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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Long video, but hope you liked this one! Which company do you want to see next?

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      YouTube Sans


    • YouTube Sans
      YouTube Sans

      wow 498

    • Origami And Crafts
      Origami And Crafts

      Umm … Motorola please

    • DaBestCookie

      i stole the last 2 replies

  • Akilesh Jadhav
    Akilesh Jadhav

    He knows how to please his viewers. He keeps his ads in the end. Maintains a consistent voice. Doesn't stretch his content to more than 1 video. Doesn't stall the viewers by being redundant

    • Zamzam Ali
      Zamzam Ali

      @biiara_ bruh

    • Isaac

      @itsdemboii7126 _lol yea

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      itsdemboii7126 _lol

      @Isaac I mean yea but it isn’t real

    • Isaac

      @itsdemboii7126 _lol it kinda happened

    • itsdemboii7126 _lol
      itsdemboii7126 _lol

      The only problem was the thumbnail because what he showed in it never happened in the video

  • The The
    The The

    The funny thing is that if Apple started selling clothes exactly like the ones they sold in 1986 right now, it would be a high fashion hype beast brand with no changes to any of the clothes 😂😂😂

    • Siddh Galactica
      Siddh Galactica

      @sir slick rock Killed me bro🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

    • Kaphizmey ♪
      Kaphizmey ♪

      that clothing line was kinda like the 80s prototype to today’s supreme drops lol

    • Ryan Sovich
      Ryan Sovich

      I’d buy some of those clothes

    • sir slick rock
      sir slick rock

      The one change would be you have a have an apple washing machine or else the clothes lock you out by closing the arms and head openings!!

    • AbasisC

      oh boi

  • Wayne Griffin
    Wayne Griffin

    This makes me realise how old I’m getting. The first Mac I ever worked on was the little square Macintosh. I think the software was “Draw Applause “ if my fading memory serves me right. Then I worked on a Centris, then a Quadra and I remember my mind being blown at the sheer power of the 7100 power pc when I bought one of those. I seem to remember the RAM upgrade cost me about a months salary. Lol.

    • Yep6803

      do you know Apple is the only commercial Unix existent and it is something like 65% FreeBSD due they hired for 10 years the FreeBSD CEO?

  • kevin pettigrew art
    kevin pettigrew art

    You reminded me of a fun fact about zippo lighters. They have an employee dedicated to making sure every zippo has that distinct open and close sound. If you buy a zippo and it stops making that distinct sound, you can send it to zippo to fix it no charge

  • Tim Casey
    Tim Casey

    I’m loving your videos, thank you. I’m also a big fan of your Android/Apple impartiality - it’s refreshing and from what I can surmise is that you love both equally so you’re not negative about either :)

  • I'm OJ
    I'm OJ

    "It costed $7500, which in 1997 was a lot" *IT STILL IS*

    • G4072 Minecrafter
      G4072 Minecrafter

      @Akhilesh Sattanathan easily

    • Akhilesh Sattanathan
      Akhilesh Sattanathan

      no, it is very cheap for a megazillionare lol

    • Sovietmask

      Add in the inflation and holy fuck

    • G4072 Minecrafter
      G4072 Minecrafter

      just win a mr beast challenge its not that hard :/

    • sistas

      I know right

  • Cameron Phillips
    Cameron Phillips

    3 minutes into the video and I’m already stunned. I’ve loved Apple for so many years for their insane attention to detail and mind blowing advancements over the years. Call me a fan girl but this company simply amazes me.

  • D P
    D P

    Your videos are spot on. I have been a long-long time Apple user-fan and even worked for the company and still heard new snippets in your presentation, delivered with your usual suave delivery.

  • Devil Warrior
    Devil Warrior

    I just love how unbiased Arun is. That makes me happy lol

  • Dave Sampieri
    Dave Sampieri

    I worked for a company that used the NeXT platform to develop applications...in 1996. It was an unbelievably powerful and versatile version of Objective C (they called it something else, but that’s what I think it was) that nothing on the then Win 95 platform could touch it. We had a consulting company that created a compiler to port to Windows, but it never made it to production. I think that, if we could have afforded to buy everyone a NeXT workstation, we would have rolled it out. Instead, we moved to Win 98 and Delphi…fun times. And, fuck I’m old!

