Unboxing WORLD'S FIRST Next-Gen 2022 phone.
Unboxing the first phone in the world powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Chipset - Find out the 10 key things this chip will bring to your next phone! Video Sponsored by Qualcomm, but all views and the script remain my own 👌
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  • Mrwhosetheboss

    Do you wanna know the crazy thing - I miscalculated - the improvement this time round is not 40,000%...but actually 400,000%...what the actual 🤯 To check out the WILDEST House Robot you've ever seen: irglo.info/from/iZZ_kJeelp2-mHE/fy-lm-h-y.html

    • ‎‎‎‎‎House Of Stupidity :')
      ‎‎‎‎‎House Of Stupidity :')

      Basically you told 40x instead of 400x

    • John Ekow
      John Ekow

      @Irtiza 42 ikr

    • Sufyan Nadeem
      Sufyan Nadeem


    • Sufyan Nadeem
      Sufyan Nadeem

      Mobile name sir

  • Eric Kauffmann
    Eric Kauffmann

    Insane that Arun got to be the first IRglor to publish about this, what an honor!

    • archzz

      @Chethan Sharma mrwhosetheboss is arun

    • Hugh Jass
      Hugh Jass

      No iJustine was

    • Octyfied

      U remind me of Eric finman

    • Octyfied

      U remind me of Eric finman


      I thought for sure it would of been Lou

  • Blake M
    Blake M

    Man, this SoC looks incredible, really curious as to how it will do against the Dimensity 9000.

    • Neil Gaming
      Neil Gaming

      @Azwad S gaming phone, I can't hear ya cough cough

    • Siva SM
      Siva SM

      Hey bots how are you?

    • Azwad S
      Azwad S

      Not that great in terms of graphics

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  • Invidious

    The time and effort put into these videos are insane! Great video as always!

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  • Benjamin Dameworth
    Benjamin Dameworth

    This is the stuff I want to know when a new chip comes out, not "20% faster" and clock speeds.

  • Naveed

    I love how both Qualcomm and Intel have come out swinging this year 😱

  • Trevor Baldwin
    Trevor Baldwin

    I cannot even estimate how much time you put into producing such a professional and polished presentation. Here's to 10M. Thank you.

    • J M
      J M

      @R. Daniel López López for this sponsored video he got paid in range of 2m+

    • R. Daniel López López
      R. Daniel López López

      @J M Are you saying that is the, so far, estimated earnings for this video? Or his whole net worth? I'm just curious where are you getting that number. Greetings

    • telegram👉@maxtech03

      @NCKid Lynch Roman numerals Plus I Open bracket III I VI Close bracket VII IV II IV III Zero I

    • J M
      J M

      dont worry he got payed well for it, unless £2.5m yes its right MILLION is a pocket change for you

  • aragon2235

    Thank you so much 🙂 people like you keep me interested in technology. I'm super pumped to get one of these for each of my family as soon as it's available. I hope the pricing is at least reasonable.

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  • datchicken011

    I love the work qualcomm puts into the phones, just amazing! It does literally the very unique innovations which are followed by unnecessarily expensive phones like iphone

    • Bazo Andonov
      Bazo Andonov

      You are terribly misinformed

  • David Devlin
    David Devlin

    Honestly if I wasn't loving Aruns channel for the great videos, I'd still be here for the subscribe puns each video 😂 They're a highlight

  • FirstName LastName
    FirstName LastName

    This is interesting. I think a lot of people don't really take the processor into account when thinking about the limitations of phone cameras, like we think of the camera as a totally separate thing and we say _"why didn't they give the phone 4k60fps with image stabilisation?"_ without realising that the processor just might not be capable of it.

    • @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①
      @WhatsApp+① ⑤③① ③③③ ③⓪⑥①

      *Roman numeral** Plus. I Open bracket V VII III Close bracket II IV V II VI V VII....

  • techFAUX

    Qualcomm also knows Arun’s video quality and values ! No doubt why they gave him chance to present it to everyone ♥️🙌🏻

    • DIO shorts
      DIO shorts

      Was watching on 360p didn't notice any flaw in his vid . really the video he uploads are high quality.

