What you didn't know about Apple.
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Long video, but hope you liked this one! Which company do you want to see next?

  • Akilesh Jadhav
    Akilesh Jadhav

    He knows how to please his viewers. He keeps his ads in the end.

  • Andrei Irimia
    Andrei Irimia


  • Ray Laventure
    Ray Laventure

    One minute of Apple’s earnings could pay for my entire college education and like five years of rent.

  • The The
    The The

    The funny thing is that if Apple started selling clothes exactly like the ones they sold in 1986 right now, it would be a high fashion hype beast brand with no changes to any of the clothes 😂😂😂

  • Will Dzierson
    Will Dzierson

    Minor correction to your video... I was on the design team under the Google VP you mention in the video (Vic Gundotra). I lead design for Google Search on the iPhone at the time. Vic actually played the voicemail from Steve you've referenced for the whole design team... Steve had an issue with the color yellow in the icon we'd prepared for him to show during at demo at WWDC. Google and Apple were on friendlier terms and our team was working with Apple to show a souped up version of Google Search that was tailored for the Safari browser on iPhone at the time. So, in a way, the issue Steve identified was even more pedantic than you've made it seem in your video... fun video, though! Thanks.

  • Alex lo
    Alex lo

    He has such a soothing voice, I can listen to him all day!

  • I'm OJ
    I'm OJ

    "It costed $7500, which in 1997 was a lot"

  • BabyYodaSoup

    Apple “ You can’t use our phones to build nuclear devices”

  • Tharun Raju
    Tharun Raju

    He jumps right into the video. There aren’t many people who do that. One of the greatest IRglors I know

  • kevin pettigrew art
    kevin pettigrew art

    You reminded me of a fun fact about zippo lighters. They have an employee dedicated to making sure every zippo has that distinct open and close sound. If you buy a zippo and it stops making that distinct sound, you can send it to zippo to fix it no charge

  • S. E. C-R
    S. E. C-R

    I’ve always loved and appreciated Apple’s attention to detail!

  • Cameron Phillips
    Cameron Phillips

    3 minutes into the video and I’m already stunned. I’ve loved Apple for so many years for their insane attention to detail and mind blowing advancements over the years. Call me a fan girl but this company simply amazes me.

  • KSM

    This guy is a madlad,he made a top 60 facts in 1 video.

  • Adebanjo Abayomi
    Adebanjo Abayomi

    iPhone 11 line up is a great representation of how Apple really does the minor details to perfection

  • AJ AJ
    AJ AJ

    I love how smooth your points flow into one another that you don't have to explicitly enumerate them. Good job

  • wowJhil

    What you missed that is very interesting to know: Microsoft/Bill Gates did work for Apple and in the progressed figured out how to make the window interface to the OS. This eventually led to Microsoft being able to lauch their own OS system more quickly. Apple bought the rights to the mouse from Xerox, who had developed it but had at not found succes in pitching it to the marketing team or other companies for sell. In short, the developers probably felt robbed as Apple could get it for a bargain. Something that would turn out to be a vital part of Apple computer.

  • Devil Warrior
    Devil Warrior

    I just love how unbiased Arun is. That makes me happy lol

  • Tim Casey
    Tim Casey

    I’m loving your videos, thank you. I’m also a big fan of your Android/Apple impartiality - it’s refreshing and from what I can surmise is that you love both equally so you’re not negative about either :)

  • Midnight Mate
    Midnight Mate

    so by the end of this video, apple has made 4.5 million dollars