The BEST Smartphones of 2021! (Mid Year)
Welcome to my Top 22 Best smartphones as of mid 2021 - including Apple, Samsung, Xiaomi, OPPO, Vivo and more! Limited Time Offer: Go to and enter promo code BOSS for 83% off and 3 months free!
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I had a few comments on the last "Best smartphones" video that the structure was a bit complicated, so I've found a way to simplify it here - do you prefer this countdown format? 🤔 To see my full review of the Zenfone 8: For the craziest Inventions:

    • reuben Garland
      reuben Garland

      @icantsee Samsung.

    • Bulldog347

      Why don't you review BLACKVIEW A100?

    • संतोष Chaudhari
      संतोष Chaudhari

      Loop p

    • sukaina online school system
      sukaina online school system


    • Su Fen Zhao
      Su Fen Zhao

      The Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 pro & the Poco F3 aren't compatible with U.S. networks are they?

  • Veer Rajwade
    Veer Rajwade

    this guy did the opposite of any other creator, he thanked his subscribers for over 50% of us being subscribed instead of saying that we should. mad mad respect

    • Crow

      @Veer Rajwade No.

    • AFL Lightning
      AFL Lightning

      I have 215,000 channel views and only 748 subs, what about you guys.

    • Real TechStuffs
      Real TechStuffs

      He has enough no need to beg for subs hahaa Great vid bruh

    • Deeyo

      And that is when I officially subscribed TBH

    • hippieduck

      @Madness Reborn well put 🙂

  • pisko9new

    After using an OnePlus 3T for 4 years now, decided to get a more powerful phone, with better hardware and battery life. Followed your suggestion and bought a POCO F3. Although having it for less than a week, I'm already comfortable enough to say I'm very satisfied with it. Definitely a very good purchase for it's cost. Adaptation to MIUI is an ongoing process, but nonetheless a good phone. Hope it lasts at least the same amount of time as my OnePlus. Thank you for your reviews, namely those for midrange phones.

    • Yo DesuYo ⵢⵓⴷⴰ
      Yo DesuYo ⵢⵓⴷⴰ

      I have the poco F3 and I am very satisfied with it, as for ads, it is easy to disable them. The camera is OK but I have a Nikon DSLR and tend to use it instead of the phone


      How was your experience with oneplus 3T

    • Queen Elsa (Vegan from Europe)
      Queen Elsa (Vegan from Europe)

      @Hansha What's your suggestions for me? I am looking to buy a new phone. Could you please help me? Thank you

    • Hansha

      It probably won't. Worst part of Xiaomi (other than ads) is the very lackluster updates

  • Mark The Great
    Mark The Great

    didn't expect my poco f3 rank top 1. didn't regret buying this phone. truly masterpiece of a mid-range flagship killer. definitely a beast of all smartphone.

  • Dan Warnick
    Dan Warnick

    Always quality videos. Great job! I was hoping that all the buzz about the Galaxy Z Flip 3 might make it worthwhile for you to review. I am not a person that uses the cameras much (family attended holidays, sometimes on the job, etc.) so I'm pretty much convinced the camera setup is sufficient for me. The reviews on the battery size and the possibility of dust penetration/damage, on the other hand, are worrisome and have so far kept me from buying the phone. It's hard to judge since reviewers tend to judge based on their heavy usage, whereas they don't estimate what a phone's full charge will net for people with lower usage requirements. I love the form factor of the Flip 3 and yes, you've probably realized, I'm 58 and I did use several brands of high caliber (at the time) flip phones early in my career, and LOVED them. Just my thoughts. Anyway, hope you review the Flip 3 because your reviews are always A++. One more detail I'd like to learn is whether or not there may be a Flip 4 anytime soon. Thanks again. Update: I bought the Galaxy Z Flip 3 about a week ago, and I think it is great. I upgraded from a 4 year old Galaxy S8+ and not only is the Flip a treat, it is a very high quality phone. A lot has changed in 4 years! I mean, a high quality flip phone? Who'd have thought?

  • Aleksandar Aleksandrov
    Aleksandar Aleksandrov

    Hey Mrwhosetheboss, how are you? Thanks for the awesome videos and content you make and share with us. I was wondering what do you think of the idea to compare Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra and Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra? Would it still be worth it to buy the Note? I guess that depends much on what the phone would be mainly used for given what both phones provide. Also in my country I cannot find much on the processor type - they just say the phone has octa-core processor - isn't that the Exynos one? ...somewhere in the net I found the following advised - for everyday use and faster app loading time Exynos is better, BUT for gaming and photography or use intensive apps - the Snapdragon is much better. Thank you and stay safe and healthy! :)))

  • Cambo Space and Science Edu
    Cambo Space and Science Edu

    This is the most accurate review of all time...