    • Jm Mateo 933
      Jm Mateo 933


    • SuperAdmin

      Heres a heart for you so you dont need to put a heart on you own comment. ❤️

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      Srikumar R

      @Mr.Rookie Hi bro, I too got this notification. What did you do? Paid the amount to him?

    • Youtuber05

      dude its bcs he could not travel to hawaii

  • The_Kansas_Kid

    Wow... They're doing amazing work with this technology. I just wish that mobile gamers could take advantage of these improvements, instead of running the same games at the same quality and fps caps as last gen (just cooler and more efficiently)

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  • Tech And Gaming
    Tech And Gaming

    Wow! I just wanted to say thanks so much for always bringing great content! You certainly deserve more views

  • Anandhan Radhakrishnan
    Anandhan Radhakrishnan

    Every time when I watch your videos, am amazed with your wisdom, presentation and mostly importantly quality content to make sure viewers are glued in to the finish. You re an inspiration to many, wish you the best!

  • Mikko Valorinta
    Mikko Valorinta

    With gaming part. Motion interpolation has already been a thing for ages, my TV from 2010 had that already, it's mostly that it is super prone to artifacting and increases input latency at the very least by a frame, even with the new AI accelerated forms. The problems multiply when you have less data to work from like 15 FPS, which is arguabely way too low for... anything really (even though n-cage days that was the norm for games), PSVR does kinda work because it's getting 60 FPS input so you start to have so much data and so low amount of time for frames to show, that even if there's artifacting or latency, it becomes impossible to tell. Altough for a video content or sampling games from 60 to 120 FPS, I don't see that huge of an issue.

  • GamersBackDoor

    I just love how the levitating light bulb just shakes around every time Arun moves his hands. Need to get myself one of them

    • TRIX

      1.4 and I don’t care that I care

    • gooose 👑
      gooose 👑

      @WaamyCookie nice

    • WaamyCookie

      1.3 and I care

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      gooose 👑

      @ross merchant if you didnt care why did you say 1.2k ._.

    • ross merchant
      ross merchant

      1.2k and I couldn't care

  • Vishal Yaro
    Vishal Yaro

    Day by day your way of presentation got remarkably improved and a big shoutout for the information gathered from your video...👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽

  • johnni L
    johnni L

    I’m curious to see how apple competes with this since they make their own chips

  • RemedyStorm

    Qualcomm might as well start making phones if companies don't use the chip to it's fullest potential tbh.

  • King Shev28
    King Shev28

    Good one bro love your reviews, I can always relate to your channel whenever I'm searching for a new smartphone thanks so much and keep up the good work!...peace and remember to stay safe.👍👍👍

  • Chester Gervacio
    Chester Gervacio

    The uploads are on fire, always give yourself time and rest arun! We appreciate how much effort you go through every video

    • Paschalis

      @Ok you deserve a cookie! There you go! 🍪

    • Tommaso l
      Tommaso l

      @Ok wow and so?


      he is a legend in tech and i am a legend in music

    • Ok

      2:37 He says "AI" but the counter doesn't change

  • Fainthen

    Interlacing estimated results with something similar to dlss, can introduce ghosting, then again, if your standard for ''smooth'' is a game running below 90fps, then I can see how a consistent artificial 45 and 60fps cap that has minimal variation between 0.1% and 1% lows and virtually no fluctuation between average framerate due to the cap enforced, can make the experience better, I also understand that, on mobile devices , the expectation is a bit different, and by mobile devices I'm including laptops, to an extent.

  • Eugene Sadko
    Eugene Sadko

    Every year there are videos about new chip from Qualcomm and how it is so amazing and efficient and can do so many things on such a new level that it will change your life forever without even ramping up a bit of voltage... And then every year we get phones that do almost every task the same way previous gen did, phones with bigger batteries with the same battery life from one charge. And every year every IRglor falls into that narrative and make and video on how bright our future is and then we get slightest changes and mostly in the area of how much more information new phones collect on us. And every year people leave optimistic comments and praise the IRglor on how knowledgeable they are and how detailed the video they made and what a great job they did. Wake up people, you've just watched another 10+ minute long ad for something that will never be as good as they try to portray it in the ad. The same way that I did.

