolizes people who get LUCKY with investments and acts as if they actually know what tf they're doing. its so dumb

    • Gerard Anderson
      Gerard Anderson

      Elon Musk be like

    • Scrufflord

      @Supp my Diff got lucky by being the heir to apartheid emerald mine owners

    • HenriFaust

      @Supp my Diff First it's "That's too complicated" then it's "stop treating me like a child" and now we're back to "too complicated". How long is this temper tantrum going to last?

    • Supp my Diff
      Supp my Diff

      @HenriFaust Unbearable pseudo-intellectual whos good at filling a blank space with words: but rarely manages to actually *say* anything

  • Mathleys

    Child: Mom I want the new samsung s21 ultra! Mom: We already have a phone at home. Phone at home:

  • Keller weskier
    Keller weskier

    a phone about freedom and privacy! >proceeds to download facebook, that tracks your location using cellular data

  • Jarda Tesar
    Jarda Tesar

    The Freedomphone website now includes the specs, which are really low end and they also switched the OS from FreedomOS to ClearOS, which I believe has something to do with HP Enterprise. What a joke

    • Radplay

      Eh, it's probably the same OS with a different name. Basically LineageOS with a few preloaded apps.

  • Gina K
    Gina K

    I'm actually watching this on an unlocked Umidigi A7pro. I've had this phone for 1.5 years and I honestly like it. Bought it on Amazon for $155. It has 128g internal storage which is amazing because I download a ton of stuff. It's processing power is ok. Not full on garbage, but you ain't playing Genshin Impact or similar games on this phone. They will install and open but the frame rate is like 3fps. No shade to Umidigi tho, way better than my old shitty Samsung that cost the same but could hardly open PoGo

  • The Tech Chap
    The Tech Chap

    Top video Arun - really well explained!

    • Horizon

      @Ryan lex do you ever reply without saying lmao? Lmao

    • The King
      The King

      Collab video of you two soon please.

    • Vẫn Do
      Vẫn Do

      @Ryan lex In what part of his channel does he trash talks MrBeast and PewDiePie and say MrWhoseTheBoss #1?

    • The LambdaMarine (real)
      The LambdaMarine (real)

      @Ryan lex "Propaganda" He knows where he is. He isnt big as those, and he aspires to be. Like dude, stop being a "ooohhh low sub = bad content haha" like I've seen people with 20m+ subs and they make shitty content

  • Key

    I hope we could build our own, ram, processor, graphics card, motherboard. Basically Smart Phone Master Race.

  • Minecrafting Bear
    Minecrafting Bear

    Wait, so if you use all of the different codes given, could you get the phone at over 100% discount, and get payed for buying the phone?

  • Hayden Mills
    Hayden Mills

    Oh boy, I just had a thought. What if Arun, built a phone. It'd be PERFECT. (Yes I know it's nearly impossible but still the thought of it is awesome)

  • Aria Dhika Rayendra
    Aria Dhika Rayendra

    They still sell it at $499 and the specs is similar to my $150 phone from 3 years ago, albeit with a newer low end chipset.

  • Babs Champagne
    Babs Champagne

    I love how those 'influencers' are blatantly scamming people with a straight face and all of their braindead followers can probably fall for it without any thought or hesitation. They should be called scammers for this as well.

    • Aaron Rayach
      Aaron Rayach

      Pretty genious though, they did target very, very easy to scam people!

    • csreindeer

      @Mark Wilmoth if a privacy centered device has a closed source OS, it is a complete joke. Erik Finman could easily stop this train if he opened up the OS code for review, but he hasn't, and considering that he uses parts of graphene OS which are explictly copyleft and yet keeps it closed source the phone is borderline illegal. Just get an andriod phone and flash a ROM or buy a phone with a flashed rom already. You will be much better off.

    • bhanu teja
      bhanu teja

      @Rubicon 1 Bro you can wipe out every google function on any android and flash custom ROM of your choice in less than 5 min. The point everyone in the comment section trying to make is they're just cashing of people that don't know about tech and who those believe those conspiracies and those "Influencers" mentioning "you can download any app(parlor) without any suppression" is just plain bullshit. you can literally download any app on android from chrome if not from the play store(but not that secure). That Erik guy took a gamble on Bitcoin it worked out pretty doesn't mean you can trust him on technology regarding privacy.