    • C A T • B O I
      C A T • B O I

      @R R Xiaomi makes good phones = Xiaomi get's chosen Is it THAT hard to acknowledge though?

    • C A T • B O I
      C A T • B O I

      @Titan Gaming TV F62 has better battery fight me

    • C A T • B O I
      C A T • B O I

      @Titan Gaming TV Bruh he definitely put camera full bar and display is not better than 11 ultra that's why he didn't put it to highest. And speaking of performance, I dunno but he's a regular user of the phone so I think he has his own set of judgement.

    • C A T • B O I
      C A T • B O I

      @Gibin George Not really. Processor isn't meant for gaming only. Surprisingly enough you get the photos better in poco x3 pro than Redmi note 10 pro to some extent and even it's display is equally good to samsung's super amoleds. And the battery back up is definitely not a problem. So I don't think your point is valid.

    • C A T • B O I
      C A T • B O I

      @HACKSTXR I dunno man. I think he just doesn't give enough care for that part. He has shown Poco x3 in his videos but never once he did mention X3 pro.

  • Vishnu Ram
    Vishnu Ram

    Thanks for this video. I can see that you did this video in May 2021. But now that Xiaomi 11T Pro has just been launched, I think it would make it in the top 5 given the price vs spec value proposition. Could you please do a review on it and compare it with S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 pro? Many thanks.

  • Zaahid Arnold
    Zaahid Arnold

    Agree 100% with your assessments and selection of the Poco F3 as the best value for money to power smartphone in 2021. Arun don't change anything with regards your presentation format, style and reviews...the way you doing it is the way we, the buying public likes it. You should come to Cape Town, South Africa; it offers the most beautiful natural place settings for testing camera outputs in the world.

  • Ronald-Maximus Negron
    Ronald-Maximus Negron

    I believe, your the best IRglo smartphone reviewer. Thanks for your mindful, thoughtful, comprehensive contributions to the smartphone sector industry. Max !!

  • PwOp YT
    PwOp YT

    I paid $370 for Poco F3 (8/256GB). I hardly ever use camera, so I couldn't distinguish it from flagship. Crazy value

    • Dan Gamer
      Dan Gamer

      @Gw Ahnaf ꪜ note 10 pro is more value. Bigger battery,better processor and better design and camera

    • Gw Ahnaf ꪜ
      Gw Ahnaf ꪜ

      @Dan Gamer aether emulator is definitely optimized but not too much and yes I have said if u include mobile games

    • Dan Gamer
      Dan Gamer

      @Gw Ahnaf ꪜ Also PS2 isn't the most demanding game its the emulator that runs those game are sucks that's why aether Emulation is the most optimized ps2 Emulation in mobile. Also i said android market and Emulation doesn't include mobile market

    • Gw Ahnaf ꪜ
      Gw Ahnaf ꪜ

      @Dan Gamer more expinsive lmao m31 is cheaper then note 10 pro

    • Gw Ahnaf ꪜ
      Gw Ahnaf ꪜ

      @Dan Gamer yes it is most demanding mobile game if u include every segmant of games like ps 2 or any other emulator games then most of the ps 2games are more demanding then genishin impact


    Only Reason this guy is Loved by Eveyone is he think for every Viewers from rich to poor❤️❤️❤️

    • TinkezZ

      @Caitybug stay mad

    • Allen ella
      Allen ella

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    • notadni

      I have the iPhone 6 plus

    • Miss simp
      Miss simp

      @Caitybug mine is 500

  • Marina Kingham
    Marina Kingham

    Best reviewer ever! Tactful, diplomatic and so well spoken. Thank you for all the information, you certainly know your stuff.

  • A RE
    A RE

    A good phone to me means micro sd memory, ois, dual stereo speakers, wireless charging, more than 8gb ram, 256gb or more hdd, if extra like removable battery large battery, infra red and dual sim it would have been excellent

  • Jolam_be

    I love how I was so much hoping towards the end that my Poco F3 would come on top and it did, definitely reaffirms my choice

  • pacingBlue

    Now that prices have dropped, I think Samsung A52s is amazing value for all that it offers.