  • Andrei Irimia
    Andrei Irimia

    5:03 "It came in at 7500$, which at the time, was a lot of money" You got a point, 7500$ nowadays is very cheap

    • Elaine Yvette
      Elaine Yvette

      @ChubbyUnicorn Yes, I know. My response was sarcastic.

    • ChubbyUnicorn

      @Elaine Yvette its a joke -_- he created this comment as a joke because mrwhosetheboss had said "back in those days 7,500$ was alot" (basically mrwhosetheboss is technically saying 7,500$ is cheap)

    • G4072 Minecrafter
      G4072 Minecrafter

      @Aaliya Hassaan in our country $7500 is about $7500 :)

    • Soft•Bear

      Ikr nowadays 1M is too cheap like I have a Million laying on my bed Edit: since everyone is saying how much it is in there country ima say it too, in my country thats 28,184

    • Isaac

      Whole world: *hyper-inflation* Apple: "hyper what?"

  • Mario Mastr
    Mario Mastr

    This is so information packed: fitting topics into one video that can be put into separate videos

  • JakeUK

    I just like how Apple products are easy to use and have lasted years and years and second hand you can get great bargains.

  • Julio Figueiredo
    Julio Figueiredo

    I'm seeing this videos at the end of 2021 and I'm glad that now he is happy af doing the new ones. The way he talks now is absolutly beautifil. Thank you for the awesome content.

  • wowJhil

    What you missed that is very interesting to know: Microsoft/Bill Gates did work for Apple and in the progressed figured out how to make the window interface to the OS. This eventually led to Microsoft being able to lauch their own OS system more quickly. Apple bought the rights to the mouse from Xerox, who had developed it but had at not found succes in pitching it to the marketing team or other companies for sell. In short, the developers probably felt robbed as Apple could get it for a bargain. Something that would turn out to be a vital part of Apple computer.

    • Yep6803

      Unix to me is the most interesting part... the only unix right now so literally is the new Sun Microsystem

  • Midnight Mate
    Midnight Mate

    so by the end of this video, apple has made 4.5 million dollars

    • Dr. Shweta Nailwal
      Dr. Shweta Nailwal


    • ItzBIULD

      @• CanadianBeaver637 • So does apple. Apple makes computers and laptops.

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      Gloria Schoenwald

      Jesus christ

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  • Alex lo
    Alex lo

    He has such a soothing voice, I can listen to him all day!

    • Shi

      The living reincarnation of ASMR

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      Feel the same way!

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      Khaled Nakhly


    • Andrew Koster
      Andrew Koster

      You haven't heard Myne

  • TheKnightsShield

    I remember seeing in a video a while ago that another legal clause Apple have when it comes to the iPhone, is that in movies and tv shows bad guys aren't to use them, only good guys.

  • Aaron Greenberg
    Aaron Greenberg

    Great review of Apple history in a few minutes. However, any history that covers failed products like the Apple ///, should also cover the Apple Lisa. It evolved into Macintosh making it more significant than the Apple /// in the obscure, Apple product category..

  • GamerArtist3000

    It would be cool to see apple and Samsung work together to make the ultimate phone. That would be awesome

  • BabyYodaSoup

    Apple “ You can’t use our phones to build nuclear devices” Phineas:”DANG IT FERB THATS WHAT WE WERE GOING TO DO TODAY”

    • Akhilesh Sattanathan
      Akhilesh Sattanathan

      @Aperture Science it's a bot

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      Cloid Clied

      799 NOW

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      Goutam Boppana

      @Nina 781 now ' btw i commented during online class

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      Goutam Boppana

      777 likes so not gonna ruin it :)

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      Namd Plyz

      i was thinking 🤔 just what u were thinking

  • Marco

    Yet again another brilliant review Arun 👌

  • elektron2kim

    They should use some of the old designs for toys, docks or dongle stuff. A land line phone handle with the iPad would be cool. All smartphones dropped some practical features in my opinion.

  • Pavan Jeeth
    Pavan Jeeth

    You earned my sub for straight to the point tech facts.

