Unboxing a phone from Space.

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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I still can't believe the like / dislike bar is gone 😭 Anyone else sad? To check out the last (extremely) expensive unboxing click here: irglo.info/from/q6d4ZKFqfbPFaGg/fy-lm-h-y.html

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  • Anurag

    This guy is so incredible that he unboxed all those smartphones in one single video.... Others would have made seperate videos for each of them.💫🔥

    • john kara
      john kara


    • MR13 TECHIE
      MR13 TECHIE


    • Alanen J
      Alanen J

      @Ngọc Duy NguyễnIt's already a 25 minute video so... What I would have done is I would have 2 videos with a more in depth look into them.

    • slurptwatr

      Who is the boss?

    • Everyone’s Nezuko
      Everyone’s Nezuko

      Yeah and each would be as long as this video with 50 adds

  • Mark Hamdam
    Mark Hamdam

    This guy is so good because he explains like everything about the phone

  • Unboundgaming

    arun mad respect for you i know how hard it is to put out tech vids each week keep it up.

  • Theodore Kagiantas
    Theodore Kagiantas

    Funny enough, in my 21 years on this earth (to be exact greece), i have worked a short stint in mobile accesories retail. Me and my boss were chatting in store when a customer came in with the S21 olympic edition (he had a case on first) and he wanted a new case and a tempered glass. We're like "oh well okay". We remove the case to put the glass and we notice the olympics logo so we casually ask about it. He explains the whole situation about the special edition and he CASUALLY mentions that he was actually in tokyo for the olympics (i dont remember if he was an athlete or a someone in an athletes team) and GODAMN that was a pretty... no that was a HANDSOME smartphone. Oh yeah and i love your videos :D

  • Body

    Arun with the mars edition phone:the box is heavy that’s a good sign Also Arun:this might be the most comfortable thing I ever held

  • SuperStar

    he deserves a trophy for actually managing to buy these phones.

    • Arnav Jain
      Arnav Jain


    • Pigbutton1

      And whats really crazy is that they managed to get a fraction of a MARTIAN METEORITE and then for one, put it on a pair of SHOES, but also having to re-create the design of the clock so that it can take a piece of meteorite instead of a small piece of quartz..

    • Glitz

      @Jaakob Ojasoo ❤️💋

    • Aracely Aguilar
      Aracely Aguilar

      I think they just let him review them, or at least the ones the make his bank account beg for mercy

    • platillo

      @Jade buying does not mean all his revenue comes from the content. Although IRglo does contribute most of it.

  • DignityWorks _Animates
    DignityWorks _Animates

    Dude wore a T-shirt so he didn’t have to wear a whole suit, hats off to you, my dude!

  • Brenda

    His review videos are the only review videos that I watch the whole way through.

  • Charlie Mirus
    Charlie Mirus

    I haven’t seen many of them, but does Caviar ever theme out their chargers cables etc.? It doesn’t seem like it! Crazy for the price, but I guess the phone is the show-stopper, not the peripherals.

  • A Don's World
    A Don's World

    So my boyfriend introduced me to your channel let’s say 3 years ago, I find myself watching your channel every now and then just to look at different electronics. So tell me why yesterday I spent say 3/4 hrs looking at comparisons of s22 i13 and gp6 right. I’m literally stuck between them, I went through several reviews before getting extremely frustrated and coming back to you. The amount of time you put in your work shows and I appreciate every second of it keep up the good work. Thank you for going through phones like a real person and describing experiences. I honestly feel you genuinely test each and every product Some more than others yes but you test them! Thank you so much for making this page!!! I trust your reviews strongly even your opinions. Your very smart, handsome and I love the accent lol your wife (I believe I didn’t watch the fact video yet) has been blessed with your knowledge lol

  • notghozt_

    the fact that most of these phones come with chargers proves how luxury they are

    • Wizard Ambrose 👑🎗 • 63 years ago
      Wizard Ambrose 👑🎗 • 63 years ago

      @Sarb Nitrof Nope, you have to buy it separately. It comes with a charging cable, screen guard, stickers and wipes.

    • Chris Arena
      Chris Arena

      Na most do it's just y'all apple lovers who love the hype and get a shit phone lmao

    • The Legend
      The Legend

      @Sarb Nitrof as another guy commented, I have an iPhone 13 pro and it didn’t come with a charger it’s not always about the company being reputable

    • The Legend
      The Legend

      *Apple entered the chat*

    • Sarb Nitrof
      Sarb Nitrof

      @JojaCorp. 4 months old but thats for the update.

  • beluga

    My man bought a $280,000 phone just to show his viewers the phone what a legend

  • Bogdan Ghinea
    Bogdan Ghinea

    I could just imagine how much technology/phones!