  • makinabargain

    3:36 battery 0:34 hyper intelligence 1:42 power 2:04 super resolution 2:49 frame motion engine 4:44 connectivity 6:06 data throughput 7:49 video 8:41 mega night mode 9:14 always on isp

    • T Archer
      T Archer

      What's the game at 1:40

    • Malik Haroon
      Malik Haroon

      Name of the phone

    • TurtleGuy2203

      10:27 Rickroll

    • Reid18


  • Matcha Lover
    Matcha Lover

    Since i'm hearing it in reviews over and over again here's some info... the electrons actually do not move anywhere. In a closed circuit the energy is being delivered by it's magnetic field. The smaller the magnetic field the less energy is consumed.

  • Team APS
    Team APS

    Just here savoring the old Mrwhosetheboss outro 😌

    • Das Boot
      Das Boot

      Didn’t expect to see y’all here, but pleasantly surprised lol

    • John Smith
      John Smith

      yes, me too, i really miss the outro

    • Oussama The7th1
      Oussama The7th1

      One thing Arun forgot to mention: The AI can duel better than you, that's why Kaiba Corporation is buying the chip

    • Bestan Sebastian
      Bestan Sebastian

      BGM Name⁉

    • Umar Abashe
      Umar Abashe

      Here as well

  • kid whos cool973
    kid whos cool973

    I love how structured your videos are with the kind of bullet point style of them

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  • Lord V1LE
    Lord V1LE

    Issue is it won’t do all that. There’s the ability to do something and the ability to do it to a decent standard. Apple probably could do 4K cinematic mode if they wanted to but it wouldn’t be good enough for them to want to. Also I’d like comparisons to the A15 not Qualcomms C tier 888 chip.

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  • King Shev28
    King Shev28

    Good one bro love your reviews, I can always relate to your channel whenever I'm searching for a new smartphone thanks so much and keep up the good work!...peace and remember to stay safe.👍👍👍

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  • Scott Hanks
    Scott Hanks

    “This here is the fastest Android ever” must be it hit the desk before you even managed to close your hand hand 🤚 😂. Unbelievable how fast technology is moving forward! Another top vid!. Wish I could get on with Android, but I’m still firmly in the Apple camp.

  • normal person
    normal person

    Correction: The AI Counter is actually 15 times. Aaron missed 2:38 and 10:38

    • Devil Killer
      Devil Killer

      @Brightsun Singh c

    • turskaa


    • OR AM I...
      OR AM I...

      @Gaurav Pandey BRUH😂


      its bait so we comment about it lol

    • Sahil Deep Senapati
      Sahil Deep Senapati

      Yeah even I noticed it

  • wiza74

    Your content is absolutely lovely keep it up❤

  • Varun A
    Varun A

    Don't know where we are heading. Not that I'm complaining about it, but it's incredible how every year's release makes the previous year's chip look like a slouch. It just doesn't stop. I've realised that the most you can boast about your 'flagship' is for a year. TOPS!

  • M. M. Ali
    M. M. Ali

    02:30 Lived to see the day when 1080p can be called low resolution in a reasonable manner !

  • Hafsa's Foods
    Hafsa's Foods

    This is prolly the best quality IRglo channel right now. Appreciation and Respect!

  • Boba

    If Arun was a teacher, I'd never skip his class. Kudos to you actually for making these kinds of tech videos. They are both knowledgeable and funny at the same time. It's hard to achieve that.

    • Jude Martin Arsulo
      Jude Martin Arsulo

      @Agu same chip, but 50% less ram 🐏 Doesn't make sense if new chip but shittier everything else

    • Agu

      @Jude Martin Arsulo the s21u and s21+ has the same chipset.either 888 or 2100 depending on region.