  • The Magnumpties - Magnet Fishing & More
    The Magnumpties - Magnet Fishing & More

    This video is from back when Arun actually spoke like a digital assistant 😂

  • KSM

    This guy is a madlad,he made a top 60 facts in 1 video. While others would make 6 videos of top 10 facts

    • R3AL MHMDツ
      R3AL MHMDツ

      + a sposner bro

    • Lioniz

      This is the reason for him being on 8 million and under cant even reach 1 million

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      Uh.. Arun.. Do you know exactly HOW MANY PEOPLE CALLED YOU A MADLAD??!?!?!!

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      it also got 6x the views

  • rolls _879
    rolls _879

    11:56 I'd say it's even more powerful than that, because it singly has bricked almost every dead and water-damaged macbook out there. and trust me, there are quite a few.

  • Xerora

    Another thing a lot of people don't know is that apple originally, at one point, advertised themselves as the go to for gaming hardware during the early Mcintosh days, which also lead many companies to switch to Windows systems.

  • Dusty 101
    Dusty 101

    Watching this a year later you definitely smashed that 3 million mark 🙋‍♂️

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      @Viral Cuts 10 million bruv

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      @Ararix 9 million bruv

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      8 million bruv

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      lol he sure did

  • deV14nt

    I still remember my dad bringing home the 12 pound Mac Portable "laptop". The QuuckTake, Newton, Quadra, Performa, and the Mac Classics before they were classic. That's the Apple I knew and loved.

  • Jos B.G.
    Jos B.G.

    There's an unboxing testing department at Apple? I know what I want to do in the future.

    • Jiwoo Park
      Jiwoo Park

      @real cartoon girl Let them dream

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      @Georgia✨🌻 I just did it

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      I am your 695th like lol

  • CRAZYMaerae

    Thanks for being straight to the point but entertaining too most IRglors can’t combine the two

  • pizza time
    pizza time

    Your reviews are great keep it up

  • Lee Keybum
    Lee Keybum

    Good to know that making things more complicated than they need to be for no reason isn't something new for apple. 😂

  • Mannoj Ak
    Mannoj Ak

    That touch id thing is awesome! These little things Apple nails👌

  • Ray Laventure
    Ray Laventure

    One minute of Apple’s earnings could pay for my entire college education and like five years of rent.

    • Redster

      @Lethal Specter gatekeepers

    • charles trejo
      charles trejo

      @Lethal Specter I live in a regular crappy apartment and it's close to 2k a month a nice upscale is 6-7k a month and a home can be 5-10k. If you live in a state with a lot to offer you pay for it

    • GC Durnin
      GC Durnin

      get busy! you could make billions by creating your own company. covid19, should we survive it, will launch mega new possibilities for business. so, get busy & one day you will be able to pay students' college tuitions and rents.😉

    • Cyanyde

      @Core i9-9900K hear me out imagine this most jobs won't even give livable wages to buy a house outright, for many the only option is to rent because of their income and somebody fresh out of college or still in college would have absolutely no chance in buying a house because of how over inflated the housing market has become, the house I'm in went for $116,000 when it was first built now it's roughly $300,000 in value

    • Doc Synth
      Doc Synth


  • Dave Sampieri
    Dave Sampieri

    Fact number xxx: Apple released the Lisa prior to the Mac. It was a bit of a dud but was the first “mainstream” computer you could could hook to external hard drives called “profiles.” They were 5 megabyte drives and Apple lost their shit when we hooked up a second 5 megabyte drive. I think their exact words were “who would ever need more than 5 megabytes?!” We used as a server running Xenix with Apple II computers acting as terminals. We ran a multi user accounting package on it written in Business Basic.