  • Reflectus

    what remains iconic throughout these videos are the sarcastic jokes he hides in them

  • Toruchi

    Ok but like- imagine the amount of phones this guy have in his house

  • PuzzLEGO

    number 2 was SICK, a phone with a theme like that is the coolest idea

    • Sarem Rashid
      Sarem Rashid

      Loved the phone

    • abdurrlol1

      Why are you commenting on every vid I watch

    • Duck Duck Andeby
      Duck Duck Andeby

      @Chinmay Sabharwal I just can’t understand your point here, yes Of course you must also be everywhere to see another person also being everywhere. But still, what are you thinking of, I mean Why did you write that comment, what’s your Point Another thing. Why is this a thing, to point out that you have seen a person comments elsewhere on IRglo _ And these comments that you have seen a person everywhere on IRglo It looks weary negative.

    • Lakshit Sachdeva
      Lakshit Sachdeva

      the scar theme

  • Shadow Gaming
    Shadow Gaming

    The effort he puts into one video is INSANE

  • Mariam khan
    Mariam khan

    Highly appreciate your content!

  • Dogs T. Fox
    Dogs T. Fox

    Good job for preserving these and (some) of their UIs. Any of these could have became lost media easily.

  • Meran Modar
    Meran Modar

    Bro always finds a way to rick roll us 😆

  • Tim Simonds
    Tim Simonds

    Mrwhosetheboss for sure has the highest viewer retention on IRglo.. Between the script, graphics and gimmicks (that's what..) these vids are next level.

    • Clan ASS1ST
      Clan ASS1ST

      Mr beast

    • Sla Va Plays
      Sla Va Plays

      he is a marketing god

    • Kuino

      @Mary tru

    • Mary

      Everything you said is true but I feel like your saying this to get likes and a heart from Mrwhosetheboss

    • Flywheel Gaming
      Flywheel Gaming

      Sorry i spoiled your 123 likes in row ,now it's 124 :)

  • e

    Dude owns everything in the world this man even has enough to buy the whole entire world bro


    In fact, this guy is very good in phones technology

  • Dragonorder18

    Here's a curious thought. What would they really do for a Phone that they would take into a space colony. Assuming you started a space program that would allow ten thousand or more to settle on a plant like Mars or the moon... Obviously they'd end up having their own colony internet system if they were taking care of so many up there. So I think they'd have another design process for phones on such a place. For example, they can't always be going back and forth to import a whole series of phones again and again. so they might need to bring back the replaceable battery to assure more long term usage.

  • Your actualxbw
    Your actualxbw

    Arun always finds a way to rickroll us!

  • Shalwa Dimapinto
    Shalwa Dimapinto

    This guy is my fave tech reviewer. Hats off.

    • Phanboi Chau
      Phanboi Chau

      Can't decide between mkbhd and this guy Linus was good but the guy decided to clickbait garbage

    • Victor Novorski
      Victor Novorski

      He will never give you up

    • RoyalSimp

      @agusus …

    • agusus

      Are you even wearing a hat

    • wangg

      Same ngl

  • Space Rock
    Space Rock

    We appreciate the fact that you never clickbait us:)

  • nox box
    nox box

    Robbers when they rob him: "Where's the phone that contains his personal information?!"

  • Paul. C
    Paul. C

    You are the coolest geek ive ever seen man. And I mean that as a compliment. Your knowledge in your area is unsurpassed and your videos and reviews are absolutely top notch. "The soft gold on the sides reminds me of the gold on a trophy". Yes its Olympics and they hand out medals not trophies. 😂😂😂. I hope you take this the right way and believe me I dont think i know everything and am some sort of a higher being. If I had half your intelligence I'd see myself as doing well. If there ever is a show ever again about gadgets and tech then without doubt you should be its presenter, no one else. Keep up the work man you'll go places.

  • Jomaa khalil
    Jomaa khalil

    Bro should have so many world records and one of them is having most of the limited edition phones 🔥

  • Streamsniper199🇺🇦

    Mrwhosetheboss in 2050 be like unboxing a phone from another universe 😇

    • anna

      Next video

    • WanderingFemboy

      @Radha Ganesh he’s like 25 think logical

    • the dumb one
      the dumb one

      @Radha Ganesh he will be around 60 think logical

    • Naurin n
      Naurin n

      @Radha Ganesh babe that's just 30 years away, he's probably around his 30s only rn

    • That One Ampharos
      That One Ampharos

      Ohh hearttt

  • Dawn Muldrow
    Dawn Muldrow

    Interesting, funny, and I learn alot... I enjoy theses videos... thank you!!!

