Unboxing a phone from Space.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    I still can't believe the like / dislike bar is gone 😭 Anyone else sad?

  • Anurag Jha
    Anurag Jha

    This guy is so incredible that he unboxed all those smartphones in one single video.... Others would have made seperate videos for each of them. Hatts off.... 🤯

  • YvngGarv

    he deserves a trophy for actually managing to buy these phones.

  • Daz moon
    Daz moon

    Kudos to Mr. Arun for unboxing all these wild phones in one video🔥🔥🔥

  • Dave Wolf
    Dave Wolf

    I love how he keeps the asmr of the plastic packaging removal of each phone intact. Much appreciated

  • game controller
    game controller

    the fact that most of these phones come with chargers proves how luxury they are

  • Hahrahm Kim
    Hahrahm Kim

    the amount of effort and money this guy puts in his videos 👏

  • techFAUX


  • Mbaunda Kazombungo
    Mbaunda Kazombungo

    That "serious-lee" joke deserves a grammy Arun, and I think your chuckle towards the end makes it all the more worth while. Well played

  • Tanish Singla
    Tanish Singla

    When arun ordered the phone from caviar.

  • deadshot

    One of the best channels around. The idea of every video appeals to me a lot.

  • Alok Kumar
    Alok Kumar

    I like how decisive arun is, wearing a t shirt imprinted suit.

  • Creative Username
    Creative Username

    With all of the Limited Edition handsets OnePlus keeps putting out, I feel like Kingdom Hearts would be a good one. Get the Final Fantasy art guy (forget his name but he also did the art for Vampire Hunter D) and you could get some truly beautiful designs etched into the back of the phone. Also, Disney, Final Fantasy and KH itself are all massively popular.

  • Pablo


  • Aayush Shukla
    Aayush Shukla

    Arun will never get enough of 'That's what she said' jokes.

  • Patrick

    Today I'd like to make a shout out to that behind the scene fella who never misses Arun's hands whenever he throws stuff.

  • Leo Musyoki
    Leo Musyoki

    So amazing you actually gave all the specs of those phones in one video I'm so amazed

  • Mar Larsen
    Mar Larsen

    The best part if this episode - the appreciation towards Audible! It changed the way I consume books/magazines too!

  • SilverShark

    Can we all take a moment to appreciate what this dude probably had to go through to get his hands on these

  • Tim Simonds
    Tim Simonds

    Mrwhosetheboss for sure has the highest viewer retention on IRglo.. Between the script, graphics and gimmicks (that's what..) these vids are next level.