  • Martin Mumba
    Martin Mumba

    Wow, he wanted 3 million subscribers by the end of the year in this video. A year later he has over 8 Million. Great job Arun

  • WeatherStone

    if im not mistaken, the thing with Gradiente's Iphone (capital i, lower p, like Internetphone) was that, the first cellphone from this lineup released in brazil by them was in around 1999, cos it was a lincensed rebranded Nokia phone (7160 i believe ), the first here in brazil that could access internet trough WAP i actually met one of gradiente's engineers that worked in the project, and he said that at the time some people from the marketing team sugested registering the name globally, cos it sounded nice and also at the time Gradiente was planning to expand their brand, wich never happened, but some people from legal said that, trademarking and registering the name iphone in the world would be too costly, so they only registered it here in Brazil. needless to say, years later the same consultant was fired By the way, Gradiente and Apple are still battling it out in the brazillian judicial system, it went trough the STF(Federal Superior Tribunal) just this last january 2021

  • c0l0jar0

    Shipping by air must have a huge eco impact. Enough to bring the charger back

  • Lyubka Chausheva
    Lyubka Chausheva

    I can imagine how sorry that Wayne guy is for not holding on to his share. 😅

    • sami uddin
      sami uddin

      Wayne Rooney

    • Phil

      He actually had his house and property on the line, drew the original newton logo, had the deciding vote to settle differences and was the financial advisor who had lost everything on a previous business gone bad. Steve and Steve had a expensive calculator and a kombi van in the deal, guess who had which?

    • Fatbunnies28

      Your name is amazing

    • Reed

      @Xero [2] That would be too suspicious. XD

    • Subhasis Biswas
      Subhasis Biswas

      @Danny S holy shit. I was thinking of that character as well. What are the odds lmao

  • AbdulAziz4CaNaDa

    Straight to the point, I love ❤️ it Thank you 🙏🏻 bro

  • Marc W.
    Marc W.

    A few things: The minimap shown in the Maps app icon is of the I-280 and Wolfe Road interchange in Cupertino, California, directly next to Apple HQ. You can even see some of the Apple Park "spaceship" building in the icon. I live 15 minutes away from here and you can see Apple Park while driving on Wolfe Road, albeit not clearly due to how many trees are blocking it. My mom was one of the nurses who took care of Steve Jobs while he was in the hospital and she said that they had to cover him with a blanket while he was being rolled around so as not to attract attention. She also said he was a complete asshole, wouldn't look up from his iPhone even when nurses were talking to him, and lashed out at nurses for no good reason. Can't deny that he was a genius, though! Steve Wozniak lives like 15 minutes away from me and only a couple minutes away from where I went to high school. I've seen him driving around the downtown area of the small town in his Tesla (with the license plate "Woz") and his dog sticking his head out the window. He signed my junior year physics teacher's (this guy -> irglo.info/from/freKaH6cmJXffZc/fy-lm-h-y.html) 1984 Macintosh and was good friends with my senior year economics teacher, even gifting him a South Park pinball machine which he kept in his classroom and let students play whenever they wanted for free. He also came to visit the robotics class on occasion and gave tips on how to build. He's a great guy, and there's even a street named after him (called Woz Way) in Downtown San Jose!

  • Confusioned

    "They actually worked together at a game development company called Atari" It took me a solid 10 minutes to realize that the reason he described what Atari was is because 50% of the people watching who own iphones didn't even knew what Atari was.

    • Confusioned

      @Macarooni they do, lol

    • ur gae
      ur gae

      @Confusioned What 'basic math' do young people don't know? The outdated formulas old people learned in school?

    • Conner Wine
      Conner Wine

      @And-Nonymous yeah but Atari games generally suck lol

    • Confusioned

      @And-Nonymous Yeah but i mean, young people also think that nokia doesn't make phones anymore and they don't even know basic math, so i don't really have hope they know what atari even is.

  • Isaac

    "it is not allowed to build nukes using Apple products" Me using a MacBook to operate Putin's missile: *sus noises intensifies*

    • misterducky8855

      oh shit

    • Isaac

      @Horren's Lounge yep

    • Horren's Lounge
      Horren's Lounge

      this really aged poorely

    • Anirudh Gupta
      Anirudh Gupta

      this didnt age well

    • amv's daily
      amv's daily

      Wait i do it to! How many did you launch to the mars 1k 1m 1mlr

  • Design aisling
    Design aisling

    Imagine an iPhone having a logo of Newton on the back 😂

    • Android Games Curious
      Android Games Curious


    • Kahleel - Have Fun Learning
      Kahleel - Have Fun Learning


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      Ibrahim Abaid


    • VAkiki Mini
      VAkiki Mini

      @al3xandriaxo it would be cool but had to take lots of planning cuz the robots that build the phone are programmed to draw an apple

    • Kunal Sanyashiv
      Kunal Sanyashiv

      😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 no hate apple 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Ballin' Balling With Bangtan
    Ballin' Balling With Bangtan

    You're one of the best creators in youtube that i've come across. Great video

  • Daniel Ibbitson
    Daniel Ibbitson

    The Apple 1 did not come pre-assembled - it was the first home style PC. The Apple 2 did. Great video ! Thank you.