  • Ayush Aryamaan Puhan
    Ayush Aryamaan Puhan

    Arun the only tech IRglor whose content never feels boring. Its makes you glued to your screen for the entire video. You can literally binge watch him all day

    • Ayush Aryamaan Puhan
      Ayush Aryamaan Puhan

      @Bletwort Well i use a Passionfruit phone. It has the capability to neurotransmit the video directly into your brain

    • Labib Faiyad
      Labib Faiyad

      Enter Mr. Mobile

    • Chevrolet Camaro ZL1
      Chevrolet Camaro ZL1


    • Bletwort

      How are you watching the video if you’re glued to the screen?

    • Popming


  • Richard Leveille
    Richard Leveille

    Brilliant and thorough breakdown mate! Thank you for educating me with such depth. Happy holidays!

  • M O
    M O

    I love how you consider the value regardless the craze. Please make the same video now ❤️

  • Eldon Pinto
    Eldon Pinto

    All your reviews are awesome and give us all the right stuff to think about... Thank you for that... Question: What are your thoughts about the "Tesla Phone Model Pi" phone

  • Paul Theriault
    Paul Theriault

    Great review of what 2021 has to offer Note... Unfortunately your #1 and #2 won't ship to Canada - not sure why that is... maybe thru your contacts you could find out why. Therefore based on specs, price, reviews and network compatibility, if I were in the market for a value phone, I would likely opt for the Realme GT Master Edition.

  • Stamatis Pelekanos
    Stamatis Pelekanos

    I knew this video was 19 minutes long. However, it didn’t feel like it was 19 minutes long. That is how good Arun is at making videos.

    • Poorv Ramchandani
      Poorv Ramchandani

      @Stamatis Pelekanos Thank you!

    • Stamatis Pelekanos
      Stamatis Pelekanos

      @Poorv Ramchandani Ok your right. I will erase the comment.

    • QuiXotiC

      It’s Arun not Aaron

    • QuiXotiC

      @MONSTER .G wrong, it’s Arun Maini. That’s his real name.

  • kenni GT
    kenni GT

    Nice one, thanks! I owned S6 edge plus for last 5 or 6 years and it is still fast enough and working well. But lately screen developed a crack after flat drop on concrete, and it is time for a change (drops happened many times before but metal edges were always protecting it). Anyway, I have learned one important thing after owning S6 edge for so many years - my new phone has to have FLAT screen :) Hence, I would never choose anything with curved side edges as my personal phone, and I am not sure why so many companies still do it. Soooo, after many considerations I decided, my new phone will be.. surprise surprise S21+...and I wanted switch to other brand. Samsung just got most things right for me with plus model. Many thanks for reviews. Well done :)

    • Stefan Vasilev
      Stefan Vasilev

      @kenni GTI don't really play games. Still I dislike phone from this range and price to have this kind of problem. I'm from Europe so it can only be bought with exonys cpu so its even worse. Im probably going to buy Iphone only for this reason. Its strange because not everyone's S21 is overheating and most of the reviews aren't honest and I'm wondering which one to buy. They say that it's from the latest update and can be fixed but what if my phone die after 2 years because its overheating. Probably I'm going to call one of the shops before buying it and if it have this issue Im going to return it... Anyways thanks for your replie. Have a good day!

    • Stefan Vasilev
      Stefan Vasilev

      Did u get it and if u did can u tell me if there are any overheating problems with it? I read a lot about it and people are saying that. I liked it a lot and I wont buy it if there is this issue.

  • Tropical Tank Lover
    Tropical Tank Lover

    Great video and information. While I can afford spending £1000 GBP on a phone, I cannot justify spending that amount of money, so I have just purchased the Poco F3 for £309. I baulk at paying more than £250 for a phone and indeed the last one I purchased in 2019 was a Umidigi S3 Pro. Phone specs are good and has worked well but I'm handing on to my partner who is a destroyer of phones. Looking forward to the Poco F3

  • Moph

    Hi! Fantastic reviews, great style covering a broad range which is ideal. I was going to buy the Poco F3 based on this. However, I paused for a moment and checked up how secure it is. Apparently all your browsing and phone data is sent to some unknown (Chinese) server whether you restrict your data settings or not. I'd like to know if this is just the default browser, or the phone doing so in general. I will be changing my selection, possibly to the Zenfone 8. It is also ironic, or perhaps apt, therefore that your sponsor is Surfshark and you claim it protects your data - yet your #1 phone gives all your data away. Perhaps it would be appropriate to add a security category for future reviews? Thanks!