  • Cutieberrypie

    When you open the stuff it sounds so satisfying

  • Jack R
    Jack R

    I feel so bad for this man he buys so many things that cost so much money I hope IRglo pays well 🙂

    • Excilionator

      Quite literally one of the biggest tech reviwers on this platforms, he's making millions. From this video alone probably 20k usd minimum and that's just ad sense

  • Haiyden Shady
    Haiyden Shady

    I love how that cat was just lying there he just kept looking at the camera lol

  • binku09

    Highly appreciate the fact that you bought the phones just to "make good videos". Thank you for keeping us entertained and informed at the same time. 🙏

    • Nabin ******
      Nabin ******

      He bought cavier smartphone

    • nike

      @Kokeshi 🎵 ofcourse he deserves

    • Kokeshi 🎵
      Kokeshi 🎵

      @nike well his contents are undeniably good so he deserves it

    • nike

      He is getting more revenue then the cost of the phones.

  • Win Win
    Win Win

    8:14 This guy always manage to pull some rickrolls on us LOL

  • John Togasaki
    John Togasaki

    I can’t believe that this guy would buy all these iPhones just to review them for us! Thank you for this. 😍🥹🤣

  • Rain

    I thought he was wearing a 200$ suit when i finally know its a tshirt🤣

    • N.imantha de silva
      N.imantha de silva


  • Mecha 2.0
    Mecha 2.0

    I hope you appreciate all the phone and take care your phone very carefully anyway amazing content

  • Mbaunda Kazombungo
    Mbaunda Kazombungo

    That "serious-lee" joke deserves a grammy Arun, and I think your chuckle towards the end makes it all the more worth while. Well played

    • 尼基藝術 Niki art
      尼基藝術 Niki art


    • 尼基藝術 Niki art
      尼基藝術 Niki art

      Youre so smart

    • Dev The Axolotl
      Dev The Axolotl


    • MaddiesMemes

      Sooooooo true

    • Nickayz

      Yeah, that was good 😂 I'm not as creative.

  • Sebas Plays
    Sebas Plays

    what i wonder is how he got all of those exclusive things

  • Aq-11

    Am i the only one who actually laughs on his jokes their funny

  • DevilHornsPlayz BG
    DevilHornsPlayz BG

    Ur content is amazing ur actually the boss 😎😎

  • FireFox Gamer
    FireFox Gamer

    I can't wait for phones manufactured from space.

  • Tanish Singla
    Tanish Singla

    When arun ordered the phone from caviar. Caviar be like - Ah, our most faithful customer.

    • Levente Krisztián Büte
      Levente Krisztián Büte

      You mean their only customer? 😂

    • Ganyuism is real
      Ganyuism is real

      I want to like your comment but I won't ruin the 69 likes😂

  • Franck Lionel
    Franck Lionel

    Imagine doing a drop test with a 28000$ phone🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 So far the best vid i have seen today! Keep the good work sir! 😁

  • Nils Kemmerich
    Nils Kemmerich

    Anyone else wondering, how he catches all the phones out off the air?

  • sxtr!

    that fact that I thought getting my hands on the limited edition genshin impact phone was hard-, this mans struggle was hard

  • Vanix op
    Vanix op

    The OnePlus phone is insane 😳

  • Jeremy Adams
    Jeremy Adams

    Not many youtubers can captivate me for 23 minutes without skipping a second but somehow you do it every time!

  • Tsukasa Watanabe
    Tsukasa Watanabe

    The $28,000 phone left my jaw open for the entire part

  • PiggoPlayz

    Anybody else wonder what he does with the all that tech he gets?

  • Pigeon

    that start up is what i want on every phone 😮😮


    Give the man an award, he rickrolled us with jesus rick astley

  • Daz moon
    Daz moon

    Kudos to Mr. Arun for unboxing all these wild phones in one video🔥🔥🔥 and a $28K for a phone?!🤯 man that's crazy wild Edit: well, I know that he also unboxed a 200k and a 177k smartphone. BUT, as an ordinary person, that 28k is still quite huge. I mean, if you're here in PH, you could build a house with that amount😶

    • Artsy Mystery
      Artsy Mystery

      @pyaracetamol ... What are you doing here aren't you supposed to be on a mission? :> with tanjiro, zenitsu and inosuke also nezuko

    • Artsy Mystery
      Artsy Mystery

      You're a filipino too? :) IKR that money is worth a *lot* *here* *28K usd is 1,441,118 php?!*

    • GamingFINE

      @WIŁD ŁΞOÑ lol kiddo

    • allona.d

      @wolfTFup no shittt.. a DECENT house even!!!