    • Jude Martin Arsulo
      Jude Martin Arsulo

      @Agu nah the eynos 1 is 🍑, he has a vid about that too. The only 1 better than the note20 from s21 line us the s21 ultra. I agree tho, big letdown for $1000 retail. Google's pixel 6 has same specs for way less price. I'm surprised that Google released a "budget" phone on roids 💪💪💪💪💪

    • Agu

      @Jude Martin Arsulo doesn't the s21+ come with the sd 888 in the US? i think even the Exynos 2100 is slightly better than the SD 865. And the camera performance of the s21+ is supposed to be better than last year's Note phone, i.e. Note 20 Ultra. But yeah, no sd card, charger, and downgraded screen resolution is a big letdown.

    • Jude Martin Arsulo
      Jude Martin Arsulo

      @Agu u thinking of the s21 ultra. USA note20 ultra got snapdragon processor, not eynos. It has 12gb ram while s21+ has 8gb, doesn't come with a charger or SD card slot. Also graphics and camera is 🍑 compared to note20 ultra. It was an easy choice to make, especially since they were the same price (at the time). So far, the only thing I hated was finding a good phone case and screen protector that fits with the case. I ended up just ripping out the screen protector bc the edges kept coming off 🙃

  • nekogod

    Is this an actual phone that we will be able to buy or some sort of engineering sample, cause I love that the screen is whole, ie no hole punches or notches etc, It's the main reason I got the sony xperia 1 III but the 21:9 aspect ration is driving me nuts. So would love a phone with the same style screen but at 16:10 (or close to it)

  • Gaurav Gupta
    Gaurav Gupta

    Great video! Can you please share the 'heating' aspects of SD 8 Gen1, SD888 had quite serious heating issues.

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  • Minstrel Ugo
    Minstrel Ugo

    Arun is Amazing in Content creation. Probably one of the best out there.

  • Swami Bodhichitananda Saraswati
    Swami Bodhichitananda Saraswati

    You are truly brilliant, imparting loads of info, while being so enjoyable to watch and listen to.

  • Comfortable_East

    I agree about the antennae thing. There has been times when holding my phone upside down or other random positions has boosted my internet speed significantly. Sometimes 3 to 4x

    • Venator

      @NEKTARIOS ZOGKOS Your hands block the signals sent by the antennae bands so they can't all always work at the same time


      Why not ALL the antenas working ALL the time equally? Isnt it the same or better?

    • Venator

      Ya I have to do that constantly as my phone's body is made entirely of aluminum

    • ThatsZesta

      I take off my case to watch videos because it helps my Wi-Fi 🙃

  • SubmarineMagnet

    me being a student majoring in electronics engineering with a specialization for Microprocessors and watching Aaron talk about AI for the first 3 minutes with AI compensating for everything then talk like its just another day for AI to do makes me think that I'm going to a deep deep deep rabbit hole on my edumecation. nevertheless, wish me luck and merry christmas!

  • Isaac Smith
    Isaac Smith

    I love your videos so much, All the things I learn from them I would never have seen or known about.

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  • joseph Van Wie
    joseph Van Wie

    The sad part is, knowing that your new phone could have taken advantage but chose not to. Because they'll want to give us more from each new phone we buy over time.

  • AutoHead

    Waiting for the Snapdragon 7 Gen 1 (If there is one) for those mid rangers, which is where the real value lies.

  • Ajay

    Arun trying his best to demonstrate how good the gen 1 chip could be with phenomenal video production. Meanwhile the audience: that levitating bulb is so cool!

    • Agradip Mandal
      Agradip Mandal

      @Elliot Bridgewater Yeess... Distracting material

    • Nezunish-2 -
      Nezunish-2 -

      Now I can't unnoticed the light bulb ....

    • Close

      @Elliot Bridgewater same

    • Elliot Bridgewater
      Elliot Bridgewater

      It constantly wobbles. I'd find that frustrating.

  • Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p
    Polish guy with hard to spell name ;-p

    20% faster throttling?! This is too awesome!

  • bioLarzen

    Nice. The only thing is... by the time it gets common enough to be used in devices in my price range it's gonna be obsolete :(

  • AvviDs TTV
    AvviDs TTV

    So it’s basically bringing something we have had in normal gpus for a while into phones. That’s pretty cool.