    • Adde Nanda
      Adde Nanda

      where you get that info? and can you proof zenfone 8 doesnt do the same thing?

  • NNicky

    I really hope he makes another one of these videos for this year. I'm looking to upgrade my phone in about 40 days time, and I just can't decide between the xiaomi 12 pro, the S22 ultra and the 13 pro Max.

  • Venator

    Arun knows how to make people watch a video for 19 minutes and not get bored until it ends 🔥 his editing skills are outstanding 👌

    • Layput

      He has hired a camera man and an editor.

    • Arslan Butt OFFICIAL
      Arslan Butt OFFICIAL

      I didn't even notice that video was 19 mint.

    • Random Crashing Facility
      Random Crashing Facility

      didn't even realise it was 19 minutes

    • Thabreez456

      @Arceus exactly

    • Thabreez456

      @Guntas Singh nah he’s shown that he loves editing some aspects but graphics,text and transitions are done by his editor. Arun edits on Final Cut Pro and his editor…..well I don’t know.

  • The mind of O.Z. III
    The mind of O.Z. III

    Does the 13 PRO Max with the 10-hour battery from your test change and rankings, or doesn't it just take the 12 Pro max place?

  • Tfm sihle
    Tfm sihle

    This guy literally made me watch 19 minutes and not skip a beat of the video... Well done and awesome review mate🤙

  • Themba Zondo
    Themba Zondo

    Presentation on another level. I’m not a phone expert but from this video, i think I’ve learned on what to look for in a phone. Thanks

  • Jonah Williams
    Jonah Williams

    Such a well done video!! Extremely helpful. Thank you so much. I went with the Redmi note 10. I'm real excited to get it in the mail.

  • Sreeram Satish
    Sreeram Satish

    This guy is the ideal content creator who creates content people like to watch...

    • Nathan The Man
      Nathan The Man

      Broooo same PP

    • Fred Has Opinions
      Fred Has Opinions

      @tospik king I think they meant they’re seconding the comment, not that they’re the second person in the room

    • George O George
      George O George

      Chinese brand ambassador 😀😀😀

    • Nn J
      Nn J

      This time it looks like he is paid by oneplus for making 9 series bit of good looking. Well vivo’s flagship is best camera phone n he took that for granted

  • Ronan Sleep
    Ronan Sleep

    Great reviews, but I missed consideration of a stylus offering and lack of mention of audio jacks/ sd slots.

  • HERB

    Now I am even more proud, to be an owner of POCO F3 :D

  • Paul Godden
    Paul Godden

    Just bought two phones because of this video. Thanks, man. You da best

  • Gagan Bajwa
    Gagan Bajwa

    I'm using the 2nd one and it's a beast in every aspect 👌

  • Digimon

    What I more like about this man is that he cares about mid range users more than any IRglor has ever done

  • 『 Cuda 』TR
    『 Cuda 』TR

    I never expected my f3 to be the best one in the list😃

  • Raahim Jan
    Raahim Jan

    14:53. Thanks so much for this phone's review. I was searching for a good phone under 400$ and this is my option. Great phone! And thanks for the review!!!

  • Xausty

    Okay, this just made me feel good about buying a Poco F3.

    • Tsukasa | つかさ
      Tsukasa | つかさ

      @SpeedyPopOff are you talking about gcamator?

    • SpeedyPopOff

      @Dlxa Ytra gcam is an app which tells u exactly what version of the g-cam itself u can download, when it's done, it's just like a normal camera app without some special modes for the camera like panorama or just more specific ones(maybe it's just my version idk)

    • Naman GARG
      Naman GARG


    • Bizet

      Me: cries on poco f3 with annoying touch delay

    • Dlxa Ytra
      Dlxa Ytra

      @Xausty is gcam tool the name of the app?

  • Georgi Iliev
    Georgi Iliev

    Thanks for this video . I can see that you did this video in May 2021. But now that Xiaomi 11T Pro has just been launched , I think it would make it in the top 5 given the price vs spec value proposition . It would be a good idea if you make a review on and compare it with S21 Ultra and Apple iPhone 13 pro.

    • Massage me on+①⑥③⓪⑦②⓪④⑨⑧⑤
      Massage me on+①⑥③⓪⑦②⓪④⑨⑧⑤

      Congratulations you have been selected among my few shortlisted giveaway winners message the above number for more information!