  • Sorey

    Man I'd actually wear the Apple sweatshirts from that catalog, they're pretty cool.

  • Rat Life
    Rat Life

    That camera looks so cool- I kinda want it

  • Will Dzierson
    Will Dzierson

    Minor correction to your video... I was on the design team under the Google VP you mention in the video (Vic Gundotra). I lead design for Google Search on the iPhone at the time. Vic actually played the voicemail from Steve you've referenced for the whole design team... Steve had an issue with the color yellow in the icon we'd prepared for him to show during at demo at WWDC. Google and Apple were on friendlier terms and our team was working with Apple to show a souped up version of Google Search that was tailored for the Safari browser on iPhone at the time. So, in a way, the issue Steve identified was even more pedantic than you've made it seem in your video... fun video, though! Thanks.

    • Swisswizard12

      @No One Knows wth no! The iPhone is only 14 years old!😂

    • No One Knows
      No One Knows

      @Design Design he might be old now..... playing with his grand children nd enjoying life

    • ​​​​

      @Design Design design design

    • Zenith Empero
      Zenith Empero

      @Design Design breathe

    • Design Design
      Design Design

      Nice. What do you do now?

  • AccuracyBeast

    Another fact of interest, the glass screens on phones still aren't good enough that we can be avoiding screen protectors...

  • Jen D
    Jen D

    This is one of the most interesting IRglo video I’ve watched so far.. I have been buying apple phones since the first 1 launched.. never knew half this much info… 🤔


    Actually CompuColor II was the first "home" color computer, but Apple is known to change History to make them look better. But Apple II was close second and much much more successful. Interesting trivia, Wozniak decided to add color, to show off his Breakout version.

  • maya

    4:47 hol up… my dad was a temp at apple in the early 90s (worked there full time as a software/build and release engineer in the ipod division from 2000-2009) and got the black sweatshirt on the left. i still have it and wear it pretty often. he told me it was old and original but i didn’t think it was merchandise from apple itself.

  • Triangulator

    "You can't use apple products to build nuclear weapons" There go my weekend plans

    • Shivam Gupta
      Shivam Gupta

      @COArSe_D1RTxxx my bad, I did not realise that there was a spelling mistake.

    • COArSe_D1RTxxx

      @Shivam Gupta koria?

    • COArSe_D1RTxxx


    • Duane Locsin
      Duane Locsin

      But apparently you could use several PlayStation 3’s to launch missiles instead.

    • Shivam Gupta
      Shivam Gupta

      North Korea is disappointed.

  • Srinidhi M S
    Srinidhi M S

    You've been talking of Apple phones and Samsung phones, also do tell us how best to manage the memory requirements with cloud servers. which plans are best for different types of users

  • seth mclemore
    seth mclemore

    Hey I just wanted to point out that in the time that this was uploaded, Susan was no longer the voice of siri. Apple's biggest mistake in my opinion as Susan's siri gave that human interaction that other voiced assistants could not do.

  • kemi242

    Choosing 'Apple' as a company name, I think finding a word starting with 'A' was also in Steve Jobs' mind, so his company would appear at the beginning of a company list. Many companies did this at the time, like Atari or Activision.

  • Zuabir Islam
    Zuabir Islam

    Very informative video. Really enjoyed it.

  • Usman Tariq
    Usman Tariq

    *I just love that you go straight to the point without wasting anyone's time* If possible, please make a video on each smartphone company.

  • Karan Shenoy
    Karan Shenoy

    8:23 ohh so that’s why they stopped touch id on all bezel less phones damn Apple really cares about privacy even if the person is dead Respect +5000

  • Cat Thingy
    Cat Thingy

    For me, in Alaska, it was $1,499 flat direct from Apple for the 256GB model. (I waited for the iPhone SE 2nd gen, because I was happy with my iPhone 6S.