    This is the first phone that's perfect 🙂

  • HeroG

    I don't plan on buying a new smartphone for another year atleast, yet still, these improvements are hella crazy compared to the 888. Imagine what 2023's improvements will be like or 2024's

    • Don Buckley
      Don Buckley

      @GK Ch. Hopefully they'll be holographic devices by then

    • reza F
      reza F

      I don't wanna be rude but these things only matter to IRglo influencers (which is their job).

    • vikram kumar
      vikram kumar

      Whatever features comes every one as to replace smart phones every 4 year's even if they buy Apple..

    • Blah Blah
      Blah Blah

      Thiiis iiis businessss

    • Akshaj Arora
      Akshaj Arora

      I also wanna see what Samsung can give us in Exynos in 2022, 23, 24

  • DK Danis
    DK Danis

    4:18 It's not because of resistance cause there isn't any. It's more like making everything smaller but with more elements.

  • Bruce Greer
    Bruce Greer

    I bought one and have been really happy with it. The night mode camera is awesome. I use the quick share feature which is nice. You can basically text or email any number of pictures or videos in full quality to any phone. But most flagship Samsungs can do that. In customization and configurability, Samsung always takes it to the next level. I enjoy guys' videos. Talks fast but very clear.

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  • D H
    D H

    Could you please explain what brute force means in the context of calculating pixels?

  • Charlie

    Hopefully it improves night visions on the camera I've to record video in night vision on my Samsung and take I shot photos as its like daylight when in video mode compared to camera mode and at the start of smart phones it was the other way round lol its like they just went that bit to far over the scale to get it perfect now it's perfect in video mode and not camera mode lol

  • Amit Mahey
    Amit Mahey

    One of the most detailed technical reviews of SD 8 Gen 1 and that too in a simple and lucid manner. Great job Arun....Much appreciated...👌👌👌👏👏👏

    • Siva SM
      Siva SM

      @G1 Y3 he's not allowed to say it. And he clearly mentioned that he had worked with Qualcomm.

    • Siva SM
      Siva SM

      Ok can you make a f8ckin chipset equal or more greater than Snapdragon 8 Gen 1??

    • G1 Y3
      G1 Y3

      @Brightsun Singh nope if someone is sending you their stuff which is'nt available in market for anyone to verify than you can claim anything , that's just the truth for pre-release movie screening , early review etc. Regarding the capabilties of new chip they say it evertime a new chip comes around. It's a smart adversiting that makes fools out of people.

  • Omar Zubaidi
    Omar Zubaidi

    The lock feature is the coolest of all things mentioned

  • Ruibi Caroline
    Ruibi Caroline

    It's magnificent how Arun explains,how I get lost in the voice & I have to restart the video for the content ....🤝🤝,Love everything about you

  • Luckycorn 85
    Luckycorn 85

    I highly recommend that you review rigger the moro edge x30 or the realme gt 2 pro which are both phones with the 8 gen1 and will be launched shortly

  • SSOJ.TV2

    The next generation of data tracking. Super sick though lol

  • D00MTR33

    Great video as usual Arun. This looks like a big upgrade from last year, it's a shame that most companies just put the chip in without using it to its full potential. It'll be interesting to see just how much these companies can utilize the possibilities this chipset offers.

    • Text me on telegram@Pete_Matheson
      Text me on telegram@Pete_Matheson

      @N1GHTR4V3N Whatapp only..

    • N1GHTR4V3N

      They arnet a bot I won on his last video comments giveaway. You are just mad that you didnt win...

    • Arvotuopp

      @Juice And the Mate from 2018 (almost four years ago!) also toted an AI chip, which worked with Google lens etc.

    • Arvotuopp

      @Juice Exactly. Just wrote a long comment on that. Every flagship has felt about the same for years! Powered up my old 2018 Mate 20 Pro, still almost as snappy as my iPhone 12 Pro Max from 2020(21).

    • Juice

      On paper a big upgrade but no one would be able to notice the difference in every day use

  • Itachi Uchiha
    Itachi Uchiha

    Atleast we can be certain the first review we got about this chip is true and not dictated by the sponsor.