  • Frostonic

    This man deserves so much for his effort that I don't even skip the sponsorship or ads

    • Sajith Prasantha
      Sajith Prasantha

      me too

    • uhmythx

      @Umzi Waheed I don't. It sucks. I just pay for premium instead. Edit: On my Note 9



    • Udit Jagtap
      Udit Jagtap

      You get skipable ads?

    • Playêr Õne
      Playêr Õne

      Yeah me too

  • Francis R Beckles
    Francis R Beckles

    Thank you Aaron you restored my confidence in my pick of mobile phones, the phone that I picked came in at 2nd place on your review before I even watched your video - thank you

  • AG.

    Your reviews are honest, unbiased and accurate and informative in entertaining way, thanks for the informative video.

  • Eman

    glad to have 2 x poco f3. absolutely love it! i can use it in states!


    I really like the way all your videos are completely well organized and always exciting. But here is one problem you are such a big fan of MI. And I've seen a lot videos you've made comparing Samsung and Xiaomi like they are at the same level. As an example you can't literally compare an Oscar winner actor and a random tik toker.

  • T_B_ Gaming
    T_B_ Gaming

    I love how he gets straight to the point and doesn’t get sidetracked with a sponsor.

    • Rudra Pratap
      Rudra Pratap

      @Owen Nilens i guess he watched it... the point id that arun always puts the sponser at the end of the video so that viewers dont get frustrated and he was complimenting him for that

    • Owen Nilens
      Owen Nilens

      @Rudra Pratap I was rather wondering if the OP, T_B_ Gaming has actually watched till the end...

    • Rudra Pratap
      Rudra Pratap

      @Owen Nilens yes

    • Owen Nilens
      Owen Nilens

      Did you watch till the end?

    • Tekky Tim
      Tekky Tim


  • Khorne

    Never thought i get Rick Roll'd on a Smartphone Review. Definitely earned a sub right away. 😂

    • Sergioarib

      Every video has it

  • Biruk Mesfin
    Biruk Mesfin

    I was not expecting my redmi note 10pro to be in this video, let alone be second on the list. I love the phone and when I use it I can't believe it only cost me 250$. Excellent phone.

  • UnOfficial

    Doesn't expected that top 3 phones would be of Xiaomi 😊😊

  • Hazik Hamad
    Hazik Hamad

    As far as Value is concerned RealMe GT should be at the top of this list!!!

  • Aqeel Anjarwala
    Aqeel Anjarwala

    The fact that this guy puts his sponsorship at the end and does this much homework for an 18 min video is the main reason i watch this guy

    • FourCinnamon 0
      FourCinnamon 0

      He puts his ads at the end in youtube creator studio as well

  • George M
    George M

    Thank you for great video, what is your opinion about xiaomi mi 11 pro? Where do you think it will fit? Right Behind of mi 11 ultra or a step ahead of xiaomi mi 11?

  • Asanka A. Senanayake
    Asanka A. Senanayake

    Massive respect from 🇱🇰 Thank you for sharing this valuable info before we wasting our money 😋

  • Matthew Boyd
    Matthew Boyd

    Some crazy fanboys imagined something called the Model π from Tesla as a smartphone. I imagine it would be something like a combination of Apple (without walled garden) and Nokias environmentalism and durability (if it doesn't break it doesn't become E-waist) What are your thoughts?

  • Linden De Ment
    Linden De Ment

    I partly agree with you … in college my computer class got with the iPhone through AT&T! The iPhone created by Apple has the number 1 processor, the iOS has more firewall … meaning safer, strong enough camera, and ETC. . Samsung also stole 2 programmers from Apple and they got sued for copying certain Apple creations! Apple also has the ability to make a completely stronger phone, but it is taking it’s time to build selling. I have the iPhone 12 Pro Man and I’ll probably wait until iPhone 15 comes out (something like the Pro Max)!

  • Areed Khalid
    Areed Khalid

    To the point High quality No begging Analytical 10/10 content


      @SHIVAM CHOUBEY what about poco x3 pro

    • Shaik Aftab
      Shaik Aftab

      @Areed Khalid Thanks😅

    • Areed Khalid
      Areed Khalid

      @Shaik Aftab *affordable 😅


      I think iqoo 7 would be no 1

    • Shaik Aftab
      Shaik Aftab

      Yes. Great content. Affordable phones.

  • Todor Miroleskov
    Todor Miroleskov

    2 years ago I bought Redmi note 8 pro. My target was to find the best phone for 200-200 euro. I think of using it one more year and probably jump to redmi note 11 pro if they still use the same value/price methodology.