  • The_MidnightWolf

    When Eric says… u can buy all the apps u want. In reality, it bans twitter and google

  • Explosive Diarrhea
    Explosive Diarrhea

    So, uploader gave up on millions of dollars (1M at least) just to warn us that this phone is a scam ? That's a very rare level of decency.

  • _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm
    _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm

    saying "thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude to you. it's my honor to work under the guidance on the name above I forgot the password to my Snapchat account and you help me to recover the password. your work are top notch I will love to work with you more...

  • _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm
    _ H U B N C O D E _ On Instagräm

    saying "thank you" is not enough to show my gratitude to you. it's my honor to work under the guidance on the name above I forgot the password to my Snapchat account and you help me to recover the password. your work are top notch I will love to work with you more...


    Guy knows how to make money even if the money made is at the expense of clueless customers. But hatsoff to Arun for exposing the scam for exactly what it is

    • FreedomOverEverything🤝

      I pledge allegiance to the banning of bumpstocks being forever and to the 6.2 Trillion for which they took. One nation under Tyranny, manipulation and force for all.

    • Ian Kincaid
      Ian Kincaid

      @Margarita Ramos Naw, they don't even know how to use IRglo so they'll never see it

    • Margarita Ramos
      Margarita Ramos

      Even, after the exposure, those clueless customers will say Arun is Fake.

  • Random Trinidadian
    Random Trinidadian

    Concidering the kind of people who might buy those things, they deserve to get scammed.


    Escobar: *finally a worthy opponent,our fight will be legendary.*

  • Excalibur01

    There are many apps and software you can put on your phone to make it secure. You don't have to use google as the browser or social media. It's better than buying a phone from an unknown like this

  • Uncle Brick’s Garage
    Uncle Brick’s Garage

    If I was the type of person who would scam people, I would target these phones. You know the owner is financially viable (because they can afford the phone) and a bit gullible (because they bought the phone), that there is a scammer gold mine.

  • Bazil

    Freedom phone: We don’t spy on you Linux phone: I guess I don’t exist

    • hepwo91222

      He should have reviewed it and compared it to the existing alternative phones that run Linux like Pinephone or Librem 5, he never does and fails miserable in this "review" while coming off as a political hack.

    • Ryan lex
      Ryan lex

      Apple and google is sweating cause they can't stop china companies from making this phone LMAO

    • Ryan lex
      Ryan lex

      Apple and google is sweating cause they can't stop china companies from making this phone LMAO

    • Andrei Dicu
      Andrei Dicu

      @insert namehere kde is fsf approved tho. Not sure about plasma mobile.

  • Outcastid

    I am all for freedom from censorship and data sharing, but holy LOL. Dude is certainly smart. He certainly made his money off of this.

  • Jikkermancinni

    I hate when companies try to target political groups. It happens on both sides, and extremists just FLOOD in if it's marketed right. Conservatives have been very set on freedom and lack of tracking, and they flood to the next best thing without research. They feel targeted by nature and are easy to win over. Same for a lot of other minority groups. When things are targeted towards people who feel wronged/hated (whether for real or not), the people feel appreciated and purchase the product to promote. Sad that people will go this low to take advantage of other desperate folks.

  • Bentley Mullet
    Bentley Mullet

    "I think it's an Android?" Lady it's an Android if it's not an iPhone 😂


    I can smell the scam through my screen

  • Rainy

    Arun is becoming Rick Astley himself 😂

    • rachel white
      rachel white


    • ThePetersburgEagle


    • Me Not Oliva
      Me Not Oliva

      He has rickrolled people so many times until he just becomes Rick

    • Fusion GamerX
      Fusion GamerX

      @Mr Mister I asked.

    • Martin Vids
      Martin Vids


  • Hyperon

    Well… Apple did something similar to Dashlane.

  • Ahoy 122
    Ahoy 122

    “it doesn’t make calls which i love!” made me laugh for 30 minutes😂😂

  • Bryson Mercer
    Bryson Mercer

    Freedom Phone uncensors your App Store APK: Am I a Joke to you?