  • Dark

    When it's released I'm buying that phone

  • Grimslade Leviathan
    Grimslade Leviathan

    And to imagine, 10, 20 years down the line, this is gonna count as a budget phone... I can't wait for the future. As long as we can stop tearing ourselves and each other apart that is.

    • Saturn

      It’s going to be a budget phone 4 years from now

  • Curie

    hoping new phones have dual front facing speakers and is symmetrical.... also hoping it has an sd card slot, headphone jack and an included fast chargee

  • PK

    "This levitating bulb is so cool and it should be a regular on the table." Keeps his word 👏✔️👍

    • i steal memes nicely (goal: 169)
      i steal memes nicely (goal: 169)


    • D00MSTER

      @No longer a Gamer (Alpha) that is exactly what this guy is saying

    • No longer a Gamer (Alpha)
      No longer a Gamer (Alpha)

      It is regular He said in his one of recent videos

    • rude kid :D
      rude kid :D

      I agree it is very cool but they way it shakes so much, I want to fix the table and make it sturdy

    • James Heuer
      James Heuer

      Yeah! I noticed that!

  • One Who Does Simply
    One Who Does Simply

    I remember when 1080p was considered high quality generally 😭 we got Arun over here calling it low

  • Menuwa kk
    Menuwa kk

    Wish i had a one of this.for my whole life

  • Savage 59
    Savage 59

    Not even a phone geek. I just love the videos

  • Average Gamer Dad
    Average Gamer Dad

    Hasnt there been news about Qualcomm and AMD working together on these chips.

  • Sean Ré
    Sean Ré

    I'm so used to watching youtube videos in general as background podcasts, but given the effort you put into the video itself I really can't with a good conscience watch it while doing something else. Kudos to the astonishing quality you keep making these videos with!

    • Kedar Padhye
      Kedar Padhye

      Same here. His videos are so designed that I keep the screen on. Other youtubers? I hear them

    • Flvnn

      @Mrwhosetheboss :)

    • hman615

      @Mrwhosetheboss yes I agree your videos are great

    • hman615

      @Mrwhosetheboss true

  • QuantumVoid

    Is this an actual phone (this phone specifically) we can eventually buy or just a proof of concept/alpha?

  • K Clarke
    K Clarke

    I feel so smart understanding this cause I usually don't but my gosh you make it so easy to understand. Thank you tho😭😭👌🏽💞

  • Keanu Bartolata
    Keanu Bartolata

    Simulated 4k is not new and chip architecture which moving from 5nm to 4nm means more instructions per core (ipc) on same die size and doesn't necessarily mean less power consumption. In fact, early prototypes usually have higher tdp than previous chips. Your channel could really benefit from watching TechTechPotato by Dr Ian Cutress.


    Qualcomm "make a review and send it to us, it's confidential", Arun"okay, no prob 😂😂and here we are "

  • Matthew Rumble
    Matthew Rumble

    The amount of editing in this dude's video is insane. The amount of camera cuts, overlays, music changes, etc.. great work!

    • hello there
      hello there

      @Praveen Uduweriya how is it cringe? I find it impressive that he can effectively get the listeners to listen in more with his editing and the fact he can post in time while editing his videos this much is insane

    • Abdul Mohaiymin
      Abdul Mohaiymin

      fun fact if u watched his other vid . he told when he claps and all the lights around him change he has to sit in the same clapping position for hours while his editors change the beackground

    • Nori

      The more impressive part is theres only 3 of them making these videos I believe

    • IohS


    • Ronaldo Toppo
      Ronaldo Toppo

      @Praveen Uduweriya Yeah sometimes the video is edited too much and it's just cringe.

  • Darth Zayexeet
    Darth Zayexeet

    2:37 Arun said “AI Cores” but the counter didn’t go up

  • JimboSRP

    Looks great, and I hope everyone benefits greatly from it. However, I think I'll just grab a Fairphone next year to be honest, and maybe pre-order the PinePhone Pro.

  • Marek Kormoš
    Marek Kormoš

    My only question is, when will I be able to buy phone with this chip in Europe?