  • RealJamaicanGyal

    He's probably one of the best vloggers out there.

  • Kris D
    Kris D

    Interesting. I'd always heard that Apple's rainbow logo was a nod to Alan Turing, a codebreaker who'd worked on the first computers and was convicted of "gross indecency" in England for being in relationship with another man, which was illegal at the time. The most common theory of his death is that he'd committed suicide by eating an apple laced with cyanide. Probably just over speculation on theorizers' part, but it'd be a nice little homage if that did turn out to be the origin.

  • Tharun Raju
    Tharun Raju

    He jumps right into the video. There aren’t many people who do that. One of the greatest IRglors I know

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    • Spookey

      @Slot E ?

    • Slot E
      Slot E

      @Spookey how is a 5 second intro giving you 100 dollars?

  • Durga Prasad
    Durga Prasad

    I think Apple is gaining what it lost to Microsoft now with M1 chips. Apple proves that how strict quality checks and perfection turns out a company successfull. And Steve Jobs is an amazing man genius.

  • Kgosi Bogosi
    Kgosi Bogosi

    Thoroughly enjoyed this very informative video

  • manny i
    manny i

    the iphone did leak!! i remember hearing about a touch screen device from apple a year before it came out. most of us didnt believe it because touch screen wasnt that common especially on a tiny device.

  • SnowBowman

    8:23 the optical sensors were seeing in a lot of phones right now *shows galaxy note 10 which has a ultrasonic sensor*

  • Sully Bytes
    Sully Bytes

    Is it just me or do his old videos are much more enjoyable and easier to watch?

  • Keith Smith
    Keith Smith

    I'd like to see the source on Apple not servicing an iPhone because of nicotine. I remember when I smoked (I've quit since) around my first flat screen iMac the hard drive went out several times because the smoke clogged the air passages later that year technicians were warning that if there was evidence of cigarette smoke clogging the air passages that Apple wouldn't honor warranties. Nothing to do in this case with nicotine being toxic, but rather particulates overheating electronic components.

  • Limey-ish

    “You can’t build nukes and bombs with this phone” Me: so that’s why Samsung explodes

  • Acolyte

    It's mad some people are angry about Apple's anti smoking policy. It's great, it protects their employees and discourages people from harming themselves, it's pro human

  • Stephanie McClelland
    Stephanie McClelland

    imagine just calling up google on a normal sunday morning like "hey the colour yellow on the second on is slighly off fix it now"

    • Michael Hardin
      Michael Hardin

      He knows how to please his viewers. He keeps his ads in the end. Maintains a consistent voice. Doesn't stretch his content to more than 1 video. Doesn't stall the viewers by being redundant

    • m a
      m a

      I’m a perfectionist, I would honestly do something like that lol

    • milftron3000

      Stephanie McClelland No, he didn’t call Google, he simply called the workers that work in Apple and told them to fix the phone.

    • Abhishek Mukhopadhyay
      Abhishek Mukhopadhyay

      Imagine being Steve Friggin Jobs and it makes sense!

  • Raul Martino
    Raul Martino

    4:45 It's funny how Apple made their logo look like Google's on those clothes. 😂

  • Sans Nom
    Sans Nom

    This video reminded me of why I used to love Apple. It's a travesty that Jobs left us so soon, Tim Cook has completely destroyed/ ruined apple, I have no clue how people keep buying their products

    • PiQuEr

      Yeah Apple these days is no longer a company it used to be

  • PryzmaX

    Fun fact: apple sometimes uses Samsung parts in their technology

  • Lisa Defries
    Lisa Defries

    I feel that original apple mobile products of 2007 plus actually much better by that I don’t mean better camera or super fast processors I mean they more innovative and attention to detail felt huge. Now competition especially from samsung so high it should have meant Apple increased its attention to innovation but I feel with the passing of Steve its less exciting than it was . Apple interface feels so polished compared to competition for me at least. Although its entertaining how there are two camps Android vs apple people seem to feel very strongly pro one or other.