    • wolfTFup

      u could buy a house with that ;(

  • Yiming Chen
    Yiming Chen

    For those of you camera laymen, the oppo x kodak phone's case is shaped like the frame of the Kodak's flagship

  • Adwait Muraleedharan
    Adwait Muraleedharan

    yo bro you deserve the 10 mil you just got keep it up bro

  • Nlcky

    This is just an incredible video he gives us great content and a great IRglor he deserves 9 million subscribers! ❤️

    • Nlcky

      I don’t have WhatsApp

    • Text me on telegram👉@MrWhosetheboss06
      Text me on telegram👉@MrWhosetheboss06

      🆙Thanks for watching 🔝🔝message right away I have something for you 🆙🆙

  • Tropformidable

    I wanted a phone but when I see all this I feel like I am going to drop the phone.

  • Alturo Chen
    Alturo Chen

    Arun: "Drop test?" Also Arun: "Only 8 of these being made"

    • chad Pengu
      chad Pengu

      @Dazai and it has a landmine fitted in it

    • Turtles Are cool
      Turtles Are cool

      Didn't it say it had an international warranty?

    • MPM Revolution
      MPM Revolution

      Drops first one and orders second one

    • Gamingtime

      Then seven other people in the world know how much their phone can withstand

    • Dazai

      And it’s 28000$

  • Subramanya Jeevamsh
    Subramanya Jeevamsh

    Great camera 🎥 quality 👌

  • CornOnion

    i actually just found this channel and DAMN im fkn bench watching this, i love this channel!

  • ancard

    I mean there are some cool and unique phones but when you look at a price to quality ratio their features become kinda underwhelming

  • starplayz9999 yt
    starplayz9999 yt

    the smooth unboxing is so satisfying

  • Phillip Maquiso
    Phillip Maquiso

    Everytime I watch his videos, I'm not always focused on what the video is about but I'm focused on how he creatively rick-roll us HAHA

    • Deleted user
      Deleted user

      your profile pic makes ma die of laughter

    • Anonymous

      @Cohen Wedgewood you just made me rick roll myself

    • Cohen Wedgewood
      Cohen Wedgewood

      @Anonymous around thirteen minutes in in the bottom right, this one is a little holy

    • Anonymous

      I didn’t see the rickroll this time, I guess I’m lucky?

    • Ms. Blackcat⚠️
      Ms. Blackcat⚠️

      @pïññed By Mrwhosethboss I won the $30k caviar phone.🤣⚠️

  • Olliepop

    What do you do with all the items you unbox do you keep them?

  • PØP Over_Lord
    PØP Over_Lord

    I honestly want to be like him and get a lot phones

  • филип стоянов
    филип стоянов

    bro has EVERYTHING! He has smartphones, tablets, and computers!

  • Gaming Pains
    Gaming Pains

    Let's take a moment to appreciate how he unboxes the "Oppo Find X3 Pro Photo Edition" next to a Rick Astley thing-a-mobob.

  • Brian

    Videos like these show you’re an actual enthusiast and it makes them so entertaining to watch! Much appreciated

    • Joseph Peddie
      Joseph Peddie

      yes he’s a youtuber for phone enthusiast

  • Veronika Pukancová
    Veronika Pukancová

    Its just unbelieveble... I love your videos,my favorite tipe of your video are the cheap ones.Thank you


    I think we can all agree that the thumbnail is perfect

  • Marisa Graham
    Marisa Graham

    It's not a mistake it's a masterpiece

  • Mr Garchomp
    Mr Garchomp

    the GOD OF FIRE phone is insane i'm a dragon lover myself and this just made me shake like i was literally shaky for 2 seconds at-least.

  • Ranjith Vijaya Kumar
    Ranjith Vijaya Kumar

    Out of them all in this video, that 4 dollars t-shirt was the most impressive one!! Im damn Serious! 😍

    • Thomson sunil
      Thomson sunil

      When he mentioned that...i was sooo surprised

    • Vansh Shah ♪
      Vansh Shah ♪


    • Your Nemesis
      Your Nemesis

      its the cat

    • Aman

      i wann know which t shit it is tho damm good

    • Text Me On Telegram@SymmondsNick
      Text Me On Telegram@SymmondsNick

      Roman numera'ls *Plus* I Open bracket III IV VII Close bracket IX I III O VII I VI...

  • Faisal Arafat
    Faisal Arafat

    Bro, you are just awesome

  • IamSehboy

    love the that's what she said joke it makes the videos way more fun than other youtuber's unboxing video's 7:17

  • Fa11en

    imagine dropping the 28 thousand dollar phone 😅