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I'm Arun Maini, I'm a 26 year old Economics graduate whose life's passion is Technology, and I'm on a mission to make the most FUN and USEFUL Tech videos on the Planet! 🙏

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  • Graham Gaming Taco
    Graham Gaming Taco

    its not starlight its midnight

  • jessie

    I don't think I should have watched this video because im traumatized that my phone is going to break

  • Evacody124

    Well if Samsung is just going to use the same camera it maybe that the light went off and the understand it's a phone not a camera. Yes the camera is nice. But it's still a phone and the phone features should be where the focus is at.

  • Heavy Orphans
    Heavy Orphans

    Using a phone while chàrging is not good for the battery so I'm going to stick to wires

  • Steven Chiu
    Steven Chiu

    Do you know that the MI logo, when flipped upside down denotes the Chinese word "Xin" which means "heart"?

  • Evacody124

    After using both a Oneplus 7pro and now my s21 I like the s21 sensor a lot better.

  • soumik mukherjee
    soumik mukherjee

    Thank you for creating so many lovely Smart phones videos ❤️

  • CapoFantasma97

    These phones will probably start to make sense when we'll get three folded versions that turn from a phone form factor to something close to a 16:9 tablet. A 7 inches phone can become an 11 inches tablet this way.

  • Mystninja

    I did. It's ok. But it's not so great. But it does the job. But LG is a hard company to trust. As I've have other products fail in a year like washer dryers. And no warranty for there issues.

  • Matthew sycamore
    Matthew sycamore

    Someone forgot to order giant toothpaste 🤣

  • geewhiz 245
    geewhiz 245


  • Maria D
    Maria D

    sick! im going to buy it the hot models said to

  • mmpj twod
    mmpj twod

    He never forgets to rick roll us doesn't he

  • Kayden Davis
    Kayden Davis

    You should talk about the moto g

  • ProofLife Doc
    ProofLife Doc

    Tesla tried to do this on a massive scale in like the early 1900's and almost made free power for the world but was stopped.

  • 火影 dawno.
    火影 dawno.

    not gonna lie... i got tingles from the keyboard clicking

  • M A C Destruction
    M A C Destruction


  • Pokwa Hairi
    Pokwa Hairi

    i still have my note 3. custom rom + zerolemon 10000mAh. still works.

  • Ree Gaming
    Ree Gaming

    15:31 we are gonna have oppressed mkll griefers in real life

  • Son of Naphtali from Israel
    Son of Naphtali from Israel

    Bro do you have a spare phone ? Lol with all the phone you review do you have one you don’t need or use ? Help a brother out pls

  • Talha Bin Zakir
    Talha Bin Zakir

    stop brainwashing people. there are no pros. idk man, what are they doing actually. paying youtubers to promote this thing? this guy just put bunch of pros and then some cons so that people digest this promotion easily. it is freaking me out dude world has started to go downhill after 2020 and it is getting worse everyday. its just a matter of time that we destroy ourselves in our own hands

  • splosionman

    Number 7 has a downs side if you cant eat gluten like me

  • Superb Media Content Creator
    Superb Media Content Creator

    LG has a Chinese mindset and not Western one... hey they started out as "Lucky Goldstar" which made them a joke and then had to rebrand as "LG" just to be taken seriously... Sadly they prove that across all products "hype" and "flashy marketing" sells and not necessary a quality product... Welcome to the 2000s...

  • Grace

    Nice video I'm new to cryptocurrency and I don't understand how it really works. Can someone guide me on the right approach to investing and making good profit from cryptocurrency investment

    • Shemsia delight
      Shemsia delight

      All you need as a beginner to make good profit from cryptocurrency is a professional trader who will trade on your behalf else you may make losses

  • Saba Salman
    Saba Salman

    Music name at number 2

  • cyber_ hacker63
    cyber_ hacker63

    ☝️☝️☝️ wow it really amazing knowing you for your good work done

  • cyber_ hacker63
    cyber_ hacker63

    ☝️☝️☝️ wow it really amazing knowing you for your good work done

  • Samuel Pereira
    Samuel Pereira

    I moved from an iPhone 7 to 13pro it was mind blowing