  • Paul Kitson
    Paul Kitson

    I don't always agree with you, but you are an awesome presenter and a pleasure to listen to. The only thing i take exception to.....I don't give a hoot about specs on a phone if it doesn't have local, available and reliable support, and this you don't ever touch on. The world's greatest phone without support when you need support, is truly a waste of money.

  • Anamay Mishra
    Anamay Mishra

    14:50 😍😍 Redmi Note 10 pro on the 2nd spot A proud redmi note 10 pro user 😁. A perfect budget all rounder ❤

  • Quentin Eva
    Quentin Eva

    I have the S21 ultra and it's the first phone I've ever owned that I actually care about

  • Rishabh Kashyap
    Rishabh Kashyap

    I just like the fact that he doesn't just go with high end high price Samsung or iPhone. It's always about the value for money and that's what everyone must learn.

    • karen wiskey
      karen wiskey

      @doraluffy your past comments says it lol no wonder almost no one sides with you.🤭

    • doraluffy

      @karen wiskey And I didn't poor shaming anyone. What I meant as a cheap person is someone stinky with money and didn't want to spend more for reliable technology.

    • doraluffy

      @karen wiskey No one shaming him??? He just taste his own medicine

    • karen wiskey
      karen wiskey

      @doraluffy poor shaming people is one of the most scummiest things that you could ever say to someone soo i can say that your opinion is invalid.

  • Bonnie Write
    Bonnie Write

    Hi Aarogn, Could you do a video on how good the reception is on the cellphone you check out. I live in the United States I was told if I get a global phone I may not get good reception if I got an international phone. it could cause me to have poor reception. I don't know if that's true. I would love to have some information. The information about the phones are great but if the reception is bad it doesn't matter how good the phone is. I am on T-Moble in the US. Please help I love your video's but really need help before I buy a new phone. I hope you get this. thank you so much Aaron I really appreciate your videos.

  • Vicky Senapati
    Vicky Senapati

    Top 3 phones can be used as backup phones, specially for iphone users who also used android

  • S.Devadathan

    Hey Arun, I just wanted to know if Helio G85 processor is a good chipset? Please let me know the answer

  • Robin V
    Robin V

    Can't afford any of them, but love watching your reviews

  • Conor O 'Regan
    Conor O 'Regan

    The production values in this video are insanely good!

    • Cryptomania

      It's worth more than your life


      fun fact di u know that monalisa the picture has no eyebrows i will post regular videos like this so make sure to subscribe!!

    • ً


    • Promax

      Hell yea

  • Goran Spirovski
    Goran Spirovski

    Poco X3 Pro should be on the list. Its around 120$ cheaper than F3. Battery is stronger (15%), SoC is a bit weaker (SD 860), difference is that it has IPS 120hz and F3 comes with amoled 120hz

    • SpeedyPopOff

      U see why it's not on the list, it's not an oled/amoled panel so even if it has more mAh it's cuz of the display and the chip

  • Carl Josephson
    Carl Josephson

    Totally brilliant presentation and unequalled preparation. Thank you.

  • Thanmai Sai
    Thanmai Sai

    I am currently using Samsung a52 5g and am gonna be honest this man is a hundred percent right it is a great phone but it costs a little too much for what it's putting out

  • narendra irengbam
    narendra irengbam

    If you talk to oneplus, can you tell them to add audio on their slow mo videos, slow audio on slow mo videos make them look a lot more interesting to watch. Also, for their camera, please tell them to dial down the highlights and increase the structure a little bit. Iphone and google does this, and it makes their images look very detailed and nicer, lower highlights brings out or atleast makes small structures a lot more noticeable in bright areas. Also, they can increase the shadows a little bit. Just these. 1: audio on slow mo videos. 2: lower highlights and more structure.

  • Emmanuel Ayodele
    Emmanuel Ayodele

    Arun put so much effort into making content it seems effortless, and he has fun doing so. I expect there should be another one of this video by November. Good job

  • Skänkhunt42

    Time to review the Note 11 Pro 😍

  • Fegor Clinton B.
    Fegor Clinton B.

    Best phone review video I've seen ever. I was looking for a phone to buy hence I came across your video. Before coming here, I had chosen to go for Xiaomi Redmi Note 10 Pro, now I know it's tge phone for me to get. Thanks man, super video

  • JustUrAverageCunt

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  • Kavya Mohta
    Kavya Mohta

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      @MR. cool maybe i am..... An enthusiast (Insert pic of vision looking at hands here)

    • AttackRobotics

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    • MR. cool
      MR. cool

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